Sex Toys Are Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults!

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In Australia the CoronaVirus is having an impact on us all.  Social distancing laws, social gathering restrictions reduced to two persons in a public space has made it impossible for many businesses to continue trading.  The public health advice is to stay home unless for shopping for food or essential items.

The Australian Prime Minister was asked:

JOURNALIST: So what is the rationale in that case for keeping shopping centres, apart from food shops, open?

PRIME MINISTER: Well, what we’ve said today is you should be only going out to shop for things that you actually need and you should be doing it on an irregular basis. I’ll give you an example. Our kids are at home now, as are most kids, and Jenny went out yesterday and bought them a whole bunch of jigsaw puzzles. I can assure you over the next few months, we’re going to consider those jigsaw puzzles absolutely essential. It’s important that parents and families and households can get the things that they need to completely change the way they’re going to live for the next six months at least. And so what we’ve done is sought to be practical about these issues. I mean, people are buying sporting equipment at the moment, gym mats and things like that so they can exercise at home. These are things they’re going to need. 

So for all those people out there getting ready to be isolated, jigsaws are things your children are going to need.  SEX TOYS are things adults are going to need.

Cornavirus Safe Shopping Sydney July 2021

Click & Collect Shopping CoVid Safe Shopping At Adultsmart.  Adultsmart is conveniently situated at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah in Sydney’s South.  The telephone is (02) 9533 7217 and the Covid trading hours that are subject to change are 9am-10pm Monday to Sunday.

Click and Collect Services allow you to order and pre-pay for your purchases online.  You can browse at your leisure when visiting an online store and choose the items that you could otherwise not do in store because of Covid restrictions.  It also allows contactless purchases if you choose to utilize a service like the Adultsmart Contactless Click and Collect Option


Lets face it online dating will become just that – as to ‘hook-up’ is no longer a safe option and you cannot very well meet for dinner, at a cafe or for drinks.  Meeting someone new is going to be a virtual romance.  AND even if you do – bearing in mind the 1.5m social distancing rule, kissing is out and unsafe.  So far no-one has reported getting the CoronaVirus from sexual intercourse but with no foreplay I do not think that is going to happen.

Sex toys – especially those that run from an app may be the way to consummate a new relationship.


No longer can you take your partner (married or not) out on a romantic date.  That is a thing of the past and will be for many months to come.  There is some humor that at the end of this pandemic the divorce rate will soar as couples realize that they can no longer stand each other, whilst also at the other end there will be a baby boom as those that do, will.

But 6 months with your partner – we need to spice that up!!!!  And what better way than introducing sex toys into your relationship.  There are sex toys for couples, male pleasure products and of course vibrators for women.

Adultsmart online sex toys store will remain open for business hopefully throughout this pandemic so take advantage of the amazing range of adult products that are ready to make your isolation not just bearable BUT FUN!!!

And for the moment you can still visit one of our stores which by the Prime Ministers own example is considered essential shopping for adults.  Sex aids and products will enable you to stay at home, breaking the monotony or isolation in the most pleasurable way.  So if you are not ready to buy online then visit one of our Adult Stores that are open for business FOR NOW!

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Sex Toy Shop Like A Pro

Couple On Bed Talking About Sex Toys

People are usually embarrassed to talk about their sex lives even though it is one of the biggest problems that almost everybody faces. People prefer to keep it a secret and confined within their bedroom walls. It is recommended to talk to a health professional like a doctor who may advise you to use sex toys to relieve your built up sexual tension.

Using sex toys is one of the easiest ways to fulfill sexual needs and desires if it is lacking in a person’s daily life. If sex toys are used in a relationship, they are used to enhance the amount of pleasure which is experienced during sex which can lead to an effortless orgasm. Sex toys can provide various types of pleasure depending on the functions that it is. For example, some sex toys vibrate, others rotate and some even pulsate in a natural thrusting movement.

There are sex toys which are available for both men and women. Women can buy products like vibrators for g-spot or clitoris stimulation and Kegel balls to perform pelvic floor muscle exercises. Men are able to buy masturbators which have realistic and non-realistic designs and prostate massagers for anal play. There are also couples sex toy which are available that include strap-on dildos, couples vibrators, strapless vibrators, cock rings and much more.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Sex Toy Shopping?

Most people are open minded about using sex toys and can easily visit a store. But if you are new to the experience and are shy in nature, there are online sex toy stores where you can easily make a purchase without having to worry about leaving the comfort of your home.  There are some advantages of buying sex toys online which include:

  1. You do not have to buy the Sex Toy in a public store and hence no one will see you making a purchase.
  2. Online sex toy companies deliver their products in closed boxes which do not disclose any information about the contents of what’s inside your box or where it is from. Your neighbours will not have a clue about what’s inside the box from just seeing it.
  3. You can save some money by buying sex toys online, this is because you are not paying for the price of the store manager or consultant.
  4. You can easily read up on the sex toy’s warranty by reading the product description most products will be replaced if they have a manufacturing or design fault.
  5. Online sex toy stores have refund policies where you are able to return them if they are faulty, not as described or damaged.
  6. Online sex toy store you do not have to worry about shipping costs as most offer free delivery services.
Couples Who Love Sex Toys
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How Do I Find An Authentic Sex Toy Shop?

To begin shopping you need to find an authentic store that has a proven track record of happy shoppers. You will need to be careful, sadly there are fake companies out there who may take your money without sending you a product. In order to weed out the fake companies you are able to compare the customer reviews of various stores to find out which ones have the highest and lowest amount of trust. You can also ask your friend on what stores that they recommend. I recommend shopping at Adultsmart as it is highly rated on Trustpilot with over 185 reviews. They have an extremely high rating which means that they have customer services staff who offer high quality services and that the products that they sell are 100% authentic.

Have A Look At Honest Sex Toy Reviews

Once you have found a trusted sex toy store, it is then recommended to find websites and blogs that provide honest product reviews. They will talk about the quality of the product and the best ways to use the product. They will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly. This way you are able to make a purchase that is not only based upon knowledge about the product but also on what other people have experienced when they have tested the product.

When Shopping Keep In Mind Whether You Have Any Allergies

Before purchasing a product, you should ask yourself “Am I allergic to sex toy materials?“.  Many people forget or do not bother to check the type of material before they make a purchase, ensure that you check whether you are allergic to the material that it is made out of.