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The adultsmart lifestyle community blog is proud to introduce Tanya Simmonds a renowned author of erotica, specializing in the FemDom genre. Tanya is a former criminal defence lawyer who in 2004 wrote her first erotic piece as a result of booking a male stripper. She went on to become a number one bestselling author on Amazon.

Welcome Tanya. So two occupations that are really polar opposites. First off what sparked your interest in criminal law? It was a brave decision to turn your back on a ‘stable’ and ‘lucrative’ career in law.

Put simply – I hated the job. It was originally driven by parental pressure, so I never really had the opportunity to discover my own identity. I was exposed to the most negative sides of life on a daily basis, and the environment thrived on rules and extremely narrow ideas about reality. It was stifling, but I was planning on my ‘jail break’ from day one. I lived very frugally, invested wisely, and after twenty-five years, I escaped with enough money to live off the interest, better than I even had. Freedom is priceless. Emoji

What was the catalyst for you to do this? You got right into it and wrote a novel a year. This would have required some dedication to your work. Where did you find the perseverance as writing can be exhausting and challenging?

I’d always had this dream of being a novelist, and now I had the time to pursue it. However, I needed a resume. I was completely unknown, and some time down the line, I learned that the easiest literary genre to get published was BDSM, specifically maledom. However, there was something about that which unsettled me. My experience had taught me that men dominating women was anything but a fantasy. Then I noticed the flipside of the coin – femdom. At face value, it was absurd and almost cartoon-like, and that made me feel more comfortable. The only problem was – I didn’t know anything about it.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block?

Ironically, the reason I never suffered from writer’s block is because I didn’t know what I was doing (lol). After I posted my first erotic short story two years earlier, I was approached by members of the BDSM community who wanted me to write stories for them. They were more than happy to disclose their innermost fetish fantasies to me, and while it was all a bit jaw-dropping, they gave a template to work with. I also derived ideas from femdom artwork and imagery online. My task was to weave it into a story line with a common theme.

Your novels are quite unique in that they are BDSM FemDom dealing specifically with orgasm denial. I have read in your bio that this subject choice is somewhat inspired as a result of the masturbation prohibition of your partner at the hands of the Pentecostal cult. Can you tell us a bit more about this?

The more I looked into it, the more I became aware that this had to be the hook. Femdom is fantasy. Masturbation prohibition isn’t. With this concept on board, I felt more confident that I could inject elements of reality and believability into the narratives.

Masturbation prohibition can be found throughout history, up unto the present day, especially among certain religious communities and penal systems. From the church-ruled Middle Ages, to the governess culture of the Victorian era, to modern religious cults (especially Pentecostal, Mormon, and Jehovah’s Witness sects) and the US penal system; this demonstrably-lethal and sadistic monster is still alive and well in the 21st Century.

Tanya Simmonds Online

This seemed to be the theme of many of your books. What was it like to write erotica on a subject that you opposed?

Indeed, I am opposed to it. It’s an arbitrary form of torture that carries numerous identified health hazards, both mental and physical. It also demonstrates the most extreme examples of totalitarianism (the denial of an individual’s right to body and thought) for which there is no place in a supposedly-civilized democracy.

Whilst it is graphically illustrated in my novels, the personality types who enforce it are demonized with a wide variety of negative traits (hypocrisy, neurosis, sociopathy, and psychopathy.) The femdom enthusiast will lap up the scenes with eager passion, but between the lines, I am also having my say. One can’t destroy a monster without first showing it.

The following books of a series were written by you – The Paramount Rule – Book 1 The Gaol: The Paramount Rule – Book II Reformation: The Paramount Rule – Book III, Under the Paramount Rule: Tales of Oakpark Grange ending with the book ‘The Penitentiary’ Which was your favorite and why?

‘The Penitentiary’ is most definitely my favorite of the five novels. It was originally written and published in 2012, toward the end of my journey into BDSM literature. The first two, ‘The Paramount Rule – Book 1’ and ‘The Gaol: The Paramount Rule – Book II’ were very much ‘fan-driven’. By the time I got to ‘Reformation: The Paramount Rule – Book III’, I felt ready to put my own stamp on the series. Nothing like ‘Paramount Rule III’ exists anywhere else. The creativity is taken to the next level, along with numerous shock twists, and an array of diverse personality types that leads to the most controversial ending in femdom history.

With ‘The Penitentiary’, I was closer to writing the type of book I truly wanted to write than ever before. It’s very story-based, with elements you wouldn’t expect to find in a femdom novel. Set in the modern era, I used a more contemporary writing style than in the Paramount Rule series, and wrote it as an-almost mainstream novel. In addition to some extremely graphic sex scenes, it also includes strong character development, unremitting drama, action sequences, cliffhangers, and ends with two of the most jaw-dropping twists I ever wrote. It’s what I would describe as a ‘femdom thriller’, and plays out somewhat like a movie-of-the-week.

In many of your novels there is an integration of fact and fiction that has been twisted to fit the fictional femdom tyranny. Things like the penis guillotine, the nullifier, and incarcerated ban on masturbation. Did you do much research on these things?

Yes, I did, and it still horrifies me. Whilst I don’t know of any such thing as ‘penis guillotine’ to have actually existed, I did discover a few terrors that seemed to be heading in that direction. During the Victorian era, inner-spiked penis rings were fitted upon young boys to prevent night time erections. In places like Somalia today, young girls are routinely clitoradectomized by their own family members as a means of preventing sexual pleasure and ensuring chastity. Religious dogmas about sexual desire and masturbation continue to traumatize the young and impressionable in some sections of society. It has also led to documented teenage suicides. Fed on a diet of hellfire myths that make them terrified of their own sexuality, over which they have absolutely no control; it’s really not difficult to see how such tragedies can occur. And all in the name of totalitarian control.

The US penal system employs an anti-masturbation rule in most prisons today. The idea underpinning it is to prevent prisoners from ‘getting it out’ and masturbating in front of female officers as a means of intimidation. That’s fair enough. The problem is in the wording of the rule itself. It simply stipulates ‘masturbation’ and makes no reference to specific circumstance. A vindictive corrections officer can report an inmate if she catches him masturbating discreetly under the sheets with the lights out as a result of this lack of specification. This usually sends the inmate to solitary confinement for up to two months. When young, virile men are incarcerated with no access to any sexual outlet whatsoever, testosterone is going to be rife. This, in turn, will increase aggression and endanger the very lives of the officers who seek to enforce the regulation. In the UK and Europe, such a rule would be considered a serious human rights violation – as is solitary confinement. Both fall under directives which prohibit cruel and unusual punishment.

The paperback book business has taken a knock over the years with online and a couple of your publishers went bust. How has that impacted upon your career? It has been said recently that ‘The Penitentiary’ is going to be your last novel. Why?

After I wrote The Paramount Rule Trilogy, it was taken on by a publisher in the UK. Soon afterwards, they went bankrupt. It was then picked up by a publisher in the US, but they wanted me to re-edit the Trilogy into a series of stand-alones with no plot connection to one another. I reluctantly agreed, and after the release of the first one, I was head-hunted by several other publishers of erotica. These titles (The Paramount Rule, Prisoners of the Governess, Reformation, Reformation: Stronghold, Under the Paramount Rule, and The Penitentiary) were ultimately released through four publishers between the US and the UK. But, alas, it was not to last. The last publisher folded in early 2016, and the publishing rights returned to me.

In 2017, I decided to polish up my original, unpublished series, The Paramount Rule Trilogy, and release them myself. By November, 2017, I had self-published all five titles on Amazon and initiated a marketing campaign. That’s when I saw my publisher’s problems for myself. Virtually no book promotion companies will touch these titles. All of them stipulate ‘NO EROTICA’. In addition, Amazon suppresses them from public visibility so they are very difficult to discover by chance. Amazon have also recently started banning books of this nature outright. It’s only a matter of time before I receive an email from them, telling me my books have been removed from sale.

I have a plot in mind for ‘Penitentiary 2’ and I’ve had a few requests for it. But what could I possibly do with it? It would be an enormous amount of work, not to mention the expense of cover design and initial promotion (albeit with only four promotion companies that will touch them.) With so much against me, I cannot conceive of where I could go with it now.

What is next for Tanya Simmonds?

Other than being at a loose end, I do enjoy life. I travel a lot, so it’s a lot like a living vacation. Emoji

For anyone who might be interested, ‘The Paramount Rule – Book I’ is currently FREE on Amazon Kindle:

Paramount Rule Free

With Me In Seattle Series – Kristen Proby

Adult Stories

With the popularity of the 50 Shades series, there seems to have been a resurgence in literotica and romance novels. For some of us nerds, it’s always been popular though. I must admit though, that it has been a while since I have found a book series (erotic or otherwise) that I have enjoyed reading as much as Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle series.


I know what you’re thinking. The last mainstream erotic novel series that I read was 50 Shades and I didn’t like it, I’m probably not going to like this one either. Well my friend, you’d be missing out on a good easy read. Kristen Proby has a talent for descriptive character writing. Each character has their own distinct personality, a nice departure from the usual 2D characters that we usually see in romance novels.


With a writing style that switches between character perspectives in short chapters that don’t disrupt the flow of the storyline, suckering in to reading ‘just one more chapter’. Before you know it, you’re at then end of the book wondering why there isn’t more. Lucky for us there are 10 Williams/Montgomery stories to read.


The series is best read in published order because each story builds parts of each character and subsequent books reveal more of each storyline, weaving it into the family story.


Adult Book Review
Kristen Proby Book

Book 1 Come Away With Me

Nat is a talented local photographer with killer curves and a sassy smile. Luke is a movie star who shies away from the flash of the Hollywood lights. Will their whirlwind romance survive after his publicised meeting with ex-lover and an unplanned pregnancy?


Book 1.5 Under The Mistletoe With Me

After 10 years of marriage and the arrival of a new baby, could Stacy Montgomery be any more in love with her husband Isaac? But now, with the added stress of a baby, mysterious text messages and late night hushed phone calls have her questioning her husband’s faithfulness. Could Isaac really be cheating on her?


Book 2 Fight With Me

There’s just no way that Jules Montgomery can let her attraction to Nate McKenna put her career in jeopardy. They’ve already broken company’s no fraternizing policy with a hot, steamy one night stand. How can she resist the tattoos, motorbikes and mind-blowing sex? But will a secret from Nate’s bring their world crumbling down?


Book 3 Play With Me

Who can resist the charm of Seattle’s star Quarterback, Will Montgomery? No woman so far,. But that all changes when he meets Jules & Nat’s strong, independent college friend Megan McBride who is determined to think of Will as an arrogant football star who’s just after a good time. He’s determined to change her mind. Will she ever be able to admit to herself that he may just be the only man she has ever fallen in love with?


Book 4 Rock With Me

Samantha Williams has been burnt by fame before, so why would she let superstar frontman Leo Nash of the band Nash, in to her life. There’s no denying their sexual attraction. But is her fear of fame holding her back from being with the man she loves?


Book 5 Safe With Me

Brynna Vincent has just found her ex husband murdered in his home and nows she’s on her way to stay with her cousin Stacy and her family, the Montgomerys. Her and her two girls are in danger since she’s only one that can identify his killers. Keeping people safe is what Caleb Montgomery does best. But has the former navy seal’s affection for Brynna and her girls affected his ability to protect them or can their love help heal past wounds?


Book 6 Tied With Me

Matt Montgomery is one of Seattle’s finest detectives, but he has a penchant for the less mainstream things in life. A chance encounter with a dark haired beauty at fetish festival is cut short by a family emergency. Wedding cakes aren’t usually her thing, but Nic Dalton’s friend Brynna was getting married and how could she say no. Turing to return to her car after setting up their cake, she stands face to face with the man who’s image she will never forget. Will Nic and Matt give up enough control to each other to be tied for life?


Book 7 Breathe With Me

Mark will never forget standing on the front porch, heartbroken by his first love Meredith who has chosen her dance career over him. Now, 10 years later, after the death of her mother, Mer returns to Seattle and in to Mark’s life. Can they put the past behind them and rekindle their love?


Book 8 Forever With Me

After the death of his mother, only child Dominic Salvatore yearned to know more about his birth father. The product of his mother’s short affair with an American businessman. Who knew that this search would lead him straight into loving arms of the Montgomery family. For years, party planner Alecia has hosted every event for the Montgomerys, from baby showers to weddings.


Book 9 Stay With Me

Beauty blogger Amelia Montgomery returns home to Seattle after 6 years in LA. She didn’t expect to fall in love with her sexy neighbour Wyatt, a successful architect who is enthralled by his new neighbour, but will he be able to handle the skeletons in her closet?


There are 2 other novellas in the series that follow the stories of Matt’s detective partner Asher and Nic’s best friend Bailey. There is even a cookbook that ties in to the series with recipes that celebrate love, family and delicious food.


So, if you’re after a heartwarming, pulse quickening, sexy read then this series is a must. I warn you though, you may need to set aside a week to read them all. One you start, you won’t be able to stop.


Happy Reading Folks xxx

From your friendly oh zone consultant!


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