What A Way To Spend A Weekend – Lelo Ida Review!

Lelo Ida Review

Well what a way to spend a weekend in! Doing a couples sex toy review on the Lelo Ida a pleasure object that is designed to be used with your lover. The first thing is how does it stay in place during couples play? Part of it is worn on the inside of the vagina whilst the other half with is ultra-flexible from the base of the device. Once inside it fits snugly but firmly unlike the we-vibe that tends to more a bit. I found it more comfortable to wear as it did not pinch, move about or have any gaps that caused me discomfort and funny noises. It self-adjusts and the inserted arm has a curve that goes upwards and presses against the G-Spot.

It vibrates both on the G-Spot and on the base so your clit as well as your G-Spot get a work out. As the base is of a reasonable size it is also very comfortable and as the rumbling vibrator does its trick it takes almost no time at all to achieve an orgasm. Literally I came before my boyfriend had even thought about entering me.

As it is a couples sex toy, and certainly having warmed up we had sex with the Ida in and it was certainly more than a satisfactory appearance. As the Ida has SenseMotion as our bedroom antics gains momentum so did the vibration waves from the Ida Sex Toy ending in a climactic experience for my lover and I. It was a two thumbs up experience and after the first try am seriously considering packing my we-vibe away for the Ida as its replacement.

My concerns from the outset were that it would not remain in place during sex but it did. That it was too large to accommodate both my beau and I but it was not – however in saying that it certainly did fill me up and any larger and I don’t think I would have liked it. I loved that it self-adjusted.  Speaking with my boyfriend he said that it certainly made me feel tighter and you have to love that. He said that he had to use extra lubrication initially but once he got going it was very comfortable and the vibrations on the arm added to his intercourse experience. As he thrust inside me I also noted that the amount of vibration on my G-Spot intensified so it was a win win for us.

It’s definitely going to feel tighter, and we know that guys always love that. My boyfriend’s reaction was very positive once we got past the initial:

“Oh no, what if it doesn’t fit!”

stage and readjusted. We did use lube to start (water-based because it’s a silicone toy) but I am also the type to be naturally well lubricated once things get going. He did not experience any of the discomfort he had with the We-Vibe. This is partly because of the intelligent design of Ida and also the ultra-smooth silicone it’s made of. The way the rotating arm is shaped ensures that it’s not going to batter his penis or compete with it during thrusting. It works with you, rather than impeding things. He really enjoyed it and once we both got used to it, sex was great, during position changes, and different thrusting tempos and intensities. The toy did its thing and he loved the additional stimulation as well as seeing my reactions. It’s definitely something he said he wants to try again. Next time, in the shower, since Ida is waterproof.

As the toy has a wireless remote it can be used as a solo toy that can be controlled by either you or your lover and it is a couples sex toy that I would rate a 9 out of 10. This is my Lelo Ida test and review and next I will let you know all the different sexual positions that you can use it with.

As the toy has a wireless remote it can be used as a solo toy that can be controlled by either you or your lover and it is a couples sex toy that I would rate a 9 out of 10. Next I will let you know all the different sexual positions that you can use your Ida from Lelo.

Lelo being an innovative sex toy company that it is has created a visual instruction guide as to all the different positions that you can use the Lelo Ida in. These instructions also come in a booklet that comes with the Ida should you purchase it. Never be worried about thinking of positions when they are mapped out for you in this easy to use and read guide.

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LELO Ida lover’s guide

More sex toy companies should think outside the box and supply resource material such as these to guide lovers to having better couple sex. So this is the LELO Ida lover’s guide!


Tease and explore before nestling Ida™ in place, as the man slides in beneath to share the vibrations and rotations within.

Image: LELO Ida Missionary Position

Doggy Style

Ida™ rotates against the underside of his penis while massaging her G-spot, bringing new sensations that lead you both to the most intense climax imaginable.

Image: LELO Ida Doggie Style


With her in the driver’s seat, Ida™ lets you both build a rhythm that matches the rotations; a perfect position for sharing simultaneous orgasms.

Image: LELO Ida Cowgirl Style

On the Dance Floor

Take your sensual secret out on the town and switch between the modes of Ida™, as you both dance to a whole new rhythm of pleasure.

Image: LELO Ida Dance Style

Tease Him

Add a touch of water-based lubricant and wrap Ida™ around the base of his penis to let him share the rotations and vibrations, as you tease him to the point of climax.

Image: LELO Ida Tease Him

Legs Over Shoulders

Allowing him to control the pace and tempo, each thrust intensifies the vibrations on the clitoris, while enabling more intense rotations right to the G-Spot.

Image: LELO Ida Legs Over Shoulder

Her on Top

With Ida™ nestled inside, this position allows her to control the rhythm and watch as he melts into ecstasy, overcome by sensations he has never experienced before.

Image: LELO Ida Her On Top

Tease Her

He turns Ida™ on and runs teasing circles around her clitoris to simulate oral pleasure before applying intense vibrations to lead her to the point of climax.

Image: LELO Ida Tease Her

Date Night

Head out together for a romantic night and surrender the wireless remote to him so he can surprise you with an instant burst of pleasure at any time.

Limitless Possibilities

Sharing the pleasures of the Ida™ couples’ massager promises an exciting new journey to explore together. Be bold, experiment and let your imaginations run away with you.

So here is hoping that the Lelo Ida review has helped you learn more about Lelo Pleasure Products and couples sex toys. I hope it helps to make your love life more fulfilling and enjoyable.



Talk With Your Partner About Sex!

Elderly Couple Holding Hands at Dinner

Men, unlike women rarely discuss sexual experiences with other men, especially about those they love as it is a deeply personal matter. They are fast to share details about random hook ups,  their friends know about but are rarely open about the women in their lives. On the other hand, women are open and rarely keep secrets-in fact, they can discuss how they do it and what really turns them on. Groups of men will rarely go into Adult Stores together, whereas the opposite is true for women. Perhaps this is partly the aftermath of Sex and The City.

The challenge is, most people who think they know a lot about sex, still have a lot to learn about the same subject. There’s always new things to explore.  You can ask yourself some questions like are you confident in bed? Do you think your partner is entirely satisfied with you? Do you by any chance think your partner might find the girl or man next door better in bed? Most importantly, are you still willing to learn? Well, then you are a perfect candidate for sex education, and often the best sex education is found in adult shops.

elderly relationship talking thoughtfully

Unlike common belief, sex is learnt and not acquired. No one wakes up perfect in bed; it is a combination of theoretical understanding of human anatomy and practical experiences that brews satisfying sex. Imagine having a good time with your partner, enjoying sensual sex for long and none of you is ready to stop. Imagine rolling from the bed to the floor, intact and romping it off? It is time you improved your sex life with sex education products.

Learn different sex styles by either reading magazines or erotic books. There are so many uncut DVDs that expose the secrets that everyone makes in bed and offer the best remedy for better sex life. It’s important to note though that it’s kind of like a cook book, whatever you do, however you make it it is not going to turn out exactly the same. So long as you keep your expectations grounded and realistic, you’ll be fine. Find out what is likely to turn your partner on and go for it. Sex is about understanding each other, and while kissing alone can be sufficient foreplay, to some there is more to great foreplay than just touching and kissing. It is about truly understanding each others body, and for that the best remedy is to pick up new techniques, try them and refine them and keep on practicing!

Most of the publications, tutorials and DVDs are works of great sex experts who understand what men and women really want. Cultivate a culture of reading and learning how to do it right. Even though some partners are bold enough to express their dissatisfaction in bed, some are likely to keep it to themselves. If you’re struggling to find out what your partner is thinking, consider having the post sex shower debrief. Subtly train them by commending them on what you liked. I.E

‘I loved it when you did XYZ’

– this is about positive reinforcement.  Actually, some partners will not say a word, but do they really have to say anything for you to understand that there is a missing button in the equation. Come on, use your eyes and body well. The problem is that most people concentrate on attaining an orgasm as opposed to really letting it naturally with proper sensual sexual experience as well as focusing on their own sexual needs and desires.

The choice between erotic books and DVDs is tricky, but the answer lies in understanding what you really want. Visual images created when watching adult DVDs are implanted in the brain and you can even do it practically while watching. On the other hand, you can read anytime you are free, say when travelling or over coffee in the evening – think about what you feel would work best for you and your relationship. Before buying any tutorial or DVD on sex, you must really understand what you believe is missing and how you would like to improve it. Shop online and sift through a wide collection of adult education material and rejuvenate your sex life today!

Introducing Sex Toys to Relationships

Woman on Bed with Gift Photo

The web is flooded with adult literature and most of this information revolves around the use of adult toys. Sex toys have become very popular among the people of Australia along with the rest of the world. Nowadays, people whether they are men or women, single or married believe that there is more than just the conventional ways of sexual activities. They want new & innovative things for their sexual experiences to make them more exciting and pleasurable forever. For this, couples sex toys are the ultimate option for them in which involvements of their intimate partners need not to be essential but is preferred. They can enjoy these sex toys by themselves and get their lovers to join in after or their lovers can use these sex toys on them allowing for an intimate and fun time. There are various adult stores and online retailers in Australia, which are dealing with these toys by considering peoples’ sexual needs and requirements. Most of these stores provide affordable deals for the customers as per their desires and whether buying online the customer can rest assured that the purchase will be kept confidential and expediently.

Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship:

The first step to introduce sex toys to your bedroom is therefore to understand the benefits to be derived from its use. Armed with this information, you should gradually introduce it in your bedroom through casual communication and teasing your partner. See how they respond to know your next course of action. Any healthy sex life makes room for trying out new things like sex positions, fetish, and bondage among others. This prepares the room for trying out more and better ways to realize the ultimate sexual satisfaction with time.

There are some partners that are persistent and will stick to their guns why they don’t think adult toys are a good idea. Well, grab the clue and claim you aren’t interested either, but only try it once to get the feeling. Most people gave kept off the use of toys because they feel embarrassed to move to a shop counter, point at a toy, pay and take it home. People are always looking and therefore, if you share the same worries, then you can always shop in the comfort and safety of your home. Some toys for proper vaginal and penis play are designed to conceal their real identity.

It is fun to use sex toys in your bedroom but only if your partner loves the feeling. If you enjoy the initial experience, you can gradually introduce something bolder based on your expectations. Once your partner is hooked, feel free to consult with them what you would like to go for next. Surf through the many collections on the web; consider the colors, designs, shipping, costs among other factors. Don’t be surprised if they offer to make the next purchase.

Benefits of Using Sex Toys:

Sex toys are used to enhance your sexual relationship and don’t replace your partner. There is a multitude of reasons why people use sex toys including:

  • Partner’s is overconfident: This problem is about next case scenario: your partner tries to pleasure you, but every time when you are intimate, he acts like he is Sex God whose every touch makes you moan and orgasm. However, moans and orgasms do not happen-he is not doing it right! Do not think right away that it is really bad luck to end up with great guy who sucks in bed. Sometimes they’re just used to doing something in a particular way which is just not your way. Which is totally okay! It’s just how you handle that situation without hurting his feelings and still getting what you want. It is probably that he started doing something in certain way from the beginning-and you didn’t object because you thought it was the right thing to do. So, naturally, he has the idea that he is doing everything as it should be done. How to overcome this problem? Heat things up with porn DVD and give your partner a private show with female vibrator. Show him how you do it to yourself, without much talk. He will surely try to replicate it. If he is verbal type who likes “dirty talk” tell him about what you are doing to yourself, and how that makes you feel. You could even tantalisingly tease him by giving him a phone call when they’re on their way home from work where they can’t really say much in return, but can certainly listen to you go for it!
  • You and your partner have different libidos: It is not so rare that men have low libido, but not many will admit it. This can cause many women who have higher libido then their partner to feel bad, to feel that they are not attractive to the partner, or that they have problem with nymphomania. Do not worry, you are not nympho and it is completely normal that you want sex more often then your partner, especially if there is an age difference whereby you both hit your sexual peaks at different times in your lives. Also, this doesn’t mean that you are not attractive to your partner. It is simply a fact that your and your partner’s libido are not on the same level, and you have to accept it. Do not take it personally, and pleasure yourself when you feel desire. Get yourself some of sex toys online and make the most of these.
  • Assist medical problems: You can feel shocked when your partner can’t achieve erection or can’t ejaculate, or maybe he ejaculated even before he entered you. These are problems that happen to young men and men in their prime, and older men. Basically all me succumb to issues like this every now and then and the reasons for this are physical or psychological-more often psychological. If this happens only occasionally, there is really no reason for worry. Your partner is probably under stress or is simply going through rough period in life. This can also be caused by bad nutrition or lack of exercise. However, if this happens too often, or always-it might be a good idea to visit sex therapist together. They will hopefully be able to locate the underlying cause and suggest solutions.
  • Enhance sexual lifestyle: When you two just got together, you were in heat. You wanted to have sex everywhere and any time, very often and in every possible position. Now, after some time has passed, you feel like your sex life is everything but interesting. And believe us-this is completely normal! Many couples after years of relationship get stuck in sex routine: they know when and where they will have sex, like they are on a schedule. Couples who are together for long period of time know exactly what turns on partner, and this is reason why they “play safe” every time. However, it is good to break the routine and remind each other of fun you had in the beginning of the relationship. Go online and visit best adult stores. Buy any of adult novelties and surprise your partner. He will surely be more than happy to take part in this game!
  • Sex toy’s don’t replace your partner: Forget about the belief that sex toys are mainly designed for masturbation because there are so many couples in the world who use them to improve their sexual satisfaction. You may experience multiple orgasms with your toys but there is no day they will substitute real human love. Adult devices are not harmful at all and they are only designed to make your sex life better and not to replace your partner’s efforts. Sex involves many things; from vagina and penis play to kissing, cuddling and even watching porn together. There is no crime so long as it is what turns you on.

Where To Buy Couple Sex Toys:

Sex toys are available in a wide range from the tame ones to the totally crazy toys for adventurous couples and others in between. For a couple wishing to try the wild aspect of sex life, there are some crazy sex toys sold at the best adult stores and you must surely have them in your drawer.

  • A new site couples-sex.toys has been launched and provides an informative guide as to the top 10 couples sex toys purchase and provides useful information as to how to use them and what they are designed for.  With the aid of this resource customers can confidently go online or to a retail store and make educated decisions of what product is right for their intimate needs,
  • The Oh Zone group of stores make it their mission to provide the best adult stores in Sydney that cater for all including men & women whether gay or straight, couples and disabled.  In such as sex positive outlet doing a bit of research  will only help.  There are various tabs on the couples site that will provide detailed information about sex toys including links to other resources and retail outlets. This will help you to locate the store nearest you or online. A prominent store of Australia, Adult Smart has huge varieties of sex toys for men as well as women including male masturbators, chastity restraints, OVO, dildos and vibrators along with various others.  They always try to sell branded products which could provide the ultimate orgasm to the people and they could be fully satisfied like real intercourse. Thus, you can buy various top 10 couples sex toys online in Australia at reasonable prices.

Types of Couple Sex Toys:

  • Accommodator Dual Penetrator: The first of these sex toys is the popular accommodator dual penetrator which the man wears when having sex with his partner. The penetrator works like the cock ring but with this toy, you can enjoy double penetration without having tri sex. Your girl will thank you for the double penetration and you won’t have to engage in threesome sex.
  • Prostate Massager: Another sex toy for the adventurous couple is the waterproof prostate massager. With this toy, any woman can give her guy a killer and mind blowing blowjob that will leave him feeling weak all over. The woman gets to massage his guy’s prostate when having oral sex and this will surely result in more intensified orgasms. For a man, the prostate is his g- spot and there is nothing better that a girl can do than stimulate it with this toy.
  • Penis Extension: Perhaps you have come across The Rhino when browsing through your favorite sex shop online. This toy is basically a penis extension and has so many uses. By placing it on the penis, you will have a thicker, longer cock that will make your girl crazy after you penetrate it in her vagina. This versatile sex toy is preferred by most couples as it really huge, very thick and extremely long. It is a great device to experiment with your partner what a huge schlong can do. Finally, always remember that how wild and kinky you get will depend on your creativity and attitude.