The BEST A-Spot Sex Toys!

We’ve talked about the elusive G-Spot, we’ve fantasized about female ejaculation but have we learnt about the Anterior Fornix which is also known as the A-Spot?

The fornix is an internal erogenous area in the vagina and is located on either side of the cervix, however it is the anterior fornix which is located at the front of the vagina and is the spot which’ll get you soaking. It was Doctor Chua Chee Ann who discovered the A-Spot. You can hear him talk about his discovery in the YouTube video at the bottom of this blog post. He discovered that stimulation of this ‘deep’ zone in the vagina can lead to accelerated lubrication and heightened sexual arousal. Scooping motions, windshield motions and stroking motions, similar to those used to stimulate the G-Spot are also recommended for stimulating the A-Spot.

A-Spot Image
Diagram: A-Spot


Is there a difference between the A-Spot and the G-Spot?

Aside from 6 letters, yes. Whilst they’re both located on the front wall of the vagina which is the opposite wall to your anal canal, they’re located a few inches apart. The G-Spot can be found 1-2 inches into the vagina, while the A-Spot is located usually 4-6 inches into the vagina. The two provide different sensations and cause different ‘typical’ reactions. The G-Spot is known for having a ‘pee’ like sensation, where you feel an intense need to urinate. This quickly passes and is sometimes replaced by female ejaculation. The A-Spot is known for causing fast natural lubrication.

How do you stimulate the A-Spot?

The A-Spot is almost impossible to reach by yourself, your fingers just aren’t long enough to reach it – Sorry, hun! You do have a much better chance of getting a partner to reach the erogenous A-Spot by inserting 1 to 2 fingers. They are able to comfortably lengthen their arm and hand which allows them full insertion of the fingers. Stroking and scooping motions in the area will be well received.

What if you and your partner can’t reach or find your A-Spot?

Don’t worry! I have your back. Here’s a list of FIVE of the best adult toys which are the perfect length, size and shape to stimulate your new favourite spot:


A-Spot Sex Toys Photo
Pictured From Left to Right: Fun Factory Lady Bi, NU Sensuelle Curve, BS Atlier G-Spot Dildo, Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator and Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2


  1. Fun Factory Lady Bi: Fun Factory Lady Bi is a rechargeable rabbit vibrator made from 100% body safe silicone designed and imported from Germany. It has the PERFECT length, girth and curve at its tip to stimulate the A-Spot. The Lady Bi was designed with this erogenous spot in mind and has been proven to stimulate the A-Spot perfectly, take my word for it. It uses FlexiFUN Technology so it can comfortably bend and shape to fit your body yet it is firm enough to apply the much needed pressure for pleasurable stimulation. It has 6 vibration levels and 6 vibration modes. It is 100% waterproof and can be travel locked.
  2. The NU Sensuelle Curve: ​NU Sensuelle is an award winning brand designed within Australia. The NU Sensuelle Curve is a rechargeable vibrator made from 100% body safe silicone. It has that recurring length, width and a curved tip that you need to stimulate the A-Spot. It is well known for having 20 vibration modes for pinpoint stimulation and a run time of 1 hour. It is also 100% waterproof for bath and shower fun.
  3. BS Atlier G-Spot Dildo: BS Atelier create their dildos from 100% pure silicone that is hand poured for quality craftsmanship. They are made and imported directly from Spain. ​I know, I know… “G-Spot Dildo” is within the name but I’m telling you it can stimulate the A-Spot, take it as a blessing! This little beauty strokes both spots perfectly. This toy is slightly larger and girthier than the other two toys mentioned, so take care using this one for A-Spot stimulation.
  4. Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator: ​Je Joue G-Kii Vibrator is another toy that was specifically designed for G-Spot stimulation but is also fantastic at A-Spot stimulation. What are you waiting for? Put that sweeeet fully adjustable curve to use!
  5. Tantus Pack ‘n’ Play No.2: Tantus craft their products from their own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone that is hand-poured into moulds. Just like that annoyingly smart kid at school, we already know Tantus are good at everything, so it’s probably not a shock to you that they made it onto my list! The shape and length of the Pack ‘n’ Play No.2 make for a great soft toy to experiment the A-Spot with.

You now know what the A-Spot is, where it is located and how to stimulate it. To start with, I’d highly recommend exploring the area by yourself or with a partner in a relaxed setting. Happy finding!!


About the author: Chloe is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres