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Occasionally walking into an adult store near you and being met with such a large choice of kink gear can be overwhelming. Below we have broken our selections down into sub-types to help you begin to navigate our range of fetish and kink gear. Our sales team are well educated to help you in-store with any questions that you might have.
Have fun!


Blindfolds compliment all restraints, sensory and general play. By removing your sense of sight, other senses are heightened. the suspense of not knowing what’s happening, what will be coming next to increase Adrenalin and anticipation. In-store we have a variety of satin, leather, masks and blindfolds to add to your pleasure.


A classic BDSM practice, using your hand or chosen implement to slap, hit or spank a person’s body; their bottom, hands, thighs or feet for example. You can choose to be silly, fun, serious and oh so sexy, intimate and delicious. the bottom is a great place for beginners to try spanking and impact play due to the shape of the surface and padding. Different implements will have varying impacts, feels and if you consent, marks. Leather, silicone, wooden, plastic or canes will have varying sensations such as a “thuddy” feel, stinging, “full feeling which will meet individual preferences.

Whipping ties into spanking, using implements such as our leather floggers, single tails, whips and riding crops. these can be used for impact, creating a deeper sting, a louder kind of kiss against the skin or a more intense biting feel or with a gentler hand, create sensations up and down the spine and the skin. Coupled with a blindfold the limit is the sky.


It’s up to your personal preference, your type of play and fun when it comes to restraints and we intend to cater to your tastes. From metal and leather cuffs that can be used to restrain movement from your wrists, your ankles, legs and more. cuff them together, or attach them to the bed, or using our Under-bed loops to create a variety of new positions. Restrains heighten pleasure in a number of ways, controlling the movement of a person, for providing support for a person to hold on to, to denying a person their sense of touch. Our fetish wall also boasts bondage tape, silicone cuffs and a variety of rope.

adding to restraints include items such as spreader bars, fetish swings and poles.

we have a variety of gags to be used during restraints. A variety of gags are used for different preference and also for people who have not been gagged before. Training sets include varying sizes to start experimenting with and training the mouth to be held open at varying sizes.l Several gags also include rings that maintain the mouth to be kept open for oral play.

When using gags always remember to utilise a system for the person gagged top communicate. Clickers, bells or hand signals are good to make sure that at any point, the person who is gagged can signal they need the gag removed.

Nipple Play.

For many, nipples are an erogenous zone, are sensitive and a great area for foreplay, or to be incorporated in sexual activities. Squeezing, tweaking, light vibrations, tickling, licking, sucking make this sensual approach worth exploring. On our walls, we have a variety of adjustable and fixed nipple clamps both decorative and functional. Suckers add an element of stimulation and simulating oral arousal.

Heat Play

ever enjoyed the deep sensation of wax play? Melting candles of various temperatures and burning time and dripping the wax on parts of the body can illicit a new level to sensory play. Candles burn at different temperatures depending on what wax they are made at and any additional chemicals that are used.

Massage candles are the lowest burning temperature and a good place to start if new to temperature play.

Soy candles burn at roughly 45C and cool quickly on the skin.

Paraffin candles burn hotter between 45C and 65C and require more care when used.

Bees Wax candles burn hotter still between 65C and 90C

Wax will feel hotter the closer to the skin it is dripped on. 30cm away from the body is a good starting point.

Electro Stimulation

Electro Stim play is using shocks of electricity through various implements to cause tingling sensations and pleasurable pain. Electricity is conducted through mediums such as perspex and steel and can be placed on erogenous parts of the body or along the skin for sensory stimulation. We have a range of Electro stim toys on our back wall or in our cases.

Hope that helps you with bdsm australia.

BDSM Acronyms

australian bdsm

Starting out in the BDSM scene can be a little intimidating when you see all the different acronyms and letters strung together and think WTF does that mean.

An important aspect of any new exploration is communication and consent, talking about what you are comfortable with or not comfortable with and ensuring that you and anyone you are playing with knows your limits.

A simple system for this is the Traffic Lights system. At any point you can use these colours, asking, or replying.
Green-For go. Everything is good.
Yellow– I’m ok but maybe if we can slow down or change is up a little.
Red– Stop. If anybody uses RED immediately stop what is happening and reassure that everything has stopped, they are safe and if the person feels comfortable discuss why RED was called and how it can be improved next time.

There are several lists online for starting couples and individuals to browse and see what their soft limits (cautious but would consider) and Hard limits (No way not doing it)

So- now that we know our lights, colours and limits lets get into our letters.

let’s break it down together

BDSM stands for three separate dynamics.

BD – Bondage and Discipline. Bondage implies the art of restraining, tying someone up using all sorts of things, cuffs, collars, tape, rope, the art of Shibari, gags – the endless possibilities. Discipline can tie in quite well with Bondage, it is the act of punishment (or “fun”ishment”) and can include spanking, impact, timeout, denial.

DS stands for Dominance and Submission. This is essentially one type of Dynamic that some people utilise during play, and some people may adopting a 24/7 lifestyle. Dominance is where one person assumes the role of the leader, the alpha, the boss. Submission refers to the person who submits to the dominant. Who takes their lead and obeys. Also note: as part of D/s there are also Switches (people who play both the dominant and the submissive either within one scene or depending on who they are playing with) and Brats (who are either Dominants or Submissive- mainly submissive who like to be sassy and take any form of command or protocol with a bit of fun loving attitude)

SM – The art of Sadism and Masochism. Simply put this equates to the enjoyment of pain, physical, emotional, mental, verbal – Pain.
Sadism is the art of enjoying the infliction of pain, either being the one to inflict or watching others inflict pain on someone.
Masochism is the enjoyment of pain being inflicted on yourself. Masochism can be done both individually by yourself or with a sadist who inflicts it upon you.

There are three generalised types of kinky play that the community interacts in. The most common being

SSC– Safe Sane and Consensual where we ask ourselves (and our play partners)Is our kinky thing safe to do?

Is it a sane thing to do?

Do we consent to it?

RACK – Risk-aware Consensual Kink. This is the next advancement where all parties are aware of the risks and how to prevent or play to them as well as the limits

PRICK – is the next level of kink aware play. PR refers to personal responsibility which puts the onus on the individual who is aware of the risks involved in this con sensually kinky play and understands risks and all. you C and K is your Consensually Kinky-ness that should be respected in all play.

Below are some other basic abbreviation that you may find as you begin exploring BDSM, dynamics and Kinks

: A relationship where protocols are in place continuously

AB: Adult baby
ABDL: Adult Baby Diaper Lover
AP: Age Play
ATM: Ass to mouth
BDSM: Bondage Dominance SadoMasochism
CBT: Cock and Ball Torture
CNC: Consensual Non-Consent
DM: Dungeon Monitor/Mediator (usually at kink parties and events)
DD/lg: Daddy/Little Girl dynamic
D/s: Dominance/submission

ENM: Ethical Non-Monogamy (a general umbrella term for non-monogamous relationships)
FFF FMF FMM MMM refers to different variations of threesomes where F is female and M is male.

LGBTQAI+: Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender Queer/Questioning Asexual Intersex (the plus stands for all other acronyms and terms on the gender/sexuality spectrum)

MC: Mind Control
M/s: Master/slave dynamic
NRE: New Relationship Energy (a term generally used in non-monogamous relationships)
OTK: Over the Knee
O/p: Owner/pet Dynamic
Open: An open relationship
PE: Power Exchange
Poly: Polyamorous dynamic

R&P: Restraint and Pleasure
R.A.C.K: Risk Aware Consensual Kink
SSC: Safe Sane Consensual
TPE: Total Power Exchange

YKINMK: Your Kink Is Not My Kink

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