Ramp Up Your Collection With The Adam & Eve Ultimate Couples Collection!!

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The Ultimate Couples Collection made by adult company Adam & Eve is founded in North Carolina, United States of America. The Adam & Eve Ultimate Couples Collection is a great sex toy set for couples looking to rejuvenate their relationship by adding a few things into the bedroom. It is a great beginner’s get to start off with, so you are able to experiment in the bedroom with a little bit of everything. Every time you use an item from the Adam & Eves Ultimate Couples Collection you will learn something completely different about yourself and your lover. The Adam & Eve Ultimate Couples Collection is priced at $149.99, I’ve found when I have initially shown this to couples they have shied away from it due to the price. When I take the sex collection down from the shelf and explain that when you work it out, you’re essentially getting seven sex toys all priced at $21 each. You then start to see the bargain of this kit.

Adam & Eve Ultimate Couples Collection includes:

  1. Ben Wa Balls
  2. A Penis Sleeve
  3. Vibrator
  4. Cock Ring
  5. Teardrop Bullet with Controller
  6. Small Butt Plug with Suction Cup Base
  7. Anal Beads

Next, I did a little experiment and decided to walk around the store and find the closest product we had with regards to the shape, material and size. I did my best to match each product included in the set. In the same order as the previous list these included:

  1. Odeco O-Ball: $24.99
  2. Adam & Eve Tickler Sleeves Set: $39.99
  3. Aphrodisia Wild Flirt Dildo Vibe: $39.99
  4. Max Passion Power Ring Cock Ring Set: $19.99
  5. Aphrodisia Dainty Sparkle: $24.99
  6. Anal Factory Small Silicone Plug: $34.99
  7. Play Candi Bubble Gum Anal Bead String: $14.99
Couples Sex Toys
Sex Toy: Adam & Eve Ultimate Couples Collection

As you can see, only 2 of these items drop below the $21 it works out for each item in the Adam & Eve Ultimate Collection Set. Some of them are almost double what they would be in the set. Altogether it works out $200 to buy all of these items individually therefore, the overall worth of this set is justifiable as you save $50. However, I will say this would only make sense if you actually wanted everything in this set or say 5 or so items from this set, where when buying 5 of them individually you’re paying $150, you essentially get the last two free (first 5 add up to $150). I believe buying them in a kit is a good idea if you would like to save time so that you don’t have to pick up a bunch of separate products.

The only item I dislike out of this set is the Penis sleeve, which doesn’t even feel nice in your hands, let alone on your penis. It is made from quite stiff silicone which works for the other products, but this one is so heavily ribbed inside and out that it would just be uncomfortable for the wearer and the receiver. This was confirmed when I read a few customer feedback reviews on Adam & Eve’s website, where they also said it was extremely uncomfortable to wear.

Aside from that, everything else is really good in the set… The Ben Wa Balls included are a good size and weight to start with or to use as an intermediate kegel exerciser. The Teardrop bullet was surprisingly strong and quiet. It also had a super long cord which is good. Some of the cords attached to some egg vibes are so short I don’t see how a partner could possibly control the egg. The beads and the plug are a good size, shape and material. Soft silicone but hard enough to insert easily. This makes them great for beginners and intermediate users. The cock ring is a great size and has a good amount of elasticity to stretch to bigger sizes.

The Teardrop Bullet and Vibrator are both powered by 2x AAA batteries, which are supplied in the box.

I noticed on the box it also said all toys come with a 5 year warranty which is really good!

Therefore, this set is of great value for any couple looking for a few items to add to their bedroom collection for an affordable price.

P.S. I don’t know why the cord looks so short on the bullet vibe in that photo, it’s actually very long