10 Quick Tips To Better Sex!

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating a young beautiful woman, a ruggedly handsome guy, or someone experienced from the cougar dating scene, sex is an essential part of every relationship. A lot of people these days are trying to diminish the importance of sex by saying that love and respect are the backbone of every relationship. This is true, of course, but good sex is something that creates a special bond between the two lovers. Now, since we’ve established the importance of a good sex life, it’s time for us to list the 10 quick and simple tips that will make your experience in the bedroom much better.

Exercise More

At first glance, this might seem completely unrelated to sex, but it can actually help you with your performance in the bedroom. Exercising regularly will help you feel healthy and confident, which will definitely improve your sex life.

Feel Free to Talk About Sex with Your Partner

Sadly, a lot of couples have a problem when it comes to talking about sex. They’re simply too shy to share their fantasies and desires, and that can ruin the sexual chemistry. Therefore, make sure you talk about your fantasies with your partner.

Be Spontaneous

Most people plan their sexual encounters, which eliminates the element of surprise. That’s how people get stuck in the rut. To avoid that and keep the flame alive, you need to be spontaneous with your partner.

Don’t Skip the Foreplay

This is probably the most important part of every sexual intercourse and yet so many people (mostly men), tend to skip it. And they wonder why their partner can’t have an orgasm! For sex to be good, passionate, and satisfying, you must never skip foreplay. This part of sex allows both you and your partner to relax and get in the right mood, which is essential for a good roll in the hay.

Use Your Hands

Most people think that sex is only about joining your private parts together, but love-making is so much more than a mere penetration. Therefore, if you genuinely want to have a better and more fulfilling sex life, you need to use your hands and fingers during intercourse. Touch your partner the way they’ve never been touched before and ask them to do the same to you.

Masturbate in Front of Each Other

This might be quite a challenge at first, especially for people who are shy, but if you want to get to know your partner and their body, you have to do this. Masturbation is a very private thing, so if you’re able to do it in the presence of your partner, it means that you can be completely relaxed in front of them. Only then will you be able to enjoy a passionate and satisfying sex with your significant other.

Show Your Partner How Much You Want Them

Even though it’s perfectly fine to be selfish during sex, you should also find a way to show your partner how much you want them. They need to know that you find them attractive. So, make sure they see the desire and lust in your eyes when you’re having sex. It will make them feel special and they’ll do anything to please you.

Use Sex Toys

Most couples shy away from sex toys because they think that using them means that their sex life is in a crisis. This, of course, doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, using certain toys like ball gags, bondage ropes, and blindfolds can help you preserve a passionate and interesting sex life.

Drink One Glass of Wine Before Sex

As you know, alcohol can help you relax if you’re feeling nervous or awkward before sex. That’s why you should always have a bottle of your favorite wine prepared. However, drinking too much wine or any other alcoholic beverage can ruin your sex drive. Therefore, make sure to drink just one glass of wine before sex. This will help you relax, but you’ll still be able to perform on the desired level.

Communicating Sexually

Communicate During Sex

A lot of people tend to keep their eyes closed and mouths shut during sex. They refrain from expressing their feelings and desires, but that’s not good. Your partner needs to know whether or not they’re doing the right thing. They have to hear your feedback, so make sure you communicate with your lover during sex. Also, ask them to do the same. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make your sex life better.

VIP Interview With Istvan Keszei Inventor & Founder Of Vivian Technology’s Sex Furniture

Istvan Keszei From Vivian Technology

Vivian Technology is known as the designer of the world’s first high tech luxury sex furniture. Vivian Technology has developed a sex chair which features the classic Chanel quilted diamond or herringbone pattern on the leather which makes it feel incredibly luxurious. The chair can be used in a variety of different sitting positions so you are able to change the experience as you need to. It features black piano lacquer coating and polished copper which make the sex chair stand out.

The sex chair features a crystal dildo that has different levels of pulsation and vibrations modes. The control is built underneath the leather which allows the subtle touch on the chair to change the levels and modes. From how your hands grips the chair to how hard your thighs are pressed against the sides will allow you to change and control the experience. There is one main on/off button which is accessibly on the top of the sex chair. When it is turned on the dildo will glow a beautiful blue colour. The button also has a LED display that controls the penetration depth which can be easily adjusted during use.

The first exhibition of the product was in Europe at the eroFame 2017. This is a VIP Interview With Istvan Keszei Inventor & Founder Of Vivian Technology’s Sex Furniture.



High End Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture

Tell me about yourself

I’m Istvan Keszei the designer and a founder and inventor of Vivian Technology’s sex furniture. I’m a freelance designer and also teacher at two universities. I’m the inventor of the chair and I have planned all the details, both in its function and form. Vivian Technology’s product is still in the prototype stage. What you see on the web site is a real photo (not rendering) and 100% of tested and working prototype, but still not in serial production. We do not have any products to sell yet. We are at the very end of a relatively long development phase. The next step is to start the series production based on the prototype for which we are looking for an investor and this is why we will set up a booth this year’s at German exhibition, EroFame 2017, so for the first time everyone could see the sex furniture in real life.

What inspired the creation of Vivian Technology?

This concept was born out of a response to a problem I have raised, based on market research. Since I started working as a designer, I was always in search for a new design challenge and this is how I found myself creating innovation in the sex industry. I found that area where design could have needed. One of my areas in the field of education is the Innovative Materials and Technologies, so the use of innovative technology within the VT is no coincidence. Many of my research has shown that most of the furniture-type sexual aids have a very industrial appearance, especially for sex machines. Actually a lot of well-designed handheld small objects in the field of sexual aids but not many large, furniture-like sexual aids. Some machine is more like a drill or cutter, it is not sexy at all, sometimes even aggressive. Sexual products are becoming more popular and therefore I think as a designer, design is becoming more and more important in this area.

Highly Functional Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture With Woman

Tell me about your luxury sex chair?

I started the sex chair project in 2012. My design target was to develop an aesthetic luxury ride-on sex furniture for the 21st century that comes to life through the judicious use of luxury materials and smart technology. A perfect product is a good balance of form, emotion, technology and function all in one. I did start my concept with one question. How can I make the controlling of a love chair more natural? After I did make many design concept, I spent over three years to create a functional prototype, where smart technology is combined with a “form follow function” design.

Who can use the chair?

The purpose of the chair is one person at the time, but ergonomically the top front part of the chair is perfect for a second person to sit down to face the user. Besides this complete control of the chair is computer-based so the control can be entirely from a tablet or phone and therefore the use can be also considered between two persons.

Luxury Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture With Woman At The Front

What products have you made in the past?

When you are a designer, life can usually determine the design direction or the designer can set goals for himself. During my career I design many trophies and awards for different organizations, like oil company or motorcycle racing event. I have been design exhibitions for larger companies such as Nespresso or Mercedes Benz. I also design a selective waste collection containers for residential use, which are still in use throughout my country to this date. But I spent most of my time as a designer in industrial lighting design. I worked with two companies in the field of lighting and designed many industrial lamps. As I mentioned, after that, I began to design sex furniture.

What does it feel like to use a luxury sex chair?

This is a very interesting question. I personally have difficulty in defining exactly the concept of luxury product, but it has been classified in this category because most of the user who saw or tested our sex chair they are considered as a luxury product due to its appearance. I would slightly modify this question as to how you feel to use a product that is ergonomically and functionally well designed. Of course the materials used in the chair is very good quality, but this is more than a luxury product. Because of its appearance, even before use, arouses our sexual desire. Most users felt compelled to touch it before they knew exactly what it is or how it works. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is very comfortable and during the use, it provides several sitting positions, which provides completely different sexual pleasure. With pressure-sensitive control, the use is so natural that in most cases the user concentrates only on sexual pleasure. So answer your question with a single sentence, according to the tests so far, everybody was impressed by the variety of seating positions and the pressure-sensitive interface control.

High Quality Sex Furniture By Vivian Technology
Sex Toy: Vivian Technology Sex Furniture With Different Views

What were the pinnacle moments during your design process?

As a designer I never feel perfect for my design. There is a lot of fluctuation in the planning process regarding the plan’s emotions. One of the most significant points I would point out was the exhibition in Germany, because I personally experienced how people would accept our product. We received a very high percentage of positive feedback.

The dildo is absolutely beautiful, what is it made out of?

About the appearance of a dildo, I got inspiration from the classic crystal glass design. Of course, the dildo is made of silicone. Hopefully after the series production start, the chair will be available with a variety of size, color and hardness of dildos. The final product will also include a dildo with vibration function as a extra option.

Cystal Dildo By Vivian Technology
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Who or what are your biggest design influences?

It is difficult to say a person. One of the decisive classical era is bauhaus (founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar) I also think the sci-fi world is very inspirational for me, and today’s automotive industry, especially luxury sports cars.

Is there any questions or information you would like to add to the article?

We are beyond the German exhibition and the result is very successful. We got a lot of positive feedback on the chair. Since we have come back from Germany, then more and more orders have been received, which we are unfortunately unable to satisfy, because we did not find the right investor yet. Investor negotiations are taking place now, so there is quite a chance that production will start soon.Save







What On Earth Is Sex Positive Teaching For Children?

Sex Education At School

Being trained as a teacher, I quickly learnt that my being in a classroom isn’t just to provide an academic education – but also in supplementing the learning that is provided at home regarding life, and the development of an individual. A great teacher is not just an educator, but we’re trained as, and develop into, a counsellor, a nurse, a sociologist, leaders, role models, and for the most part we have to be wearing all of these hats at once. Add to this the idea that in today’s classroom there is a full spectrum of abilities and skill sets and a great teacher must be able to provide differentiated teaching to fully support each individual child as they learn at their own pace and with respects to their ability. When you factor all of this in, a teacher is not just an academic educator, but they’re someone that a child looks up to as they grow and develop their personalities.

For this reason, when it comes to the important topics – a teacher must think carefully about, and reflect on, their behavior and approaches both within and outside the classroom. For the most part, a lesson isn’t just learned in the space of forty five minutes, it’s often reflected upon, applied to a concept repeatedly, and then accepted or dismissed whereby the response to that concept becomes routine. Considering that sometimes, a child will spend more time with their teacher on an average school week than with their parents, what role does the teacher have in a child’s development and learning?

What Is Sexual Education For Children?

I want to explore this with the idea of sexual education for children. An often hotly debated topic around the world, and arguably one of the most important. People’s reluctance to discuss sex, gender, sexuality, and even pleasure often means that children grow up obtaining their information from popular media, pornography, peers and the internet. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it is supplemented by proper education and discussions both within the classroom and at home, when used by themselves as a source of knowledge and learning, it can often be detrimental to an individual’s confidence, sexual ability and performance, and even their understanding of self in their macro and micro world. Children, for example, developing into a sexual being will often consume pornography without necessarily understanding that it is a performance. Numerous studies, including a Dutch study published in Journal of Sexual Medicine, have demonstrated the effects that pornography has on the way teenagers of both genders approach sexual activity – simply because they don’t necessarily understand the performance aspect of it. For this reason, as well as many others we’ll touch on today, when it comes to sexual education, one of the most important terms that people need to understand is sex positive learning.

Teachers are excellently placed to handle this discussion – since there are critical components in health and physical education that discuss reproduction, the body, biology, pregnancy and the science around that. Why then, can we not also lend the discussion of sexual education into examining concepts of consent, pleasure, satisfaction, health and happiness? Aren’t these all aspects of sex, especially since we are one of the few species in the world that engage in ‘reproduction’ for the act of pleasure as well?

Sex Positive Education For Children
Image: The Birds And The Bees

What is sex positive learning and will it turn my child gay?

Contrary to popular belief by opponents of same sex marriage and institutions that do not necessarily agree with different types of relationships and genders, sex positive learning will not turn a child gay. It will not make them become transgender, and it will certainly not turn them into a deviant of some kind. Sex positivity is about a positive approach to sex and gender. It’s about the acceptance and acknowledgement of all consensual sexual activity and states of beings. It acknowledges the concept of pleasure within sexual activity, as well as the need for experimentation and learning. It’s both a simple, yet complex ‘movement’, and as we go along I’ll do my best to unpack the term.

In short, sex positive learning and teaching gives a child an understanding of the world around them. It helps them become more confident in themselves, and arguably increases their social skills because of this. Society has often been placed in a dichotomous world of male and female, gay and straight without taking into account the fluidity of gender and sexuality. For someone that doesn’t necessarily feel that they fit into this binary, they can quickly feel isolated, depressed and ashamed as they struggle to determine why they feel/act/are different than what society and everyone else around them is telling them that they must be. That’s one of the most isolating thing about the concept of labelling, especially in queer society – the diversification of labelling is both encompassing through its variety, but limiting in its exactness. Sex positivity is an essential component in understanding the diversification of the world and the uniqueness that makes us, us. It does this through not only understanding sex and sexual activity, but also discussing that dreaded concept of pleasure which we so frequently seem to ignore.

How can you engage in sex positive teaching?

It starts at home – and it starts at an early age. You’ve all seen the beautiful photos of cute babies holding hands, and being friends with other babies that are of a different gender or even race. Racism is learnt and is not an innate state of being. Throughout our childhood, and upbringing, we are conditioned to behave a certain way, and we pick up the traits of those around us, or are influenced by someone we hold dear. With this in mind, sex positive teaching begins early. There’s no one ‘talk’ that can initiate sex positivity, it’s a repeated conversation, it’s the way that we react to things, and it’s the language that we use to discuss it all. Take for example a small boy that repeatedly attempts to play with his genitals. We’ve all done it, we were all kids, and it’s just how we respond to that which is important. Traditionally, we might have responded with phrases such as ‘if you keep playing with it it’ll fall off’, or ‘that’s disgusting stop playing with it’ – phrases which instil a sense of shame and embarrassment, which creates negative experiences. He’s just exploring his body. A sex positive approach would be along the lines of – if you’re going to play with it, do it in private time. It’s not appropriate to do that in public. See the difference in the response? You’re acknowledging that it’s okay to do so, but that there is a time and place for these things. Sex positivity is about teaching correct terminology, teaching the concept of consent, and a variety of similar concepts. This is an example of sex positive teaching for a toddler, but how can that occur in the classroom?

As an English and History teacher, there were times when we would discuss characters, and the way people would live in the past. I consider this an excellent time to be mindful of my approaches and how I can supplement a child’s learning when it comes to the understanding of sex, sexuality and gender simply by making comparisons of the times, as well as including language that doesn’t reinforce the binary that they’re used to. Sex positive teaching can be as simple as not calling a unisex classroom ‘guys’, or it can be about acknowledging that pleasure is associated with sexual activity when examining the motivation of a character. It’s about being transparent, and not demonising sex, and doing all of this in an age appropriate manner. Some might ask – what role does a teacher have in all of this? Teachers are excellently placed to deliver this information as they go through their everyday teachings and often it’s a simple matter of adjusting language and the perceptions of certain activities. Such mindfulness can be complemented by attitudes, and education at home – answering the more personal specific questions as they develop and grow into mature beings.

By this stage you should have a basic enough idea of what sex positivity is. It’s a difficult concept to narrow down because of its broadness, as well as its interpretation to different people. From here, you need to look at sex positivity yourself. I’ve given you the toolset, I’ve provided you with the basic concepts – and from here on out it’s your own development, and self-awareness that will guide your relationship towards a sex positive attitude. There’s no right or wrong answer – so long as you keep the basic principles in mind regarding pleasure, contraception and sexual exploration. Teachers have it tough – we’re often damned if we do and damned if we don’t. So maybe, if we can take a step towards the right direction together, we can turn everyone, into great teachers.

Author: Stephen Smith – BA Of Social Sciences, M.EdSave





It’s Time For The Sex Talk

Sperm Swimming

When I started this article it began as a “how to” guide for talking with “Tweens” (11-13 Years of age). I started asking around to parents I knew about the challenges they faced or are facing with talking to their kids about sex. It became clear very quickly how many parents were not discussing sex education topics with their younger children. Missed opportunities are hard to make up for later on, it’s harder for the brain to relearn things it’s already learned, whether correct or not. You know your child better than anyone else and it’s important to be there as a support and a resource for their inquiries. Why not go on a journey of discovery together? Have them ask you the questions, be open minded, forget the judgements for a minute.

Sex education should begin when a child begins the stage of self-awareness around the age of 2. This a critical stage in any child’s development. Now I am sure many of you reading this are thinking “what could a 2-year-old learn about sex?”… the answer is a lot. Most of it isn’t something to “talk” about, as they are just too young to comprehend. However, it is still important you as parents can foster a safe space for them to discover their own sexuality and pleasure, alone and in the privacy of their own bedroom.

Pivotal Development

When a child is around the age of 2 they begin to be aware of who they are around, they begin mentally mapping the people they know and are around often. All of this is learning trust. They are finding their limits along with their likes and dislikes when it comes to interacting with others. This particular point in a child’s personal development is a perfect time to instil the power of consent and reinforce the fact that their body is theirs and theirs alone. This is as simple as helping them to decide when a hug is wanted and is most appropriate. Kissing family and friends isn’t something to be forced. Don’t take it personally when your toddler doesn’t want to hug or kiss another relative or close friend. They are working out in their heads who and where they can trust/give consent. While it might seem like telling them to hug someone is helping them to know who is ok to hug, it’s actually doing the opposite.  Forcing a toddler to hug someone is telling them that their body is not their own and that someone else has authority over them.

In no way am I saying that your 2-year-old is better equipped to make the decision of who to trust, I am simply saying to give them the opportunities to work it out for themselves, this development will continue to build a strong sense of their ownership over themselves!

Starting the Conversations

As toddlers grow into children and into pre-teens it is imperative as parents to be there, now I’m not talking about being there as support. I am referring to being along with your child on their journey. The biggest tip I can give when it comes to talking with your kids about Sex is USE the media! Whenever you are with them and the topic comes up on the TV, Radio etc. start talking about what it is. Open a dialogue, show them YOU want to talk about these things and that it’s not “weird”. If you can take the “taboo” out of sex and puberty then, of course, they will want to talk to you, they have a million burning questions. And don’t worry at this age aside from a few bombshell questions they will be vague for the most part. The bombshells they ask will require your honesty, but also your own discretion as to what they will fully understand.

These years can be the hardest as a child’s interest in such topics will vary from day to day. Sex isn’t necessarily a top priority to sort out as they are figuring out the rest of life, but the curiosities are still there and it’s important for a parent to ensure their child/children always have a safe open communication about these topics. It’s why I stress so much to parents open dialogue when sexual topics arise on media.

Teen Talk

Now for the REAL talk with tweens. If you’re one of those families trying to live in the progressive lane on this highway of life. If you’re one of those parents who finds it hard to strike up the embarrassing conversations about body changes and strange feelings. You shouldn’t feel bad or inadequate, these conversations are pivotal and of course AWKWARD!

I have been working in sex education for a number of years now and have spoken with countless families and teenagers going through this “phase” of life. But let’s face it, there is no one right way to talk to teenagers about sex. I know it’s hard to believe but teenagers are people too, and they vary from one to another just like partners in the dating pool.

If you can prepare yourself for some vulgarity and the brash reality of teenage puberty get ready. NETFLIX has brought out a new show which is garnering a lot of attention at the moment for its NSFW tone… BIG MOUTH comes to us from the same pair who worked on Family Guy. And while most of the show is a satirical take on the life and problems tweens face during puberty, this show presents the obscure and irrational of puberty emotions. Creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg capture the real struggle this age group go through and perhaps how oblivious their parents and surrounding family are to their struggle.

Netflix TV Show Big Mouth
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I would suggest watching the show first as Parent(s) without the child or children and then watch it again with your tween(s). Make sure you take the time to laugh so they know you’re comfortable. You might think that because they call for you when you’re on the toilet or walk into your bedroom without knocking that they are comfortable with you. When it comes to their body and their feelings they are LOST! So many questions, so much information coming at them from friends at school, the internet etc. Watching this show together will give them instant access to ask you questions about concepts they have never heard or don’t understand. It will also allow you to ask them questions you might otherwise be embarrassed to ask. (It’s ok to be embarrassed, and it’s more ok to ask the embarrassing questions).

If this show is too much for you or you think too much for your tween, then stick with my first suggestion of incorporating the media around you. It’s almost 2018 the topics of Sex and Health are more and more prevalent in mainstream media. Use it to start conversations and questions. Don’t let their laissez-faire attitude tell you they don’t have burning questions inside because they do!

As usual, I am always a short message away from answering any of your questions. Find me on Instagram, Twitter or Google+.  Just search krizpatrick!

Author: Patrick Kriz- BA, Psych (HON)- Human Sexuality



You Will Not Believe What This Iconic Rabbit Can Do!

JimmyJane Rabbit

JimmyJane is a luxury sex toy designer who have created a special adult product range named ‘Iconic’ that are made in white which makes for a very vibrant look. They have recently released version 2 of the Iconic Rabbit, which has been significantly upgraded. If you do not know what a rabbit vibrator is then I guess I should explain that first, or you could simply type it into Yahoo and see what pops up.

A rabbit is a vibrating sex toy

that has a shaft that is used to insert and then an outer vibrator piece generally shaped like two bunny ears that tickles the clitoris. Most rabbits have dual vibrators one in the shaft and one on the ears. Some may even have rotating beads on the shaft for even extra stimulation. Rabbit vibrators have been extremely popular ever since sex toys have been invented.

At first pulled in to it’s straightforward outline without sparkle, pearls and splendid shading that the sex toy industry expect ladies like. With JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2 it has a long shaft and rabbit ear simulator which allows you to have synchronous g-spot and clitoral stimulation.  The Iconic Rabbit has a pivoting shaft, internal “pearls” and an awesome arrangement of bunny ears that hit me at simply the right “detect.” It’s double slide, singular speed controls let you play with various velocities for various territories and test and pick the force truth is stranger than fiction for you. In opposition to other Rabbit’s I’ve attempted since, I observed JimmyJane’s Iconic Rabbit to be sufficiently flexible for when I need intense incitement and for when I am in the inclination for a lighter touch. Furthermore, it’s stylishly satisfying and runs well with my white and dim room … it’s the easily overlooked details that have any kind of effect, correct?

The Iconic rabbit is made of a phthalate and body-safe materials.

It is supple enough yet hard enough to be used comfortably.

Elastomerdoes not contain any materials or chemicals that may cause irritation or infection. It is also very easy to clean and best of all can be used with both water based and silicone based lubricants. The clitoral stimulator is supple enough that it invigorates that area without causing any distress yet when you push it harder it can give you a more intense vibrating stimulation. It hugs your clitoris with those fluttery ears and although strong enough is not too intense with its vibration strengths.

Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit Luxury Brand
Sex Toy: Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit 2
Jimmyjane Iconic Rabbit Luxury Brand
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The JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2 has lithium batteries which are rechargeable inside and can be charged with most electronic devices through a USB cable which is supplier. The box of the iconic rabbit has the words ‘the usual suspect’ and is quite pretty and bright and would be an ideal intimate gift to a very special loved one. There is 5″ of insertable length and the girth for the main is 1.25″ in diameter, apart from the head which broadens to a 1.5″. So it is a reasonably sized vibrator but not overly so. The rabbit style vibrator has been produced in Japan now for well over 25 years and is the type and style that was made famous in Sex And The City Series. JimmyJane has used this proven formula to produce a sex toy that can be enjoyed by you.

Features Of The JimmyJane Iconic Rabbit 2

  • Made of body-safe and phthalate-free elastomer.
  • Odor and latex-free material.
  • Dual Stimulation: the external clitoris, and the internal labia and G-spot.
  • Vibration and rotation speeds can be varied.
  • Dual motion: user controlled movement and the tickler motion.
  • Shaft filled with rotating beads for more tickling feeling.
  • Rabbit ears tickle the clitoris.
  • Light weight.
  • One year warranty from JimmyJane.

For my sex toy review conclusion, this is my favourite JimmyJane rabbit vibrator from their Iconic Range that I purchased from Adultsmart. Jimmyjane are just one of those companies that never seem to let me down. I love this sex toy because of the tickler and pivoting head of the vibrator.