Sex Toys That You Will Want For Christmas

Xmas sex

With Christmas just around the corner, you may be looking for some presents for your partner, whilst jewellery or the latest games console are good fall back presents, what if you want something to help with your intimacy?

In any case, sex toys are a sure fire way to bring a bit more fun or spice into your sex life, then sex toys are the way to go.

As a generation, we are much more open to talking about sex than every before, and sex shops are no longer called ‘private shops’ they are well known brands, with store fronts on most high streets.

However, sex toys remain something that many people are embarrassed about, so let’s go through some tips on buying the right sex toy for you and your partner.


Talk To Your Partner

The best thing you can do when thinking about adding sex toys into your life, is to have an open conversation with your partner about what you both like, and what you’d be open to.

This doesn’t have to be an in-depth, therapist type conversation, but it should be as open as you can be, with some discussion about what you both would like.

Sure, it can feel a little embarrassing, but the more you talk about it, the less embarrassed you will be, and you will find yourself enjoying sex even more – if that’s possible!


Solo Toys For Women

You may want to start looking at some solo toys to give to your partner, for the times that they are alone, and want to have some fun.

There are so many different types of toys out there that it can be a little confusing.

Some of the more well known toys are the rabbit type vibrators, which are penetration devices, with different vibration speeds and those well known rabbit ears for clitoral stimulation. These toys are the classic ones, and were probably the first sex toy to become fashionable and start people having more honest conversations about sex.

The massager wand type is another classic, beloved by many women around the world. This toy however, is not suited to everyone, as it can be a bit more on the forceful side, so choose the model with care.

There are so many newer types on the market now, including some which even claim to imitate oral sex, the Lelo Ora 3 review gives a good overview on this highly praised toy.

There are different types of clitoral stimulators available that work in different ways, such as the bullet types, some of which come in waterproof varieties.


Solo Toys For Men

If you are looking for a solo toy to give to that special man in your life, there are many options too for them.

The most well known solo male toy is probably the fleshlight. These toys have played their part in  making male sex toys less taboo, but they are falling out of fashion now, in their place are the far more discreet and just as pleasurable newer designs of mastrubation sleeves.

Cock rings are available in many different varieties. These can be used solo, to provide extra vibration, or when with a partner, as they are bound to enjoy the vibrations too!

Prostate massagers are also very popular these days, and many come with a remote control to allow you to fully enjoy a solo experience.

Butt plugs are another classic, and much safer than inserting a non-sex toy into this are – always use a flared base! Butt plugs have also expanded their varieties. The bog standard ones are still available of course – everyone loves a classic. But, newer vibrating designs are available, some with a remote control to make everything a lot easier.


Toys For Couples

Many of the toys we have already gone through can also be used with your chosen partner, or partners, but there are some toys that are specifically geared towards couples.

We have already discussed vibrating cock rings, that give pleasure to both parties.There are also some toys that can be used whilst giving or reciveing a oral sex, such as the BlowYo which is a silicone ring that covers the bottom portion of the penis, that makes oral sex feel much more, well, orgasmic.

The WeVibe, and it’s imitators, is a toy beloved by couples. One end rests against the clitoris, whilst the other inserts into the vagina providing G-spot stimulation, as well as vibrating against the penis shaft.

If you are away from your partner, there are even toys that can be controlled via an app, so that you can come together even when you’re apart.

Whichever toy you decide to go for, remember to be safe and enjoy yourself, and always discuss consent.

Kinky festive ideas that will be sure to get you on the naughty list

Xmas Naughty List

A comical Christmas article.

What’s that?


3 weeks until Christmas?


That doesn’t give us much time to get ourselves on the naughty list.


If you’re finding yourself in short supply of ideas, try some of the below as a sure way off the Nice list and onto the naughty list this holiday season. Afterall, the nice list is overrated, and Diamonds are made from coal. Wink wink.


Make or Gift Naughty Coupons


A set of IOUs, gift cards and vouchers for the user to cash in at any time for whatever is written is sure to cause a stir. Let your imagination go wild and tailor your kinky vouchers to your lovers needs, they could include a sensual massage, foot worship, anal frivolities or public sex. Remember, these vouchers can be used at any point in time, unless you add in some print. Come in store to see our own selection of coupon books to add to your festivities this year.


Hang Mistletoe Everywhere!


Mistletoe dates back to norse and viking lore where the beautiful plant could bring back the dead and protect you from evil spirits. While in modern times, hanging mistletoe or standing underneath some gives you the opportunity to get a kiss. A lot more simple in European countries where there is only one species of Mistletoe, Australia; turns out, is the birthplace of Mistletoe with over 90 different species and subspecies of the plant spread out across the mainland. Tasmania sadly, being the only place where the plant does not naturally grow. Here in New South Wales, in the Blue Mountains, Mistletoe is a long red and yellow flower and grows abundantly. Hang it everywhere and get kisses (consensually) from you lover at every point you can.


Dress Ups


Lingerie, costumes, tinsel and more. Deck yourself out in christmas wonder for a ho-ho-holiday strip tease


Christmas Flavours.

Add some of your favourite flavours, cooling mint lube, or Wicked Vanilla bean. For something extra special try the Jo Gelato Range Creme Brulee for an oral dessert sensation like no other.


If not flavour but rather sensation, make sure you try On Ultra Clitoral Arousal oil with its already naturally festive ingredient cinnamon that vibrates, tingles and sets you afire with desire you or your lover will feel absolutely electric.


Or why not try heating our cooling lubricants by wicked?


Festive Pornography


Indulge in supporting the adult entertainment industry and buy or rent some pornography with a christmas or holiday theme. Pop some on and settle in with your loved one and get all steamy experiencing festive fantasies, or make your own. Tell Erika on Xconfessions your deepest darkest fantasy and the website may choose to make them into a kinky screen time adventure.


Festive sex positions


Did you know that there are positions that can have you trussed up like a turkey ready to be stuffed? Sounds quite festive doesn’t it?


Lying on your back, you will need rope, or fetish tape, your lover will need to truss your knees up, bent up towards your chest. The same with your arms, so that you cannot move. If you so choose, you can add decorations or lights.


Beautiful Shibari style rope can be styled between the legs to mimic a christmas tree and hang baubles off for aesthetics.


Yule Log- Lying on your sides, (one person big spoon, one little spoon) Big spoon penetrates little spoon keeping thighs pressed against each other for deep and close contact. Like logs in a fireplace.


Candles and wax


With plenty of celebrations lending to the holidays with candles, why not try some of our kinky fetish candles or massage melts? Simply light the wicks and enjoy the sensation of hot wax or oil drip and slide onto the body leaving exquisite rimmulutes and patterns along the body. Wax play is a form of sensual temperature play that can be used in conjunction with sensory deprivation or is just as good as a stand alone. Please see our article on Wax Play for more information.


Sexy Christmas Card


To cap the festivities off, why not send a naughty christmas card to your friends with a cheeky holiday message. Or send a polaroid dressed up (or down) to your lover with an equally naughty message full of holiday cheer.


Here are some of our top picks


  • Let’s be environmentally sustainable this year and save Santa a trip by being Naughty this year. Merry Christmas.


  • I Like your Candy Cane. Happy Christmas.


  • If you like my ornaments-you should see my box.

  • I can get you on the naughty list. Merry Christmas


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