Adult Drop-Shipping with No Outlay!

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In today’s competitive business world everyone is looking to get something for nothing.  Unfortunately the old saying in most cases rings true as that in life nothing is free.  However, there is a business model that will allow you to make profit from your first sale with no capital outlay.  The only investment required is a bit of time and research. You may ask how it is possible to make a profit in a new business with no outlay, well here is one of the answers.  Create an online retail presence and service your orders through adult drop-shipping.  There is no experience in the products you are selling required, there is no capital outlay to have stock on hand, and there is no expense even in shipping the items.  When an item is sold at full retail value plus freight the order is forwarded to your drop-shipper who will service and supply the product at wholesale value plus freight.

shipping parcels making profitThe investment made by the business owner is in time setting up an online presence and perhaps doing some SEO on the site to obtain traffic.  It may also be an add on to an existing on-line business or mail order supplier that would then not incur such a time investment to increase revenue by cross selling.  Many drop-shippers now offer feeds to their products so even the listing component has been streamlined.

In its most basic format drop shipping requires five parts and they are;

  1. An ad or listing is made for an item you don’t have
  2. Customers then buy the item sending you the money
  3. You then pay for the item at wholesale cost plus any shipping or handling charges.  You keeping the difference (Profit)
  4. The drop shipper then services the order
  5. Everyone is happy

It is imperative though to research first the goods you wish to sell and secondly to find a reputable drop shipper. Remember that although they may not be your products, those products represent your image and your business and they need to be taken seriously.  One of the growing and highly profitable industries that sells well on line are surgical steel and bondage products.  Companies like Hells Couture Australia import these products from across the globe assuring quality products and huge range.  Typical mark up to retail is 140% and the average sale is upwards of $100.  This means on a $100 sale typically profit will be around the $60 mark – with no outlay or stock on hand.

Another growth industry for drop-shipping is the range of products available to treat penile dysfunction.  Opportunity for smart entrepreneur’s exists to team up with a distributor like LA Pumps in Australia who at this stage only concentrate on servicing adult shops and medical suppliers.  A whole retail online presence is open. In short, this is a business that can turn instant profit after the first sale with no outlay but it is imperative that you find the right product and dropshipper to service your orders and partner with.

If you have been thinking of starting an online adult business for a while but just don’t know where to start or even how to go about it then this is your lucky day! You are in the right place. Whether you main intent is how to make money via the online platforms by selling the wide range of adult products or just a single adult range of products this article will give you the best idea on how to develop and actualize the business with products from Xsales.

The first and the most significant step is to draft a plan of action. Look at the objective you wish to achieve and the interests you have. You must first of all decide which clientele you wish to serve and what you intent to offer them. In this  case the primary aim is to make lots of money for you. A website in this case would come in handy for the purposes of promoting the products and generating traffic of viable and potential customers. Then ensure that you come up with ways of meeting the expectations of your customers. Build a structure that will enable you to deliver the adult products to them within their specified timelines.

The next step is to find a reliable dropshipping company that you will cooperate with to supply you with all the adult merchandise in good time. While this is not an easy thing to achieve it’s not impossibility. Xsales is a dropshipping company in Australia that offers excellent services to its customers. Making money through dropshipping has never been this easy. With this company you don’t need a warehouse for your merchandise! All you need to do is to develop a name for your enterprise and make a choice of the products you are interested in offering to your customers.

The choice of the novelty adult products you intend to sell solely lies with you. From this point you can now relax and let business take care of itself! All you need to do is do a thorough promotion of the enlisted adult products on your website and leave the rest to Xsales. When you receive orders from your customers Xsales will ensure that they act on it and ship the required products to your clientele. When this is done you will pay them a flat shipping cost which is usually a very small amount. What’s more interesting and convenient is that they do not even charge you for handling the goods. This greatly reduces the overhead costs to almost zero which ensures you a hefty return on your investment.

They also have a policy of being discreet. They deliver the goods to you without having their company logos or other details. In addition they will pull you out of the mud whenever you face some difficulties. With so much cushioning on your business you can concentrate fully on generating a lot of traffic to your website which translates to real customers by running effective promotional campaigns. The major advantages of the dropshipping business with Xsales is that you only need very little funds to start off, you can do it and home and this is how to make money.




Xsales Best Sex Toy Drop Shipper Australia

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Selling sex toys and adult products online is profitable business that sells a lot. Today these products sell well over the internet, since the majority of customers prefer their privacy and comfort of shopping from their own house. But how can anyone start a business without a lot of money? First, the traditional method would require that you find a local supplier and purchase products of thousands dollars in value in order to have them in stock. Then you would have to sell them through a local shop or directly to customers. This is different though with the internet. When selling online you are only dealing with setting up a website and payment processing. This can be done by using a dropshipping company, thus saving you time and lots of money.

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So why should you choose Xsales among the sex toys dropshipping Australia companies? Xsales is a pioneer in drop shipping. They are one of the best and most reliable authorized dropshipping services for sex toys in Australia. It is online and includes everything that you need to get started. Xsales will include a domain name, a full feature ecommerce website, preloaded products and contents and will manage and maintain your website and customer support. Most importantly, your adult business is fully setup and ready to run when you receive it. With years of experience, knowledge and service in the Australian market, they are selling thousands of sex toys, adult costumes and other adult products. They are 100% Australian owned and operated. All the above things mean that you can trust them to deliver what they promise.

Xsales Company will ensure that you will run a smooth and hassle free business. If you intend to run a business and sell sex toys, this is the way to go. Xsales will keep stock for you and they will deliver the products directly to your customers on behalf of you. Their service is simple. You take care of the sales and they will handle everything from order fulfillment through to delivery of the packages, to your customer, while giving you all the support you need to succeed in your business. Basically the dropshipping service that they offer is a supply chain management method. Xsales offers their products to retailers like you on an as needed basis at wholesale prices. Xsales then, will send the products directly to your customers whenever you make a sale and they will do so using your company’s name and details. You as a retailer you will have the benefit from not having to pay upfront prices for buying inventory and not physically be present in an office, which in turn can save you thousand of dollars and time each month.

You will see all the retailer benefits regularly. You have the chance to work in home based business, with less money to spend and less hassle to fix. By having more time you can promote your business or design your own marketing that will attract new customers. In the online business, a retailer and a wholesaler can benefit from the cooperation of each other. Each has its benefits and with the rise of internet shopping nowadays, starting a business online has become a wiser choice.

Xsales services distributes all around the world, from the local Australia, to the far away USA. The location of the customer is not a problem, since they will use Australia post, Startrack and DHL for all parcels. This gives them speed of delivery on all orders placed, while ensuring signature on delivery, tracking information and access to other features. By choosing Xsales for your dropship sex toys services, you will get consistent support. They will offer advice, website building, marketing, and planning so that you can earn profit and maintain an established name in the online business world. Xsales sources all their products from the biggest brands and ensures that you will offer high quality products to your customers. Xsales also offers a large number of inventories and your customer can choose among a variety of sex toys and other adult products.

By using Xsales as your drop shipping company, you will have the peace of mind of running a business free from hassles and you can rest assure that each delivery will meet its goal and all products will reach their destinations smoothly. Xsales offers simple ordering processes and convenient payment ways. You don’t have the need to pay upfront for stock. You also don’t need to rent warehouses and other facilities to store your office or products. Xsales does that for you. They offer reliability; experience and knowledge that can help you increase your business sales and make a name in the business. You can count on them to deliver each product to your customers.

Xsales will charge you a flat shipping rate for shipping the products to your customers, whether it is one of a hundred of products to the same customer and you will not need to pay for any hidden fees or other handing fees. They will wrap your products in a discreet packaging with your company’s details and they will deliver it to your customer’s door. Xsales wants to establish long term business cooperation with you and in the meantime you will establish a great relationship with your customers. They can trust your company and they will be amazed by the customer service but also the convenience as which they can order their sex toys and other adult products directly from their home without having to live with embarrass while going to a local shop. If you want to start a sex toys business and you do not have a lot of money, contact Xsales. Choose them to be your sex toys dropshipping Australian company that will guide you properly and help you run a profitable business in record time. Be ready to count some money.

Adult Product Drop-shipping Info!

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Do you want to start earning some serious money with drop-shipping? Have you ever dreamt of running a profitable business? Do you have a small budget? Do you like to run a business under your own terms without physically having to service the orders or look after a warehouse?  There are many people that do this every day but many more that do not realize this as a business opportunity or are not aware how easy it really can be. Drop-shippers are everywhere but you just need to know where to find them.  Drop-shipping is becoming more and more popular each and every day as online retail soars each year to stellar heights. There are many people that are making a really good income from drop-shipping. In this article you will learn why you should choose sex toys and adult products for your new Drop-shipping Company.

Sex Sells!

Let’s start first things first. Sex Sells!  The easiest way to find a drop shipping company is to go to any search engine like google, yahoo or bing and type in drop-shipping companies. This will give you a lot of results that you can start looking through and choose which type of product is right for you. If you know what product you want to sell then it will be a lot easier for you to find drop-shipping companies that you can work with. Otherwise, you will have to search the different results until you find a product that you want to sell.

I will focus on sex toys and adult products drop shipping companies. You can always use the phrase ‘sex toys and adult products drop shipping companies’ in search engines to find specific drop shippers in the sex toys and adult products field. One of the most famous and largest adult drop shipping companies is Xsales. With knowledge and experience in the online world of sex, this drop shipping company will give you the chance to run your own business with little or no outlay.  However you must be able to create and market your own website in order to do so and be patient as your website slowly climbs higher in the search engine rankings until you start to get orders.  You can however fast track this and spend money on google adwords and other paid searches and product comparison sites but be careful to ensure that your return on investment exceeds the cost of these paid services.

Xsales Australia

Well, Xsales is a well known wholesaler, distributor and drop-shipper and an already established name in online sales. Cooperating with a well known drop shipping company will ensure that each product you sell will go to its destination. Xsales will offer you a feed that will allow you do upload all the products, images and price quickly and with simple online ordering processes and several payment methods available that you can choose from, for your convenience.

All the other hassles of running a website and physically going to the warehouse and sending the products can be dealt by Xsales. This is a drop shipping company that can hold your sex toys in stock and deliver them to your customers under your company’s name and details. Now you don’t need to have a lot of money to start your own business. They have a large inventory of thousands of products from vibrators, lingerie, dildos, steel sex toys and all sorts of other adult products. Xsales can also offer the best prices to you. They will deliver your packages in a discreet packaging and it is one of the cheapest drop shipping companies in Australia. They will charge only a small flat postage fee, whether it is one toy or several that needed to be delivered to the same customer and they won’t charge hidden fees to you, or to the customer .Once your site is ranking well on the search engines you will have free time just to count the profits. Now you can really work from your home business.   Set it up with no hassles and minimal costs.

The process is simple. Your customer logs in to your website and search for the products he wants to buy among the large variety of thousands of sex toys and adult products. They will then place the order and you will then forward this order to Xsales.  Xsales in turn will package the product in a discreet packaging with your company’s details and they will ship it directly to your customer. You will only have to pay a flat shipping rate whether you’re the product is one or more than ten that need to be delivered using either Australia Post, Fastways, Startrack or DHL for international orders. If you have any problems during this easy process you can always contact Xsales’s customer service every day from Monday to Friday. Choose Xsales as your sex toys and adult products drop shipping Company.

You can now choose to sell anything from porn DVDs to sex toys with the help of Xsales sex toy drop shipping services. Focus on your business and design your own marketing material. This drop shipping service is a reliable company and one of the best in Australia that ensures that you run a profitable and smooth business. However you need to make sure while running your business it is attracting new customers by online marketing, seo and paid results.  Promote your products and attract your customers. Don’t run to an office to store your inventory and do not pay for monthly rents. Use Xsales drop shipping services and take care of these issues. You can then relax and enjoy your spare time. Engage in part time activities to attract more customers. This is it and it

is as simple as that.

Choosing Xsales for your sex toy drop shipping services will help you start your own business. Use less money and just decide on the products you want to sell. Enjoy this low risk and low cost business. If you are a person that dreams of running a sex toys business and offer many products to your customers, this is your chance. Xsales is one of the best drop shipping companies in Australia that will take care of you and In turn you can focus to provide the best customer service and ensure that the products always reach the destinations. Keep your customers happy.


Start Your Own Online Business With Drop Shipping!

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Thinking of starting your own online adult business and earn some serious income? You have come to the right place. Whether your purpose is to make money online by selling adult toy products or just porn DVDs, there are some easy steps that you can follow to start developing your own adult business.

First of all you need to design a plan of action. Develop your primary goal and your interests. Look at what you want to offer to your clients – there’s two ways of doing this. Firstly, develop a niche market and determine a need in the online industry, or offer a general variety of goods and services and market it really well. For either option,  the primary goal should be making money online. It is important, not only to design a website, but also offer the customer premium service and be able to deliver your products to your customers on time. This is not easy, especially if you do not have a warehouse or other facilities to store your products. Today, starting a business online has become easier. Now you can co-operate with a drop shipping company that will supply you with all the products that you want to sell. This is adult products wholesale drop shipping at its finest.

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Finding a reliable and reputable drop shipping company is not easy, but also not impossible. Today Xsales is one of the best adult drop shipping companies that you can trust. The only thing you would need to worry about is developing a nice name for your company and deciding on your products that you will offer to your clients. Deciding on what kind of products you want to sell, should not be hard. You can decide to sell just one product, but like most adult stores, you can choose to sell thousands of products, or a specific selection of products. The online shop that you will have in co-operation with Xsales would be able to offer everything your customers need to spice up their lives; from sex toys, lingerie to porn DVDs.

Choosing Xsales for wholesale Drop shipping products will make sure that you will run your business without any hassle. Xsales drop shipping service can deliver all your products wholesale to anywhere in the world at flat shipping rates, without any handling fees or other hidden charges. Using a good wholesale drop shipper will be a good thing for your company. Using an excellent wholesale drop shipper like Xsales would be even better for your company. An excellent drop shipping service will always live up to their name and offer the best service possible, going above and beyond to ensure that they look after their clients. Like you, we understand how important customer satisfaction is.

Xsales is one of the best drop shipping companies that can help you get established and make a good name in the world of businesses. Do not worry about paying renting fees or storing your stock in a warehouse and paying people to look after the warehouse. Xsales will do that for you. Do not worry about delivering your products on time. Xsales will do that again for you. They will ship the products using discreet packaging, excluding their company’s details and PO Box, so that your customer will not know that you co-operate with them and in the event of a delivery failure. For a hassle free business and hassle free adult products wholesale drop shipping – try Xsales. Now you can start your business and have your wholesale drop shipping service working for you and start making serious money. If you ever dreamt of having a serious business that sells sex products, this is for you.

Drop delivery is an inventory network administration strategy in which the retailer does not keep merchandise in stock but rather exchanges client requests and shipment points of interest to either the producer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the products specifically to the client. As in retail organizations, the greater part of retailers have their benefit on the effect between the wholesale and retail cost, however a few retailers win a concurred rate of the deals in commission, paid by the wholesaler to the retailer.

Selecting The Best Adult Drop Shipper!

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One of the most common questions that you can ask to yourself is;

‘Where can I find a legitimate adult wholesale and drop shipping distributor?’

In this article I will tell you exactly where to find a great drop shipping source. So let me answer your question. Let me start off with where to look for drop shipping distributors. At the beginning, you can choose to contact directly with the manufacturer of a product that you want to sell. They are usually going to keep a record of all of their wholesale and drop shipping distributors, and they are going to be eager to expand their retail network. So usually, you should be able to get a lot of information and great sources just by contacting the manufacturer and saying that you want to sell their product.

Secondly, you can use the internet search engines to find what you are looking for. This is time consuming, because wholesale suppliers are bad at advertising, thus difficult for you to find them straight on the front page of yahoo or Google. You can modify your search and use words such as distributor, supplier, drop shipper and bulk. Using all of these is going to make your search process much easier.

your customer places an order

Still no luck? Well, if you haven’t found what you are looking for you can always contact one of the best wholesale and drop shipping distributors. They are called Xsales. This is a reliable company with knowledge and experience in the field of online selling. They also keep a large number of inventory and they will satisfy any of your needs. Xsales have also the technology to update their inventory frequently and let you change orders online. Another important benefit of using Xsales is that they can take orders by email and process them fast. You will be amazed of how many drop shipping distributors will not accept orders by email.

An important aspect of great distributors is that these distributors will not charge big fees. Xsales is one of them. They will not charge you hidden fees or other handling fees. They will only charge you a flat shipping rate for your order, whether they will ship just one or a hundred of products to the same customer. Choosing Xsales as your wholesale and drop shipping distributor will offer you another important benefit. You will have the flexibility and increased options to select more products to offer to your customers. Xsales keep a large inventory that is updated frequently. They have a variety of products that will please even the most demanding partner.

Xsales Delivers Customer Service

Finally, the most important thing is customer service. Xsales Company offers great customer service. You can contact Xsales every weekday from Monday to Friday. Xsales will solve any issues that may arise. They will keep you satisfied and they will offer you the chance to run your business smoothly and professionally. You will then have the free time to establish long term business with your customers.

Xsales is An award-winning distributor of adult toys, party supplies, novelties adult dvds and lingerie, Xsales has 1000’s of unique items in stock as sex toy wholesaler to service online shops, party plan, lingerie shops, adult shops, tobacconists and more.  Xsales is one of the best sex toy wholesalers… The main focus is to serve their customers best, one way is to offer a huge arrange of adult products for all styles of adult shops with fast service and discreet shipping.

Choose if you wish for sex toy drop shipping or you wish shipping to you to service your customers direct.  Xsales employs friendly, knowledgeable staff available office hours for telephonic support.  Their user friendly wholesale site operates 24/7 allowing customers to place orders or queries at any time of day or night seven days a week. Since its establishment Xsales rapidly grew into an Australian powerhouse in the adult distribution market, adult drop shipping and mainly servicing brick and mortar adult shops.  This market has grown now to include pharmacies, smoke ships, lingerie shops, convenience stores, clothing stores, online shops, party planners and exhibition and market stall holders. The philosophy is to make customers successful by providing a seamless wholesale shopping experience whether they goods are drop-shipped or sent for resale or further distribution.  Many lines are exclusive ranges to xsales ensuring unique and quality products.

Experience xsales by clicking here and find out why they are one of the top adult distributors. Xsales brands and lines include all the top selling items that you can get for your business including hell’s couture,  bdsm gear, maxpassion, my extase, Pipedreams and always stocking innovative and  current products that sell well through retail outlets.  Most orders are dispatched within two business days of being received and signing up and registering you will get specials and offers accessible only to registered users.

To purchase from Xsales you must have a current ABN and be an on-seller.  Some larger group buying is allowed from BDSM clubs and other organisations that service large clientele.  Xsale often exhibits at industry functions and expos so for the number one choice in adult wholesale Australia choose Xsales.  We have the X Factor that just keeps on going.