Butt Plugs for Gay Anal Sex!

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Fun New Sexual Experience

Butt plugs are exceptionally prominent in pornography, however they are additionally included in pretty much every sex store inventory out there. When you begin to use butt plugs you may feel that it is unusual or pushing the envelope, which to me is always a fun new sexual experience.

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Butt Plugs For Anal Sex

Discovering different aspects of butt plugs for your gay sex life in the bedroom can be enchanting for both you and your partner. It’s not always exciting doing it in the same positions and engaging in the same way to making love. Most gay couples’ life ends up becoming a routine and get one can easily get bored of their usual moves while falling short of ideas as to how they could spice up their sex lives. It is a good idea to experiment with role playing and sex toys at such times. The more adventurous gay couples seek to increase the excitement in bed and are more open to the idea on trying out almost anything that they feel comfortable with – the better chance they have of the relationship lasting. For such gay partners who don’t mind getting a little more naughty than usual, Butt Plugs are a must to try.

Many think that the rear end was not intended for sex but with the millions of nerve ending in the anus and a prostate gland known as the P-Spot able to deliver intense orgasms one can easily argue differently.  When anal sex is performed correctly the orgasms achieved are often greater than that of what is considered ‘normal sex’?

Most beginners will be happy to know that the area around the anus consists of millions of nerves that offer intense arousal and stimulation. So anal butt plugs are the perfect way of getting started into this type of gay anal penetration. Just to state, penetrative sex is enjoyed by both women as well as men but in this article I focus mainly on gay men. If you think that women enjoy stimulation of their g spot, then you will love to know that men are driven crazy by stimulation of their prostate or also called the p spot. This area can be stimulated by a butt plug that has a curved end.

For beginners who fear about experiencing pain, it is advised that they go easy by first using fingers and then gradually increasing size by progressing to anal dildos and butt plugs. But make sure to use a lot of lubrication as the anus does not secrete any fluid, unlike other genitals. A butt plug allows gay anal sex to be enjoyed by both partners and can often lead to moments of intense and unique orgasm that would leave you wanting for more. Butt plugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and prices and made from different materials. However, the real butt plugs are the ones that come with built in vibrators. I advise you to use butt plugs with base as you can take in advantage of this hands free feature. Another unique plug is the inflatable butt plugs, which doesn’t require an explanation.

At the point you are ready to use a butt plug, you need to make the choice of what type of butt plug you would like to use. It’s best to stay away from less expensive toys as they can be made of second rate materials including petroleum items that can blaze, damage or hurt the coating of your anus. Consequently I believe you should consider buying toys made from silicone. Silicone is the safest material to use with in the sex toy industry, it is generally soft and it disintegrate’s the slowest compared to all other materials. You should also avoid using glass but plugs as due to the strength of the sexual act it is not as gentle as other materials. When beginning to use butt plugs it is best to buy the smaller sizes especially when considering the diameter of the butt plug. Always buy a butt plug with a huge base, to avoid the plug from falling into your anus.

With the increase of these sex toys, no one can complain of having a poor sex life. Unfortunately, gay anal sex is not the most wanted practice in bed because of the fear of pain. However, men who have tried it will definitely tell you that it offers a whole new experience to your sex life. There are various sextoys, including butt plugs available at online adult stores that will enhance your bedroom life with your partner and offer you unique moments of pleasure. So, if you are thinking of becoming kinky by trying a sex toy or a butt plug, get one today – but please – choose a reputable store.

Oh My God! That Penis Is Tooo BIG For My Bottom.

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You are gay and you have a boyfriend. You are together and have feelings for each other deeply while feeling you are on your way to love. You experience just one problem though. He has a big thick dick. Giving him oral sex isn’t a problem but it’s just not going inside of you. This can cause pressure on the relationship as you both experience sexual frustration – that’s not to say you’re not having sex. Just, you’re having all of it. You’ve tried the various relaxation techniques. You’ve tried lubricant. You’ve tried different positions and it’s still not happening. Well, here’s the deal. Even though you think you’re relaxed you might not be, you might actually be quite fearful of the size of it and you might unconsciously find it intimidating to deal with. So what else can you do to make it easier?

Anal Sex Balls Beads Dildo Kit

Yes, it can certainly need a little care and practice to take a big penis inside especially if you haven’t had one for a while. One great way to practice and get back into ‘shape’ is to take incrementally sized anal toys to slowly stretch and relax your muscles again. Lube up the toy, relax a little and try again. If you’re feeling pain that’s a sign you could be causing damage. By slowly increasing the size of the toy you can take smaller steps as opposed to simply going from 1 to a hundred with nothing in between. You can buy sex toys in packets of three, the sex toy will have a small, medium and large size so your body can get used of the size differences during foreplay and over the long term use of the products.

There are several numbing sprays on the market and whilst I do not normally recommend them – they can sometimes be useful. I usually do not recommend them excepting in rare cases because pain is a symptom, it is a reflection of when things aren’t going well and is the bodies natural reflex to protect itself. By taking away that ‘pain’ you could be unknowingly doing damage to yourself. Numbing sprays are commonly used to help assist in this problem. It is a good idea to go the same speed of sexual intercourse as before you used the numbing spray.

With your dildo or anal tool, use loads of lube and practice taking the big penis or dildo inside in the way that is right for you. This means both in terms of technique and in terms of your opening up and relaxing physically and mentally. Lubrication will make you feel exited, it will make foreplay that much easier and if you are having a fun time time without any pain it will be penetration much more easier when you are ready.A technique that usually works is to push slightly with your anus against the dildo or penis and distract yourself either with some quality gay porn. That way, your anus will open up. Of course, you will need to know you’re clean inside when you do this. Douching can help with this, but may not be necessary. Experiment with how you sit, kneel, squat or stand as well as you might find some ways are easier than others.

Remind yourself, with the dildo, about what it is like being a bottom when having sex. Let your self go with the old feelings and get ready to enjoy them again. You might even want to do this with your partner there. He might feel a bit weird at the start of using the dildo on you, but when you’re loosened up you can start to have sex without the feeling that he’s hurting you. Basically, it’s not a question of forcing your anus to open out, more of allowing yourself the right frame of mind and using the right techniques. This will include the gay sex positions which allow you to open up most fully. Some say a deep missionary is best for this, while others prefer a doggy style position, with the ass really angled up from the lower back. So, by following these simple tips you and every gay man can now experience how great anal sex is.