Molten Mastery – Wax Play Appreciation

erotic wax

Indulge in your senses.

Close your eyes and imagine the thick rivulets of wax sliding over the mounds and curves of your skin, set hard in the cool air that hovers around you.


Ever been interested in the sensations of hot and cold?


Ever enjoyed hot hot showers or perhaps the allure of stone massages?


Perhaps Wax play is for you dearest.


Wax play is the art of pouring, dripping and playing with fetsih wax on the human body. Either stand alone or in conjunction with being tied up, flogged, or as part of a scene. Wax in itself is a beautiful material and comes in many different colours and temperatures.


To begin our divulge into this art form we must first impart how important it is to only use fetish candles that are specific to fetish play. You mustn’t use candles that can be bought from convenience store or hardware stores as they will have unpredictable burning temperatures, be mixed with chemicals that will have unstable burning properties and have a higher risk of causing lasting damage to skin.


Candles used in wax play will be made out of two different types of materials. Soy or paraffin or a combination of the two. Never use Beeswax candles. These will burn too hot for human skin to handle and cause burns to the skin that will need emergency attention.


When preparing for any wax play always ensure that your space is clear and clean to play. Remove any flammable materials in case your candles were to knock over to ensure there are no fire hazards. In the event that something was to catch on fire or the wax was too hot for the skin, also ensure that there are precautions to put out the fire and a damp cloth to remove hot wax from the body and burn gel. Just in case. Safety first.


Next, place matting, sheeting or padding down for ease of cleaning up. Wax play can get messy. Another reason why it is so scrumptiously fun. For this reason, do not attempt it on the carpets.


Now, our choice of tools. You may choose to drip the wax from the candles, or melt and pour the wax from a wax melting pot with a small scoop/ladle. This is called flooding. Scooping larger amounts of liquid wax can be visually stunning but don’t forget it will also be more intense with heat, so ensure that the skin is prepped and that you have built up to this step. You are not going all out on a whim, this is an art form to be worked up to.


Start by picking a comfortable spot to lie or sit down and begin by negotiating the scene. Discuss what will be happening, any hard or soft limits, that there may be. Warm up the areas of skin by using massage candles (typically hot oil that won’t have a burning temperature but still feels oh so good) or some light impact play. This will warm up the skin and get it ready for the heat of the wax that is about to be indulged in. Temperature play on cold and skin that isn’t ready can be dangerous and can be a risk for the “bottom” or the person that is receiving it.


Both for dripping and pouring wax, there are different techniques that can be used that will change the way that the wax will both the temperature and the feel on the skin. The closer you spill the wax to the ski, the hotter it will feel,the more immediate it will come and the smoother it will linger. The further away, the cooler it will be as it will have more opportunity to intertwine with the air around it. The more anticipation there will be, as there will be more time for the wax to fall from where it is being spilled from. Depending on the height of the fall will also affect the impact of the wax on the skin and in particular how messy it may be. This can cause some absolutely magnificent splashwork that cannot be replicated, one of a kind artwork and artfeel.


Cleaning up can be part of the fun of wax play. To make taking wax off easier, rub moisturiser or oil onto the skin beforehand. Peel off wax in larger chunks, or incorporate blunt (or if you’re game and it is your kink a sharp knife) to scrape off the wax. Ice will help the wax harden and help to remove it and add a cool element to your temperature play.


  • Some tips and tricks to remember:

  • Tie up hair to keep it out of the wax

  • Shave or keep wax away from body hair

  • Do not put wax into the belly button as it is very hard to ensure that it is completely cleaned out.

  • Always keep wax away from the face

  • Take lots of photos (with permission) to remember how much fun it is and to show the person what a lovely canvas they make.


At your service,


Oh Zone Adult Store Caringbah Sales Assistant, Educator and Wax Play Devotee

The Fetish Walls

wall of fetish
Occasionally walking into an adult store near you and being met with such a large choice of kink gear can be overwhelming. Below we have broken our selections down into sub-types to help you begin to navigate our range of fetish and kink gear. Our sales team are well educated to help you in-store with any questions that you might have.
Have fun!


Blindfolds compliment all restraints, sensory and general play. By removing your sense of sight, other senses are heightened. the suspense of not knowing what’s happening, what will be coming next to increase Adrenalin and anticipation. In-store we have a variety of satin, leather, masks and blindfolds to add to your pleasure.


A classic BDSM practice, using your hand or chosen implement to slap, hit or spank a person’s body; their bottom, hands, thighs or feet for example. You can choose to be silly, fun, serious and oh so sexy, intimate and delicious. the bottom is a great place for beginners to try spanking and impact play due to the shape of the surface and padding. Different implements will have varying impacts, feels and if you consent, marks. Leather, silicone, wooden, plastic or canes will have varying sensations such as a “thuddy” feel, stinging, “full feeling which will meet individual preferences.

Whipping ties into spanking, using implements such as our leather floggers, single tails, whips and riding crops. these can be used for impact, creating a deeper sting, a louder kind of kiss against the skin or a more intense biting feel or with a gentler hand, create sensations up and down the spine and the skin. Coupled with a blindfold the limit is the sky.


It’s up to your personal preference, your type of play and fun when it comes to restraints and we intend to cater to your tastes. From metal and leather cuffs that can be used to restrain movement from your wrists, your ankles, legs and more. cuff them together, or attach them to the bed, or using our Under-bed loops to create a variety of new positions. Restrains heighten pleasure in a number of ways, controlling the movement of a person, for providing support for a person to hold on to, to denying a person their sense of touch. Our fetish wall also boasts bondage tape, silicone cuffs and a variety of rope.

adding to restraints include items such as spreader bars, fetish swings and poles.

we have a variety of gags to be used during restraints. A variety of gags are used for different preference and also for people who have not been gagged before. Training sets include varying sizes to start experimenting with and training the mouth to be held open at varying sizes.l Several gags also include rings that maintain the mouth to be kept open for oral play.

When using gags always remember to utilise a system for the person gagged top communicate. Clickers, bells or hand signals are good to make sure that at any point, the person who is gagged can signal they need the gag removed.

Nipple Play.

For many, nipples are an erogenous zone, are sensitive and a great area for foreplay, or to be incorporated in sexual activities. Squeezing, tweaking, light vibrations, tickling, licking, sucking make this sensual approach worth exploring. On our walls, we have a variety of adjustable and fixed nipple clamps both decorative and functional. Suckers add an element of stimulation and simulating oral arousal.

Heat Play

ever enjoyed the deep sensation of wax play? Melting candles of various temperatures and burning time and dripping the wax on parts of the body can illicit a new level to sensory play. Candles burn at different temperatures depending on what wax they are made at and any additional chemicals that are used.

Massage candles are the lowest burning temperature and a good place to start if new to temperature play.

Soy candles burn at roughly 45C and cool quickly on the skin.

Paraffin candles burn hotter between 45C and 65C and require more care when used.

Bees Wax candles burn hotter still between 65C and 90C

Wax will feel hotter the closer to the skin it is dripped on. 30cm away from the body is a good starting point.

Electro Stimulation

Electro Stim play is using shocks of electricity through various implements to cause tingling sensations and pleasurable pain. Electricity is conducted through mediums such as perspex and steel and can be placed on erogenous parts of the body or along the skin for sensory stimulation. We have a range of Electro stim toys on our back wall or in our cases.

Hope that helps you with bdsm australia.

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