Mainstream and Dating Apps Facts Every Adult Must Know

Technology has now made it possible to do almost everything online –do business transactions like meetings and conferences, teach, learn, make, submit or present a report, buy and sell, and even find love. Who would have thought that even love can be found in the virtual world? Thanks to dating apps and websites!  People seeking for a partner visit these apps and sites with high hopes of finding he one’. Broken-hearted individuals, on the other hand, turn to these apps and sites as a way of moving on. Who knows, they might give love a second chance if lucky enough to find someone who’s willing to stay with them for a long time – if not forever.

All About Mainstream Dating

These days, looking for Mr. or Ms Right is just a click away! Unlike the olden days where courtship for months and years is a must, quite a few people of today’s generation get married only a few months after meeting online. There is really nothing wrong with that as long as the couples stay true to themselves and keep the love alive after meeting in person. According to statistics, there is an increasing number of couples with different nationality and race who get married each and every year because of the fact that dating apps and websites can be used by people from any part of the globe.

Mainstream Dating apps and sites are everywhere. With so many to choose from, make sure to find the one that best fits your personality and lifestyle. There are dating apps and sites for religious people, mostly Christians. There are also some that’s exclusive for professionals. While these apps and sites are mostly for heterosexuals, there are also ones for individuals who choose and prefer a different sexual orientation. There are apps and sites mainly intended for homosexuals, bisexuals, gays, lesbians, etc. This means there is an app or website suitable for everyone – young and old alike!

The Truth about Adult Dating

While some people use mainstream dating for love and affection, others use adult dating apps for casual sex and maybe more. People use this kind of apps for entertainment and pleasure. These apps are online dating platform but intended for finding, chatting, and meeting like-minded people for sexual activities. Users of this kind of apps surely do not like long-term dating and cuddles; they are after casual hook-ups, one night stand, and pure sex.

Others even specify on their profiles that kissing is not allowed. In some cases, individuals who just got out from a painful break-up turn to this kind of dating platform as a means to forget the pain through o strings attached’ sex and friends with benefits’ kind of situation.

Using Mainstream and Adult Dating Apps: How to Get Started

Like every app or website, it all begins with a working email, unique password, and catchy username. As a general rule, you have to be 18 years and older to be allowed to sign up. Your name, age, and location are the most basic information required. You have the option to disclose your real name, age and address but for security reasons, many people do not and will only do so upon meeting or dating someone in person.

After filling up the basic info, some apps and sites will let you say something about yourself, your likes and dislikes, and describe the kind of person you prefer or want to meet, date, or even have sex with. This is the part where you basically ell’ yourself; make sure to come up with an interesting description to attract others. Be specific and honest with your likes and dislikes and do not write vague statements that will only confuse other users. When it comes to describing the type of person you are looking for, be straight to the point. Do you want someone who is tall, dark and handsome or maybe skinny, tan and petite?

Mainstream Dating versus Adult Dating: How They Differ

Survey: The questions you will be required to answer in dating apps for casual sex are direct and strong like “Do you want a date before the first fuck?”Some apps only need a es’ or o’ answer. Given that ‘maybe’ is not an option, you have to be sure with what you click. Your answers to the survey will reflect the kind of person you want to flirt with and ultimately reflect the kind of person you are.


Your profile picture and basically all photos you upload in a mainstream dating app or site must be wholesome, showing less skin as possible. You don’t want to make a bad first impression, especially if you are on a dating app for Christians or professionals. Adult dating apps, on the other hand, require sexy pictures. Most men and women show a lot of skin; to the extent, naked.

Care, Love and Affection versus Mere Pleasure and Sex:

Mainstream dating is wholesome in nature, while adult dating is somewhat erotic. People who believe in fairy tales and happily ever after may visit the former. The latter, on the other hand, is for people who want casual sex and momentary pleasure. Perhaps a short time to escape reality! To set the right expectation, adult dating apps for sex is definitely not the ideal place to find love. In rare cases that it happens, maybe only 1% or 2%.

What’s the Catch?

Again, there are countless mainstream and adult dating apps out there. Because of this, always make sure to read reviews before finally downloading anything. There are dating apps for casual sex that’s purely for free, while there are also those that come with a cost. It is up to you if you want to pay a monthly subscription, just be sure you are getting the most of what you pay for. The app should have all the features you want and need.

Date app choices

Choose a dating app that guarantees utmost security. Given that you will be posting pictures of yourself – naughty ones for sure – ensure that you are always safe. You do not want to avail or pay for something that will only jeopardize your identity.

7Best Tinder Alternatives!

When it comes to going online in search of a partner, rarely anything works as well as dating apps. And when we mention smartphone apps that you can use to find love online, the first thing that comes to your mind is Tinder, right?

But what if we told you that Tinder isn’t the only dating app out there that works? There are in fact more than a few applications out there that work similarly or just as well as the most popular one does, so in that name, here are the 4 best alternatives to Tinder.


OkCupid has been on the very top of the online dating industry for quite some time now, so the existence of their dating app comes as no surprise.

Unlike Tinder, this app focuses on refined results based on people’s interests and dislikes rather than making choices based mostly on someone’s photo. However, there are some flaws to this app, seeing as most of OkCupid’s app features are closed behind a paywall.


If we had to choose a dating app that takes the most direct approach to matching people up, it would definitely be Happn. Not only does it have an interesting and unique premise upon which it was built, but it actually delivers romantic happiness ever since it first appeared.

Happn takes into account not only your preferences but also people that are in close proximity to you. It reads your location to provide you with potential match ups with individuals who are nearby, therefore allowing you to act quickly on first impressions, which is usually a good thing when it comes to online dating.


Although some people may find this app a bit discriminatory, Bumble has actually proved to have a pretty decent system that produces results. The app is pretty similar to Tinder itself, with one crucial difference – only women can initiate contact on this app.

How does this exactly work if men are unable to start a conversation? Well, for starters, women get to avoid any possible pickup lines that can come their way and, if they do initiate contact with a man, it implies that they’re already interested in him which leaves him with only one job: not to ruin it.


Skout is a fairly fresh addition to the online dating app industry with more than online matchmaking in its scope. Much like Tinder, this app allows users to either ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ others, in the addition of letting them connect with individuals from foreign countries with whom they can become friends.

In all honesty, it’s very rare for a dating app to feature something other than helping people find potential partners for a romantic relationship. Most apps nowadays focus strictly on the romantic aspect, so having a unique one such as Skout around provides online daters with a breath of fresh air.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Although a number of new dating apps have been released recently, only some of them brought something new to the table, and Coffee Meets Bagel is one of them.

This app focuses mostly on giving women greater choices, and it does that by filtering out their potential matches according to whether a guy has shown an interest in them or not. Basically, the app first sends 21 suggestions to men each day at noon and lets them pass or like women’s profiles. Then, according to those results, Coffee Meets Bagel sends suggestions to women and allows them to initiate contact.


When talking about Tinder alternatives, it’s only natural to assume that the list will be populated by apps that work similarly to the most popular dating service. However, there is one alternative option that comprehends online dating in a completely different way.

While Tinder does its best to match you up with complete strangers, Hinge tells us that the best way to find a partner is by searching among the friends of your friends. It’s all based on psychology, which states that your friends will most likely have other friends who have the personality that is same or similar to yours. This model of matching up has shown amazing results so far.


All of us have different criteria when it comes to picking a person for a romantic relationship. But while all other apps on this list consider only general factors, there is one Tinder alternative that mostly focuses on education and professional status – EliteSingles.

Those of you who want to find a well-educated partner that has a great professional and academic background will love this app, given that over 90% of the members are 30 or older and more than 80% of them have a university degree.

It promotes matching people up based on their qualifications rather than their love of books or dogs, which can be a pretty good thing for those who dedicate most of their time to education and work.

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Stefan Guest Post

Perils of Dating Online

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Dating Online can be a cruel world and I think that when you’re ‘anonymously’ on the other side of a screen, it makes it worse. There are many Perils of Dating Online. We live in an age of ‘keyboard warriors’, people who will post some of the most vile comments for what they think is a worthy cause or worse, just because they’re on the other side of a screen and think they’ll get away with it. Everywhere you look, from restaurant reviews, to dating apps, to facebook messages to even gaming community boards – there are vitriolic, hateful and sexist comments.There are some people out there who just get a rise out of people, not because they hardheartedly support a topic but because they can or it is fun to them. Without the keyboard, if these people were to talk to you directly, I don’t believe that 80% of them would talk to anyone with the language that they have used. because in real life their a consequences to what you say.

‘Reviewers’ have destroyed businesses because someone has posted an ‘injustice’ done to them with no understanding of the actual context of the events, this has led to businesses receiving death threats, hurtful and hateful reviews and comments which have no basis in actual reality and/or fact. Dating Online, or even finding a date is sometimes one of the toughest things to do. You might just have left school, started a career and getting out there in the world, or you might have been with someone for years when suddenly they upped and left you. Either or, it could be a vulnerable place you find yourself in and then you have to bare all for the dating scene. Sometimes if you don’t reply to someone quickly enough or decided not to respond, you can get a lot of messages from someone you don’t want contact with. Or you might get the odd dick pictures here or there but that is just one of the Perils of Dating Online.

Online Creepy Man
Photo: The Perils of Dating Online


This ‘window shopping’ environment can be soul crushing especially when you’re on the receiving end of it all. I get it, you have your preferences, your fantasies, your habits and we live in a world of instant gratification where you can type in gay Asian Porn and that’s precisely what you’ll get. Yet there is a discrepancy between the idea that your porn preferences are not deemed as racist, yet your ‘preferences’ on Grindr are, and many people actually struggle with the idea that specifically listing your race likes IS racist. On one hand, you can’t particularly blame them, it’s an ‘insta-sex app’ and they’re essentially listing their ‘preferences’. In can also be quite tough if you begin a lot of conversations with people and so many people just don’t end up being anything like they say. Or when you meet them they can end up being a cat fish and try to scam you for your money. Then when you meet them they are a completely different person.

What they don’t realise is the damage this causes, and the damage that some of the responses cause. You might be comfortable to a certain extent with your body, mind and sexuality (Though, arguable considering the explicitness of some of the ‘preferences’ listed), but the queer world is already shallow enough without it being explicit. By listing preferences, you’re essentially slamming the door in someone’s face, by commenting ‘Ewww, you’re ugly’ to someone is downright degrading I have personally had someone write back, ‘I can see why you’re in an open relationship’ when I obligingly sent him a photo of my partner. What?

Yes, Grindr is an instant sex application just like Tinder, but you don’t go to a restaurant and only ever order the same thing every time. By limiting ones self, you’re not truly exploring the world and I think that that is quite a sad thing to do – just because you’re not instantly attracted to them does not mean you ever will be, and by limiting yourself you really do not know what you could be missing out on. That’s the problem with online dating, you’re given a small confined space to ‘sell’ yourself on, and quite frankly to encompass ones personality on a page means you’re inevitably selling yourself short.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.Ed


Dating Safety Online

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Finding Mr. or Mrs. right can be challenging, especially in our fast paced society. With our lives moving at the speed of light, the dating of yesterday is becoming a thing of the past. Before internet dating you would meet someone face to face, be set up on blind dates, or try your hand at speed dating. But now technology has changed the face of dating as we know it!  Lets make sure that if you do it you can Safely Date Online. Internet dating has become a popular option to the conventional methods of yesterday, but the question comes in how can it be safe? Internet dating can be just as safe as any other form of dating, provided you do your homework. It may seem like you are invading their privacy, but I assure you this is the key to your safety!

Probably the easiest way to tell if they are legit is to use your senses (and no not just your emotions), I mean look and listen. Pay attention to what they tell you, what hobbies are they into. Look to see if they have images of them doing these activities. If someone says they like to surf, I would expect to find a picture of them surfing. Make sure that they are someone that you want to meet and that their interests complement yours.  You don’t want to be dating a man that is heavily into bondage if you are not.


Fancy Event Couple

The next question I would ask myself is how many pictures are they making available to me? Do they have a lot of photo’s on line? If so this is a good sign, check to see if any one the people have been tagged in these photos. A huge red flag should be if they only have one picture (even if they claim it is a new profile, they should be posting more quickly). Don’t be afraid to use the tags either! Click on these people, and see if anyone has actually met this person! I don’t know how many people that have fallen victim to a scammer, that could have avoided it just by talking to some of the friends that are pinned. Any reasonable person will understand being concerned about safety. Just be upfront with them that before meeting, you will be contacting a few of their friends (I suggest 3, it gives you enough to verify the person but not so many that they think you are stalking them). Also don’t tell them which three you want to contact or let them choose the people for you to contact.

If they aren’t keen on you using their friends, at a minimum use Google. Yes these documents can be forged, but it is better than just taking this person at their word. But to be honest I have yet to find someone that disagreed with me contacting their friends. Usually there have been one or two that I was requested to avoid, but for the most part I have been given free rein. Stay vigilant if the person always has some emergency come up at the last moment and can’t make their scheduled plans. I can be understanding of something once, but more than once and I start to question their honesty.  There are so many options when it comes to verifying the identity of the person you are talking to.

Now when it comes to meeting there are a few more rules. I try to stick to something during the day, and in a very public place. Going out to eat is a safe option, but if you go somewhere nice and they serve alcohol try to only have one glass. If you have to leave the table, order a new drink when you return (to be safe).  Don’t agree to something you would not usually do – especially on the first date.  If he wants to take you to a strip club or adult shop on your first date you can almost rest assured he is expecting something from you that you may not be prepared to give.  Set the ground rules firmly in place. When it comes to getting there, always make your own travel arrangements both for the trip there and home. You don’t want someone you just met knowing where you live. Things might seem fine however, it will take a while to know for sure. It’s not worth the risk.

I also usually phone a friend for safety. They will serve as my spotter for the date. I let them know where we are going, what time, I also have them call me 30 minutes into the date. I excuse myself and use the restroom, at this point I can decide how I feel about the date. If things are going well, I simply return to the table when done. If I have a bad feeling, I make up an excuse to leave (usually a crisis at work). At the end of the evening I will also call this friend to let them know I made it home safely! At the end of the day on line dating can be a fun option to met people. It just means changing your dating rules!

Good luck and happy safe dating online!