Top 6 Sex Positions For Women!

Sex positions for g-spot orgasm

If you are a woman that climaxes easily during sex count yourself lucky! Many women are not able to achieve an orgasm during penetrative sex unless they have their clitoris stimulated at the same time. A lot of people do not realise that clitoral stimulation is needed and often leave their partner orgasmless! Having sex and not orgasming can often make it feel more like a chore if they are not gaining anything from it.

The easiest way this problem can be solved is by communicating clearly what you really need before, during and after sex! Being honest and open with what you need will help your lover learn what stimulation you need to reach orgasm.

Step 1 – Work Out What Makes You Orgasm

The first thing you need to do is figure out the best way to reach orgasm on your own. Take some time to yourself to masturbation. You should read an article to find out where the G-Spot is located and what the G-Spot feelings like. Once you understand what you are searching for, you can use an ergonomically designed sex toy to help you find the area. You may need clitoral stimulation at the same time as G-Spot stimulation to achieve an orgasm.

Step 2 – Replicate The Orgasm During Mutual Masturbation

The next thing you need to do is replicate what you did during solo masturbation with your lover. You can do this by allowing your lover control of the sex toy to stimulate you. Ensure you communicate clearly on the things that you do enjoy and what you don’t enjoy.

Step 3 – Replicate The Orgasm During Penetration Sex

Once your lover has worked out how to give you an orgasm during mutual masturbation, you can now begin to learn the different sex positions that are recommended to use to reach orgasm. With experience you will find out what works for you. Listed below are 6 of the best sex positions you can try.

The 6 Best Sex Positions For Women

The Cat Position

Sex PositionLovers face each other with the man lying on top. He thrusts gently inside and pushes his erection as deeply as he can. Rather than the man thrusting in and out. He gently pushes and massages his erection into the G-Spot. This sex position is also called the “Coital Alignment Technique”. The man can place his legs on the outside or on the inside of her legs. The lovers can also rock their bodies together for added stimulation.

The Free As Air Position

The man lies down flat on his back. The woman sit’s on top and lowers her body until his erection is fully inside. She that lays herself down so she is completely lying on top of him. It is said that when women are in this position they feeling weightless. The man can also easily extend his hand to stimulate her clitoris.

The Pinner Position

In the Pinner Position a women is able to touch her clitoris secretly without a lower knowing. The women lays down flat on her stomach. The man lays on her back and penetrates comfortably from behind. Since both lovers are completely level with the bed, the women can use her hand to stimulate her clitoris without him knowing.

The Spoons Position

The spoons sex position
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The Spoons Position is reminiscent of spoons that are lying next to each other in a drawer. The women lies in front and the man spoons her from behind with his erection below her buttox. Some women love this position but not everyone is able to reach orgasm as they are on their side. The man can also easily reach around to her clitoris for added stimulation. The advantage of this position is that neither of you is taking on the other person’s bodyweight.

The Standing Spoon

As the name suggests the Standing Spoon is done with both people standing up. The stands up facing forward as the man spoons her from behind. He can embrace the woman whilst she can place her hand behind his neck to push him towards her. People often find that it works best when both lovers bends their knees slightly and gently learn into each other for support. As he penetrates her, she is able to push back into him and relax. If G-Spot stimulation is your thing this is the perfect position to use.

The Crab On Its Back

There is another sex position called Crab On Its Back. This position allows for extremely deep penetration with a lot of body contact. On a bed, the women bends her knees to her breasts. The man sits in a crab position and uses his hands for support. The women is able to move her hips as he penetrates deep inside of her. This is a position that you may have to try a few times to get right but once you do, be prepared to feel physically and emotionally connected.

We hope these sex positions offer a new insight into how to orgasm during sex with a lover. If you would like to learn new ways to orgasm, read our lazy sex and orgasm guide for more information!

The 7 Best G-Spot Sex Positions!

Happy Couple In Bed Photo

There are many people who are not able to satisfy their partners in the bed due to various reasons. In fact, the study shows that around 6 out of 10 couples are not satisfied with their sex life, which is actually a serious problem.

Sex Positions And Sexual Satisfaction

There is more than just a climax when it comes to reaching an immense sexual pleasure. Only trying out one sex positions can be really boring for the couple in the long run. In the first few months of marriage, there may not be a need of experimenting with sex positions, but in the long run, it becomes crucial to experiment with different sex positions.

If you are one of the men, who are struggling with various sexual problems or infertility issues, then you should search for the ways to increase fertility in men. At first, we will discuss briefly on what the G-Spot is.

The G-Spot is situated on the anterior wall of the vagina. Women feel immense sexual pleasure if their sexual partners stimulate the G-Spot. Try experimenting with G-Spot to give your partner, a new level of sexual pleasure, if it has never been tried out by you.

There are some specific G-Spot sex positions that can provide an immense pleasure to a female sex partner. We will discuss them in the next part of this article. Men can also add penis enlargement exercises in their fitness routine to enhance their sexual performance for providing enhanced pleasure to their women.

Some Awesome G-Spot Positions To Experiment With

There are many sex positions to experiment with. All of them are different, and all of them provide a separate kind of pleasure. The study shows that trying out various sexual positions is one of the key factors that determine the sexual satisfaction in a long-term relationship.

And, men with sexual disorders also cannot satisfy their women in the bed. The most common sexual disorder among men is an erectile dysfunction. According to the statistic, around 18 million American adults are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

Men with sexual disorders must seek out help with a doctor, and they can also adapt to a healthy lifestyle. There are exercises for erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders. Furthermore, there are also many other natural treatment methods.

However, men with no sexual disorders also have problems satisfying their sexual partner.

Here are 7 of the best G-Spot sex positions that can help people to satisfy their women.

1. Doggy Style

Doggy style is one of the most common sex positions, and it is also one of the best sex positions for G-Spot stimulation. Both men and women can get immense sexual pleasure from using this sex position. A female partner can increase the pressure of a man’s penis against her G-Spot. Most of the women cite this sex position as a way to reach guaranteed orgasms.

There is also an unfortunate side of this position. It is true that most of the men like this sex position because of the depth they can reach. However, there is a chance that the entire sexual intercourse may end up sooner than usual due to the increased depth. This is a great sex position to try with the We-Vibe 4 Plus The Number 1 Couples Vibrator!

2. Cow Girl

The second sex position to experiment with is cow girl. This position puts a woman in a commanding position. She can move forth and back, according to her wish to get a maximum sexual pleasure without asking her partner to adjust the position. This allows her to apply desirable pressure on the G-Spot for satisfying stimulation.

In addition to a woman’s freedom of moving forth and back in this sex position, she can also adjust the pace, angle, depth, and tempo of the sexual intercourse. This is one of the fewer sex positions that give so much control to a woman.

This sex position can maximize the pleasure for a woman, as it is a very comfortable position to be in. For further experimentation, couples can also try out reverse cow girl position.

3. Legs Over Shoulder

This sex position requires a male sex partner to sit up while a female sex partner places her legs up, one at a time and rests her ankles on the man’s shoulder. This sex position assists in creating deep and powerful vaginal penetration for enhanced sexual satisfaction.

Along with a powerful vaginal penetration, it allows a male sex partner to hit the G-Spot for better stimulation and pleasure. There are many ways to experiment with this sex position. A female sex partner can either wrap her legs, all the way around the man’s shoulders or she can also keep one leg up and put the other one on the bed.

4. Woman On Top

It’s not a necessity for a man to always be on the top. In this sex position, a female partner is on the top of the male sex partner. Ask your partner to lean back at a 45-degree angle. Put some soft pillows on the back for enhanced comfort. When you are on top, lower down onto your partner.

A woman being on top gives more control over the stimulation. It also gives an opportunity for women to find the angle that creates the best stimulation on the G-Spot. In this position, the man’s penis is backward, which helps in rubbing up against the anterior wall of the vagina.

5. Modified Doggy Style

The modified doggy style position starts with a normal doggy style sex position. After being in a normal doggy style, both partners should lower themselves until a female is flat on her stomach.

The great thing about this position is that it allows a man to hit all the angles perfectly. A man can afterward rest on his forearm while a woman can spread her legs so they can become closer to each other.

6. X Marks

At first, you need to find the bed that is hip height of your partner. And, as the name suggests, a female partner should lay in the bed with her legs in the air in an X position where the man stands in between her legs. The X position creates a very tight fit for better pleasure. This is also a great position to stroke right against the female’s G-Spot.

Couple Holding Each Other In Bed Photo
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7. Spooning

This is a sex position, which requires both the partners to lie, facing the same direction. A female partner may need to raise her legs and change the angle of the body for better penetration.

In this position, the guy stands behind a female partner, which allows him to stimulate right up against her G-Spot. This is not an intense position, which allows both the partners to feel close and connected.

Experiment With Different Positions

One of the best ways to satisfy a woman in bed is through G-spot stimulation. Experiment with these sex positions and experience the level of difference in sexual pleasure before and after the stimulation of G-spot.

However, do not try to experiment with every single position mentioned on the list above in a hurry. Try one at a time, as there is no hurry to experiment with everything. Maintaining some level of suspense with your partner on the bed can always be very useful in making your sex life interesting.

Along with experimenting with various sex positions, also try to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner to enhance your marital and sexual satisfaction.







NU Sensuelle Curve Vs Precious Metal Slims!

Sex Toy Fight

Tonight I had a look at two similarly priced hard g spot vibes to see how they compared. Both sell well and seem to be pretty effective going off the number of repeat buyers, they’re also handily sized to fit in even a small handbag so great for getting your sex play out of your bedroom or for taking to your date’s place and also quite discreet because of that small size. So here we go friends, the Sensuelle Curve and the Precious Metal Slims.

I will start out with the Sensuelle Curve which is a G-Spot sex toy made by Novel Creations. The G-Spot orgasm is most commonly involved with female ejaculation, so whether you are a regular squirter or have never squirted but would like to, this could be the toy for you. I am reviewing this sex toy first, simply because it was the first one I picked up and looked at. The silicone is high quality, luxurious, body-safe and feels silky smooth to the touch. The little number that comes in two different colours which are pink and purple – these two colours are surprisingly the most bought colours at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. The Sensuelle Curve is on the bigger size measuring measures 13.5 cm x 3 cm which I enjoy so the width can cover a bigger surface in my vagina. It also has 20 different functions so you are completely covered to find a multitude of powerful vibrations that will suit any type of orgasmic experience you would enjoy. You can achieve pin point stimulation of the tip of the Sensuelle Curve so you can use it for clitoral stimulation to. To recharge place it in it’s rechargeable docking station which will also keep it safe from falling over. Since it is rechargable, this vibrator is on the quiet side unlike anything which is battery operated.

This Sensuelle Curve has one operating button placed on the very base of the toy so it’s quite simple to use – press the button once to turn it on, press it again to scroll through the different functions, each press will change it to the next function. You can turn it off without having to scroll through all the functions too, which is always a good thing I think. Just hold the button down for a couple of seconds in a long press and the vibrator will turn off.  Now once you have turned the vibe on you will immediately notice how strong the vibrations are. This is characteristic of all the Novel Creations Sensuelle range of vibrating sex toys and is one of the main reasons they are so popular. The motors are so strong in fact that many people find their highest settings too strong to handle but they also always seem to feature a good range of speeds and vibration patterns so there is a strength to suit almost everyone. The Sensuelle Curve is no exception. The Sensuelle Curve also comes with 12 month warranty.
G-Spot Vibe
Curve Vibrator
Now the Precious Metal Slims is much more slimmer than the Sensuelle Curve. It is also much harder and the finish is not velvety, instead it’s the smooth plastic kind of feel. It comes in several pretty and eye-catching metallic shades. So if you’re a disco diva this could be the toy for you! This is also a battery powered sex toy although it uses 2 x AAA batteries.  Since it is powered by batteries, the vibration sound will be quite louder. You will also have to replace the batteries when they run out. There is just one function button also so again simple use but unfortunately with this sex toy you do have to scroll through all the functions before turning it off. Boo 🙁 There are 10 functions to scroll through when all you want to do is lie there in post orgasmic bliss and exhaustion, but hey, you can’t have everything, right? At least those 10 functions won’t leave you wanting for variety. The Precious Metal Slims vibrations on this sex toy are not as strong as the Sensuelle Curve. If you like them really strong this may not be the one for you but if instead you are more sensitive and only prefer or need a lighter touch then this will be a plus for you. After all, there is not ‘one vibe fits all’ and variety is a good thing. The Precious Metal Slims Vibe is also very reasonably priced so gets a tick from me in that department.
Precious Metal Sex Toy
Precious Metal Vibe
Both these vibrators are waterproof so you can take your play to the bath or shower.  Now it’s hard for me to choose which is the better because they both have some great features so I would say that the main point to consider in choosing which is the right toy for you is the motor strength. If you want power or luxury, I would say go with Sensuelle Curve and you will be a happy camper. If you love a slightly more gentle vibration and shiney treat yourself to some Precious Metal. Either way you should have loads of G-Spot fun with these sex toys, and don’t forget you can use a separate clitoral toy at the same time for a super orgasmic experience, so enjoy babes xx
Jade is a consultant at the Oh Zone Stores.


The G-Spot – How To Find It & What To Do To It!

Woman with Map

The elusive G-Spot is one of the most debated topics when it comes to women’s sexual health. Some of you may be thinking this part of the vagina is a total phantom, you’ve never found it and you’ve never experienced a G-Spot orgasm. On the other hand, some of you may be gasping in confusion thinking then why is that spot always the killer to helping me reach orgasm? Like anything, there’s always going to be conflicted arguments and if you prefer your sexual dilemmas served with a facebook analogy, let me tell you “it’s complicated”.

What is the G-Spot?

If you have experienced a G-Spot orgasm, then maybe your closest comparison would be similar to when Harry Potter goes for his first ride on Buck Beak the Hippogriff in the Prisoner of Azkaban (for you Harry Potter nerds). The G-spot is often described as being about roughly 2 inches inside the front wall of the vagina. With that description it makes it sound like the G-spot is something that is physically inside the vagina and part of the vaginal tissue. This is not the case, according to many sexuality educators and researchers, the G-spot is a collection of ’spongy’ erectile nerve tissue that surrounds the urethra, commonly called the para-urethral ducts, blood vessels and glands.

This tissue, which is comparable to the prostate in men, it becomes engorged with fluid when a woman is aroused. When the tissue fills with fluid, pressure on that area can feel pleasurable to some women. However, since the para-urethral sponge is an internal organ, like the prostate, it’s not possible to touch it directly. You can indirectly put pressure on this area by pressing upward on the front wall of the vagina, since the urethra is in front of the vagina. For some women, putting pressure on the front wall of the vagina at exactly 2 inches inside, with fingers at exactly the 12 o’clock position, might really ring some chimes. But since everyone’s body is different, some women might prefer shallower or deeper penetration, light pressure or firm pressure, gentle stroking or hard rocking.

What do Medical Professionals think of the G-Spot?

Many sexual medical care providers do not fully embrace the concept of the ‘G-spot’, so if you were to ask your doctor this question, he or she might say “no.” In fact, a recent British study claims to have found no hard evidence that the G-spot even exists. So, depending on where you seek your information, you will receive different answers to this question.  Personally, I fall straight into the boat of sexuality educators who believe that there is, in fact, a G-spot, and that much of the gossip about its existence is due to the fact that our society is some-what not used to the idea of women’s sexual pleasure, and that our research and medical care reflect this. However, just because all women have a G-spot this doesn’t necessarily mean that all women actually enjoy having it stimulated.

Does Penis Size Matter?

A common misconception that some woman have is that the longer the penis the easier it will be to “reach” my g-spot hence why so many women tend to gravitate towards longer vibrators and women ultimately believe that a man with a small penis wont be able to satisfy them. Now I’m sure you have heard of the saying “its not about the size its about how you use it” but then also have the corresponding argument saying that “size does actually matter”.  Pleasure can be obtained in so many different ways both internally and externally, to know if your actually hitting the “g-spot” is actually a lot more difficult than you would think and how would you know if you actually getting pressure from this mysterious erogenous zone or some other sensitive spot inside you. This said “g-spot” is said to be closer to the front rather then the back so for people who claim size does matter might be actually experiencing a completely different pleasure that isn’t from the g-spot, but because the g-spot is towards the front also explains why men with average or smaller sized penis can still make their woman go crazy.  So why do some woman say that they get no pleasure from small dongs and dicks? Maybe it’s because the guy doesn’t know what he is doing but could it be that not all woman have a g-spot?


Where the G-Spot is Located
Diagram: The G-Spot


How Do You Find The G-Spot?

We all know that there are sex toy’s out there shaped and designed to hit that magical G-Spot, but how are you supposed to know where it is if you don’t have a feel for yourself? When you’re aroused, more blood rushes to your pelvic region and the spot becomes raised and rougher then the rest of the inside of your vagina this increases your chances of finding the G-Spot. If you’re not aroused, it will be near impossible to find this area. Once you’re all hot and bothered, insert two or three well lubricated fingers into the vagina, palm faced up, about two inches in. Curve your finger gently towards your belly button. Feel around for that rough patch, it will feel different from the rest of your vagina. It will feel more textured and raised. Bear in mind, it can be as small as your pinky fingernail or as large as a dollar coin. So take your time and just relax.

Once you find it, congratulations this is the spot of wonder for sexual pleasures all year round! Use firm rhythmic movements including stroking motions, circular motions or come hither motions on the area. The G-Spot isn’t located directly on that front wall of your vagina. It’s something you can feel through the wall of your vagina, so you might need to apply more pressure then you initially thought to get that magical orgasm. The problem most people experience is that they think it is on the fleshy area but it is slightly deeper then that. So massage gently until you feel that tingle of pleasure.

Then try using a curved dildo or vibrator to explore stroking, pressing, or rocking back and forth against the front wall of the vagina. Vary your depth, speed and pressure. Some women find that light pressure on the lower abdomen, above the pubic bone, can also stimulate the G-spot, so don’t limit your exploration to the vagina alone. Enjoy exploring your/ your partners body, and don’t put too pressure on the need or expectation of a particular type of reaction. Even if the G-spot doesn’t turn out to be a hot spot, you may discover some others in the process.

What If I Can’t Find the G-Spot?

Even though every woman does have paraurethral glands, that doesn’t mean that this is a site of sexual pleasure for all women. I think of it as being somewhat comparable to anal sex. Everyone has an anus, but not everyone enjoys anal play. Does that mean that there’s something wrong with folks who aren’t into backdoor play? Of course not. It’s just not their cup of tea, and that’s perfectly okay. One of the negative consequences of all the media attention that the G-spot has received over the past couple of decades is that women and their partners feel like there’s something wrong with them if they can’t “find” the G-spot or don’t experience pleasure when the area near the G-spot is stimulated. If that’s the case, the G-spot may not be their thing, and that’s fine. Concentrate on what is pleasurable for you and your partner, and keep exploring to find new erogenous zones that you do like. 

Do not fret!! You’re not abnormal, alien or missing a body part. To put it to you simply, just as some people are stimulated from only clitoral stimulation, that area of the vagina may not be an erogenous zone for you. No one person reaches orgasm the same way as the next, everyone has certain spots which when stimulated feel better then others. This doesn’t mean you need to file out a complaint form to your parents for creating you without a G-Spot, I promise.

Sometimes, it can also take a lot of time and experience to find it. The body can feel quite unfamiliar especially when you are starting out. So you might find it with given time depending on how your body wishes to work. If you simply won’t take no for an answer, maybe you’re just getting frustrated and making it impossible for yourself to find it. Make sure you’re relaxed and in an environment where you almost “accidentally” stumble across your G-Spot instead of frantically trying to find it like a needle in a hay stack (sorry in advance for the imagery). So take your time, relax, light some candles, and learn from yourself and your body.  Happy G-Spot finding!


About the Author: By Chloe and Brandon  consultants from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre