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In the 21st century, sex is no longer a topic considered as taboo. Online, and offline conversations about health and sexuality are a sure fire hit, what with adult lifestyles being the central theme in pop culture. Nowadays, the public has become more open to sexual excursions and escapades as the modern times have killed notions of slut shaming, queer issues and many other previous taboo subjects as being acceptable. Open discussion about sexual lifestyles are now seen as a means of self-discovery.

Adult content initially made its way into society through men’s magazines and papers. These magazines for men have content that cater to the sexual preferences of men.  The same content later became available on dvd and on ‘educational shows’.  Soon enough as the internet boomed, adult content websites sprouted like mushrooms in the online world. The internet has made anything related to sex prolific, and available to all. Videos invoking sexual actions has now become one of the most viewed types of material on the internet. However shortly after a new type of adult content began to circulate the internet: Adult fanfiction and Adult Blogs.

Adult fanfiction is a work of literature that pens the fictional desires of fans to do a sexual act with their idols. This fanfiction usually evokes the writer’s sexual fantasies on their favorite stars. Adult fanfiction paved way to Adult Blogs. These adult blogs are now one of the staple of Not Safe For Work stories and further developed into more informative and authoritative blogs relating to the health and sexuality of the average person.

This online community of self-discovery that has formed in the 21st Century is considered as a safe space where everyone can be themselves. And people who have a problem with that are allowed to leave with no questions asked. Because of this, the internet has given way to a public sphere of knowledge that discusses sexcapades, fetishes, and sexcursions. The goal of this community, like any other communities, is to share information. The major difference on the other hand is that this community shares information that previously was hidden or discussed behind closed doors.

The anonymity offered online meant that Adult Blogs discuss various topics that vary from sex stories, mental health, bondage and sex toys reviews that are totally frank and honest. Let’s have a clear discussion on the former. Adult blogs are a staple source of fictional and factual sex stories, and sexual discovery. Adult bloggers can pen works of art where they detail their sexual fantasies, and even their sex adventures or simply relay information that will assist their niche or talent.

Adult Blogging
Blogger Writing

Adult Bloggers are usually people who are sexually active and/or are sexually open. The stories they write not only entice people to on the road of self-discovery through but also allow them to make informed choices through the experiences of others.  These writers give insights on how this may feel for readers. Adult bloggers inform readers on the do’s and don’ts of sex. Adult Bloggers try to be honest about everything, and they let people know in order for the readers to gauge if this type of activity may be suitable for them.

Often you will also be given tips, and tricks for newbies who are on the long road to self-discovery. This is where the important part of Adult Blogs come into play: education. Beginners who want to be sexually active, and aggressive will need to gauge information from these terrific and informative sites. Beginners may have a tendency to be swallowed whole by the booming sex industry with a large number of sex toys, lubes, and other sex-related products. Adult Bloggers are like parents who can give us sound advice on sex, the only difference is, learning about their sex stories isn’t as awkward as it usually does with parents.

You will find also sound advisers in BDSM. Bondage, Dominance, Sadism, and Masochism is a type of fetish that involves aggressive sexual acts. The sites are a safe space where people can share information, and give light to topics.

Aside from this, Adult Blogs are a sounder source for sex education. Some people resort to watching porn in order to learn a few moves. We all know that porn usually gives people higher expectations, but very minimal information. This is one of the wonders of Adult Bloggers: they allow us to peak into their lives, and learn a thing or two about how to properly execute sex. Adult Blogs may also be treated as a support community as you have the power to ask the blogger themselves with this, you have the voice in order to shamelessly voice out your queries.

Adult Blogs also provide an opportunity to protect readers. Some adult bloggers go under pen names in order to hide their personality. Other online bloggers are professional writers of erotica, and these bloggers would like to keep their identity to themselves. The same benefits can be done for readers who are silently considering the long journey of self-discovery.  One of the coolest features of the sex blog is that it contains many sex-related stories that will surely excite you. Surely after reading this blog you will be more excited to try the many products AdultSmart offers. This blogsite is also active publishing at least one post daily, which is why it makes for a great online community that specializes in the sexual issues. The articles in this blog varies from first time sex encounters, and product reviews making AdultSmart the epitome of adult online content.

AdultSmart is one of the best, if not the best, Adult blogs there is in the world. Their bloggers, they have one permanent blogger named Elle (the sexpert) and three guest blogges who also discuss a wide array of topics making the blog as diverse as it can be. It caters to many sexual preferences, as the adventures of many sex writers of the blog is boundless.  You will find a slew of high-quality adult products that will surely rekindle your libido. If you would like to live a satisfying life with no regrets, this blog community is the online place for you to fully discover yourself.



Under The Cypress Tree’s of Taipingshan National Forest

Asian Beauty In Forest

Taipingshan National Forest has always been viewed as a supernatural place in Taiwan said to be haunted by the Ataya Tribe in the ‘savage land’.  The women of the tribe were all addicted to beetel nuts and tattooed on their faces so that the dead will recognize their family in the spirit world.

When Kuan Lin found the courage to speak with Shu-Chen, it was lust at first sight.  They could not help the passionate kisses that ensued and found the cabin to consummate this lucky encounter.  As they began to make love it was then that Kuan Lin saw that Shu-Lin was in fact possessed by his former fiancee, who had passed more than 3 years earlier.

When Shu-Chen returned to her body she had no recollection of the events that had transpired.  Find out all about this supernatural erotic tale set in Taiwan

Luxury Sex Toys You Will Love!

Quality Adult Products

Luxury adult toys for any consumer that truly appreciates toys and longetivity need to be of the highest quality. Since the adult entertainment has grown so fast and large, many suppliers are producing high quality luxurious adult toys, to meet any requirement. Adult shops are stores that offer the most luxurious and highest quality adult toys in the market. Let’s have a look at some of the luxury sex toy brands.

First of all let’s have a look at the Swedish company called LELO. This company provides high quality erotic toys for males and females. You can choose from a large variety of luxury vibrators, to their other toys that are made of medical grade silicone. Most of the vibrators are rechargeable and provided with a guarantee. If you want your adult toy to last for a longer time, choose this adult novelty store. If you would like to choose among toys for you and your partner, you can choose to (who is this?) visit The Adult Smart adult novelty shop.

It offers many products such as; anal toys, dildos, dolls, vibrators, male and female toys, in colorful toys and different shapes and sizes. Other novelty adult toys that are offered include paddles, leather whips, bondage restraints, masks and gags. You can choose anything that will light your sex life. Other adult novelty companies that offer high quality sex products are the Jimmy Jane and Njoy companies. They offer clean and sterile anal toys and vibrators that will last for several years. If you are into temperature playing, you can try their toys that are constructed of stainless steel. Any product you choose from is from high quality and cleans up easily. Usually they often sensual restraints, potions and other erotic products and toys that will light up your relationship and your sex life with your partner.

Generally adult stores are the most suitable destination that will help you choose the best for you and your partner. All the toys and the products are made from high quality material, ensuring safety and protection above all, while needing only cleaning once in a while. Store them in a good temperature room and treat them with respect. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you will find what you require in one of these shops. Do not pass by, but drop in and trust the professionals. They know how to make your sex life intense again, and how to make your lover fall in love with you like in the beginning of your relationship. Adult novelty stores are suppliers that you should trust for your sex life.

Lelo Siri
Sex Toy: Lelo Siri

The adult entertainment world is getting bigger day by day. Everybody needs at least one adult toy to spice up their sex life or even light up their relationship with their partners. Today searching for an adult toy, become more exhausting than ever, because of the variety that exists in the world of adult entertainment. Let’s have at some of the most discrete but also adult toys that have ever existed. These are original and are promised to offer you hours and even days full of sexual pleasure.

Let’s start off with the Squeel. This is probably one of the strangest adult toys in the market today but also a very powerful adult toy. This toy features 10 tongues set on a rotating wheel, worked by a motor that is powered by three triple A batteries. You can choose from 3 speeds and enjoy masturbation. This is a unique adult toy that will surely please women that love to feel the touch of tongue between their legs.

Following the Sqweel, let’s have a look at Sasi. This toy has the unique feature to please women intensely and fast. It features a round massager and you can adjust the speed and the vibration as you like.

Third in the list is the Wevibe. This sex toy features a c-shaped vibrator, perfect for the couples that want to experience vibration at its most intense level.

On our list we can meet the most discreet adult toys, the Cone. When looking at the Cone at first you would believe that this is just a cone. In fact, this is a very powerful and diverse vibrator, suitable for women that squat, crouch or sit. Another innovative adult toy is the accommodator latex dong. This dong straps on your partner’s head, while allowing his mouth and hands to move freely and please you.

If you enjoy music while experiencing intense orgasms, go for the Ohmibod freestyle vibrator. This is the first wireless music driven vibrator that can connect to your mp3 player, iPod or iphone. This vibrator will move to the beat of your favorite songs offering intense orgasms.

Last in our list of adult toys is the Clone a Willy kit. This product allows you to make a perfect copy of your partner’s penis. It is a molding process that takes a few minutes to complete. When it is completed you can add your personal of oil and liquid rubber and with the multispeed vibrating unit inside, it will surely please you for a long time.

Generally not all adult toys are discreet. But If you are a consumer that prefers a more private approach, you can select from the above products. These adult toys and other that are available in the market will help you improve your sex life and your relationship with your partner, while offering the most intense orgasms that you ever experienced.



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