My Friends Dad Gave Me a Blow Job!

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I had just turned 16, and it went off with a bang.  Great party with friends but it was the day after and time to relax.  The last couple of years I had been questioning my sexuality and finding a desire to want to be closer with a man.  Couldn’t really share it with any of my mates though as they were all straight as and none had even given an inkling of being interested in me or another man.

So I rang Gary, my best friend who was a year older then me and asked if I could come round.  It was sweltering hot and he had a pool, so I figured it would be an awesome way to spend a lazy afternoon.  So off I went to Gary’s house and lazed around the pool with him for most of the afternoon.

About 5pm he piped up and said, “Jules, I’ve got to go football training.  You want to hang around here until I come back.  Dad won’t mind.’

I weighed up my options, they had a nice cool pool with nothing to do except enjoy the sun or a steaming hot house and cleaning up after the party.  Well, I think you would have to agree with my choice.


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So off went Gary as I lay on the blow up pool bed, floating not a care in the world, I might have even dozed off for a little while, when I heard this swishing of water.  As I looked up, what a surprise, here is Gary’s dad entering the pool.  He was a buff 50 year old and handsome to boot.

I said, ‘Hey, how you doing Mr Walters?”

He said, “Fine.  I hear you just turned 16.  How was the party?”

I said, ‘Recovering Mr. Walters – but you know what they say – I’m now old enough to fuck.’

Shit, I didn’t know which way to look.  Did I really say that to Gary’s dad – how embarrassing! I looked away and awkwardly splashed some water on me in a vain attempt to cool down from the awkwardness.

BUT, here was me thinking I was going to be chastised for using the F word or something but instead a grin appeared on Mr. Walters face and he slowly swam towards me.  I don’t know whether it was my testosterone or what but as he got closer I started to get an erection and by the time he got to me it was a raging hard on.  Not many places to hide when you got a hard on in a pair of speedos and no shirt.  I was just about to roll off the mat and try to find somewhere for me and my hard on to hide when Mr. Walters without saying a word put his hand on my throbbing cock starting to stroke it.  What the fuck!  He was a mature gay?

luxury clean swimming pool entrance

By this stage my hormones were going through the roof and my testosterone level would have been enough to inject a whole field of race horses and my heart was racing and my head was spinning and there was no doubt in my mind that it was related to my cock being stroked.  Mr. Walters casually pulled my speedos down until my cock sprang to attention like a soldier meeting the president.  As I watched in utter disbelieve Mr. Walters put his mouth over my cock and gave me the biggest deep throat I have ever experiences.  After a couple of tugs and sucks I burst into uncontrollable ejaculations, moaning and shaking like a mad boy as Mr. Walters slowly drifted to the side of the pool and left.  Leaving me to wonder what that gay exchange was about!!

So after the first gay blow job of my life Mr. Walters just up and left the pool, without saying a word leaving me to wonder what the hell that gay exchange was about. Without knowing what to do or say I slipped off the inflatable pool mat and slowly swam to the side, getting out of the pool and wrapping a towel round me to dry off, you’d think that my cock would have died down by now – but I was still kind of buzzing. I was feeling a little light headed and I wasn’t sure whether that was because of the sun, or if I was still horny as hell. I was still in a little shock. Slowly I walked to the back sun room and called out, ‘Mr Walters’ but there was no answer.  It all seemed odd to me now, usually I would have no hesitation walking into the house with Gary my best mate but Gary was at footie practice.  Do I go in or go home?

Leaving my misgivings behind I meekly walked into the kitchen and called out again, ‘Mr Walters!’

I heard him yell out, ‘Up here Jules, in the main bedroom.’

My youthful libido started to kick in again and up the stairs I walked in my slightly wet speedo’s that did nothing to hide the excitement I was feeling again.  As I entered the main bedroom there was Mr. Walters sitting up in the bed stroking the most massive cock I had ever seen before.

It actually scared me until he said, ‘Come over here son’ as he patted the side of his bed.

I sat beside him as he continued to stroke his massive mature gay cock until he finally grabbed my hand and showed me how to stroke it.  The hardness and thickness of it gave me shivers and naughty thought came into my 16 year gay virgins head.

Mr Walters then said, ‘One good turn deserves another’.

Sslowly forced my head down onto his engorged penis.  As I parted my lips and allowed his head to enter my mouth I tasted a little pre-ejaculation fluid which was a little salty.  The furthest I had gone before in gay play was a bit of groping and touching at a drunken party so every single one of my senses was alert.  My heart was pumping and my cock was throbbing.

Mr. Walters pushed my head further down the shaft of his penis and my saliva began to lubricate it so my mouth could go up and down it without friction.  His cock was so big I could only take about a quarter of its length and its thickness filled my mouth.  He tried to force it down further but I gagged and came off his cock coughing and spluttering.

He said, ‘Don’t worry Jules, was just seeing how far you could go.’

He then pushed me down flat on the bed and went to a 69 position, he was on top and as his cock went inside and out of my mouth I could see his balls and glimpses of his firm ass.  God, I was getting turned on – and then he swallowed my cock hole again.  The man had no gag reflex as my cock was hitting the back of his throat with reckless abandon and within 30 seconds I again started ejaculating like a Cream Sundae.  This was embarrassing, it was like he knew exactly which buttons to press that would send me into a spin and I simply couldn’t control myself.

But Mr Walters knew just what to do…


Thoughts were twirling through me head, was I going to be a gay dud fuck, will I be able to satisfy another mature gay man.  Two ejaculations and my staying power was a matter of seconds started to put those doubts through my mind as Mr. Walters patiently waited for me to come back to reality as I eventually refocused and saw his giant cock dangling in front of my mouth.

Mr. Walters said, ‘Jules are you Ok?’

I said, ‘Sorry Mr. Walters I didn’t mean to cum.’

He laughed and maneuvered himself so he mounted me and I face down on the bed.  I could feel his iron cock hard up in the groove of my buttocks.

I said, ‘Mr Walters, I have never had sex with another man’.

He said, ‘I thought so, just take it easy and relax’.

With that he took out a bottle of SuperSlyde and applied it on my back and started to massage me.  Starting from the neck, then the back and lower back. All the time I could feel that donkey dick traveling down.  God he gave good massage and that cock felt like electricity.  He then started to rub my but cheeks, starting in a circular motion and always seeming to spread my cheeks.  Naughty thoughts ran through my head as I imagined the view that he must be getting.  Spreading my asshole wide each time he massaged.

Slowly, he rolled me to my side and slid behind me putting me in a spoon position.  I was nervous but excited and the prospect of loosing my gay virginity.  My Walters then breathed deeply in my ear and licked it and ever so slowly lubed up my ass with more SuperSlyde.  It was silky and smooth and he began to gently massage my butt-hole – it was tingling with excitement as he slowly put one and then two finger in my ass. He then went real close so I could feel his throbbing cock that now felt harder that titanium in the groove of my butt cheeks.  Slowly he started to move it up and down and with the lubricant it felt silky smooth but hard.  With the hand that he had been fingering my ass he now brought to the front and started stroking my cock again that immediately stood to attention.

He then said in a deep guttural voice, ‘Relax now Jules,’ as he bit hard on my neck and started to suck.

I could feel the head of his cock start to penetrate my ass but as it got about and inch in started to hurt.  Mr Walters seemed to read this and stopped, then slowly, ever so slowly kept pushing that massive cock of his into my virgin ass.  It was uncomfortable but not overly so and whilst he was continuing to bite down on my neck and jerk me off was almost pleasurable UNTIL… His full 8 plus inches were fully inside me and he started to pump me, the fireworks started, my ass loosened up and I was in heaven.   Oh my god, what had I been missing out on all this time as Mr Walters gentle pumps turned into thrusts.

So Mr. Walters gentle pumps turned into thrusts as he de-virginised my previously untouched butt hole.  The harder he pounded my ass the less it hurt and the more I got into it.  I started to lift my ass and go into the doggie position which seemed to encourage him more and this mature gay man was banging my asshole and I was loving it a started screaming for more. Somehow Mr Walters continued to be able to hold my cock and stroke it whilst he was pounding my cock which maintained my erection but kept the premature ejaculations I had previously worried about at bay.  It was like it didn’t matter how much he wanked my wad it just wouldn’t cum.  I was feeling on top of the world – Not only was my 16 year old asshole being sexually destroyed in the best way but I was managing to hold that embarrassment at bay.

If it was at all possible he was even pounding me harder and started to grunt and groan.  I could feel his thrust become more erratic and the force into which he was entering made me wonder if my butt hole would ever be the same.  Finally Mr Walter let out an almighty scream and I felt hot, hot semen entering deep inside my ass, flooding my prostate and now for the third time in little under an hour my loins exploded with him still inside me and man did I come.  I was letting out my own screams until after the fifth or sixth ejaculation I stopped and as we returned to the spooning position with him still inside me started trembling.  I could feel hot spunk starting to trickle out of my ass as it started to spasm slowly forcing the now semi-erect penis out.  As it slid out what felt like a cup full of jism flowed out and down my legs.

Mr. Walters said, ‘How was that Jules.’

I said, ‘The best Mr Walters.  I would never have imagined.’

He said, ‘What would you say if I asked you to come to a gay sex party with me.  The other guys would absolutely love a fresh young thing like you.’

Now knowing beyond doubt that my sexual preference was other men and wanting to experience it all.

I replied, ‘Absolutely’.

At the same time as I replied I heard running up the stairs.  Oh shit it was Gary, Mr Walters son coming home from footie practice.  I thought to myself, what the hell am I going to do now?….