My Lovely Nights in Choa Chu Kang, Singapore

Singapore Airlines Photo

I arrived in Choa Chu Kang, weary from my travel. I had landed in Singapore a few hours ago and met my colleague Andrew who had picked me up from the airport. He treated me to lunch and we spoke about Singapore. I had been here on a couple of occasions over the past few years but I’ve never had to live in this country for an extended time. This time, Andrew designated himself as my guide. He had fixed me up in a comfortable apartment in Choa Chu Kang and after lunch, he dropped me at my new place.

For the next three months, this town would be my new home. I was excited about the project that I’d taken up for work which was the reason why I had moved to this new place, but I was already felt a little homesick.

London and my ex-girlfriend Beth were so far away. Beth and I had broken up a few weeks before I had moved to Singapore. We were still very fond of each other but our work kept us apart so often that we had become like strangers to each other. Our careers had mutually moved us away from each other but I still missed her. Being away from home, brought back her memories with a lot more potency. I curled up in bed that night, all I could think of was Beth’s arms wrapped around me, how she would have kissed my face lightly and stroked my hair until I fell asleep.

I was restless the entire night. I missed my bed back home. Singapore felt too hot for my comfort. Even though the air-conditioning was switched on, it brought no relief to me. I got up several times during the night, first to fetch some water, then to pee, then to check the time.

The next morning, when I finally woke up, I found that my eyes were puffy from lack of sleep. “Not a bright sight, are you Jack?” I said to myself as I looked in the mirror. Andrew had been kind enough to stock a few staples in the apartment on account of my arrival, but I still had to go shopping to fill up on some groceries and toiletries. Only, I had no idea where the supermarket might be.

I picked up my phone to dial Andrew in order to ask him where I could go to buy my essentials but then I realised that it was early morning on a Sunday. I didn’t want to disturb Andrew so early on his day off. So I decided to head out and explore the neighborhood on my own. That’s when I first saw Nina. She had just locked the door of her apartment, which was right next to mine. When I walked out of my apartment, she flashed a smile at me.

“Hello,” I found myself responding inadvertently. She smiled again. Only this time, her white teeth gleamed through her lips like a string of pearls.

“Just moved in?” She asked.

“Yes. I just got here from London yesterday.”

“Oh really? I was in London last month.”

We spoke with each other. She told me about the family that had lived in my apartment before me and how they had just moved out a few weeks ago on account of the husband’s transfer to Shanghai. Nina’s voice had a very calm and soothing quality to it. It was very melodious.


Choa Chu Kang, Singapore Photo
Photo: My Lovely Nights in Choa Chu Kang – Choa Chu Kang


“Do you sing?” I asked her, the thought striking me out of the blue.

“As a matter of fact, I do. Not professionally yet, but someday I hope to”

“I would love to hear you sing sometime” I said.

“Of course. You are welcome to come home any time you want. I’m at home most evenings. Choa Chu Kang is a very quiet neighbourhood. So I don’t go out in the evening very often as there isn’t much to do” she said.

“How about tonight?” I asked as the words had just slipped right out of my mouth. I couldn’t believe the spontaneity with which I had just invited myself to her place.

“Sure, tonight sounds good. Shall we meet at 8?”

“Yes,” I replied, unable to contain my excitement.

We parted ways, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. I found myself consumed with thoughts of Nina all through the day. She wasn’t beautiful in a conventional way, but something about her mannerisms made her charming. It was easy to talk to her and I thought perhaps Choa Chu Kang wouldn’t make me feel like I was alone and away from home.

That evening I was full of anticipation. I looked forward to spending time with Nina and swap tales of our adventures of what our lives were like and what our lives had been like in the past. At exactly 8pm I rang the doorbell to her apartment. She opened the door, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her. Nina wore a knee-length, white dress with a single red line encircling her waist. Her long black hair was tied back in a red ribbon and she smelled of lilies. Her brown eyes sparkled as she said “Welcome to my humble abode” and gave a little laugh. I walked in with a bottle of wine.

“I hope you like it” I said as I gave her the bottle.

“I do like red” She said. She tossed her ponytail back and gave me a glimpse of the ribbon again. I was tempted to untie the red ribbon that held her hair prisoner. I clenched my fist to save myself from giving into the temptation.

We had a lovely dinner that Nina had fixed. She had made a few Singaporean delicacies that to my English palate were exotic. We talked at length about ourselves; she about her family, her job, her best friend and I told her all about my home in London, what kind of a boy I was when I was younger and my own business which was what had brought me to Singapore. We didn’t realize how time flew and before I knew it, it was almost midnight. I didn’t want to leave, but decorum demanded that I leave Nina and head back to my apartment as we both had an early morning and for me, it would be the first day that I would work on my new project.

“I suppose I should get going” I said as I secretly hoped that she would ask me to stay.

“Yes, you should. But not before listening to that song I promised to sing” She replied and went to fetch her guitar.

I felt a little glee rise inside me. She came back with her guitar and sat down on the couch. She strummed it and sang a beautiful song, the lyrics of which escape me now. I was lost in her voice. I was lost as I watched the expressions on her face. A smile unknowingly played on my lips. And before I knew it, my hand had extended itself towards her back and untied her hair ribbon.

Nina smiled at my action and continued to sing. I stroked her back lightly. The sheer, satin fabric of her dress felt wonderful to touch. Nina’s eyes closed, whether lost in her song or in response to my touch, I don’t know. Just as her song ended, her face came close to mine. She looked deeply into my eyes. My mouth bridged the gap between us and I kissed her lips. Her lips parted in response. With one hand, she reached the back of my neck and with the other, she stroked my hair. I pulled her close to me as we continued to kiss each other, lost in each other’s embrace.

A little moan escaped her lips. A moan got stuck in the back of my throat. I was extremely aware of how clumsy my hands were around her, but she continued to stroke my hair and back as if I was exactly the person she had been meaning to touch for a very long time. When we pulled apart, her eyes still held my gaze. Her dress had hiked up and the soft flesh of her thighs was visible. I placed my hand lightly on them. She quivered under my touch. I kissed her neck and sucked gently as she sighed in sexual pleasure.

“Stay here tonight” She whispered to me. I nodded in agreement. We went to her bedroom. There were cushions of every size and colour piled up on the bed. The curtains were a vibrant shade of pink. There were photographs pinned to the wall.


Singaporean Woman on Bed Photo
Photo: My Lovely Nights in Choa Chu Kang – Singaporean Woman on Bed


She laid down on the bed. I followed her without taking my eyes off her. We lay side by side for a minute before she reached out to me and put her head on my chest. My fingers began to stroke her lazily.

“You have very soft skin” I said.

“Yes, I do” She laughed.

She raised her head up to look into my eyes. I pulled her closer, this time I kissed her hard on her mouth. She moaned loudly, surprised at my ferocity. My hand reached out and pulled her dress off. She was petite, and I was too big for her. The more my tongue explored her, the louder her moans became. I held her tightly and continued to kiss her. She tugged at my hair, and I got rougher as the minutes passed. I was like a hungry beast that found itself in front of a feast after it had been starved. I craved Nina’s body. My hands fumbled when I tried to take off her bra, and she had to ease it off instead. She took off my pants more deftly than I would have been able to do it myself. We made love over the next few hours, sometimes gently, sometimes more aggressively.

Eventually, we drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning. It just began to get light outside. Nina’s breath was deep as she was fast asleep. I continued to look at her face, which seemed so serene. In that moment I found myself that I had grown fond of her. I let my fingers gently trail along her arm. It felt amazing just to touch her. She dreamily let out a soft groan, and her fingers clutched at my arm tighter.

We got out of bed a few hours later, and Nina fixed me breakfast. I left with a kiss on her forehead and a promise to be back again later that night.

We continued our conversations over the next few days, mostly over dinner and drinks. Nina took me around Choa Chu Kang, and I explored the town with her. We began to take walks in the many parks in this part of the town. Our evening strolls became one of the things that I used to look forward to with a lot of fervor. We explored the little shopping mall where Nina would help me pick out stuff for my apartment or my daily use. She was a smart girl and knew how to pick up things that were of high quality but reasonably priced. We discovered eating joints, regaling each other with more conversation.

And every night I would go back with her. We spent a night or two at my apartment, but mostly I would go and sleep at her place. We made love almost every night. When she was on top of me, she was the gentlest of lovers. She would kiss my chest and let her hands explore my privates. When I was on top of her, I would devour her with passion, kissing every inch of her skin and having sex with her.

We delighted in each other’s company for the three months that I lived in Choa Chu Kang. I came back to London after that, but by then we had become very deeply involved with each other. Now, Nina and I are in a relationship, and I still see her every month when I go to Singapore. Our nights continue to be filled with passion and lust whenever we see each other.










Singapore Mass Transit Erotic Encounter

Beautiful Singaporean Woman Photo

It was a humid day in Singapore. It was going to rain soon, and the crowds were clamoring to get as close to the trains as possible. However, in spite of the rush to get onto the trains John knew that he was not going to face any difficulty during his own journey. The first train would take most of the crowd away and only about a dozen people would be left. These people lived in the less exclusive part of town in spite of having jobs in Central Singapore. Their commute was longer and lonelier

The train arrived and the crowd entered in a rush. The doors closed and with that, the train was gone. All that was left were the same dozen people that John traveled with every day. None of them would try to get into the compartment that he had set aside for himself as each one of them sought out solitude.

However, something was different today. John looked around and saw that there was a woman among them, one that he had never seen before in all of the years he had spent traveling on the Singapore Rapid Transit. He had started to get used to the fact that he was going to be alone during his trips to the suburbs in which he lived.

She was absolutely beautiful, with a slender body and milky white skin. The wind made her clothes hug her figure, and he could see that in spite of being slender she had curves that were a joy to behold. There was just something about this woman that made her so enticing. Perhaps it was the wistful manner in which she looked at the setting sun. She was standing right next to John a little far off, but even from the distance he could see a deep sorrow in her eyes. He was curious to say the least. He wanted to know the source of this sorrow. He wanted to find out what she had experienced in her life that had made her so unbelievably sad.

The Singapore Rapid Transit train arrived, and the manner in which this crowd boarded the train was very different. There was no sense of urgency, no sense of anticipation and excitement. Every person here was dragging their feet. It was almost like none of them really wanted to get home, which was why they were so sluggish while attempting to board the train.

John boarded and looked around. The spotless compartments had an almost antiseptic glow. There were stories within these compartments, histories in which people were starting to learn things about themselves. That was the thing about mass transit. It made you isolate yourself in your own little mental bubble and start to think about the things that were happening in your life. During mass transit it was a lot easier to try and figure out what you truly wanted because when you were surrounded by so many people you were more alone than you would ever be able to be otherwise.

John made his way to his compartment of choice and sat down in his usual chair. This was the chair that he always used in these situations, the chair that made him feel comfortable in his own skin. However, something was different today. The girl that he had been looking at outside came and sat in his compartment. John did not know how to react to this. There were other empty compartments yet on the train but she was sitting in this one. Did she mean something by it? If it had been anyone else John might just have ended up asking them to go and find another compartment to settle into, but this was not the sort of thing that he wanted to do with her. No, with her he wanted to be a little gentler. In fact, he did not want to ask her to leave at all, he wanted her to stay for as long as possible.


Beautiful Singaporean Woman Photo
Photo: Singapore Mass Transit Erotic Encounter – Singaporean Woman


The girl was looking at him. John stared back. “What’s your name?” she asked him.

“John,” he replied.

The girl smiled and it was beautiful but there was a great deal of sadness concealed behind that smile. “Hey John,” she said. “I am Anna.”

“Nice to meet you,” said John, nodding his head politely. He honestly had absolutely no idea whatsoever how he should be responding to her in this moment. There was no way to understand what the right thing to do here was. Still, he knew that there were certain things that he would have to keep in mind. He would have to be polite, first of all, and keep his distance as much as he possibly could.

However, as soon as he thought this the girl got up and came to sit next to him. “Do you ever feel like these trains are the only moments of peace you get?” she asked him.

“Sometimes,” he said.

“Why do you think that is?” she asked him.

“Maybe it’s because while we are on the train there is nothing else we have to do,” said John. “While we are on these trains we are traveling from one place to the other. The act of being on this train is enough to get the job done, so we are relaxed because we know that there is nothing more that we could be doing.”

“That is a beautiful way to put it,” she said, smiling. A little bit of the sadness had left her smile and she looked a little less pale. Color was starting to enter her face and her appearance somehow became even more beautiful than it had been before. She was starting to look like one of the most beautiful women that John had ever seen in his life, so beautiful in fact that he started to stare at her without even realizing that he was doing so. She did not seem to mind however, and instead laughed a beautiful laugh and said, “Do you like looking at me?”

John was taken aback. “I am sorry, I did not mean to stare at you. I was simply… I don’t know.”

“What?” she asked him. “Why were you staring at me?”

“I was simply attracted to your immense beauty,” said John. He was starting to feel very horny, and little did he know the Singaporean beauty Anna know this and was going to take advantage of it.

“So you like looking at me.” She said with a sly smile “Do you want to do more?”

“What do you mean by that?” asked John.

“I am asking you if you want to touch me.” said Anna.

“I… I do.” said John.

“Then do it,” said Anna. She held his hand and placed it on her breast. “Don’t let anything stop you. Just do this and you are going to be happy at last.”

John’s heart was beating very quickly indeed. He was starting to sweat. He squeezed her breast and he started to get hard. Her breast was soft and supple, it was an absolute joy to squeeze. He felt like doing it forever but he knew that he was going to have to do more if he wanted to be truly satisfied.

He pushed her back onto the seat and started to push her dress up. Anna held his face and kissed him hard on his lips, trying to make him feel good. He loved that she was trying so hard to make him feel good, it made him realize that he was in the sort of event that only happened once in a lifetime. He was lucky to be experiencing this.

Her panties slowly slid off and John slowly stroked her there. A moan escaped her lips and she tossed her head back. She was already wet, there was no need for him to use his mouth or his fingers all that much. Instead, he was going to have to focus on using his penis, sliding it into her.

He was very hard indeed in anticipation. His pants came off and he got on top of her. Her breath was hot on his face. “Who are you?” he whispered. He slowly slid into her and the moans that escaped her lips were so amazing that he ended up feeling more pleasure than he had ever felt in his life.

He started sliding himself in and out of here, pushing himself deep and then pulling out almost completely. This teased her a great deal, made her feel even hornier than she had ever felt in her life. He suddenly realized that this was the first time in a long time that he had ever felt this happy. It was the first time in a long time that he had ever felt this much pleasure. He was grateful for it, truly grateful, because it was the sort of thing that he would never have been able to attain had it not been for Anna.

“When does your stop come?” he asked her.

“Don’t worry.” she whispered. “We have a lot of time, you can take as much time as you want. I am here to give you as much pleasure as possible.”

“Okay” he groaned as he started to plunge himself deep into her once again. She felt unbelievably good, better than any woman had felt before. While he was plunging himself so deep into her, he was starting to get a sense that his climax was starting to approach. He wondered how long he had been inside her. It felt like it has been a very long time, but at the same time it felt like it had just started.

He pushed her dress all the way off of her body and marveled at how amazing her breasts looked with their light brown nipples. He sucked on them, eliciting more moans of pleasure from Anna. “More,” she whispered. “Please, please give me more. I can’t take this, I need more. Please.”

He started to pound her harder, using all of his strength to make her feel the same amount of pleasure that he was feeling. He could tell that she was starting to feel more pleasure than ever before and it was his job to ensure that she was fully satisfied.

“Will you come with me?” she moaned.

“Of course I will,” said John. “Be a good girl and come with me now.”

“Yes” she started screaming over and over again. She started clawing at his back, and their collective orgasm hit them like a truck and drove them off of the deep end. They were starting to shake with pleasure, and John could not believe that he had just filled her up with his come. He kissed her forehead and pulled out of her. Wiping her off with some tissues he had in his bag, he dressed her again and kissed her on the lips before getting dressed himself.

There was nothing left to say. It was almost as if the two of them had shared all of the conversations they could have possibly had while they had been together, and it was for this reason that they did not feel the need to speak to one another. This was starting to feel like heaven when she suddenly got up. “My stop is here.” she said.

“I understand.” said John. He knew that he never was going to see her again, but he still could not help but wonder if it were possible.

As he saw her leaving he realized that there was a lot that would be difficult to achieve in his life, but nothing was impossible. Hence, he was hopeful for what was going to come in the future. Maybe there was a chance for him to increase the success that he was going to achieve. Or maybe he was going to fail, like so many others before him had done. However, either way, he was extremely excited to see what the future might have to hold. The thirst for knowledge and adventure had been awakened within him and he knew that this was the only thing that would ever matter anymore. Now that he had tasted Anna, the world was his oyster and there was nothing left that would be too hard for him to try. This was his first Singapore Mass Transit Erotic Encounter.


Ultra Singapore 2016

Ultra Festival Singapore

Living as an expat in the wonderful city of Singapore can be quite a delight in the truest sense. You’re basically a wanderer or a nomad, breaching political barriers and borders as you look for a place to live in beside your own motherland; yes, I am in my fatherland. Being far away from home can be a bit daunting, to say the least, but the experience here is unfathomable. The work, the culture, the entire setting in the heart of the eastern world, Singapore has never ever failed to impress and send me babbling with alienated words and picking up on cheap street language to describe how truly at home I feel right here.

The place is exceptionally great for people like me who love to experience the nuances of life. I’ve been here for 5 years now and the place has given me great opportunities and warm and wonderful people to interact with. I even love the nightlife here as it truly expands and glows in the dark. As a lot of Singapore is still into the traditional Chinese customs and culture, the ways of the world is constantly putting it through amazing changes and Singapore has now embraced globalization completely. It amazing to watch it grow and be part of the upbeat of the world.

As for me, I am weird guy living in a completely sane city. When words fail me I stick to hooting, and that my friend, can get you in trouble in Singapore. While the rules of domesticated life, something I will never know, hover over you like a chandelier, you know you have entered Singapore. Girls are hard to find, as they seem to turn the other way around when they know you’re an expat and you live on pretty much an unstable salary schedule. While Americans roll either way, when in Singapore, you need to abide by the culture brewing hot but untouchable girls, unless you’re in the fantastic phase of spotting and attending a bash or an event. Here, girls leave their rule books at home and guys, well they act just like guys!

Once such event that changed my life in two ways as it graced to show its beautiful face on my way to a quick project meeting in the summer of 2016 with a Singaporean businessman who, by the looks of it looked old and young at the same time… perhaps it was just the lighting. On my way there, I hailed a cab and drove through this picture-perfect, magnanimous structures of the Marina Bay Sands. Almost instantly, my smartphone buzzed and I checked to find a message from by bud Colin, who sent me a poster of the greatest party ever all painted in the colors of the rainbow. My jaws dropped and my eyes popped at the crime scene. I would reckon the cab driver too jumped off his seat at my stark and unruly hyperventilation. I was staring down in complete and utter distrust and typed back,

“No way…”.

Quickly a response entered, “Get ready, you’re in for a treat!”.

I clicked on the media file once again and there it was, looking at me, the poster inviting me to the biggest party ever! Ultra and Ultra Worldwide had brought the party to the shores of Singapore with their project called Road to Ultra 2015. Yes! Yes! Yes! I shouted as I made a fist and jabbed it in a victorious, maybe also graceful gesture. The cab driver looked at me with disgust and he was quite exasperated. Probably he had wife issues and disliked the sight of happiness, joy, and the likes, or perhaps, he was just too miserable in his life. But not me. Not right now. Today I am jumping with joy, my rave days are back again. This will be the closest I’ll be to the shores of Miami beach.

When I reached Mr. Siong he was as sore to my eye as a platypus to a tiger who was too afraid to go into the water. I bet he would feel the enthusiasm reeking from my skin as he was giving it his all to try and repress the beam of light shining through me. After great difficulty and tries, he hung up his shoes and let me have my moment of glory as he wrapped up his assignment quickly and he even spoke quicker than anticipated. I shook his hand and bowed as I made my way to the end of the room. Just as I went to show myself out of the room.

I turned back and said, “I hope you can make it to the Ultra Singapore 2016. It’s going to be a blast.”

When there was nothing but a blank stare back, I quickened my pace and I headed out.I pressed 2 on my keypad and there was Colin on the ot

her side of the phone network connecting us.

“Two tickets!” I said as I caught up with my breath.

“Oh hoi! My boy’s got a date.” Colin was relieved, he really believed that I would enter my grave without a spontaneous erotic romp.

“Not a date, Colin. I meant two tickets for the two of us.” I clarified.

“Awww. I thought you’d never ask! Bye!” and there he slammed his clichéd line.

Ultra Singapore 2016 was taking place on September 10 and 11, just a day after my birthday and was 8 months away from the time I heard from Colin on the confirmation of the tickets. It was a great event that was coming across the sea and onto the lands where the lion spits water. Being it was created originally as an all-American event, it was a sense of belonging for me and I had to attend. It was like a tickle-in-the-back-of-my-throat experience that overwhelmed me. Like always, Colin had my back and he managed the tickets for us both. The date was now marked on my calendar and the craze was from another world altogether.

Ultra Singapore 2016 is an electronic dance music (EDM) festival that was conceived on American soil but now wanted to travel the world. Yes, I know the resemblance is uncanny. While the American festival is an expansive 3-day extravagance, the Singapore debut was just a one-night-only affair. But, now with the entire entourage coming in to greet us, we were in for a 2-day blast. With the EDM party on and my party cap ready, I kept striking off days on my calendar. More than my birthday, I was looking toward the crazy time I was expected to have at the craziest party on the surface of the planet. Trust me, Singapore is going to explode in the waves of the music!

The Ultra Singapore 2016 organizers must have thought, where can we have the biggest rave party of all time and looked at Singapore’s map. They looked at the Ultra Park at Bayfront Avenue and childishly looked at each other, smirking till their jaw hurt. These were the thoughts squirming in my head through these days that passed by, and soon, it was my birthday! The wait from 12 am on the 9th till 12 am on the 10th was the longest day of my life. Yes, I was thrilled at turning 29, but urgh! it was the Ultra Singapore 2016 the next day and I was going for it!


Singapore Rave
Poster: Singapore Music Festival


The time I had arrived, I was on the premise of the Ultra Park, Bayfront Avenue and the crowd here was berserk; plus, there were the hottest girls on the planet, lovely Singaporean girls with no escort or arm candy. A deep gutted feeling that this could be the day when I finally set out for a one-night stand or anything better on a spontaneous basis in Singapore took me by surprise. Colin sure wasn’t in the mood to place bets on my chances of getting laid as he was all over the place once we entered and was making sure he knew every nook and corner of the place as he knew, like our previous outing, we wouldn’t really know how to get back out after a drunken and other substances rampage.

Holding my ticket in my hand I proceed to where the crowds, by the multitude, were heading. I checked in and the band on my hand was now proof that this was going to be some night. With three outdoor staging areas: the Ultra Main Stage, the Live Stage, and the Resistance Stage, there was going to be a pulsating vibe throughout the music festival. I was expecting to be drenched in music by 40 artists including Afrojack, Alesso, deamau5, Axwell ^ Ingrosso, and many newbies on the scene too. With such a bang start at the Road to Ultra Singapore 2015, with an attendance of 11,000 party-goers, I was already impatient as I entered the Ultra Main Stage area and was impatient to book myself for the next full blown event. The energy in the area was sky high and if I could stack 6-footers in a vertical line for every piece of the adrenaline rush I was experiencing, I would surely reach the moon and set foot on it.

The crowd there was amazingly wild for a city like Singapore. Though the nightlife here is quite a kick for an all-party-no-sleep American, with Ultra Singapore 2016, the bar was raised to exceptional heights. Colin was beside me all the while as we made our way to the center of the area. We held in our hands a glow stick each to attract the ladybugs our way and bang the living lights out of it when the music was cranked up. I’ve partied with Colin before and he’s quite the party-popper, not pooper. He strategically places himself and moves within the crowds to get the optimum level of sound intensity and also backstage action as he possibly can. The light dimmed as the crowds gathered. I could see a sea of people ahead of me and behind me, Singaporeans and folks from other nations as well; I know this because it was pretty evident and also because some of them were literally carrying their country’s flag. The sight was truly mesmerizing and I was enthralled!

The Blackout

At an EDM festival is you are looking out for the next best thing after the music, you surely be looking for the lights! The lights grab the show and serve as a great support to the heavy music thrust upon us. Ultra Singapore 2016 was one hell of a light show. The pumping music took up as deadmau5 took to the stage. The crowds of over 20,000 people were stomping and jumping to the intoxicating music and Colin and I were two among them. The feeling was crazy; with the music, I could lose my mind. The lineup then geared for DJ Snake and he spun the wheel to a crazy start while ushering in Afrojack and later Alesso. The later artists were equally formidable and tuned out our sense to the highest level possible. The feeling was that of trance setting up on us. As the beat kicked off, Colin insisted that we check out the other two stages as well.

The Live Stage was equally exuberant and filled with magnanimous crowds just like that Main Stage and while we landed up there, we were hit, like a meteorite would, by the brilliant music by Slumberjack. The sheer brilliance in the music even aroused me erotically and my feelings of the initial getting laid bit revisited me. Music, beer, and lights—the combination was deadlier than I thought. Music so refined and palatable was unheard of and frankly, unseen by me before. At that moment, I thanked God for the friend I had in Colin. “Brad! Over here!” Colin has to be followed around, otherwise, he and you both would be lost in the crowds. There would be glasses exchanged and drinks doubled, but the feeling would be completely out of this world. As I followed him, I realized he led me now to the Resistance Stage. Damn! He was smart and he knew his way around. Whatever happened during the time we got lost! Back to the scene, we were now listening to Zig Zghs belt out a big one. My feet didn’t give way yet and this was just day 1. I couldn’t explain at the time of how awesome the light headiness felt.

Day 1 ended on a very high note and I was home only at 7.30 am. When it was the perfect time, I slept like a baby. Mental note: I got high and I got low but I didn’t get laid.


Ultra Singapore Deadmau
Photo: Ultra Singapore 2016 Deadmau


The Blackout Part 2

I woke up with the ring at the door.

“Wake up mate!” There was Colin as fresh as a baby’s butt.

With no visible signs of bruised and skinned knees or even heavy, red eyes. I woke up and headed straight for the kitchen. I poured myself a bowl of cereal and munched away. As I headed toward the closet to dress up for day two, I packed my bag with two bottles of water, loads of small toffees, some change, some packs of condoms (in case I get lucky), and a change of clothes (again, in case I get lucky) and a couple of other treats I cannot really talk about especially in Singapore. After all, it was day 2 of the biggest party on the face of the earth and I was going to go a big fat CRAZY. I was blown by the fact that Donald Trump wouldn’t be there; just thinking it would have been one hell of a treat.

We arrived at the venue all excited just like the day before and we knew nothing more than the fact that we needed to party like no one has ever partied before. The night was ours and ours alone—this seemed to be our anthem, played on loop in our heads. We again proceeded to the Main Stage area and the siren sounded, the countdown took place, and the place vibrated with bursts of energy and enthusiastic ravers bringing the house down. Day 2 kick-started with Axwell ^ Ingrosso rubbing it on and pumping the crowd favorites like Can’t Hold Us Down and This Time. The crowd pumped wildly still and the roar on the second day overcame the energy grinding from day 1.

The stage was soon handed over to Above & Beyond and to tell you the truth, I couldn’t make out in the crowd the whereabouts of Colin, but as I searched for his familiar face, my hand accidentally brushed against the softest touch I’ve ever felt. By the looks of it, she looked Singaporean, but she was exceptionally beautiful. Touching her lips in tune with the music, I couldn’t help but stop jumping and later, gulping. She looked at me and smiled as I advanced toward her. Her straight and light hair was more than I could take. There was already an ambiance  around me because of the sweeties I had taken and it was ready for me to be sexually aroused to the highest level and Ultra Singapore 2016 was right here with me. I took the chance and threw a smile in her direction in return and WOW! She returned my smile with an even larger one. I was floored and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed myself closer to her till and started to dance with her our bodies rubbing against each other.  I was so hard down there and to even breath without continuously touching her seemed almost impossible. Lost in the music we were both frolicking together among-st the crowds of people. There was yet no conversation between us nor any weird hand signs that I normally resort to while I try to get dirty and get down our bodies moved in unison to the music and with each other.  We seemed to become a shared organism.

This was something different and yet so special. I never thought that Ultra Singapore could actually make this happen in the best way possible. As the lights start pumping violently, I spot Colin at a far-end indulging in some good sort himself. He was clearly all over this American girl who was also dancing like there was no tomorrow. The both of them hit it off and were almost looking like a Patrick Swayze and well, Baby. The beat heated up with action from Marshmello and Justin Oh.

Me and the girl in my arms were into each other the whole night through.

“Do you have a place to go to?” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

“No place right now. We could crash at your place and call it a night,” she replied.

I was in the 9th heaven if there was any. I checked my watch to find we were dead beat in the wee hours of morning—3.30 am. We took off as I bade farewell to Colin and his lovely lady, as I took my lovely lady back to my bachelor pad.

Yes, that night I got laid with one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met.  I got laid at the Ultra Singapore 2016 and it was amazing. As soon as we got back to my apartment there were no words just an understanding as she slipped out of her silky skin tight dress.  I got out of my clothes and we both climbed into my bed naked as the days we were born.  She had shaved and there was no pubic hair and I could see her sweet slit.  I went down on her and drank her most intimate juices as if they were the nectar’s of the gods.  Not to be outdone she also took me in her mouth and swallowed me.

Throughout the early morning hours until daylight, we laid together having sex not once but many times until the exhaustion took a toll and we stopped. We sat within each other and spoke of everything under the sun and the moon feeling the most comfortable I had ever been with a woman. Still wrapped in our linen sheets, we watched each other’s Ultra bands tightly stuck to our wrist and smiled. It was a defining moment for me because it was the night of my life and the time I got laid in a very erotic and spontaneous manner. The music, beer, lights, sweeties and the girl—the combination was now lethal and I stood true to the American promise Colin and took her one more time intimately but with a hunger I had never felt before.  We fit, it was right and we both exploded and in my heads the lights were brighter and more tantalizing that at the Ultra Festival itself..

I really hope all this wasn’t a dream because such energizing music can only be spread into my heart through an Ultra Music Festival at a scale as large as this. If you want to know how to party and how to get to the lovely girls, you too can surely rely on an the Ultra Music Festival like the one at Singapore. What a time in my life to be at the first ever South-east Asian Ultra party and get laid till I was gasping for breath. My mind wandered each moment from the time she got up from bed and made her way to the bathroom with a sheet around her, looking magnificent and sensual. Quite naturally, if you ever get to know me, you will know that I I could not help but follow her  and had here again in the bathroom, it was paradise once again.

Ultra Singapore 2016 was the best event that I have ever been to in my life. The two days along with the big shows featured and the 3 stages that packed audiences to the brim were mind-blowing. It filled my senses and it made me crave for more. The thumping beats and the great, big Singapore experience was like no other.

Plus, what can I say about Jia. Yes, I do have her name now and her phone number and I might soon get lucky again soon – but only with her again. She is exceptional and a wonderful human being as well. We hit it off quickly and I owe this one to Ultra Singapore 2016. Music—Beer—Lights!


Radin Mas, Singapore

Radin Mass, Singapore

Radin Mas well here we are three misfits from the U.S. arriving in Singapore.  I was wondering how did I let myself get into this a home grown boy still wet behind the ears. My two buddies Benny and Bill still acting like high schoolers doing pranks. Those two clowns will they survive in this atmosphere. Our opportunity to show that we have it and make it big. Arrival, met at the terminal gate by a polite young man.

“Follow me sirs”, he said.

We gathered up our luggage and soon we were picked up by the company car.

The Legacy of the Princess, Radin Mas:

She was buried close to her first home in island Singapore, Telok Blangah. The shrine and the tomb locally known as Makam Puteri Radin Mas, still stands today at the foot of Mount Faber Road, near the junction of Telok Blangah Road.

“I am Roger and will take you to your apartments.” The young man said.

“That sounds good,” I replied.

Benny and Bill busy trying to get the luggage in the trunk and picking on the driver. When they entered the car I gave them a look that meant stop it. We  soon arrived at a luxurious apartment complex. Roger took the boys up to the 14th floor and showed them inside a very spacious apartment with two bedrooms.

“Wow” said Benny.

“Super cool” said Bill!

He showed them the huge bathroom with hot tub and a complete bar. Then I went up about five more floors where I was given the executive suite. Three bedrooms, bar, swimming pool just outside my sliding doors. You might say the works.

Roger said, “A car will be around in the morning about 10:00 to pick you up and take you over to the Trade-America office where you can get acquainted with the Asian crew. But on the 20th floor is a lounge should you guys want to have drinks.  Oh, and enjoy the evening.”

Suddenly, I found myself alone in a strange country with just two people I knew. Tired and suffering from jet-leg I got into the hot tub just to relax. After being refreshed I decided to go to the lounge for a few martini’s. I was setting at the bar when a beautiful little Eurasian girl approached me and said, “Buy me a drink?”

“Sure, why not.” What have I got to lose I thought.

“I noticed you were looking at a picture, are you married, girlfriend back home.” she said.

“No, it is my kid sister she is so spoiled. She met an older man and decided to marry him. Mother does not know what to do and with our dad gone she relies on me to keep her under tow.” I said.

“Under tow?” She asks.

”Yes, under control” I replied

“What would you like to drink?” the bartender asks her.

“Give me a Martini made with Vodka.” She Replies.  To me she then said, “Do you know of our legend about Radin Mas Ayu she was a virgin a Javanese princess no less.Her name means, Sweet Golden Princess.”

Benny then entered the lounge and being the lariken that he is intentionally bumped into her causing her to spill her drink.

“Be careful, you cluts.” I say to him.

“Sorry boss, didn’t mean to cut in on your action.” He said.

“We were just having a drink.” I say.

“Sure boss, do it your way.”  He said with a wink and walked away.

“I am sorry; Benny can be crude.” I say to her.

She looked at me with a smile and said “Would you like to dance with me?”.

I hadn’t noticed the dance floor and music before but replied “Just a short dance,I am tired and must be up early tomorrow for work.” I had made a friend I thought. After the dance I excused myself and went to bed and almost slapped myself on the head realising that I had not gotten her name or phone number.  I hoped that she was a guest or resident at the apartments and our paths would cross once again.

Weeks had gone by since I had settled into my new office setting up the new stock firm – now an expatriate in Singapore. I had spoken to mother on the phone several times and my sister as well convincing her to wait to get married at least six months when I could take vacation and be home. Today is Saturday so I decided to go to Orchard Row and buy some exquisite gift items for mom and Dee. The Paragon Mall I was told offered many nice things. It be a fun weekend and I could take a break from work.


Paragan Mall Singapore
Sex Toy: Paragan Mall


Benny and Bill were going to go meet up with me afterwards we thought we hit the bars just like old times in Chicago. Who knows we might get lucky over at the Sentosa Casino. I was inside the Paragon Mall looking at scarfs when a young girl approached.

“Can I help you?” she said.

I turned and it was the same girl I had met at the bar. She smiled at me and said, Did you come for the rest of my story?”

“Story?” I asked.

“About Radin Mas Aya, the Sweet Princess.” she replied.

“Could we have dinner together and perhaps you could tell me the rest of your story?”

She said, “Sure, but it is not my story – it is a Story of Singapore”.

We agreed to meet at one of the exclusive nigh Clubs in Singapore called the Canvas. And I asked, “what is your name, before I leave.”

“Call me Radin, she said with a sheepish grin.”

We met at the Canvas and danced the night away.  After weeks of solid 16 hours days it was good to finally have a bit of R&R.  Radin was a pleasure to be with, delightful and charming.  As it began to get later I asked her, “Well Radin, shall we go to my apartment and enjoy a bottle of Champagne while you tell me the rest of your story.”

She replied “Oh, this is really not my story, I was just named after the princess as many girls who are Malaysian are.” as we left the club.

“You are very beautiful”, I told her and we caught a cab and headed for my apartment. I called ahead and had the barman deliver some Champagne and caviar to my room. They ask if I wanted the hot tub prepared and I agreed. Who knows what the evening might bring. Little did I know at that time Radin did this as her sideline job. When we arrived she excused herself and went to my bathroom. When she came out she had on a beautiful blue gown.

She said, “this is the color you told me at the bar you liked.”

She started undressing me ever so gently. First was my tie, I kicked off my shoes, then she undid my shirt, saying “what a physique you do have a sexy body.” Shirt off and then my pants I started to push her towards the couch.

She kissed me and said “let’s go to the hot tub.”

When we got into the area I could see the bottle of Champagne, the tub had beautiful flowers in it, and a few sex toys obviously to help us have better sex. Down in the tub we both went and she picked up a cock ring and slipped it over my penis, saying “this will keep it warm so you can have a longer erection.”

Who am I to argue about that! We started kissing and I could feel my erection coming. She was rubbing her breasts asking me making me want to start sucking them. After a few minutes she slipped under the water and was giving me one of the best blow-jobs I had ever had.  Not that I minded as I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. When she come up from the water she had a toy in her hand and was massaging herself between the legs. I told her that was not needed as lifted her onto the tubs ledge and I went down and started chewing and licking her pussy. I raised her further up from the water and slipped my penis inside her and we started screwing very gently at first. Then I pulled her from the hot tub  altogether and laid her on the floor with her legs on my shoulder began pumping her harder and harder.  I could hear her as she was enjoying it very much from her moans and finally I exploded my load and we then went to the bed where we kissed some more and I quickly fell into a deep sleep.

When I awoke she was gone. I still did not know how to get in touch with her and she had not even asked for payment. I asked the boys how they made out the previous night and they said they went to a titty bar where they got a couple lap dances but no real action.

I said, “maybe we need to get with our little buddy Roger to hook you up.”

“That’s not a bad idea”,  Bill remarked. ” Not getting none is making me feel out of whack and right now I am horny as hell.”

“Tell me about it”, chimed in Benny.”

“Oh, seriously Ben you are not getting nothing.  What about those two little girls at the bar?”

“Oh, they wanted too much money.” “ Ben laughed  “For the money they were asking I could friggen by the apartment we are staying in.”

About a couple weeks went buy and the companies Singapore accountant came to me and asked if a particular charge was to come from my own personal account. He explained that the company has strict policies on what and was not allowed to be charged to their account.

I said, “Oh, my bad I thought the gym here was free.” thinking it must be because of my daily use at the fully serviced gym in the apartments.

“Not the gym, this.” He showed me a bill for $5000.00 on my company credit card,




“whoa! What the Hell!” I replied.

“The lady you had in your room a few weeks ago, that is the service charge.  Of course sir, Madame’s are very expensive and I understand with your position you get only the best but we cannot charge this to the company.  You must use your personal credit card for these kind of services.”  I was stunned – and the accountant then asked with a smile, “was she good for you? she not go with every tom or dick.  She very exclusive that one.  She is called the princess of Singapore. “He smiled  even broader, “all you have to do is let the bartender know when you want her back.”

Benny saw Roger and said, “Say Roger, you been helping my boys out with some pussy?”

He said“Yes I can help, Good enough but not too expensive.”

“No they run on the cheap side.” I said indicating Ben and Bill.

“what’s the matter boss?” Bill said “You look like you have seen a ghost.  Did you over-draw your bank account or something.” He laughed.

I replied, “Sort of, but I could afford her.  In fact looking back she was worth every penny..”

“Must have been some fine pussy then.” He said,

“Exquisite”, I replied.  Calculating with the champagne, drinks and charge the night had cost me over $6000.

The next weekend the boys were ready to hit the town and Ben said, ““Hey Victor, go with us.  The nightclub scene is not bad here.”

I said, “No I think I will go for broke and hit the Casino’s.”

“That’s a good idea. We haven’t tried that either. So let’s all dress in white jackets and give us the James Bond look. The women will go crazy and they will think that we are rich.”

“Yes, Benny, and probably shoot us all three.” I replied.

“Come on boss, be brave, it will be fun.”

So we were all off to the Casino’s and probably heading for trouble especially with these two legends.

Bill always fancied himself as a poker player so he hit the tables right away. A pretty blonde English lady snagged onto him for the evening so I knew he was all set. Benny of course was a slot machine man and he was going from machine to machine. I was still lonely for the states and truth be told I did have a girlfriend that I had left behind. I was hoping that she would still be there for me when I got home. I went over to the roulette wheel and placed a few bets. While standing there I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and it was Radin.

“Come to tell me the rest of the story about the princes?,” I said.

She said, “Small world, so you finally made it to the casino.”

“How much?” I said

“That’s not nice. In fact it is outright rude.”  She replied.

“You tricked me” I protested,

“No you got exactly what you wanted and what you paid for, didn’t you?” She said.

“I guess if you put it that way. But I can’t help but feeling betrayed.” I said.

“Buy me a drink.” She said

“Can I afford it?” I asked.

She replied, ‘That is entirely up to you.”

Bill had started losing heavily at the poker table so his lady friend told him to quit for a while and come back later. She walked him down the street to a cheap hotel and they got a room for the night. Bill had been lonely for a companion that was American but the Brit would do just as well. She had long legs, blue eyes, and the blondest hair. A long way from England and home, she too was lonely. Bill promised her a ticket home, but she knew he would be like all the rest of the expatriates and in the morning would be gone. It did not take long for them to get their clothes off and jump into bed. Bill like to be a bit rough but not savage. He spanked her bottom making her cheek a bit red but she liked that, so she said. Laying her down backwards so he could come up from behind he stuck his dick deep inside her and started banging her. For some reason he did not want to see her face but he needed relief as a man. Done, both got dressed and went back to the Casino where they again joined up  with us.

After I finished my drink with Radin I intimated to her some other time.

We then all walked back to our apartments.  I said, “Benny, Benny, what are we going to do with you? I just can’t believe you still haven’t gotten laid.”

He said “I am serious boss; I can’t go back home in this condition.”



I said, “It’s only been 5 weeks Ben.”

“I know”, but I am getting desperate.  It is lonely being an expat in Singapore.

Bill had gone back to the Casino a few times but had not seen the English woman. Me, well Radin and I had formed a friendship of sorts, that became a little bit expensive but I enjoyed every moment of it.

Finally, Ben caught on that the little Indian girl who worked in the copy room at the office was making eyes at him. She had to ask him to go out for dinner. He told us they went to a place that served the most delicious chicken and noodles. Afterwards Marge invited him to her apartment. They were watching the TV an Indian station it was a love story when Ben finally got brave he put his arm around her. She cuddled closer to him giving him a kiss. He took the lead and held her in his arms. The next thing Ben knew she was on top of him on the sofa kissing him. He kicked off his shoes and unzipped her dress. He had rather a hard time undoing her bra, so she helped him get her undressed. Finally, naked she placed her legs over the arm of the sofa rubbing her clitoris to get it wet so Benny could penetrate her.

“Allow me”, said Ben. He got down on his knees and started sucking her and licking her to get her G-spot hot. Then he come around the couch where she had pulled herself up and jammed himself inside her with a jack hammer motion. The deed being done, Ben finally had sex and was all smiles. She wanted him to promise to come back again before he left for his home. No problem there, Ben was looking forward to another evening of chicken and noodles with a little “cum” on the side.
Six months had passed and the brokerage was all set up and I knew that I was leaving for the states in another week.  It was my decision now whether to remain in Singapore and head up the firm or return to the United States and have to work under management.  To clear my head I requested from the bartender that they set up my hot tub and ask Radin to join me for an evening of pleasure. I even had our dinner prepared and placed on the patio. She arrived in a red dress with gold necklace and sexy undies that made me hot. While we ate she went on to tell her story about the real princess. It seems that her father a warrior princess had married a commoner and her mother was rejected. His father had burned down their home so they had to flee. As these stories go her father remarried a woman who did not like her. She had plans to kill her a knife was thrust into her heart and she died a virgin. She was buried at the foot of Mount Faber where a shrine was built to respect her piety. It was a beautiful story told by a beautiful lady.

After dinner and drinks I told her that even though I was going home that I had made my decision to return within six weeks and would she consider seeing me as her as a friend not as a paid companion. She whispered in my ear something that is our secret. I told her not to worry I would make arrangements for her. We agreed that we both wanted to be with each other this evening as lovers not as a paid companion. This evening was very special for us both. Instead of getting into the hot tub we decided to get between the sheets. I could hold her in my arms and look deep into the pools of her eyes. I wanted her to look into my steel blue eyes and see that I was in love with her not just satisfying my need for sex.  I liked caressing her tits and sucking on her nipples. She kissed my chest and arms. We slowly worked our way down each others body knowing each special spot. She began by sucking me off so I could have some head. I then spread her legs and started sucking and rubbing her with my little finger. I wanted this to be a special time for her.

I used two of my fingers in her pussy pumping back and forth so that she could feel the energy. She tasted the cum and smiled. Placing a pillow under her legs, I then opened her up and screwed her. We both felt the climax! We both came at the same time! I knew that I really did love her and did not want anyone else to touch her again.

After our night together I could not go back to the states instead I sent the boys home for a break. I told my mother I had to work and could not get free. My sister had already broken up with her boyfriend and was off on a trip to Europe with her girlfriends. So it left me free to stay in Singapore. I had my reasons of course, I went to the Embassy with Radin to find out what it would take for me to marry her and bring her back to the United States. Radin whose real name I found out was actually Karen Marie born in the town of Radin, Mas Singapore. She was raised Catholic and her father was actually from Scotland. That added a whole new twist to our lives. It made things easier because now we had to go to the British Embassy since she was part Scots.

It was reckless, it was unforeseen and never had I ever anticipated even thinking about marrying an escort. I met her parents and they were glad to see that she was going to settle down and get married. They did not have a clue to what she had been doing. I was not about to tell them. I had convinced my mother to fly to Singapore for vacation in the summer. I wanted to marry Karen when mom could be with me. My baby sister had agreed to join her so my whole family could be present. Karen and I were not exactly the sharpest pencils out of the box. By the time we do get married we were also about to be giving birth to our first child. I plan on staying in Singapore it is a beautiful country.


Passion At The Kusu Island Wishing Well

Wishing Well Kusu Island

She had never imagined that visiting a childhood friend on his birthday party would turn disastrous like that. She very well couldn’t have imagined that said friend would be the cause of it.

“I love you” Jack slurred.

He was determined. He had loved Myra for so long, he wanted a relationship and he was going to tell her that come hell or high water. He tightened his grip on her arm and tried to pull her to him. A tight resounding slap shocked him enough to step back from her. She knew that he had one too many and would be regretting it the coming morning. She had always known of his crush on her but he had never tried to be forceful before. It wasn’t in his nature. She had known him for too many years to count. So she knew that he will be beating himself up plenty in the morning because of her.

Myra saw her chance and escaped out into the night. She wanted peace and only one place could help her with that- the wishing well of Kusu Island in Singapore.

The wishing well was situated on the lake with water surrounding the well on both sides. It was a beautiful starry night. The still waters gave off the reflection of the Moon and the stars enhancing the perfection of the night. The quiet and relax that the place brought to her was surreal. She stepped near to the well and took a much-needed breath to relax further. Her eyes closed to absorb the stillness of the night and feel the wind gently caress her.

She was so lost in her mind that she didn’t hear anyone approach.

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?”. said the stranger making her jump in fright.

She turned so fast that she stumbled and found herself being steadied by a pair of strong muscular arms. They screamed of strength and power yet were gentle in their touch. Her eyes caught those of her stranger and she almost forgot to breathe.

‘Beautiful’ Myra thought.’…and so very handsome’

The stranger was a tall man with broad shoulders. She could almost imagine those very shoulders looming over her in the darkness of the night while they lost themselves into the passion. She bit her lip as she continued to take in the handsome stranger. He had a wide forehead, a set of deep dark eyes and a smile curling up at his very kissable lips.

‘Okay Myra’ she thought to herself in admonishment ‘That is enough. What is wrong with you? You don’t even know him.’ The last thought brought her back into the real world.

“I am sorry but do I know you?” She asked

“Um… No actually but I wanted you to.” He replied smiling. “I was at the party too.” he continued with a flick of his head in the direction of the party.

“Huh! I guess I didn’t see you there.” mentally she was berating herself for missing this handsome stranger at the party.

“You seemed occupied,” He said with a shrug and then chuckled “But see my luck that you ended up at this Wishing Well as well.”

She smiled a little at the coincidence and was thankful for this chance.

“It’s one of my favorite places.”she murmured giving a long slow look to the place. It had been her sanctuary for as long as she can remember.

“And now it’s mine too” he replied back instantly making her look at him again. Her breath caught in her throat. She could feel the intensity of his stare all the way to her core. She couldn’t help but be sucked right into those intense eyes that gazed at her heatedly.

He took a step closer to her which she countered by taking a step back.

“I have been watching you the whole night.” he murmured. One step forward. One step back. “I watched you dance and had wanted to come over.” Few more steps and he had her pinned against the railings surrounding the Singaporean Wishing Well. They were so close that they could practically hear each others hearts beating against their chests. “I wanted to feel your body writhe along mine so that I could feel you, all of you,” he growled softly in her ear. “I couldn’t get enough of watching you,” he emphasized with a small nip at her earlobe.

He gently sucked on the earlobe eliciting a deep moan from within her. She was so aroused. She hadn’t felt this turned on by anyone ever. But this stranger had her feeling things by his voice alone. She couldn’t imagine what would it do to her if he did actually touch her.

Only thinking about that, had her squirm and rub her thighs against each other to soothe the ache between her legs.

He noticed that chuckling sexily and hummed beside her ear making her gasp again. He traced his nose along her ear to her cheek down to her neck and placed a small kiss behind her ear. Her weak spot which again didn’t go unnoticed by him and he exploited that. He proceeded to place open mouth kisses there and gently sucked on the skin. Her legs gave away and she began to fall. But he supported her body holding her up in his strong arms. Her legs had turned into jello. They were useless right at that moment. He pulled back after few more moments of sweet torture and looked into her eyes. He wanted to continue what they were doing but he wanted to be sure that she wanted it as well. He had wanted her the moment he had set eyes on her. He could still recall her sweet laughter that had done things to his heart he couldn’t understand. He had churned in jealousy watching her with Jack all night. He had never been the one to be jealous. He had always been the confident one when it came to women. He was comfortable in his own skin but this woman had changed all of that. Something about this woman in his arms was different. He felt something more than just lust. He wanted to explore that feeling.

“I want you so much. Tell me you want it too.” He demanded softly.


Couple Embracing
Photo: Intimate Couple

His breath washing over her face further intoxicating her with his presence. Words failed her so she only nodded. She wasn’t sure that she could even speak at that moment.

“Fuck” he moaned and moved his hands to her hips. He pulled her closer and planted his lips firmly on hers.

‘Finally’ both of them thought in unison.

They started slow but soon slow wasn’t enough. Their hands wandered exploring and groping each other. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it. She opened her mouth for him when he traced her bottom lip with his tongue. Soon they were lost in the deep kiss again. Her hands trailed his broad shoulders, strong muscular arms and her fingers threading through his soft silky hair. He moaned into her mouth when she pulled on them to bring him closer. With one hand still holding his hair, she traced his shoulders and his arms with the other hand. The muscles of his biceps flexing under her touch making her moan slightly. She broke away from the kiss to let herself breath. His lips didn’t leave her skin. He kissed her chin, her neck and sucked on her shoulder blades. Threading his fingers onto her long tresses, he pulled her head back to expose the erotic curve of her neck. He placed open mouth kisses along her neck and traced the hollow of her neck with his tongue.

“Oh God” she moaned loudly.

She just couldn’t take this anymore. She wanted him and wanted him right now. She didn’t believe they would make it somewhere private. At least she couldn’t at this point. She was too far gone for that. She brought her mouth on his again and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. She unleashed all that she was feeling and she didn’t care whoever saw them. Deep down inside, the risk of being caught made her all the more ravenous for the man she currently had in her arms. The man she couldn’t get enough of. He picked her up and sat her on the railings without parting their lips. Her skirt bunching up along her thighs. His hands finding purchase at the soft creamy thighs pulling the material up to expose more of the skin.

“Come home with me”, he panted against her mouth between kisses.

“No” she moaned and deepened the kiss again “Fuck I can’t wait any longer. I want you now.” She growled and started pulling at the buttons of his dress shirt.

She growled in annoyance and frustration when her fingers couldn’t find purchase on the buttons. She was practically shaking with her need for him. Her reaction to him made him want to rip off her dress and have her scream his name into the still night for everyone to hear. He was shocked and completely taken over by the feeling. He had never felt so possessive of someone or had even wanted someone to the point of madness. But he did now. Oh God! He wanted her so fucking much. He didn’t just want to fuck her. He wanted to take his time with her. He wanted to worship every inch of her body all night long. He wanted to savor each second of their coming together. But it seemed it wasn’t going to happen for their first time. And he had no complaints whatsoever. He would make it up for it later. He vowed to himself and wished the Wishing Well to grant him the chance to do just that.

With that thought in mind, he pulled his shirt out of the waistband of his jeans and ripped it open with buttons flying everywhere. The way he ripped his shirt was so erotic to her for some reason. She didn’t waste time attacking his belts and loosening them. The rest was just a blur of clothes-shedding, soft laughs, hands exploring, soft moans and screams of pleasure. It was fast and rough but it was the best sex she had ever had in her lifetime. She had lost count of the number of times she had come.  She bit her lip to stop the enormous smile from taking over her face. She was sitting with her back to his front against the railing that encircled the Wishing Well. His fingers tracing small figures on her bare arms and both of them breathing in tandem. Looking at the well, she remembered coming up here with her grandfather for the first time. He had told her to make a wish. The memory making her smile softly.

“Are you ever going to tell me what are you smiling about?”, he asked. She gasped and sat up straight. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder.

“How did you know I was smiling?”, she asked.

He smiled and pulled her back to him. “I just do”, he breathed into her ear making her breath hitch.

In truth, he had been watching her and it seemed like that is what he was doing all the time ever since he saw her for the first time. But it was never enough. And now that he have had a taste of her, he was sure that he would never stop craving her. He pushed aside her hair exposing her neck and shoulder to him. He then kissed her behind her delicate ear. He had learned that it was her sweet spot and like a charm it worked. She melted against him with a soft moan. Her hands finding purchase in his hairs instantly keeping him there. His hands started trailing up from her thighs to her stomach. But before they could continue their journey upwards, a shrill ringing of the phone startled them. He was annoyed with the interruption.

He picked up the phone and snapped. “Who is this?”

“Don’t snap at me! Where are you?”, his friend snapped back. “We have a flight to make man and you aren’t anywhere to be found. Where did you run off to?”

“Oh Shit!”, he cursed and moved to stand up hurriedly. Myra looked at him quizzically but gave him the way to move. He motioned for her to get dressed. He smirked to himself when he noticed his ruined shirt. “I completely forgot. What is the time now?”, he asked pulling on his shoes.

“It’s 4 in the morning.”, came the reply making him curse some more.

“Fuck! The flight is just in two hours. I have not even packed. I gotta go. I will be there soon.”, he said and hung up. Myra heard the mention of the flight and his leaving. She froze. She didn’t want him to leave. She was foolish to think it could possibly turn into something more. She had been wrong. It was just a one-night thing for him. She wanted to cry but didn’t want to appear weak so she held it in. She decided she would deal with the aftermath when she was safe at her home and alone. She breathed deeply and braced herself for the awkward conversation she was sure that was coming her way.

“I am sorry but I have an urgent flight to make. It’s work related. So, if you are ready, can we leave for my place?” He asked.

“Your place?” She was confused. Why would he want her at his place?

“Yeah my place,” he said slowly and frowned. “Well, I thought… well after last night” he stuttered and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. For the first time in his life, he was unsure with a woman. Did she not want to be him? Was it a one-night thing for her? He frowned.


Couple Embracing
Photo: Intimate Couple


She did a double take but agreed. He smiled in apparent relief.

“I…I just don’t want my time with you to end so soon.” He murmured taking her hand and placing a soft kiss on her palm.

“Me either” she whispered and stepped into his embrace completely. They stood there for a moment savoring the moment with their foreheads touching.

With a sigh, he pulled back. “I really need to leave now. Will you help me pack?”

“Okay then let’s go,” she replied with a nod. “You know you never told me your name.” she accused teasingly.

“You never asked.” he countered.

“I am asking now.” her eyes narrowed.

“No, you are not,” He said pulling her flush against him. He nipped at her lips playfully. “But I will tell you anyway. It’s Jamie” he replied and earned a beaming smile from the women in his arms. He couldn’t resist kissing her again…….

Jamie left that day but he gave Myra his contact details. They talked regularly over the phone. He was gone for over a course of three months. When he returned, they made their relationship official. They went on their first date at the same Wishing Well they met for the first time. The date night concluded much the same as their first meeting.

Having stayed away for three whole months, they were ravenous for each other by the end of the night. But Jamie still had to fulfill the vow he had made to himself. He wanted to worship his girl all night long and he did so in spades. The morning next to that night, Myra woke up to the smell of coffee and breakfast. She smiled trying to bury herself into the soft sheets of the bed. They had returned to his place the night before to continue their date and she was wearing the sexiest of lingerie. And what a date night it had been. She could still feel him in all the right places of her body. She was still completely bare under the sheets.

“Wake up, sleepyhead” she heard the sweet voice of her man calling to her. She couldn’t ignore him. So, she rolled over and sat up bracing herself against the headboards. She pulled the sheets up to cover herself and smiled at the sight before her.

Jamie stood beside the bed with a sweet smile on his handsome face. His eyes shining and full of warmth. He was naked from the waist up and beautiful. He was everything she had ever wanted in a man and then some.

“You didn’t have to do that.” she said as he handed her the coffee and the breakfast tray.

“I just wanted you to feel at home,” he replied kissing on her head. He sat beside her and they ate in silence. After they were finished, he put the tray aside and pulled her to him.

“Thank you! You are too good to me,” she mumbled into his chest. He placed a kiss into her hair and breathed her scent in. It was floral and something spicy. Both of those driving him wild with want every time he came across her.

“God I missed you so much” he mumbled into her hair. She placed a kiss on his chest and tightened her hold on him slightly.

“Me too,” she said.

He sighed. “You are coming with me next time,” he demanded with a pout in his voice which made her giggle.

“What makes you think that I will? she teased looking up at him.

“If you don’t then I will make you.” He growled tickling her. He loved hearing her laugh.

“Stop please” She gasped between her laughter.

“Say you will go with me” he continued tickling her. She shook her head. “Say it”

“Ahhh!!! Okay fine” she gasped “I will”

“I will what?” he pressed.

“I will go with you.” she practically screamed.

“Good! Was that so hard?”

She relaxed when he stopped the attack. She noticed the smug grin he was sporting. She had missed him a lot and had at one point visited the Wishing Well to relive the memories of their first and only night together before he had to leave for business. She had recalled the way her grandfather had shown her how to make a wish. In one of her desperate moments, she had wished for him to come back to her. She was afraid he would forget all about her and find someone better than her. She had been wrong on that account because he had missed her as much as she did. So, the thought of moving didn’t bother her at all.

But she also knew that he wasn’t going to force her to move with him. That thought along with him even considering her moving with him was enough to ensure her that he was in it for the long haul and it was true love. He had so much as said it on our date last night. And he had been perfect this past month. She couldn’t wait to find out what life had in store for her with this great man by her side every step of the way.