The Sex Party Experience

Mask Woman Hushing People

Unsurprisingly we get a lot of very open-minded people coming into our sex toy stores and we are lucky enough to get chatting about the most interesting things. Everyone who works here will have been asked the same old questions, Why do you work here? what’s it like working in a sex shop. Do you get many weirdos? I always say the same thing. “I love it, it is so much more than a sales job, because you are dealing with a subject which is so much a personal part of us all.” It immediately gives us a connection. There is a barrier between us and our customers that is brought down just because of the subject matter. It wouldn’t happen if we were selling washing machines. We are privileged to get to know people in a far less superficial way than we probably lots the other people we meet on a day-to-day basis.

I have got into many conversations about sex parties and holidays with people who are in store buying costumes, sex toys and lingerie for events. If I think boundaries are down in our shop then going to one of these events takes that to a whole other level. I have actually been to a couple of parties a long time ago in LA. not really intentional, a friend and I just ended up there. It was a wild end to a wild night. It wasn’t something I would personally get into but it was a lifestyle choice for some of the people I was friends with. Ever since then I have found it fascinating. I am intrigued as to the type of people go and whether the fantasy is the reality.

It goes without saying that you have to be pretty open-minded and non judgmental. The friend I was with was neither of these and she found the whole experience quite awful, she felt her boundaries had been crossed just being there. We just happened upon ours but if you were going to a planned one with a partner, then boundaries are the most important thing to think about. Most of the sex parties out there will have rules to follow and you should have some of your own set too. Most of the people I have met in store have had rules about how far they can go with other people and with whom, they have codes and safe words if one is unhappy with anything. The most important rule you should have is that what ever happens once you are there and passions are running high is stick to the rules. If you are a couple then going solo to parties is probably not a good idea even if you were both in the lifestyle before you met.


Eyes Wide Shut Tom Cruise
Movie: Eyes Wide Shut


It can be pretty intimidating for obvious reasons and I doubt many people go to their first one with no reservations. Women can go alone and are welcome encouraged and prized. In most parties the women call the shots. Even so, I would think it wise for a first timer to go with someone else or make sure in advance that there is a person known there to chat to, even if it is just the holder of the party. Try to get chatting to someone online before hand if its possible. Go armed with a sense of humour, with your own lubrication, some sex toys, underwear and protection. You should never rely on a third party for the most important things you need. Don’t buy black G-strings as by the end of the night you won’t know which pair are yours.

The most important thing is respect, I have never heard of any event where you had to take part in anything . No means no and It is OK to watch. One of my customers loves to just watch, as you can imagine you see some pretty out there stuff. Just don’t ogle like you are at the zoo. Don’t get offended when people you don’t fancy chat you up. Treat the people at a party with the same respect you would anywhere else. Drugs and drunkenness probably wont be tolerated and you will no doubt be removed.

Just like some people still think sex shops are populated with men in raincoats. It is common to think of sex parties as either high-end or retro. Playboy, ‘Eyes wide shut” orgies, verses middle-aged suburbanites in terraced houses with bowls of keys. There are those parties, and everything in between. Mostly everyone will be nice and normal and no different from you.

The fact that it is usual to take some clothes off means there may well be a larger proportion of the crowd that take care of themselves. So if you are lacking in the self-esteem department I wouldn’t go. Many couples and singles I speak to seem to cite the element of competition as one of the virtues of the lifestyle. It prevents couples particularly from becoming lazy and letting them selves go. It can motivate them to win each others affection. They all love the fantasy element too and getting dressed up in lingerie and costumes is part of that.

It has never been easier to go to a sex party. They are all over the internet and cater to all tastes. Becoming part of the ‘lifestyle” involves a bit more effort, but if you are a good respectful guest, and you make an effort to dress up and follow the rules you will get to know people and eventually get to go to invite only parties. If you are unsure, you can go on-line on swingers websites like ‘Kasidie’, or if you have a Fetish then ‘Fetlife’, and just get chatting to people. If you can, dip your toes in, and go to an event like ‘Hell fire”, where it is by no means an orgy, but it is a little more sex focused than your average night at a night club. If you want to aim high and go glam, then try to get your self into a Killing Kittens party, sponsored by our bestselling sex toy company Lelo. If you have money and want a week of it then why not try ‘Hedonism’. They have holiday resorts all around the world where you can live out your sex party fantasies 24/7 in dream surroundings.



By Emily a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre

Gay Gang Bang Party Felcher!

Milk Spilling Over Himself

So I had been invited to a Gay Gang Bang Sex Party and I had been nominated as the bottom. Sure I had anal sex before but the thought of being drilled and pounded by a group of horny men really appealed to me. So off I went, dressed down and ready and went to the address specified. I think I found it really appealing that all these different types of men of all different ages and backgrounds just wanted to orgasm with my body. I love being sexually the centre of people’s attention and I love milking a man’s seed.  I really like the idea of being used for someone else’s pleasure.

Ringing the doorbell I was surprised to see that the action was already happening in the living room when I got there, there was another bottom already there getting drilled. I was feeling a sense of envy, I was kind of mad because I was told I would be the only bottom there but then the guy at the door indicated to me to get on my knee’s and start sucking the tops’ cocks in preparation to demolish my kindred bottom. The command turned me on and a began to get hard straight away. They were going to use me and all I wanted to do was milk them and feel their warmth inside of me.

Milk Spilling Over Himself

I started doing this but seeing these hunky guys pounding the bottom and then throwing out cocks that spluttered and spurted rich cum all over his back started to get me really horny. Sure I had also sucked a cock or two in my life but now I saw the opportunity of trying something new and soon as I saw an opening, I grabbed the top that was just pulling his cock out of the bottoms ass, shoved and sucked that cock like I was a vacuum cleaner. His leg’s began shaking as he used my mouth by forcing his cock down my throat as deep as it could possibly go. I gagged on his cock and he moaned.

His butt clenched tight as he started to cum and I felched his cock dry, trying to take down every single drop of that precious semen. Not only did my strategy work in doing my first hardcore felch but the other guys must have been really turned on with the zest and vigor that I undertook this task and the line-up for the bottom was less than the amount of lovely men with their cocks out masturbating over me.

All the men surrounded me as they masturbated. A man I couldn’t see was grabbing my ass and dragging his had down my legs, he placed his hard cock upon my body as it leaked precum. I grabbed the nearest cock and started sucking it as I felt the first warm jism spurting in my face as one of my mystery men started to ejaculate over me. He must have started a chain reaction as I started to feel warm spurts splashing all over me and I was having the ultimate bukake shower as the cock in my mouth reached the back of my throat and as I gagged it simultaneously released it’s warm payload down my throat.Everyone was getting off to each other cuming, it was like being in a sex fantasy.

I had become a gay cum bucket with wads of spunk dribbling down my body, it was warm and made me feel good. Having vanquished more than half the men at this gay gang bang sex party I decided in for a penny out for a pound and went down on the other bottoms ass, licking it and sucking out the very last drops of jism left by the gang bangers. Seeing me face down in the other bottoms ass and my rear up in the air must have turned the tops on as within seconds I felt the first hard dick entering my anus and start pounding my open bottom. So my anger subsided as I was supposed to be the bottom and after a great deal of felching I did became the bottom at that gay gang bang sex party after all.



Host The Best Gay Sex Party!

Gay Sauna

Ever thought a night out with your gay partner is not going to be great? You can be proven wrong. Why not go to a  gay sexy party as it is one of the best parties you will ever attend and have fun to the max. Appreciating who we are (gays) and what makes us come together, organize events and parties that make us feel good about ourselves and out sexuality. I managed to host a gay sex party last year and believe me; it was one of the wildest and best parties I have ever had the pleasure of being at. I realized there are a number of things that you need to incorporate or do in a gay sex party for it to be great. The following are some of the most important things I thought to consider before my hosting or going to a gay sex party.

Last year’s party was my first gay sex party and the fact that it was held in my place, I came to realize that a gay party is actually better when there are a good number of participants. It felt great to see friends and acquaintances from all over the my college having fun. Choice of music and the drinks was important to create the right mood. There were almost fifty people and thank God my back-yard was big enough to accommodate such a number. We did organize everything early enough before the party to not get stressed, everything was set right including the drinks.  We hired a Dj from our local gay club who kept the music rocking throughout the party night plus finger food and decorations.


Man Dressed as Unicorn

You can’t invite people if you do not know them as you want to ensure that all the guest will be safe and nothing will be damaged or stolen. The people that attended my gay sex party which I hosted are actually people I had met with earlier in gay clubs around town, some friends from social networking sites like facebook, twitter and of course my college friends. Through the continuous interaction in the clubs and social media I did establish some great connections making sure first that they were interested in attending my gay sex party that eventually resulted in me hosting this fabulous party.

There were a few of my gay close friends in town that I know and  that I usually spend most of my free time with that attended but others did not as they were not into or did not want to participate in such a scene. The theme of the party was ‘bring a friend’  as my total number of people that had accepted my invite was 30 and I wanted it to be a big bash.  They all were really helpful and understanding though when it came to organizing the party and most did bring a friend which made it all the more interesting as there was some fresh meat there and we also got to meet new like minded individuals. We managed to successfully invite gay guys from a cross section of professions and communities and even from other towns mostly by communicating through facebook, posting ads on Reddit,, and personally one-on-one and through a series of phone calls to groups around our neighborhood.

I was mindful to ensure that if there was a gay partnership or marriage that they both knew about the party and that it was OK for them to attend a gay sex party as I certainly did not want to be the one responsible for the break up of a long term gay relationship.  A gay sex party isn’t a party without music and drinks.  For all the gay parties that I have attended, there are three things that are always there that make a good time great time; drinks, music and dancing. Sometimes there is something a little heavier than a drink to perk me up but these three items are essential.

If you want to have real fun at a gay sex party then you need to have some alcoholic drinks and good music and a cleared out place for you to dance with the meat that is there. We did spoil ourselves with all kinds of alcoholic drinks at my first gay sex party and the vodka, whiskey and beer flowed freely as we danced to the sweet music played by the amazing DJ on stage.  I must confess that I did take a magic pill as well that made me sway to the music all the more and find that most of the men attending looked like studs.  Generally we had fun throughout the night and there were no bad incidents to talk about. We had soft drinks set aside for those who did not fancy getting smashed as we didn’t want to disappoint anybody; everyone was having fun with or without alcoholic drinks.

We didn’t just start with the drinking; we did a bit of an introduction of everyone and then swiftly moved in to the real party mode as planned.  I was glad to meet so many of my new gay friends some of whom I had only seen on facebook or heard about from other friends and it was really a great interacting with them. Everyone was getting along splendidly as and once the music started we danced, some of us began to kiss each other whilst swinging  long with the music.  It wasn’t long before some of the guests brought out poppers.  I had never tried poppers before and one of the guests explained to me that I had to inhale it through my nose.  A warm fuzzy feeling came over me and the beat of the music penetrated my whole body that had become relaxed and felt sexy and sweaty.

I noticed that a gay couple had exited the dance area and gone behind some bushes in my garden.  Slowly walking over I was surprised to see that one man was giving the other a blow job.  It was a delightful moment indeed and the mood of the party swung becoming more erotic as some kissed while others were getting  down to the business of the day and theme of the party in various states of undress. It was at that time that I realized that this was going to be a great first gay sex party.


11 Tips for The Best Gay Wedding

Gay Wedding Celebration

The following are important things you should keep in mind when preparing for a gay marriage. Dos and dont’s are important. This way you will ensure that you will have the best gay wedding ever.

Red Themed Wedding

  • Ditch the etiquette books:

Pre-organised ideas of what proper behavior are do not match the modern wedding. Set your own rules with your partner but keep in mind that the wedding should be a celebration of the two of you and a totally unique experience so think outside the box.

  • Don’t mess with rental stores:

Rental formal wear stores do not deliver high fashion or the latest styles and trends. That suit cannot be customized to fit properly your specific body type.

  • Buy yourself a suit that you will wear again:

Don’t go all anxious with your spouse when selecting a suit. You each have your own unique style and that can be reflected in your wedding day wardrobe selection. So better get a good one and us.

  • Who gets the opportunity to wear a wedding band?

Both of you can wear a wedding band, one of you, or not one or the other. It’s an individual choice that shouldn’t be constrained to one individual just on the grounds that somebody proposed first. On the off chance that you need to make a visual revelation of your adoration, then by all methods wear a flawlessly dazzling wedding band and additionally your accomplice extra focuses on the off chance that they coordinate and are recorded!

  • Who the hell pays?

Custom manages that the lady’s family pays for the wedding. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario where there are two ladies. Then again no lady of the hour by any stretch of the imagination?! On the off chance that both of you are close with your individual families, then keep a cumbersome circumstance from the earliest starting point by consenting to part the bill down the middle. On the off chance that this isn’t sensible however your families still need to contribute, then recommend each gives a money gift and you and your accomplice cover the rest. By the day’s end it’s 2015-custom is out the window!e it again in the future.

Pick a venue that reflects your personalities, whether it is your favorite restaurant or a hotel or just a park.

  • Don’t leave your guests wondering what to do all weekend in the city:

Organize a day out for your guests, especially for those that came from other destinations. You can arrange for them to go to a show, concert, to the zoo, a museum or anywhere that you think will please them.

  • Arrange a formal sit down dinner with round tables of eight and seating assignments:

Remember, this is the most important event of your life. Also have interactive stations with food pass from your guests. This way your guests will be able to mix, mingle and eat throughout the evening and more importantly, you will get more one on one time with your loved ones and guests as well.

  • Stocking the bar with just the typical spirits like vodka, gin and whiskey is so ordinary:

Shake up the night and add some custom cocktails inspired by your wedding day or have a bar featuring a specialty liquor like Absinthe, Pimms or St. Germaine. Bartenders can be hired for your Big Day to stir in some sophistication at the bar as well.

  • The gay wedding band vs. the DJ:

Don’t hire that tired old wedding band that only knows the classic ballads. Do have a DJ that is versatile enough to entertain your aunt and your friend who hits the clubs four times a week. The music should evolve as the evening progresses. After all, who doesn’t love a remix or mash-up?

  • Floral centerpieces and votive candles on every table sound good:

Think floral centerpieces and unique decor on the tables making your big day unique. Color, variety and size are all up to you. Flowers are the perfect way to customize your gay wedding day. Think creatively and represent your taste and personality as a couple through your wedding day. If you need something more affordable, go for some super silky looking balloons!


10 Secret Tips To Host A Top Gay Sex Party!

Gay Sex Party

10 Secrets For A Great Sex Party!

Hosting a successful gay sex party for you and your guests can often be difficult.  However we are here to help and set out below are some secrets that will make your party great –

Gays Guys Kissing

  1. Theme:    First of all you need to pick a party theme. Creating a successful theme means generating some interest and attracting more people. You should consider creating a masquerade party, an underwear exchange party or even a sexy slumber party. By choosing a theme helps you in restricting your guest list. You should be honest with your guests and inform them of what they are going to get and what kind of peoples are going to attend your gay sex party.
  2. Guest List:  Building a guest list will be inevitably difficult. I always recommend you start with your own connections. You can choose top men or bottom men, or a combination of both. Generally be cautious though because bottoms can be really greedy in sex. Therefore, make a clear list of what type of people you want to attend to your party. You can make it simple just by restricting age, kind of people, types or anything else. It is best to always ask for a photo of each person attending to your party and a confirmation of attendance. Email is the easiest way to send invites and provide phone numbers or get photos. In all your interactions with guests you will want to do but be sure to be polite. Posting stuff like, No fatties will piss off some people. Therefore pissing them off can make your party their target for their wrecking behavior. Your gay sex party should reflect the sexual experience you want to offer.
  3. Planning:  The most important thing is planning your space for your gay sex party. If the party takes place at your home, decide where guests will and will not have access. The entire party must be explained in detail to your guests. Don’t just give an address, but let them know about the place they can park their cars, whether there’s a security standing in front of the door or door code, whether to knock or enter straight on, etc.
  4. Designating Areas:  Explaining the interior of the area that the party takes place is important too. Tell them if there’s a bottom area that accept loads from multiple tops that stop by over a period of time. You should have a space where the tops can clean-up and put back on their clothes. Have a place for guests to disrobe, store clothing safely and dress later. Parties usually need three spaces; a dressing room, a play space and a clean up space. Designating off limits spaces. It is important to post signs for spaces like your office or other rooms that guests should not enter. Also consider posting signs directing guests to the location of food and drinks.
  5. Security:  Security is a must in all parties. First of all you can send an invitation stating a designated time. If the time passes the entrance will be locked. No new admissions should be accepted after this time. The second way to make a more secure gay sex party is to have someone or some people to monitor the door. You can do this by hiring a security guy and another person that can protect the clothing room. You can then make people aware that there will be persons protecting them and their belongings.
  6. Supplies:   Purchase supplies you will need. You should always purchase small bottles of lube, especially those that can be carried in the pocket. Also consider purchasing cheap hand towels while leaving them throughout the house, especially on any flat surface and in any room you think sex will happen. You should also provide condoms to promote safe sex.x
  7. Recreational Accessories:  Usually gay sex parties can be the concentration of drugs like ecstasy and marijuana. While you may allow them, this can make your party a target for law enforcement. I would personally avoid such things.
  8. Timing:  The best time to have a gay sex party is during the weekend or holidays. Depending on the theme, the later the better.
  9. Boundaries:  It is best to designate roles and rules if you are making a gay sex party. You can inform your guests of designated top or bottom men choose the places for orgies or even tell to your guests that everyone is allowed to touch everyone else. If you don’t want people jerking off while they watch, kindly ask them to participate in the party. Another important thing is asking a guest to leave politely. In many gay sex parties you will find people trying to sneak in just to watch the fun while not participating. For some people this isn’t a problem, while for some of your guests this could be a serious issue. If you prefer people to participate, you should inform your guests that people should be there to play and if something isn’t right the host can ask them to leave.
  10. Finances:  Asking for money is a big deal but if it is done properly and kindly it can work out. First of all you should make people feel that their money worth the purpose. You can suggest people to chip in for security or other things, but an actual admission or cover starts making it more like a club so avoid that one.