Wooden sex toys… won’t I get splinters?

Timber sex toy
The never ending myth about all wooden toys is… but won’t I get splinters? I mean, when you think about it does any wooden furniture you sit on splinter you? Or your timber bed frame? What about that wooden spoon you use to cook? Exactly, none of these splinter you! So why would a sex toy that’s been carefully crafted for your bodily bits and bobs!
When looking to buy a wooden sex toy, keep in mind the things you’re wanting out of it, maybe a nice bulge for your g spot? Or maybe just a simple straight up and down! Wooden toys have just as much variety as regular toys. Even butt plugs!
Sustainability The beauty of wooden crafted toys is that the majority of people make them out of scrap wood which has either been given to them or picked up from scrap yards. This makes them extremely eco friendly toys, a big tick in the books of mother nature! The premium quality toys are coated with a formula that won’t ever chip or crack off, making them safe to use for a long time. They are also totally non porous when covered with the right coating!

How to Choose a Quality Wooden Toy

When choosing a wooden toy it’s important to read their descriptions thoroughly, as this is where you’ll learn about what wood they’re made from and what coating has been used. Try your best to avoid a “natural finish” wooden dildo, as these are more susceptible to coating damage and taking in moisture and bacteria. Another coating you may come across is something listed as “non-toxic food grade/body safe coating” which commonly is a wax and oil mixture, while these kinds of coatings are totally body safe, they will eventually wear off, so it’s best to avoid a butt plug coated in this material unless it’s only being used once or twice. It’s important to always check your wooden toy over from top to toe to make sure they’re not losing their coatings. There are a few wooden toys with medical grade coatings, but they’re mainly
manufactured through a company called Nobessence.  These types of coating will last the test of time better than any other coating.

How to Test Your New Toy

After purchasing your new wooden toy, you should do a “water test” and try and do these regularly. The water test is super simple, just fill your bathroom sink up with some luke warm water and submerge the toy for an amount of time (5 minutes is usually enough), and then take it out and dry it off. Once dry check the wooden toy’s coating all over for any cracks or shedding, also any white bubbles or similar looking defects. If you spot anything like this contact the manufacturer or store you bought it from and do not use it. This means it’s now a compromised toy and can harbour dangerous bacteria.


Your wooden toy should be stored in a specific way. Although sitting in a drawer with all your silicone toys won’t cause any significant harm, it’s important to look after the outer body of the wooden toy. If dropped on a hard surface or left rolling around you can damage the coating resulting in porosity. Most wooden toys will come with their own padded storage bag, but if they
don’t, it’s important to invest in one, it can be simple to make your own out of bubble wrap, or a google search will help you find one.
All in all, a wooden sex toy is a brilliant investment, safe and friendly to the environment and totally unique. Be sure to use some water based lube for ultimate pleasure and easy movement. And once finished, give it a good clean with a gentle toy cleaner! Feel free to give the Adult Lifestyle Centers a call to ask any further questions or find out about our range of toys!
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