That First Night

That first night
As she drove a smile came across her face.  It was quite surreal thinking about this man she had only met a couple of times – she was now driving towards.
There was no denying the butterflies 🦋 she felt in her stomach and the mind chatter in her head, but her gut told her this was going to be something special.  She caught herself in the mirror and began to chuckle looking at the goofy grin that spread across her face.  Shit who would have believed that the thought of a broom closet would make her feel happy and desired.
She thought back to the first time they met, it was a paradox really.  This big muscular guy touting new age and spiritual stuff – more than that it really felt like he believed in it.  She blushed thinking about the thoughts when looking at his beefy arms.
They had shared some stories and those stories had evolved into word porn, and oh how she wished those words will become a reality.  It was not long now and she would find out.  The time for acting like giggling teens was over.
That silly mind of hers was chattering again.  What if? Should I? As the kilometres clicked by and anticipation brought fear…
There was no way to return now.  The things she had felt just by them creating their own written erotic fantasies had made her wanton with a craving that could only be satiated by this union, this connection.  He made her feel things without even being there. Omg the thought of it becoming made her wet again…..
Everything was ready for tonight. Dinner was prepared and laid out, the candles lit, the incense burning and the soft sensuous music playing. A smile played upon his lips as he closed his eyes and inhaled, capturing the memory of her scent. Mmmmm God she smelt good then.
But then it had been at least 6 months since he had last seen her….. That hair, that smile and those eyes!! Ohhhh the effect they had on him!!  He began to wonder what she looked like naked, and not for the first time either. In fact, in the erotica they created together, she was always unclothed.
The thought of her standing naked in front of him made him hard. ‘Patience’ he told himself. But his staff had a mind of its own. He chuckled hoarsely to himself.
Turning to walk up the stairs, he still had to check the bedroom. Looking around the room he was overcome by nerves. What was it going to be like? Well! If there erotica was anything to go by it was going to be fucking amazing!
And then he remembered the last time she was in his room. God knows he wanted to possess her then. Just to carry her onto the bed, restrain her arms and have his way with her. But they both behaved like silly giggling teenagers and then he had to walk off his arousal after she had left.
He checked the time again for the tenth time! Right on 7. Any minute now she would be arriving and for him there was no turning back. This is what he wanted and with all his instincts he knew she wanted this too.
This connection they have, it’s definitely sexual, carnal, erotic and pure desire all rolled into one. It was also a spiritual connection that somehow intensified his yearning for her.
Tonight her thought, it’s on!! , smiling with satisfaction.
She pulled up.  It was warm and safe in the car.  It was cold and dark on the street.  Those butterflies were turning and churning.  She put on the interior light and checked herself one more time.  Silly really as she knew it would not be long before makeup and clothes would be irrelevant.
Bracing herself she got out of the car and the coldness hit her – right to the bone.  She could feel the wetness between her legs turn to ice and did a quick check to make sure there was no embarrassing stain.  My god, she had not been so horny since…. never she thought.
Walking towards the front gate she wondered what he was doing inside at this particular moment.  Pressing the bell at the gate she could not help shiver- unable to tell the difference between cold or excitement.  She waited for what seemed an eternity until the huge door slowly opened.
There he stood.  An imposing figure – she had forgotten how tall he really was.  As he ambled towards the front gate the trepidation she felt was quickly disarmed as he smiled warmly and said, ‘well hello there my sexy librarian.’
As he opened the gate she was lost in what to do, but then became lost as he embraced her.  He was so warm, and solid, the coldness immediately leaving her.  She raised her head and pursed her lips towards him.  He moved them so slowly just out of reach.  Why was he teasing her when all she wanted was to put her tongue in his mouth, taste him and he taste her.
She moved her lips closer and he gently kissed hers and moved them away.  This time she grabbed him on the back of the head and thrust her tongue in his mouth.  She was having none of this teasing – she was insatiable with lust and did not come here to get teased……
She probed her tongue into his mouth and he tastes the sweet nectar. He picks her up off the ground as he embraces her and she giggles, squeezing him harder. He sets her back down on the ground and she purses her lips towards him again but he playfully plants kisses underneath her ear, on her neck and she gasps.
The wetness from his kisses chill on her skin from the cold air. Bright lights from an approaching car distracts them momentarily and before he knows it, she has sidestepped him and run for the front door. An invitation to a chase!!
Very cool and very collected, he closes the gate, smiling at her. She is inside the house at the front door, jumping up and down and giggling wildly saying “C’mon already!!” She makes him laugh. Tonight she would be his and he was going to take his time with her.
Her playful lust was sizzling in the air around her and it was tangible in the air around him. He continued towards her slowly, purposefully. He feels her watching his body as he moves, caressing his arms and legs and chest with her eyes. He feels a heat rising underneath his skin, which is reflected in the blush on her face.
“I want you so much” she whispers with a huge grin on her face. Just before he gets to the door, she turns and runs again to the stairs. He could have caught her easily, but he was enjoying her excitement and her growing insatiable hunger for him so much.
As he walks up the stairs to his room, his heart skips a beat as it dawns on him that finally this fantasy, this erotic tale of theirs was unfolding out of the ether of their minds and shared desire. This reality of their sexual desire was drawing closer with every step he took.
At his room now, she is across the way. He can hear her heavy breathing as she stands there. Her breasts rising and falling with every breath. She was so turned on and he felt his body respond to the call of hers. He could smell her strong desire and his desire rose with intensity.
Before he takes a step towards her, she raises her hand and says “stop”. Never taking her eyes off his, she begins to unbutton her blouse, slowly revealing the peaks of her heaving breasts. She is not wearing a bra….
Her nerves dissipated with that first passionate kiss.  God he tastes and felt so good.  The butterflies had turned to euphoria as her natural love 💓 drugs kicked in.  She felt a longing in the pit of her stomach.
The only way to describe it was like her first crush, that innocent and all consuming desire to be with someone.  But this was different, she was not trying to steal her first kiss.  She was a woman, a mother and had experienced life.  The feeling now was instinctual, raw, a primal desire that she felt in her gut and the tingling, wetness of her pussy.  She wanted to be filled by Rick, be consumed gently and then ferociously.  She wanted him to fuck her with all her being.
She broke the kiss and ran to the front door.  She could sense him watching her, taking her in, she could not help but glance down and see the bulge in his pants so knew he wanted her too.
Oh so casually he approached her and she blurts out, ‘I want you so much’.  Where the hell did that come from she thinks as she turns and runs up the stairs.
She is sucked into a vortex.  Time is distorted as she runs up the stairs and into his room.  Her body is overcome with desire as she hears him approaching and she starts to undress even before he has entered the room.  She has never done it like this before and there will be no denying the wetness and hunger that continues to grow between her legs.
As he walks in she has unbuttoned her blouse and her breasts are exposed.  He looks at her and takes her in and says, ‘well you are full of surprises missy’.
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First Time Sex!

First Timer Sex

This is it people. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. A tale that has everything.  Intrigue, romance and just a little action. This is the story of how I lost my virginity.

We all have a story of how it came to transpire that someone actually had sex with us. I’m sure I am not the only one whose first time wasn’t the earth shattering revelation that we’d built it up to be.

Please don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed myself, for about 45 seconds… before my seemingly inbuilt sexual selfishness took over and caused me to come.

But I’m skipping the foreplay that led to this climactic ending so let me go back…

For those of you that read my introductory blog you’ll know that in terms of blooming is was a little late to the game. But better late than never right?

The year is 2006 and I have just started my HSC at a brand new school. Not a huge group of friends but not a social pariah either. It was through this small group that I met Leia* a gorgeous and talented musician that was staying in the boarding house of my school, the boarding house was for international students and students that lived too far away to commute every day, she was the latter, her parents living in Wentworth Falls, deep in the blue mountains.

We hit it of immediately, becoming good friends. She was dating a boy in the year below us at the time but it didn’t work out unfortunately. Shortly afterwards we started dating.

It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced. The coffee dates, constant texting and cute smiles, it was a whole new world.

After a few weeks of pg13+ makeout sessions and some very heavy petting, the sex conversation was becoming inevitable. After some underage drinking at a location that will remain undisclosed to protect those involved, it was time to share my hidden shameful secret. I was a 17 year old virgin…

She was great about it and very understanding. Apparently it’s not as uncommon as I’d built it up to be. So that was it, my secret was out and she was still around. In hindsight, having a good looking boy that you can mould and shape to suit your sexual needs isn’t a bad thing. Besides it was all amazing to me.

So we laid the plans, pun intended, and decided that her house would be best as my dad and step mum were always around. I called my friends to organise my alibi and she did the same. Then the date was set…

We had two weeks until I was destined to lose my V plates and two weeks has never taken so long to pass in the history of measured time. But after what felt like a sexless eternity, today was the day.

I was ready, I was pumped, I was suddenly realising I had no idea what I was doing…

Sure I went to sex ed. Like everyone else but there’s a subtle difference between putting a condom on a banana and putting one on yourself. Not to mention the fact that 2d drawn pictures with bullet points really don’t do the complexity of the vagina justice.

I then spent 3 hours on a train plaguing myself with every “what if” my anxious teenage brain could comprehend. Which was probably the worst thing I could do.

But I realised that like everything, Practise makes perfect. So, if I didn’t fuck like a Pornstar my first time that’s okay. That thought comforted me on the walk to her house.

But then I got there and the reality sunk in and the “what ifs” came back with a violent intensity and I nearly ran screaming back to the station. But I manned up and knocked on her door.

She invited me in and told me to make myself at home. So I sat down in her lounge room while some action movie played in the background. We started making out and as things got a little hotter she suggested that we move into her room.

I attempted to be as confident as I could but everything I knew about sex in real life came from porn, which isn’t skewed towards realism at all. So after taking charge and failing spectacularly she took over.

She told me to get naked and lay on the bed. Being unsure of myself I quickly stripped and got under the blankets. When she stripped down and joined me, I started shaking I was so anxious. But with an almost patient gentleness she coaxed me to full arousal with my headjob first experience.

Sensing my readiness she told me to put a condom on, and once id finally figured it out (3 attempts later I think…) she guided me inside her… I’d love to tell you that the stars exploded in my eyes and the whole universe shifted. But truthfully, it felt good but didn’t live up to the hype everyone was telling me about.

I’ve since had many sexual partners and experiences.

But I’ll always remember my first time.

*Names were changed to protect the privacy of those involved

Virgin sex
First Timer Sex

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