Foreplay Fun For Both Men & Women!

I am wholeheartedly thankful to have been given the Gvibe MINI to review. The Gvibe MINI is a sex toy designed by the adult lifestyle company Funtoys to be used during masturbation or foreplay for both men and women. The Gvibe MINI excels at providing delicious simultaneous external vibrations. For women, it can be used for clitoral, vaginal and rimming stimulation. For men, it can be used for testicle, prostate and rimming stimulation. The Gvibe MINI has been fashioned to look like their famous Gvibe² and is made with similar functionalities.

Packaging & Design

The cylindrical package is stamped with a Union Jack on the lid with a picture of the Gvibe MINI on the sides. The package comes with a white satin pouch for storage, a magnetic USB charger for seamless recharging, a picture based instruction manual, 1 year warranty and the Gvibe MINI sex toy. The Gvibe MINI comes in two luxurious looking colours, royal blue with gold detailing and aqua with silver detailing. The royal blue colour is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of a still ocean at night time. The aqua colour is equally gorgeous and is for those who love something to brighten up their day. The sex toy is stamped with the raised letters “ft”, so no matter what you hold it, it says “ft” in the correct order which I thought is smart branding.


The Gvibe MINI is extremely light in weight and has a finger-sized loop handle, so you will never get tired of using it. It measures 10.5cm by 2cm (4.13 inches by 0.79 inches) and takes up about 3/4ths of my hand. The vibrator has two individual shafts that are each around 1 cm in width pointed outwards from each other. A shaft is about the same size as my pointer finger. Each shaft is equipped with a motor.

There are six vibration modes operated by exceptionally easy to press and user-friendly buttons. The buttons operate as follows:

  • Press the “+” button to turn it on and raise the speed.
  • Press the “squiggly” button to change modes.
  • Press the “-” button to lower the speed.
  • Hold then “-” button to turn it off.

When it is fully charged it can be used for up to 4 hours. The sex toy comes already charged so you can use it straight away. Once turned on, the Gvibe MINI sounds like a buzzing bee. When the arms vibrate against each other amid some serious foreplay, it sounds like a bee landing on a flower. The sounds are faint and do not take away from the experience.

The Gvibe MINI is 100% waterproof due to its odourless, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone and magnetic USB charger. These features make clean up effortlessly easy. Simply place it under warm water, lather with soap, rinse with water and gently dry with a soft cloth. Washing only take around 15 to 30 seconds. When you wash it make sure you clean the silicone seams connecting the golden or silver areas, as well as indentations of the buttons and near any raised material. After cleaning, the vibrator will feel like brand new!

Gvibe MINI Sex Toy Image
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You can use the multipurpose sex toy for pinpoint, full contact or indirect clitoral stimulation. The tapping and thumping of the vibrations will help you develop a steady and all over body orgasm. Sometimes the vibrations feel as if someone is pressing in the clitoris at an incredible rate which is thoroughly enjoyable. The stimulation effects it had on my body gave me a surprise change from incredible warmth to a whirling of coldness which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The first step to anal play is to be relaxed, aroused and fully lubricated. For anal penetration you will need to use a lot of lubricants, we recommend SuperSlyde or a water-based lubricant. To begin, move the tip of the sex toy in gentle circular motions to stimulate the entrance. If you do it to your anus, it will feel like one of the nicest rim jobs you have ever received. Apply differing amounts of pressure to create pleasurable levels of stimulation. When you are ready, you can gradually place one arm inside your anus or vagina. Gently, follow the curve of the sex toy and work with the way your body feels. At first, the sex toy appears rigid but as your body relaxes, it is able to accept the sex toy without any annoyance. If you insert one arm fully into your anus, the other arm will line up with your clitoris or testicles. Likewise, if you are a woman and have inserted the full arm into your vagina, the other arm will line up with your anus.

In the instruction manual provided, one of the sketches implies you can insert both shafts into your vagina at the same time. Most sex toys are designed for ease of penetration, they begin with a rounded tip that increasingly grows larger the more you insert it. The Gvibe MINI is the opposite, it begins with two shafts that are each around 1 cm in width pointed outwards from each other. Even though the sex toy looks small, the width of how far the shafts apart appear to be around 2cm larger than the shaft widths of the Lelo Ina 2 and the Fun Factory Miss Bi. Lubrication can make the sex toy quite slippery the problem this poses is that if you let go of the shafts during insertion, you can give your vagina a big shock when it automatically spreads itself back out. For vaginal insertion I believe you have to be extremely turned on, lubricated and have great hand skills to keep the shafts together and gently release them.


The G-Vibe Mini is a great sex toy for women and men who are discovering their adventurous side in beginners anal play and want to invest in a sex toy that can stimulate two erogenous areas at the same time. They are able to experience a rim job and clitoral or testicle stimulation at the same time which can help to provide an exceptionally strong orgasm whilst masturbating. People can control the amount of pressure, how far deep it goes and whether they would like to move the sex toy in circular motions. For people who are new to anal play, it offers soft and seamless edges so all you have to worry about is reapplying lubrication and inserting it to work with the shape of your body. What’s more, if you insert one of the arms fully, the base will comfortably grab onto the entrance area creating stronger stimulation.