Surgical Steel Sex Toy Info – The Pros and Cons

Choosing and finding a perfect surgical steel sex toy is easier than you could have ever imagined. You just need to learn a couple of the basics in order to find exactly what you are looking for.

Sex Toys come in various materials to choose from but lets talk about the  surgical steel sex toys options.  Everyone has heard the word “surgical”.

Many people don’t realize surgical doesn’t necessarily have to mean a trip to the hospital to have surgery.

It doesn’t have to be something that’s not enjoyable or in fact for medical treatment. Some people use surgical steel sex toys in the bedroom, or for BDSM, medical play and even role playing surgical play. Whilst it’s not for everyone, these fetish roleplaying experiences help people explore their sexuality.

What is Surgical Steel Made From?

Surgical steel is a type of stainless steel graded SAE 316. SAE 316. Stainless steel is a molybdenum-alloyed steel and is the second most common austenite stainless steel (after grade 304). The composition is roughly ten to twenty percent chromium, as well as a tiny bit of molybdenum, core part which is usually easily dissolved and mold-able.

It is the preferred steel for use in marine environments and for products that will not corrode like surgical instruments. This is due to its greater resistance to corrosion when compared to other grades of steel without molybdenum.

Surgical instruments made with this type of steel can includes scissors, knives, needles, body piercings, body jewelry, speculums, sounds, screws etc. The steel also has a smooth finish with the addition of molybdenum.  This makes stainless steel hardy and smooth, also more resistant to corrosion and different types of organic growth.

What is Surgical Steel Equipment Best Used For?

Steel effective for surgery equipment, in addition to implants, because of its hygienic nature. It is not likely to cause infection or be rejected by ones own body. For these reasons it is well-suited for different kinds of surgical and sexual applications.

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We have all seen different types of surgical steel in kitchens , pharmaceutical companies, warehouses and work tools. Now you can shop for steel sex toys online!

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Before you do, be sure to check out the benefits of why you should use products made out of surgical steel.

Surgical Steel Sex Toy
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Benefits Of Using Sex Toys Made With Surgical Steel

Surgical steel may be used by people who have allergies:

They are very popular with people who have allergies to certain types of metals. If they use products made with surgical steel they may not have allergic reactions. This is one of the reasons why this type of steel is used for surgical procedures.

Surgical steel is great to use for surgical purposes:

It is an ideal choice for those whose piercings often get infected in a short time. They will rarely cause any kind of infection and is a great material commonly used for insertable sex toys like penis plugs.

Surgical steel is incredibly strong:

One vital characteristic associated with surgical steel is that it is harder compared to other metals and materials, such as silver or gold. Surgical steel can not easily be misshapen or become ruined. It is a durable which will not easily loose it’s pristine condition.

Surgical steel has a great shine and is resistant to scratches:

It’s chemical substance composition causes it to become almost scratch-free.

Surgical steel is available in different finishes:

Some of the finishes can leave it looking smooth, shiny and sleek. A lot of people love this look.

Surgical steel products exhibit a great amount of corrosion resistance and friction resistance:

Due to the large level of chromium throughout surgical steel, the product that its made out of is going to resistant to sweat, dirt, dust, humidity and friction.  It also has the ability to resist rust. Do not place surgical steel sex toys in salt, acids or areas where there is low levels of oxygen as it can cause the product to corrode.

Surgical steel is non-porous:

It will not absorb any harmful bacteria which makes it extremely easy to clean.

Surgical steel is easy to clean:

The biggest benefit of stainless steel toys are how hygienic they are. They’re extremely easy to clean and sterilize. Products made from surgical steel can be steamed or even placed in a dishwasher.

There is a wide range of surgical steel sex toys:

Surgical steel toys come in a large range of different types and styles from collars, handcuffs to insert-able toys for both males and females. From stainless steel dildos to steel butt plugs there’s something for everyone!

Surgical steel sex toys can be used for temperature play:

The beauty of surgical steel is that it may start out cool but after a few minutes it will warm up and adapt to match your body temperature. Before use you can also place the surgical steel sex toy in some warm water or cold water for a couple of minutes. Whatever you do, do not place it in the freezer or boiling water!

Surgical steel sex toys can be used with almost any type of personal lubricant:

Lube it up with pretty much any kind of lubricant and you’re good to go.

Most surgical steel sex toys are light in weight:

Light surgical steel sex toys mean that you can have all the benefits of using the metal whilst being able to use it. Without worrying about becoming tired.

Some surgical steel sex toys are heavier than other sex toys:

Weighted sex toys can be a turn on for some.

Surgical steel is not flexible:

This means people can apply differing amounts of pressure onto their erogenous zones which can help them have quicker orgasms.

Surgical steel sex toys make a great investment:

Surgical steel sex toys are available in a wide price range, so no matter whether you spend a little or a lot. If you care for your product appropriately it can last a lifetime – and that in the long run is not a bad investment.

Surgical Steel Sex Toy For Men

Steel sex toys for men are designed to make masturbation more erotic or to enhance a sexual experience. I will be introducing you to steel cock rings, steel butt plugs and steel penis plugs which are mainly made for men.

Surgical Steel Cock Rings

Steel cock rings are devices used to block blood from flowing outside of the penis causing an erection. This will prolong a hard on and make it firmer. Cock rings are sometimes worn over a submissive act, or to maintain a semi hard cock to enhance the style of tight jeans.

They come in variable styles decorative, stretchy, or with a bondage theme. Some cock rings come with attached vibrators to give stimulation to the clitoris or anus of your partner.

A cock ring should not be used when your genitals feel a sensation of numbness or cold. If this happens remove it immediately. Men should not wear a cock for longer than twenty minutes.

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Surgical Steel Butt Plugs

Steel butt plugs are sex toys that are used for anal sex and prostate stimulation. Men have a prostate gland which can create earth shaking orgasms when stimulated. This anal toy may be a good starting off point for someone who wants to experience prostate stimulation or for anal sex foreplay.

Steel Butt Plug
Purple Gem But Plug

Surgical Steel Penis Plugs

Steel penis plugs are also known as cock plugs and the most common type are steel sex toys. This jewelry is attached to the urethra with or without a piercing while locking it from the outside to the penis like the prince’s wand.

Other types of penis plugs include sounds and dilators. For many men, the idea to insert steel sex toys into their urethra seems scary and repulsive. But others report an intense and pleasurable sensation of pressure. The first of the three constrictions within the male urethra below the glans is called navicular fossa and is capable of the internal stimulation.

Penis plugs and similar steel sex toys are available from different manufacturers, designs, sizes and materials such as metal and silicone. Most are hollow or cum thru

Penis jewelry has been popular since the Ancient times.

Shiny Penis Jewelry
Image: Penis Plug With A Textured Tip

Surgical Steel Penis Plugs With A Locking Ring

You can buy penis plugs with a locking ring at the end. This ring prevents accidental slipping of the penis plugs into the urethra. This ring also prevents prolonged wear. The retaining ring is annoying and can irritate the glans and urethra opening unpleasantly. If used properly everything will be alright.

With the correct selection of the diameter the penis plug can be inserted easily, but does not hold on its own for a while in the urethra. From time to time it must be readjusted.

Surgical Steel Princes Wand

Another type of penis plugs is the princes wand. It consists of a hollow tube with a threaded cap at the end and the tube. The tube is inserted into the urethra, while a stem is inserted through a prince albert piercing. This is achieved through another threaded hole on the side of the tube.

The design reminds a police nightstick.

The little side stem holds the tube in place. The threaded cap, often just a ball, can be removed so the user can urinate or ejaculate through the hollow tube. You do not have to remove it to achieve this. They are most popular though among men who enjoy urethral Play.

What Should I do Before Buying A Penis Plug?

Before buying any type of penis plug you need to check which diameter fits your penis.

How is it possible to measure the inside diameter of the urethra?

I suggest that you bend a soft wire to a probe in a U shape. Using a ruler, the width of the probe can be determined. If you want to be very professional use a set of dilators.

Make sure your thoroughly research what a penis plug is and how to use it.

What Can I Not Insert Into The Urethra?

Don’t use any items that are sensitive to breakage like chopsticks because they may break. Plastic objects can also contain harmful pollutants.

Surgical Steel Chastity Devices

You can buy chastity devices which prevent men from masturbating.  Some men love being confined and sexually controlled by another person. Chastity devices can provide the perfect way for this to happen.

Some chastity devices include a locking device that can only be unlocked by the keyholder with a key.

How Do You Use Surgical Steel Sex Toys?

Before Each Use

It is advisable to purchase some antiseptic wipes and give your sex toy a clean over before each use.  Do not use chlorine, acid or harsh cleaning compounds like bleach or dishwasher powder. These products may fade or otherwise damage your treasured toy.

What Personal Lubricant Should I Use?

Have you ever wanted a sex toy which is compatible with almost any type of personal lubricant?

Don’t stress, surgical steel sex toys has you covered as it is compatible with every type of lubricant! Whether you want to use water-based lubes, silicone-based, oil-based or even a blend of these lubes, you can freely do so to your hearts content.

Add lubricant before you use a surgical steel sex toy as it can make your experience, incredible. Its smooth surface with a coating of lubricant applied on top will make every movement feel sensational.

Almost as if you were sliding it through water.

After Each Use

Simply wash the surgical steel sex toy with some warm soapy water and then rinse it off, your sex toy will look sparkly and brand new. You can also use anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, non-corrosive liquid antiseptics and dish washing liquid.

It can even be placed in a dishwasher.

Do not use dishwasher powder or tablets as they may contain a corrosive substance. Be sure to clean off the lubricant from the sex toy thoroughly.

Long Term Care

All sex toys regularly need maintenance and surgical steel sex toys are not an exemption to this rule. After you have owned a surgical steel sex toy for a long period of time. It is advisable to thoroughly sterilize the item by placing them in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Surgical steel sex toys make for a great long term investment with so many affordable options. There are even sex toys for people who love BDSM or fetish play.

Always remember to take care of your sex toys, as they will in turn take care of you. If you ever want try something new you should definitely try surgical steel sex toys.

They hit so many different spots!

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