Top 14 Gay Travel Destinations

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The top 14 gay travel destinations includes a lot of different countries! This list is just the pinnacle of some of the same-sex travel destination lovers can visit. This list doesn’t accept any places that will put a homosexual in danger. When traveling, be sure to be safe and have a blast. Here are the top 14 gay travel destinations:


London is one of the gayest, friendliest and open-minded places in the world. In Londonm SoHo and Vauxhall are the main areas for drinking and clubbing. And oh my god! The men with their sexy accents.

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Toronto, Canada

Toronto is located in Canada. It is one of the gayest cities and tourist destinations in North America. Toronto has the best gay-friendly entertainment that include accommodations, art galleries and theaters. Toronto hosts gay events like the Pride Week Celebrations and the Dyke March.


Most gay travelers are known to go to Brazil for their good weather and beautiful beaches. Some of their most famous beaches include Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon make it incredibly hard to keep your eyes of the hot tanned Brazilian men. Brazil’s carnivals and gay pride celebrations are some of the best adult entertainment in the world. Brazil has gay friendly hotels, restaurants and clubs. They have the natural  and beautiful landscapes like Sugarloaf Mountain. They also have the iconic statue named Christ Our Redeemer. All of these unique features make Brazil one of the top 14  gay travel destinations.


Berlin is known to be one of the most gay friendly cities in the world. Places you should visit in Berlind include Reuzberg, Prenzlauderberg, and Schoneberg which host gay pride parades. The bars in Berlin don’t shut down, so you can party all day and night long without stopping. Get me a one way ticket please!


In early December of 2017 Australia legalised same sex marriage! The people are gay friendly and don’t discriminate. It is a very beautiful country who have the hottest men ever. Sydney has the best beaches like Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is one of the most traveled to tourist destinations and is the location where you can lead one of the best gay lifestyles. The best gay clubs include Stonewall and ARQ which is my home every weekend. But Australia also has many bars, saunas and restaurants with some of the best views in of the world. Australia has a Mardi Gras Parade every year in Sydney!

New Zealand

New Zealand was the first country to add the term “gay and lesbian friendly” to their hotels back in 1998. The best way to visit New Zealand is to stay in one of the many gay friendly home stays that are scattered all over the country. New Zealand has picturesque views and entertainment. People are very friendly and welcoming to any gay visitor.


USA is well-known for their freedom of speech which makes it great for a homosexual tourist to feel confident when they are out and about so that they are able to be themselves in public. Whilst you’re in the USA, visit New York which is one of my favourite gay friendly places to go. New York has a lot of night clubs, restaurants, bars and gyms. With popular tourist destinations including Central Park and the Statue Of Liberty. Can you ask for something better than that? Also, you can go to downtown to Los Angeles, baby!!!! Los Angeles is known to have the best luxury lifestyles in the states and many celebrities live there, so you might see them everywhere.


France is known to be most romantic place in the world. The Eiffel Tower in Paris will be a very cute location to propose to a loved one. Paris has designer clothes that follow the latest fashion trends. They also have gay dinning, clubs and bars.


Thailand is one of the gayest friendly countries in the world. Bangkok welcomes all the gay visitor with warm hugs and respect. Southern Thailand has a lot of entertainment such as beautiful beaches and coral reefs which are just as beautiful as the men. There are alot of leisure activities you can go to like shopping, clubs, bars and fine dining for cheap prices. Thailand is great if you want to travel affordably and at the same time you will have a blast.


Ireland is catholic country but the world was surprised when they legalized same sex marriage in 2015. There are gay friendly hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and saunas in Dublin. Dublin has the biggest gay pride parade in the country which happens late June every year.


Iceland might be the least gay destination for most of us but a city in Iceland called Reykjavik host’s one of the oldest gay pride parades in the world. Summertime is the best time to visit because of their waterfalls, active geysers, dormant volcano and geothermal lagoons. The people are friendly and the scenery is unbelievable.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is not just known to being a gay friendly city but it is highly traveled to by all types of tourists. It has an open gay scene with many gay hotels, clubs, bars, and saunas. You can take boat ride or rent a bike to get around.

Sitges, Spain

Sitges, Spain is known to be one of the most popular gay tourist destinations. It is a seaside resort with 25 different beaches and it has more than 300 days of sunshine each year. It is also easy to get to the beaches and clubs. It is a beautiful place with beautiful men.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is known to be the first country to recognize same-sex unions. Denmark is home to many gay bars, clubs, hotels and the Tivoli Gardens. It can be really exciting to go and check out all the old gay clubs.

Now, I have 14 countries written down on my list to visit and I hope you guys enjoyed the article and found it helpful.

Author: Majd is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Best Gay Travel Destinations!

Men Traveling Together

In case you’re heading out some place new to both of you, the experience turns out to be to a great degree immersive. Without a doubt, you can take in a considerable measure of a beau when he parades you around the place where he grew up, yet the genuine disclosures about his character will come when you’re each out of your element! Whether it’s a language difference that you need to handle together, a missed train in an foreign nation, or a declined Mastercard when you’re attempting to get home, the difficulties you’ll encounter together will be knowledge that you may never otherwise find out about your partner.

Lengthy drives in the auto, plane treks, train rides, climbs, and cruising outings are a brilliant time to have profound exchanges. Try not to be hesitant to get some information about his youth, future objectives, or past sweethearts amid these minutes! Ask any flight attendant, and they’ll concur: voyaging can draw out a characteristics you would not normally see in a person. The blend of having to sit down in a plane for extended periods and culture shock when going to a new country can draw out some profoundly hidden character imperfections, so give careful consideration to how he acts toward waiters, flight attendants, receptionists, and other administration workers whilst you are traveling together.

Gay Couples

Did you realize that your gay partner speaks Mandarin, or that he is knowledgeable in Thai legends? These are the sorts of fun revelations that can happen while abroad with your lover, and make voyaging considerably more energizing. The absolute best can also be seen whilst traveling and seeing the world as a couple is an incredible affair that can bond you not at all like anything else, which is a standout if you are entering into a long term relationship.

One of the best places that any gay couple can visit is the beautiful Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is a unique and amazing city and one of the most preferred gay destinations in the world. The truly unique beauty of the city and its incredible beaches, make this city very popular for gay tourists. The city is very popular for its gay only beach called Ipanema. This beach is part of a gay area of the city that goes by the same name. If you are looking to have fun and dance with half naked men without feeling weird, Rio de Janeiro is the place to be. It can be both a relaxing and romantic vacation for you and your man.

Following Brazil any gay couple should meet the Caribbean Islands. The islands with the heaven scent lure their gay tourists with the unique gold sandy beaches and the clear blue waters. The weather is perfect during the year and it is one of the ideal destinations for gay couples. Gay couples can choose to stay in luxurious resorts and experience shopping in exclusive shopping areas and taste good food in excellent restaurants.

If you are more into cruising, you will prefer going for a luxury cruise from Athens to Istanbul. Imagine yourself cruising from the heart of Greece to the center of Turkey on a luxury yacht. Experience the privacy of the waters with your partner and enjoy the unique destinations.

Another exotic destination is the largest and most famous island in Thailand. This is Phuket. Phuket is well known as one of the gayest friendly destinations in the planet and the Gay festival takes place twice a year in the heart of the island. Experience the gay nightlife in Patong and spend your nights in the best gay bars and clubs. Finally, our last destination includes Japan. As we all know, Japan is one of the most sophisticated gay cultures on the planet. Data from the 11th century shows us the existing gay relationships. There are more than 200 gay clubs and bars in Tokyo and Shinjuku is one of the most famous gay districts.

In general, these are just some of the best gay couple destinations you can visit. Most travelers may look for something relaxing while other will want to have fun. These exotic destinations can offer you the best of the two worlds. Whether you want to enjoy cruising on a luxury yacht, having fun in a gay bar or relaxing in a luxury resort, these destinations have it all. Wherever you choose to go you will not be disappointed. These are some of the most open minded and gay friendly destinations. Discuss it with your partner and decide your destination now. Summer is almost here, and this is the best season to experience these places. Be ready to revive the fire in your gay relationship and make your partner fall in love with you once again.

Top 10 Gay Destinations Worldwide

Cape Town Gay Destination

What are the top gay destinations in the world and why?  Most LGTBQIA+ people love to travel and when traveling like a mix of partying and sightseeing.  Here are some of the top 10 gay destinations worldwide.

San Francisco USA

Pride Week is capped by the often-outrageous ‘Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Pride Parade’ – where half a million people party in the street on the last Sunday in June. Also in June is the long-running queer film festival.

Sydney, Australia

Hey, in Sydney gay is the new straight. Sydney has an amazing gay community and lesbian culture that are a vocal, vital, well-organized and colorful part of Sydney’s social fabric. Host of the 2002 Gay Games, Sydney also plays host to Australia’s biggest annual tourist event – the Mardi Gras. The joy-filled hedonism-meets-political-protest parade is attended by more than half a million people. Beach life also reigns here, so boys should buff up before hitting the sand. There is even a large selection of LGBTQIA+ nightclubbing venues and dating apps to choose from!

Brighton, England

Perhaps it’s Brighton’s long-time association with the theatre, but for more than 100 years the city has been a gay haven. The vibrant queer community is made-up of 40,000 residents – almost a quarter of the total population. Kemptown (aka Camptown) is where it’s all at, with a rank of gay-owned bars, hotels, cafés, bookshops and saunas. There’s even a ‘Gay’s the Word’ walking tour.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Touted as the gay and lesbian capital of Europe, partisan estimates put the proportion of gay and lesbian people in Amsterdam at 20% to 30%. Though the figures are probably exaggerated, there’s no underestimating the number of venues for gays and lesbians. There are more than 100 bars and nightclubs, gay hotels, bookshops, sport clubs, choirs and support services. Amsterdam hosts the only water-borne gay-pride parade in the world, held on the canals on the first Saturday in August.

Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s legendary liberalism has spawned one of the world’s biggest gay and lesbian scenes. Openly gay mayor Klaus Wowereit outed himself with the now-popular words: ‘I’m gay, and that’s a good thing’. As befits Berlin’s decentralised nature, the city has no dedicated gay ghetto although it contains a number of established scenes. Huge crowds turn out in early June for Schwul-Lesbisches Strassenfest (Gay-Lesbian Street Fair), which is basically a warm-up for Christopher Street Day later that month.

Cape Town, South Africa

Regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world:- ‘heaven at the tip of Africa’ and voted as one of the top Gay travel destinations, Cape Town is a cosmopolitan city with beautiful people, breathtaking scenery and far too much to see and do in just one visit.

The world famous picture postcard Table Mountain, fine gay accommodation, white sandy beaches, lush countryside, arid plains, game reserves and just about anything else you could imagine discovering in paradise. Including an exciting gay scene. No wonder most visitors return year after year!

Capetonians’ easy-going attitude, together with the new liberal South African Constitution which safeguards gay rights, make Cape Town an extremely gay-friendly city. Today Cape Town has a huge per capita gay population and boasts possibly the most developed gay community on the African continent. Over and above its stunning natural scenery and superb beaches, Cape Town has over 100 gay venues, which includes clubs, bars, businesses and organizations, making it South Africa’s undisputed queer capital.

New York City, USA

New York’s Chelsea and Greenwich Village are synonymous with gay life, possessing a thriving out-there scene. A number of quieter clubs and bars continue to flourish further uptown in Chelsea as well. Every scene, from art to fashion, is hot in New York – and the gay scene is no exception, with great galleries, bars and clubs. June sees the obligatory Gay Pride parade attracting revelers from around the world.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

During Car naval (February or March), thousands of expatriate Brazilian and gringo gays fly in to take part in the fun, with transvestites stealing the show at most balls. Outside Carnival the gay scene is active, though less visible than in cities such as San Francisco and Sydney. The gay capital of Latin America is a mostly integrated scene, with the Entertainment sections of local newspapers and magazines branding establishments ‘GLS’: Gays, Lesbians and Sympathizers.

Prague, Czech Republic

The beguiling bohemian city of Prague inspired Kafka to warn visitors: ‘this little mother has claws’. Its maze of medieval lanes keeps a bevy of bars catering to all fancies: from leather through to rent boy. The cradle of Czech culture, Prague also stages a gay and lesbian film festival annually in November. Despite the city’s wholesale acceptance of same-sex partnerships, there’s a segregated gay scene, and public displays of affection are generally ill advised.

Bangkok, Thailand

There’s no ‘gay movement’ as such in Bangkok, as there’s no anti gay establishment to move against. Thai culture is generally accepting of male and female homosexuality; however, public displays of affection per se are mostly frowned upon. The fairly prominent scene centers on the proliferation of bars, often enlivened by high camp cabaret.

So do you agree that these are the top 10 gay destinations?  Do you have another list?  We would love to hear from you and your comments.

Author: Ben is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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