Are You Ready For A Mack Attack?

Adult movie star Christy Mack

If you don’t know who Christy Mack is then you’ve most likely been living under a rock with absolutely no internet. Christy Mack was born in South Chicago Heights, Illinois on May 9, 1991. She is an incredibly popular American adult movie star, nude tattoo model, and lap-top dance expert who has a cult like following that began in 2012. She is famously known for her incredibly animalistic sex drive. Christy Mack has been featured in various movies including Hot Body Ink, Whores INK, Inked Angels and Ink Girls. She has been featured in magazines like Rebel Ink and Inked Girls. She has also been featured in photographs on websites like Brazzers and Bang Bros.

Fleshlight Girl Christy Mack
Image: Christy Mack

Fleshlight Girl Christy Mack’s Masturbator Range

Fleshlight Girls released Christy Mack’s Attack and Booty a men’s masturbator in her sex toy range. So when I heard that she had a sex toy range, I needed to get her sleeves and try her out. Fleshlight Girl masturbation sleeves truly are top notch and the Christy Mack range is no exemption. The Fleshlight Girls Christy Mack has four different sleeves. Her vaginal sleeves include the “Attack” and “Lotus”. Her anal sleeves include the “Booty” and “Forbidden”. The molds are taken directly from Christy Mack herself and are to a great degree an exact copy, especially the vagina sleeves!

The Lady sleeve is perfectly made so that you can see each wrinkle and the folds of the lips. The lips are spread totally open and look inviting for penetration. The Butt sleeve is made with the gentle mounds of Christy Mack’s stunning ass which is used to outline the anal entrance. Likewise, the skin tone is significantly more authentic than the standard pink Fleshlight sleeves. Both sleeves are accompanied by the standard pearl Fleshlight Girls case which has a screw on cap.

Fleshlight Girl

Christy Mack’s Attack

Any individual who loves Christy Mack knows she’s well known for her Mack Attack and that is precisely what the texture in the Attack masturbation sleeve is intended to do. The sleeve contains a mixture of specks, knocks, ribs, and hubs scattered all through different chambers. The extraordinary texture provides surprising sensations where you never know what you are going to experience. As you go deeper you go the stimulation will change. At long last, for men who are sufficiently fortunate to be blessed by the gods in cock size, toward the end are little individual chambers like the lotus surface.

Christy Macks Lady
Image: Fleshlight Girl’s Christy Mack Lady

Christy Mack’s Booty

Christy Mack’s Booty is Fleshlight’s first signature and unique anal sleeve. Other Fleshlight Girl’s butt sleeves have used the typical Forbidden texture however if you are a long term users of the Fleshlight range, you can imagine that you would become tragically frustrated by the same texture. So I respect that Fleshlight have made a new texture, I welcome it with open arms and salute it with my morning wood. Inside you’ll discover tight waves and nobs that will encompass you entirely across the whole length of the sleeve.

I was particularly looking forward to using the Booty. Like other anal sleeves the opening is tight, however after the opening it does not resemble the feeling of lifelike anal sex. Once inside it’s a totally new experience, it is considerably more invigorating and energizing. The sleeve gets to feel inconceivably tight which essentially ensures a snappy climax. I for one jumped at the chance to keep it on the tight side, which helped me achieve a strong climax and left me feeling exceptionally fulfilled.

Men's masturbator of Christy Mack bum
Image: Fleshlight Girl’s Christy Mack Booty

Frankly, I myself have never had anal sex with a woman before. Even though this is the case, I feel that the Fleshlight Girl’s Christy Mack Booty has everything that I have ever wanted in an anal masturbation sleeve. Though, if you would like to experience lifelike anal sex you should try the Forbidden texture as it is exceptionally smooth and intended to feel like the real thing. If you are looking for added texture, you should definitely choose Christy Mack’s Booty. The Attack and the Booty are made with texture that are incredibly unique, they are one of a kind so it was difficult to pick which one was better. Be sure to check out Fleshlight’s men’s masturbators and strokers!

Christy Mack Was Nearly Beaten To Death By MMA Fighter

A MMA warrior went to trial on charges of attempting to murder his porn star ex 23 year old Christy Mack. War Machine whose real name is Jonathan Koppenhaver, apologized to his family and friends in a 3 page letter before he attempted suicide at the Clark County Jail in Las Vegas. He was confronted with 32 charges which date back to 2013. The charges included assault, kidnapping, coercion, battery by strangulation and more. From the assaults, Christy Mack had 18 broken bones which included a broken nose, missing teeth, a broken rib and a liver injury.

Christy Mack said “I didn’t look in the mirror for weeks. Just feeling my face, I knew it wasn’t right. So when I’d look in the mirror, it’s not me — that person wasn’t me. It’s so hard to go every day without being you anymore.”

Christy Macks Movies Include


  • The Seduction of Young Girls
  • Twisted Taboo Tales 1
  • Delicious Tits
  • Phat Ass White Girls: P.A.W.G. 14
  • Horny Housewives 2


  • Phat Ass White Girls: P.A.W.G. 12
  • Baby Got Boobs 15
  • True Lesbian Lovers
  • Tonight’s Girlfriend 31
  • Tits for Hire
  • Oil Overdose
  • Baby Got Boobs 14
  • Phat Ass White Girls: P.A.W.G. 7
  • My Sister’s Hot Friend 35


  • Rambone XXX: A DreamZone Parody
  • Sergeant
  • Oil Overload 10
  • Big Anal Asses
  • I Have a Wife 25
  • Spread
  • Harvest Moon
  • Manuel Ferrara: Reverse Gangbang
  • Foot Worship (TV Series) – The PUSSYFOOT, HOLY!: A Beatnik Foot Fantasy
  • Skin Tight
  • Wanderlust
  • The Shortcut
  • Inked Angels
  • Slutty & Sluttier 19
  • Whore’s Ink
  • Jack Attack
  • Bra Busters 4
  • Hot Body Ink
  • Getting Schooled
  • Ink Girls
  • Planting Seeds 3
  • Girls Will Be Boys
  • Big Wet Tits 12
  • Down to Fuck 3
  • 2 Chicks Same Time 14
  • Pornstars Like It Big 16
  • Trashy


  • Party of Three 3
  • Party of Three 4
  • Hall Pass Ass
  • Tanlines 2
  • Beamonstar
  • Young Girls Love Sex
  • Knockin’ Boots
  • Tattooed Anal Sluts
  • The Dark Knight XXX: A Porn Parody
  • Zatanna
  • Anal Lessons
  • Tits to Die For 2

I Got Lisa Ann To Swallow Me!

Lisa Ann Fleshlight

I love watching a touch of MILF porn and I’ve seen Lisa Ann in her porn movies. I have to say she’s one of my most loved porn stars having been around for many years.  So having the opportunity to get a Fleshlight that would be molded from her anatomy was something I was going to take.  Her lips have always turned me on being full and enticing, not sure if they are collagen enhanced but  I have always envisioned my cock going inside her wet, warm mouth.

If you are not sure who Lisa is, but I think almost every male on the planet does, she is a dark haired beauty that started on the porn scene as a stripper  in 1993. She still makes movies so you can imagine the experience this busty MILF has.  Fleshlight Swallow as they are known are an anatomically correct mold of the porn star, in this case Lisa Ann.

I wanted something from a more seasoned porn star, so I looked forward to getting the Fleshlight moulded from her parts. She’s a fit looking woman with an attractive and sensual mouth and I’d been hanging to go for a Lisa Ann Fleshlight molded from her mouth, (or Fleshlight swallow as they are known) as I had never attempted one so I thought the time had come to add a Fleshlight Swallow to my collection and the Lisa Ann was my choice.

Lisa’s experience of over 20 years makes her one of the most famous adult entertainers on the planet and now specializes in MILF and Cougar movies as well as being in some quite successful parodies.

Fleshlight Girl Lisa Ann
Image: Lisa Ann

I couldn’t wait to get the Fleshlight Swallow out anticipating the swallow mold which is intended to recreate a mouth and throat. I got a photo of Lisa Ann with her gigantic tits up on my PC and got my Fleshlight prepared. It came with a sachet of lube so I warmed the Fleshlight up with some hot water, then lubed it up and dove my prick inside. The passage was at first tight however once inside I could feel the ribbed surface against my dick which felt awesome. Most of the way in I could feel the first chamber that is meant to have the same feeling as the back of the throat and after then it goes to another chamber that repeats this experience. This gave an exceptionally realistic deep throat like experience. I discovered the surface was so sensitive  and i blew my load  in a matter of minutes.

There are three chambers and the constriction between the chambers is absolutely sensational.  Inside are various bumps and nodules that increase sensations and each time you use it you are able to define them gaining a better experience.  It needs a lot of lube and you need to keep re-applying it to get the best out of the toy and make the sensations as realistic as possible.

To clean the fleshlight I have been told from some helpful people from the Reddit Fleshlight community that you are not to use soapy water under any circumstances and it will cause deterioration.  Instead rinse thoroughly with water and occasionally use an anti-bacterial cleaner or cleaning alcohol to remove any residue remaining, lightly towel dry and then leave out to allow the air dry afterwards.  It is always good to put some fleshlight renewing powder on when it is dry as that will stop deterioration of your prized Fleshlight and then store in a dark, dry place for longer life. I love my new masturbator added to my men’s sex toy collection.

Lisa Ann’s Porn Moves

Here is a list of some of Lisa Ann’s porn movies.

  • 2015 Anal Provocateur (Video)
  • 2015 Moms in Control (TV Series)
  • 2015 Sick Day with My New Stepmom
  • 2014 Lisa Ann Loves Girls 2 (Video)
  • 2014 School of MILF 2: The Education of Belle Knox (Video)
  • 2014 MILFs Illustrated 2 (Video)
  • 2014 Tonight’s Girlfriend 28 (Video)
  • 2014 MILFs Go Black for More (Video)
  • 2014 My Sister’s Hot Friend 37 (Video)
  • 2014 Seduced by a Cougar 31 (Video)
  • 2014 Lisa Loves Girls (Video)
  • 2014 Milf Revolution 2 (Video)
  • 2014 Tonight’s Girlfriend 25 (Video)
  • 2014 Black Out 2: Jailed ‘N Nailed (Video)
  • 2013 Girls of BangBros 18: Diamond Kitty (Video)
  • 2013 Sexual Divas (Video)
  • 2013 Mom’s Cuckold 13 (Video)
  • 2013 Lisa Ann’s School of Milf (Video)
  • 2013 MILFs Illustrated (Video)
  • 2013 Grand Theft Auto V (Video Game)

Prostitute (voice)

  • 2013 Black Out (Video)
  • 2013 Milf Revolution (Video)
  • 2013 My Friend’s Hot Mom 38 (Video)
  • 2013 P.O.V. Juggfuckers 5 (Video)
  • 2013 My Friend’s Hot Girl 6 (Video)
  • 2013 Lex vs. Lisa Ann (Video)
  • 2013 Clothed Female Nude Male (TV Series)
  • 2013 Ogling in the Office
  • 2013 Big Tit Centerfolds (Video)
  • 2013 Lex Is a Mother Fucker (Video)
  • 2013 Lesbian Anal P.O.V. 2 (Video)
  • 2013 2 Chicks Same Time 13 (Video)
  • 2013 Pure Milf 2 (Video)
  • 2013 Seduced by a Cougar 25 (Video)
  • 2013 Feeding Frenzy 11 (Video)
  • 2013 Anal Dream Team (Video)
  • 2013 Phat Ass White Girls: P.A.W.G. (Video)
  • 2013 MILFs Anal Addiction (Video)
  • 2013 Tonight’s Girlfriend 12 (Video)
  • 2013 Big Tit Fanatic 2 (Video)
  • 2013 Mandingo Massacre 7 (Video)
  • 2013 The Booty Pageant (Video)
  • 2013 MILFs Seeking Boys 3 (Video)
  • 2013 Titty Creampies 4 (Video)
  • 2013 Lisa Ann’s Anal Nightmare (Video)
  • 2012 Deep Anal Drilling 4 (Video)
  • 2012 Hollywood Heartbreakers 2 (Video)
  • 2012 Lisa Ann vs. Julia Ann (Video)
  • 2012 Lisa Ann: Can’t Say No (Video)
  • 2012 Couples Camp 2 (Video)
  • 2012 The Porn Legacy (Video)
  • 2012 The Panty Thieves (Video)
  • 2012 Chyna Is Queen of the Ring (Video)

Stephanie K. Mac Mahon

  • 2012 Superstars (Video)
  • 2012 Facial Overload 2: MILF Edition (Video)
  • 2012 It’s a Mommy Thing! 6 (Video)
  • 2012 Anal Boot Camp (Video)
  • 2012 Lisa Ann Fantasy Girl (Video)
  • 2012 Best Day Ever (Video)
  • 2012 Mothers & Daughters (Video)
  • 2012 Busty Cops (Video)
  • 2012 Internal Investigation (Video)
  • 2012 Anal Invitation (Video)
  • 2012 MILF Slam (Video)
  • 2012 MILF Mania (Video)
  • 2012 Big Titty Time (Video)
  • 2012 Busty Invaders from Mars (Video)
  • 2012 Pornstars Punishment 5 (Video)
  • 2012 Big Wet Tits 11 (Video)
  • 2012 Butts 101 (Video)
  • 2011 In the Butt 9 (Video)
  • 2011 U.S. Sluts 2 (Video)
  • 2011 New Dad in Town (Video)
  • 2011 Mandingo: Hide Your Wives! (Video)
  • 2011 Angel Perverse 22 (Video)
  • 2011 Anal Delights 2 (Video)
  • 2011 Mandingo: Massacre (Video)
  • 2011 Mommies Gone Bad (Video)
  • 2011 StarStruck 2 (Video)
  • 2011 Her Big Day… To Be Gay
  • 2009 Naughty Lesbian Daughter
  • 2011 Runaway (Video)
  • 2009-2011 Hot and Mean (TV Series)

Amy’s Mom

  • 2011 Lust Bite (Video)
  • 2011 Breast in Class 2: Counterfeit Racks (Video)
  • 2011 Cruel MILF (Video)
  • 2011 Here Cums the President (Video)


  • 2011 Superstar Showdown 5: Lisa Ann vs. Francesca Lé (Video)
  • 2011 My Daughter’s Boyfriend 4 (Video)


  • 2011 MILF Thing 7: Made in L.A. (Video)
  • 2011 Real Porn Stars of Chatsworth (Video)
  • 2011 XXX Avengers (Video)


  • 2011 Gangbanged (Video)
  • 2011 Teach Me (Video)
  • 2011 Boobwatch (Video)
  • 2011 Who’s Nailin’ Palin? 2 (Video)
  • 2011 Big Butts Like It Big 8 (Video)
  • 2011 Angel Perverse 19 (Video)
  • 2011 Super Anal Cougars 1 (Video)
  • 2010 Ass Stretchers POV 2 (Video)
  • 2010 Love & Marriage (Video)
  • 2010 MILF Legends 4 (Video)
  • 2010 Deep Inside Amy Fisher (Video)
  • 2010 Family Matters (Video)


  • 2010 Dirty Rotten Mother Fuckers 4 (Video)
  • 2010/I Naughty Neighbors 2 (Video)
  • 2010 Whatever It Takes (Video)
  • 2010 Massive Facials 2 (Video)
  • 2010 MILF Legends 3 (Video)
  • 2010 The Stepmother 3: Trophy Wife (Video)
  • 2010 Meat Your Teacher (Video)
  • 2010 Legends & Starlets 2 (Video)
  • 2010 Bra Busters (Video)
  • 2010 Getting Levi’s Johnson (Video)
  • 2010 Friends and Family (Video)
  • 2010 Femme Core (Video)

Serra Paylin

  • 2010 Official Jersey Shore (Video)
  • 2010 Fly Girls (Video)
  • 2010 I’m Dreaming of Genie 2 (Video)

Genie’s Sister

  • 2010 Out Numbered 5 (Video)
  • 2010 Hollywood’s Nailin’ Palin (Video)


  • 2010 2 Chicks Same Time 8 (Video)
  • 2010 Big Tit Fixation 2 (Video)
  • 2010 Big Tit Mother Fuckers (Video)
  • 2010 Busty House Calls (Video)
  • 2010 Busty Housewives 4 (Video)
  • 2010 Cougar Street (Video)
  • 2010 Country Club Cougars (Video)

Mrs. Stone

  • 2010 In the Butt 4 (Video)
  • 2010 Kittens & Cougars 2 (Video)
  • 2010 Masturbation Nation 9 (Video)
  • 2010 Milflicious (Video)
  • 2010 Mommy Got Boobs 8 (Video)
  • 2010 My First MILF 2 (Video)
  • 2010 My First Sex Teacher #20 (Video)
  • 2010 Say Hi to Your Mother for Me (Video)
  • 2010 Teen Mother Fuckers: Where MILFS & Teens Collide 2 (Video)
  • 2010 Tiger’s Tail (Video)
  • 2010 Top Wet Girls 7 (Video)
  • 2009 Lisa Ann: MILF Trainer (Video)
  • 2009 Anal Prostitutes on Video 7 (Video)
  • 2009 MILFS Like It Big 5 (Video)
  • 2009 Teachers (Video)
  • 2009 You’re Nailin’ Palin Interactive (Video)

Sarah Palin

  • 2009 Sex and Submission (TV Series)
  • 2009 MILF Submission: Episode 2 Lisa Ann
  • 2009 Cougar’s Prey 1 (Video)
  • 2009 Letterman’s Nailin’ Palin (Video)
  • 2009 30 Rock: A XXX Parody (Video)


  • 2009 No Man’s Land: MILF Edition 3 (Video)
  • 2009 Mommy Got Boobs 5 (Video)
  • 2009 When Ginger Met Nina 2: Girls’ Night Out (Video)
  • 2009 Moms a Cheater Vol. 6 (Video)
  • 2009 Lesbian Hospital 2 (Video)
  • 2009 Addicted 6 (Video)
  • 2009 MILFS Like It Big 3 (Video)
  • 2009 White Mommas (Video)
  • 2009 Real Wife Stories 3 (Video)
  • 2009 Interactive Sex with Lisa Ann (Video)
  • 2009 DreamGirlz 2 (Video)
  • 2009 Obama Is Nailin’ Palin (Video)

Serra Paylin

  • 2009 Anal Junkies on Cock (Video)
  • 2009 Ass Worship 11 (Video)
  • 2009 Big Ass White Girls (Video)
  • 2009 Big Butt Oil Orgy (Video)
  • 2009 Boob Bangers 6 (Video)
  • 2009 Busty Waitresses (Video)
  • 2009/I Cougar 101 (Video)

Puma Reboundus Abrupto

  • 2009 Crazy 4 Cougars (Video)
  • 2009 Erotic Stories 3: Lovers & Cheaters: The MILF Memoirs (Video)
  • 2009 Flying Solo 2 (Video)
  • 2009 Golden Globes: Big Titty MILFs (Video)
  • 2009 Hung XXX (Video)
  • 2009 MILF Legends 2 (Video)
  • 2009 Mother Suckers (Video)
  • 2009 Mrs. Demeanor (Video)
  • 2009 Naughty America 4 Her 5 (Video)
  • 2009 Naughty America 4 Her 6 (Video)
  • 2009 Seasoned Players 11: Salt and Pepper (Video)
  • 2009 She’s the Boss! (Video)
  • 2009 Shorty Iz Fuckin’ Yo Mama 4 (Video)
  • 2009 The Brother Load (Video)
  • 2009 The Doll House 5 (Video)
  • 2009 TMSleaze (Video)

Janet Dickinsome

  • 2009 Top Shelf 2 (Video)
  • 2009 Your Mom Tossed My Salad 3 (Video)
  • 2008 Oil Overload 2 (Video)
  • 2008 Sexual Intrigue (TV Movie)

Jill Dunning

  • 2008 All Alone 4 (Video)
  • 2008 Blow Me Sandwich 13 (Video)
  • 2008 Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? (Video)

Serra Paylin

  • 2008 Internal Damnation 2 (Video)
  • 2008 Girlvana 4 (Video)
  • 2008 MILFS Like It Big (Video)
  • 2008 The Cougar Club (Video)
  • 2008 Cum to Momma 2 (Video)
  • 2008 It’s a Mommy Thing! 3 (Video)
  • 2008 Seasoned Players 4 (Video)
  • 2008 American MILF 2: Enter the Cougar (Video)

The Rival

  • 2008 Anal Cavity Search 6 (Video)
  • 2008 Babes Illustrated 18 (Video)
  • 2008 Big Wet Asses 14 (Video)
  • 2008 Dirty Over 30 2 (Video)
  • 2008 Head Case 5 (Video)
  • 2008 Lex the Impaler 4 (Video)
  • 2008 MILF Magnet 2 (Video)
  • 2008 My Friend’s Hot Mom 15 (Video)
  • 2008 The Cougar Hunter (Video)
  • 2008 You’ve Got a Mother Thing Cumming 2 (Video)
  • 2007 Before They Were Stars (Video)
  • 2007 I’m a MILFaholic (Video)
  • 2007 Meet the Twins 8 (Video)
  • 2007 MILF Bone (Video)
  • 2007 Spunk’d 7 (Video)
  • 2007 Under the Covers (Video)
  • 2006 Double Decker Sandwich 8 (Video)
  • 2006 Sex Games Vegas (TV Series)

Rose Fuller

  • Sexual Politics (2006) … Rose Fuller
  • 2006 Ass Cleavage 8 (Video)
  • 2006 Black Owned (Video)
  • 2006 Bra Bustin’ & Deep Thrustin’ (Video)
  • 2006 Bubble Butt Mothers 1 (Video)
  • 2006 Busty Models (Video)


  • 2006 Cheating Housewives 3 (Video)
  • 2006 DDs & Derieres (Video)
  • 2006 Desperate House MILFs (Video)
  • 2006 Diary of a MILF 4 (Video)
  • 2006 Dirty Love (Video)
  • 2006/I Filthy (Video)
  • 2006 Fishnets 4 (Video)
  • 2006/II Gush (Video)
  • 2006 Hand to Mouth 4 (Video)
  • 2006 Housewife 1 on 1 #3 (Video)
  • 2006 Juicy Juggs (Video)
  • 2006 Lick It Up 3 (Video)
  • 2006 MILF Squirters 2 (Video)
  • 2006 Momma Knows Best (Video)
  • 2006 Mother Load (Video)
  • 2006 My First Sex Teacher #4 (Video)
  • 2006 Neighbor Affair 1 (Video)
  • 2006 P.O.V. Centerfolds 4 (Video)
  • 2006 Phat Ass Tits 4 (Video)
  • 2006 Playgirl: Indulging in Lust (Video)
  • 2006 Ripe & Ready MILFs (Video)
  • 2006/I The Visitor (Video)
  • 2006 This Butt’s 4U 2 (Video)
  • 2006 Tits Ahoy 3 (Video)
  • 2006 Wet Dreams Cum True 5 (Video)
  • 2006 Wetter the Better 3 (Video)
  • 2006 White Bubble Butt Sluts 2 (Video)
  • 2006 Who’s Your Momma? (Video)
  • 2005 Desperate Mothers & Wives 4 (Video)
  • 2005 Slut Diaries (Video)
  • 2004 Desperate Mothers and Wives (Video)
  • 2003 Score Xtra 8 (Video)
  • 1999 Erotic Dancer World Championship (Video) (as Lisa Ann Corpora)
  • 1998 Bosom Buddies 1 (Video)
  • 1998 Dirty Dozen 2 (Video)
  • 1998 Super Sexy (Video)


  • 1998 Dinner Party II: The Buffet (Video)
  • 1997 Barbie Wire: A Dyke with an Attitude
  • 1997 Waterworld 4: History of the Enema
  • 1996 Airotica (Video)

Sabrina Heller

  • 1996 Dresden Diary 16 (Video)
  • 1996 Dresden Diary 17 (Video)
  • 1996 Entangled (Video)
  • 1996 Flesh (Video)
  • 1996 Pussy Hunt – Vol. 24 (Video)
  • 1996 The Wicked Web (Video)
  • 1996 Molina (Video)


  • 1996 The Ultimate Fantasy (Video)

Clara Hood

  • 1995 Angel Eyes (Video)
  • 1995 Heavenly Yours (Video)
  • 1995 Mixed-Up Marriage (Video)
  • 1995 No Tell Motel (Video)
  • 1995 Sin Asylum (Video)

Nurse Reams

  • 1995 Skin Hunger (Video)
  • 1995 The Doll House (Video)
  • 1995 Undercover Heat

Threesome Woman (uncredited)

  • 1995 More Than a Handful 5: California or Bust (Video)
  • 1994 Cinesex 2 (Video)
  • 1994 Dirty Western II: Smokin Guns (Video)
  • 1994 Flesh for Fantasy (Video)

Princess Beth

  • 1994 Tits a Wonderful Life (Video)


  • 1994 Trained by Payne (Video)

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Play With Misty For Me!

Misty Lotus

Ever wondered what it might feel like to fuck a real porn star? Possibly Misty Stone? Well now you can with the Misty Stone Fleshlight Lotus. This Fleshlight is a true mold of Misty Stones vagina and is to scal so now you don’t need to simply watch porn envisioning what it might be like to fuck these incredible girls, now you truly can!

This incredible vagina used the best possible materials to create a vaginal sleeve that has incredible feelings and sensations caused by the Lotus Texture that if not like could even be better than the real thing. Imagine how much of a turn on owning a Fleshlight like this could be and the amount of erotic fun you could have? No more exhausting porn watching sessions of feeling truly alone. Now you can truly experience fucking porn star!

Porn star Misty Stone is of African American heritage, the Fleshlight maker ILF is breaking new ground with this Fleshlight by putting it out as the first Fleshlight with a cocoa skin tone. This move is long past overdue and a heap of Fleshlight fans have been sitting tight waitingfor it for quite some time as there are so many of us out there that love ebony girls. Within the Fleshlight it has so much to offer in the chambers with ridges, bumps, nodules and ribs across the sensual four chambers.


Misty Fleshlight
Stone Fleshlight

The lucious lips of the vagina feel truly life-like. It’s got a screw top toward the end to conform weight and suction which is a truly a pleasant highlight as it makes me have unique sensations every time with a simple change of the suction. Before we get to my experience I will say a couple of more things, make sure you’ve got a water-based lube before you purchase this as it feels much better when generously lubed up and will make the Fleshlight a heaps better. Lube is an absolute necessity to have. Also be prepared for an absolutely new porn viewing experience with this sex toy as it truly does have something extremely extraordinary and addictive to it.

Alright so my thoughts about how the male sex toy felt and works.  Well put simply it feels as good as a human vagina.  For an out of this world experience put it between the mattress for a full on hands free experience.  It may sound a bit funny but you will not regret it and you can go as hard and as fast as you  like.

Misty Stone Lotus truly is amazing when you watch her porn whilst using it and and with just a little imagination it will take your orgasms to a whole new level.  The mind is a beautiful thing and watching Misty being fucked on screen and me matching those thrusting motion is an ethereal experience.  It really takes you to sexual heights that you will not have reached before.  Once you are finished it is relatively easy to clean and store away.

The inner surface begins with a 0.8 x 0.6 inch (20 x 15 mm) smooth walled chamber, which has a ring of level hemispheric knocks toward the end. The shape and size of the bumps are practically identical to those of the Speed Bump Insert. Next is a 0.4 x 0.6 inch (10 x 15 mm) chamber containing another ring of hemispheric ridges. This is trailed by a third 2.35 x 0.7 inch (40 x 18 mm) chamber that has a ring of hemispheric bumps at the chamber passage and additionally the way out with a crisscross molded edge surface in the inside. Experienced Fleshlight users will be acquainted with this edge surface as it has been somewhat obtained from the Vortex Insert. The fourth chamber has the same structure as the former chamber aside from some extra bumps toward the end.

Upon entrance into the Misty Stone Fleshlight, the penis head gets to be seriously enveloped by the three rings of bumps and the two channel masturbator. While the bumps apply centric sensations, the entrance encircles tightly as it slips over the penis head, creating a fantastic and tight sensation. At the point when the penis achieves the third chamber, the transversal winding edges grasb the head and the edge of the penis from all sides, making a totally fulfilling and encompassing sensation completely different from the first entrance chamber. It feels really great massaging the penis in and out of these chambers.

With a normal penis length of 5.9 inches (15 cm), you can completely reach the third chamber however you will miss out on the fourth chamber because all Fleshlights are built to accommodate a man of 8 inches before you reach the end of the stimulating chambers.


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