A Very Kinky Christmas

Naughty Santa

So you want to give the gift of kink this Christmas, but have no clue where to start? Well lucky you, you’re in exactly the right place to find out! We can start basic and work our way up, whether you’re an amateur or a real A list Dom we’ll have something for everyone.

First things first, are we talking just adding a bit of spice via sex toys to have orgasms? If so, here are a few for all my people out there looking;

You can start with the basics, even just a bullet vibrator to help rest some wrists and fingers (even they deserve a few public holidays off). For this I’ve got two obvious choices:

Maia Jessi
This bad boy is one of the strongest bullets you’ll get that won’t break the bank, this one comes with 10 functions, 3 speeds (which will rock your world) and 7 pulse settings, fully waterproof, rechargeable, and comes with a 1 year warranty? This gets a big yes from me, as I tell all my customers this guy was my best friend for 2 years, and fixed my life after a breakup, before I delved further into the toy life.

Lovense Ambi

Now we’re getting a little further up the chain with this guy, but as we all know Lovense is my one true love of the sex toy word. Ambi is shaped like a T, with a little handle for you to hold (good bye numb fingers and hand cramps), one end of the top is the standard bullet shaped while the other sports a pointed tip for pin point vibrations and leg shaking orgasms. As with all Lovense toys Ambi here connects to an app on your phone, so whether you’re spending Christmas with your person or not, the connection will still be there and you can have your very own version of holiday sex thanks to the internet!

Now we’ve got the option of toys that you can use together.

We-Vibe’s Chorus

This toy is a crowd favourite, with it’s bendable shape making it perfectly fit to the contours of your body, it’s ability to be used during sex and on it’s own get it’s very far. My favourite part is how versatile it is though, if you’re not a fan of using it during sex that’s totally normal, you can wrap it in your hand for handjobs, it can be placed under the chin to turn your tongue into a vibrator, and of course you can use it as (what I like to call) Sexy Clicker Training, where one party wears the Chorus internally while they give the other head. The  one receiving the head controls the squeeze remote and squeezes when they get a sensation they like!


Okay that’s enough toys… For now. Onto the little things.
You want to try a little more, you’re thinking fluffy cuffs. I think otherwise.



I’ve done a whole blog about this so I’ll keep it brief, but the intricate red design contrasted on the black is amazing, the softness of the inside of their cuffs, collars, everything. I’m really anal (pun intended) about all my things matching to a degree and the fact that their whole range sports the same patterns and colours just itches my brain in the right way.


This is a good and pretty inexpensive way to spice things up, taking vision away from someone is an awesome form of sensory play, I’m sure we’re all aware that taking a sense away heightens the others, blindfolding during sex is no different. Taking sight away means running a feather across the body is going to feel 10x more exciting.

Massage Oils
I don’t need to say much on this, who doesn’t love a massage? Buying any of the oils in the Wildfire range will get you ready to go, they’re not overpowering but they still smell great and include aphrodisiacs, need I say more?

Bed Restraints
What could possible be better than having your partner tied to the beg and waiting. It’s so sexy when they’re not able to use their hands and can only use their words. By the way, it’s a good idea to have a safe word for this, I know it’s nothing too crazy but when trying out new things you never know what that person is going to feel.

Ball gags
You can get breathable ones for the beginners, you can get elastic straps, buckles, chewable silicone balls, hard plastics, everything to suit everyone, they’re a fun little step into bondage.

These are a good replacement for your hand, regular round paddles are fun for an even dispersion of the hit, spit tip crops are awesome for getting the perfect smacking sound, and then regular floggers are super good for getting a lot of little hits in one go.


There’s more but we’d be here forever, whatever it is you get your people for Christmas I’m sure they’d love it, and coming in to see your friendly experts at Oh Zone will guarantee a Very Kinky Christmas.

Sexy Santa’s Gifts Just For Her – Stocking Stuffers

Woman dressed in sexy lingerie

So you’ve got her the big gift, it’s wrapped and under the tree, you‘re happy with what you got her; good for you. But wait, where do all these other gifts keep coming from? Why do so many have your name on them? Uh-oh, you thought she meant it when she said she didn’t want to go overboard this year didn’t you? You thought one present would cut it? Pfft… Rookie. And to make matters worse Christmas is like HERE! But don’t worry Sexy Santa is here to help, saving inept gift buying men from themselves one week at a time. This week we will be looking at stocking stuffers

What Is A Stocking Stuffer?

No, this isn’t a sex thing. A stocking stuffer is smaller gifts given around Christmas, a stocking is not necessarily required, but it’s nice. We have a heap of amazing stocking stuffers at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and below are some of my favourites.


Ok so lingerie may not seem like the most original gift idea but it’s a classic for a reason. We carry an incredible range of lingerie but my favourite is the Fantasy lingerie range. Their range is a great mix of different styles of lingerie (sets, teddies and nighties), some costumes and they are plus size inclusive so there really is something for everyone.

Lingerie by Fantasy
Image: Fantasy Lingerie Range

Massage And Body Oil

Massage oil is never not useful! One of the best massage and body oil brands I’ve come across is by Earthly Body which is made out of hemp seed. They come in a range of amazing organic scents and are so nourishing for your skin, I’ve actually let mine replace my usual body moisturiser.

Massage and body oil
Image: Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage And Body Oil

Massage Candles

If the normal oil isn’t your style or you’re just looking for something a little more fun, Earthly Body Edible Massage Candles are for you. The way these work is; you light the natural soy candle, it will melt and once melted the soy candle will turn into an incredible soy massage oil and body moisturizer which is also edible. They come in a range of flavours including strawberry, watermelon and ice-cream and they make any room (or store) they are in smell incredible.

Massage candles
Image: Earthly Body Edible Massage Candles

Something A Little Funny Or Cheeky

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a reason to laugh, so don’t forget about all the hilarious novelty products we carry at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. A bell that says “Ring for Sex”? Check! A pair of love dice that will randomly choose your sex positions? Check! Or even just a mini shot glass that says “I ♥ Peckers”, we got it all and more.

Novelty adult bell and mug
Image: Ring For Sex Bell And I Love Peckers Mug

Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are used to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, this can help with vaginal tightness especially after having a baby. A funny little side effect of these balls however is that they also tend to put women in the mood. Whether it is having something inside them, the moving weights or maybe just the idea of having a strong pelvic floor, many women report that these little balls do more for them than just provide a work out.  We carry a range but my favourite is the Je Joue Ami training set. It comes with three balls of different weights and shapes so when she is too buff for the intro weight she can move up.

Kegel exerciser set
Image: Je Joue AMI Progressive Kegel Set

Hand Cuffs Or Restraints

Tis the season to try new things! Maybe this year for Christmas give her a gift that comes with a promise, namely I want to tie you up! We carry a huge (seriously huge) range of fetish gear at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres but if you are just starting out I recommend buying her a set of hand or wrist cuffs. My favourite hand cuffs at the moment are the Fetish Fantasy Series Fancy Cuffs. These are a heavy duty cuff with a little sparkle, great for those who want a little glamour with their submission. If wrists cuffs seem more your speed I’m very into the Bare Bondage Series currently. They replace the heavy leathers and fabrics with clear vinyl restraints making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Handcuffs and wrist restraints
Image: Fetish Fantasy Series Fancy Cuffs.And Bare Bondage Series Cuffs

A Whip Or Paddle

While we are talking BDSM I will take this time to recommend a whip or a paddle. They can be lots of fun and aren’t about pain but are more about finding different definitions of pleasure. My favourite paddle is the Bad Romance Pink Paddle, it is cute, really nice to use and gives a very satisfying sound when swung. If Whips and Paddles aren’t for you, maybe try a feather tickler for a different sensation. My favourite is the LELO Feather Tickler because it is just pure luxury, and let’s be honest sometimes we all just need that.

BDSM paddle and a feather tickler for sensory play
Image: Bad Romance Pink Paddle and LELO Feather Tickler

That’s all from me for this year, I hope I’ve helped your Christmas shopping be a lot less painful and way more pleasurable. Have a Merry Christmas!


Sexy Santa

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

Sexy Santa’s Gifts Just For Her – Clitoral Suckers

Sexy santa with 6 pack

This Week: Suckers

Welcome to December! You have 24 more shopping days until Christmas. Panicked? Worried? Breaking out in a cold sweat because last year you got her something terrible and you don’t want to make the same mistake again? Don’t worry I’m here to help. “Sexy Santa’s Gifts Just For Her” is a series I am writing all December to help you not suck at buying her presents. I realised I needed to write something when I kept seeing customer after customer come into our store with little idea on what would make a good gift (also I was inspired by my ability to find them the perfect gift, but not to brag). Basically I’m helping you cheat at Christmas shopping, you’re welcome.

This week we are looking at my favourite type of clitoral sex toy from the last year, the “sucker”. I wrote a review earlier this year about the Womaniser an how it transformed how I saw and used sex toys, now I am here to step you through the different types and brands of suckers so you can pick the right one for her.

What Is A Sucker?

The correct names for these toys are clitoral suckers. They use pulsating air (which creates the “sucking”) to stimulate the clitoris, and they are amazing!

Before I had one, I didn’t really see how they would work for me. While I am a clitoris girl, I don’t like direct suction on the area so I thought no, not for me. Long story short I used it, I was wrong, they are incredible and super-efficient. Most women who have used a sucker report back saying they came much quicker than normal (around 2 minutes) and many said they had a much more intense orgasms as well.

OK, So Now Onto The Christmas Gift Options


The Womanizer is the best known sucker on the market. They are kind of like the “Apple” for suckers. They were one of the first clitoral suckers on the market and because of this they have a lot of brand recognition and it is a name she will probably recognise. I have a Womanizer and I love it, for me one of the best things about the Womanizer brand is the thought put into the design, both from a style perspective (Womanizers can come in awesome prints and colours, some with jewelled buttons and more) and from a user perspective (they consider the ergonomics of a toy like designing it with a longer handle for easier use etc.). This is the sex toy to buy if you have found the one and want her to know you just how much you love her.

Handheld clit stimulators for oral stimulation
Image: Womanizer Product Range

LELO Sona And Sona Cruise

LELO equals luxury. I often describe them as the Ferrari of sex toys. Their entire range is beautifully crafted and pretty much the best you can buy. No one would be unhappy finding a LELO under their tree so when they brought out some suckers in time for Christmas I was super keen. Now these suckers claim to work a little differently, using sonic waves to more efficiently and completely work the clitoris. They released two in their range the Sona and the Sona Cruise. The main difference is the Sona Cruise has cruise control technology so it:

“maintains the same intensity even when the mouth is fully pressed against your body.”

The reviews for this toy are insanely positive and knowing LELO I’m not surprised. This will be a sure fire hit so hurry in now and buy one!

Luxury oral sex toy
Image: LELO Sona

Satisfyer Pro Range

This range is like the Womaniser’s less expensive cousin. They have similar sex toy designs as the Womaniser range and come in a wide range of options. This is a great starter for many people who maybe aren’t sure if they would like the “sucker” as a sex toy. Don’t let the lower price point fool you however these ones are MIGHTY and this will become a quick favourite.

Most purchased oral sex toy range
Image: Satisfyer Product Range

Combo Suckers

A number of brands have released vibrators that also come with suckers. The Rabbit Company has The Kissing Rabbit which has a sucker on the iconic rabbit clit tickler. The Hiky is a combo with a sucker on one end and a vibrator on the other. The Instant O from Evolved is another option that keeps the traditional rabbit shape but entirely replaces the clit vibe with a sucker (The Kissing Rabbit keeps the clit vibe function at the same time as having a sucker). These all vary in price and in use but all attempt to combine a more traditional sex toy with the sucker. This could be a good option if you don’t want to put all your eggs in the sucker basket or are just buying for someone who likes a little variety in their life.

Rabbit vibrator with a clitoral sucker
Image: The Rabbit Company The Kissing Rabbit
Shots Toys Hiky Photo
Image: Shots Toys Hiky
Evolved Instant-O An Oral Sex Toy
Buy Now | Clit Suckers And Stimulators

Prices vary across brands.

So there you have it, Sexy Santa’s sucker recommendations, couple any of these with beautiful massage oil or some nice underwear and you have a gift that will make all her girlfriends jealous.

Don’t forget that the reason for the season is giving, so what better thing to give than orgasms. These types of sex toys for women really do make the world go round!

Happy shopping.

Sexy Santa

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres