Are You Looking For The Best Porn Magazine In The UK?

Finding the best porn magazine is no longer easy. However, London Prive is about to change all of that. When you are looking for the ultimate adult experience in the United Kingdom, Prive is the one source that you can rely on just like a reliable playboy magazine.

What Is Prive All About?

Let’s be honest. Finding the perfect adult companion is not always straightforward. It is not only about companionship, it is about what you can do when you spend time with your adult companion as well.

As we know, London is a bit of porn niche.” The UK capital is one of the best places in the world to visit when you would like to enjoy a couple of hours of adult fun. What to stay longer? No problem, London is perfect for adult fun.

London is packed with exciting clubs where you can take your companion for a night out. London Prive was set up to give you more information about the clubs and other places that you can visit in London. Not only that, the team behind the best porn magazine in the UK, would also like to help to guide you in the direction when it comes to choosing adult companions in London.

London Is The Home Of Many Sweet Secrets

No matter where you stay in London, there is a sweet secret waiting for you. The UK capital is divided up into boroughs, and you can rest assure that almost every borough has a delightful and high quality surprise in store for you.

It does not matter if you enjoy the company of exciting Oriental ladies or Sweet English Roses, London Prive can help to point you in the right direction.

What To Do On A Night Out In London

If you are a London resident or regular visitor to London, you will know that London is the European city that never sleeps.

Not only will you always find a party going on or a club international open somewhere, there is so much more to discover. What if you don’t fancy going to a club? In that case. there are many other delights waiting for you.

Maybe you would like to enjoy some good food in the company of a sexy companion? London is the dream venue to visit for those of us who like to enjoy fine food.

Best of all, most of London’s best restaurants are situated in London’s top hotels. The Savoy Hotel is home to The Savoy Grill which is owned and operated by famous British footballer Gordon Ramsay.

If Mr. Ramsey can’t tickle your taste buds with his delicious grilled steaks, why not head over to the Brown’s Hotel. Located in Mayfair, the hotel’s best known restaurant The Drawing Room serves up delicious food and is said to stock the best wines in London. When it comes to London restaurants, The Drawing Room is perhaps more discreet than others. It is the perfect place to book a table when you want to enjoy dessert afterwards with your new sexy friend.

Other Experiences In London

Of course, London does not only offer amazing dining out experiences. When you are in the mood for shopping, London is still the best place in Europe to visit. If you are staying in Brown’s Hotel, you are only a stone’s throw away from the best shops in London. The Mayfair district is packed with shops that you and your adult London companion will love.

You can shop for hours and then go back to the luscious surroundings of Brown’s Hotel and watch your favorite adult video or adult magazines.

Why Do So Visitors Stay In 5 Star Hotels in London?

Not only do 5 star hotels in London offer some of the best in-house services and adult entertainment in the world. One of the top reason many gents choose a 5 star hotel in London, is down to the discretion of the staff.

Unfortunately, in other parts of the world, hotel staff often end up gossiping about their guests and what porn sites they may visit. That does not happen in London. When you stay in a top hotel in London, you can rely on the fact that the staff is going to be discreet. What happens in your 5-star hotel in London will stay there.

Another reason is that room service is second to none. When you are not in the mood for tackling another busy day on the streets of London, you can just keep the door shut and order room service browsing through online magazines looking for the best magazine features. Whatever you need or want, the loyal staff at London’s top hotels will “acquire” for you.

Is London A Good Place For An Adult Party?

Do you enjoy adult parties? Although adult parties have become popular in many parts of Europe, there is something special about adult parties in London often reported with local media group.

According to London Prive, parties are more sophisticated and have a flare about them that you will not find anywhere else in Europe. So, if you have come to London to play and have fun, why not check out the best adult parties in London.

As per the best porn magazine in the world, adult parties in London cater for all tastes. You will be hard pressed to find the same exciting services anywhere else in Europe.

London’s adult parties offer many exciting play rooms where you and your partner can enjoy yourself for hours together with other like-minded individuals.

Many business travellers think it is a perfectly good reason to stay a few extra days in London. At the end of the day, it is nice to be able to relax in the company of a beautiful companion.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To London?

Some would say the summer, however, as London is always buzzing, any time is really a good time to travel to London.

Whenever you visit London, you are bound to find something exciting to do. It does not matter if it is indoors or outdoors. London is packed with excitement and many exciting ladies would love to keep you company.

Don’t just take our word for it. Book a room in one of London’s best hotels for yourself and your companion. Before you know it, you will see and experience a totally new side to London that you will never have come across before. Having a good time in London has never been easier.

6 Best Teen Porn Magazines in Australia

The Best Porn Magazines

Maybe people think it’s unusual that I much prefer adult magazines over XXX movies. In 2014, it’s getting more and more difficult to find the best titles so collectors are running into the best adult shops in Sydney to grab them before they disappear. I just find that there is so much more to the imagination in a magazine than what there is in a film. I thought I’d create a list of my favourite teen sex magazines. This list caters more to adult magazine collectors who like soft-core pornography with an Australian Category 1 rating (sale to minors is prohibited). Porn in relationships is also very beneficial to both you and your partner!  I have compiled a list below of my 6 Best Teen Porn Magazines in Australia:

Barely Legal Magazines

  1. Tight:

Tight magazine was exactly that, it was tight! The camera work was very well done and the models more than often were stunningly beautiful. I had to look through all the adult shops in Sydney to feed my collection. Sadly, the collection was recently ceased but has made for a valuable collectors piece. Tight’s place of production is the USA.

2  18Eighteen:

Many would rank this magazine as #1 on the list. 18eighteen is one of the best sellers in Australia and for a good reason, it’s a great publication with beautiful young girls exposing themselves on almost every page. It’s the magazine which almost never disappoints and I haven’t missed a copy since Nov 2010! 18Eighteen place of production is the USA.

3  ClubSeventeen Series:

ClubSeventeen (don’t be fooled by the name, all models are 18+) magazines are world class in terms of originality and innovation. Most of their magazines are smaller than your average height and width but the quality of photography is hard to beat. There are less advertisements than any other magazines and the girls are often wearing sexy colourful socks, shoes or the trademark cap with heart logo. The Dutch know what they’re doing when it comes to teen porn! ClubSeventeen Series place of production is Holland.

4  Finally Legal: 

Unlike many other teen magazines which claim to contain pictures of models no older than 18, Finally Legal is actually telling the truth. Page after page of teen pussy in a magazine which is easily one of the best available in Australia. Finally Legal’s place of production is the USA.

5  Just18:

Just18 is like Finally Legal magazine’s naughty cousin. It’s released only 6 times a year and contains more explicit photography than most other magazines on this short list. Quite often with hardcore magazines the photographer loses focus on the youthful beauty of the girl, this just isn’t the case with Just18! Just18 place of production is the USA.

6  Purely18:

 Purely18 is in my opinion the winner of the lot! Although there are other teen sex magazines which have less ads, I haven’t come across magazines which can beat Purely18 in terms of camera work, scenes and picture layout and literature. The girls are always stunningly beautiful amateurs and there’s only one hardcore section in the middle. It’s a real work of art! Purely18 place of production is the USA.

So if you are like me, have a bit of a shop around and you will find some adults only magazines that will suit your tastes.