How to Bring Sex Toys into the Bedroom

Sex toys are intended to fill the gap between what we get from sex and what we want but don’t get from it. They’re the assisting hand you’ve been looking for. They appear to be a natural addition to your sex life. 

However, introducing sex toys into the bedroom first might be difficult. You aren’t the only apprehensive about transporting your sex toys from Solotown to the Land of Let’s Get It On. 

In many respects, sex toys are the final bedroom taboo. As a sex educator and coach, I can attest that they continue to terrify individuals, no matter how much we preach about the sacred vibrator’s doctrine.

Simple Steps to Help You Bring Sex Toys into the Bedroom

Follow these simple steps to spice up your sex life with your partner:

Make Your Relationship a Culture of Frank Sex Talk. 

Consider how much easier it would be to talk about bringing sex toys into your relationship if you and your spouse already talk about sex daily. 

Tell your lover how fantastic they felt when they did X the next time you’re doing a partnered sex act. Or how hot they appeared to be when doing Y. Ask them a question like, “How did it feel when I used that?” or “How did it feel when I did that?” “Is there anything I did that felt nice that I should do again in the future?” or “Is there anything I did that felt good that I should do again?”


Discuss the Use of a Sex Toy in Particular 

It’s time to introduce the concept of pleasure items once you’ve felt comfortable talking about sex. It’s not prudent to grab a vibrator from beneath your bed and hope for the best in the middle of a situation. If you search Adult store online UK on google, you will find numerous interesting toys. You both can choose the ones that fit your fantasy. 

Be Very Explicit About Which Toy You Want to Try

Vibrators alone come in various shapes and sizes, and dildos, strokers, nipple clamps, and floggers, to name a few, are all sex toys. So, if you’re not explicit in your talk, you might be picturing a sword-shaped dildo while your partner is picturing a vibrating cock ring when you agree to use a sex toy. As a result, you and your partner must agree on the type of toy you want to test together.

Take Some Time To Get To Know Your Toy

Please spend some time getting to know your toy now that you have it before bringing it to bed. “Can you tell me how to switch it on and off?” What is the best way to increase or decrease the intensity? How many different vibration patterns do you have? Which ones do I want to give a shot at?

Concentrate on Having Fun While Exploring

Do you have the necessary equipment? Great. Keep the play about you and your partner when you bring the sex toy into bed. Your best buddy will be verbal encouragement (read: nasty banter). Tell your spouse how turned on you are and how fantastic they make you feel. 

You want the toy to be a part of the experience rather than the main attraction. Remind your lover how attractive they are and how much you admire their penis/vulva/body.

Final Thoughts

Introducing sex toys can be entertaining, but it may not be appropriate for all couples. Sex toys can provide a variety of benefits, including expanding one’s horizons in terms of sexual positions, techniques, approaches, activities, and interactions. It can also open up new pathways to pleasure and generating conversation. 

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