How to Take Care of Sex Toys

Correctly storing and caring for your sex toys is a very important thing to consider when trying to making your sex toys last. Whilst we’re not suggesting you should keep them in a  temperature-controlled vault, there are some basic points you’ll need to remember in order to prolong the lifetime of any toy, as well as to keep it clean and safe from damage. Following the correct storage and hygiene steps will keep your long term sex toy investment safe. Following the correct steps doesn’t take to much time and In the long run, you will save your sex toys, if you take care of them properly. Simply think of all the orgasms you will never have, if your batteries start to leak because you have left them in there or if your sex toy turns nasty because you didn’t take a minute to wash it thoroughly. Taking care of sex toys is really easy!



  1. Read the manufacturer box: Always make sure to read the box/user manual before you clean your sex toy! There are many different types of toys that work in many different types of ways. Everyone cleaning and storage instructions can slightly differentiate depending on the type of product they use. For example, different types of silicone that have a silky-soft feeling and don’t attract dust and fur sometimes can’t be used with harsh chemicals as it will erode the material quickly.
  2. Go on the manufacturer’s website: A lot of high end product’s have personal websites that you can easily access through the internet. Visit their website and find the helpful guide’s online. For example, Lelo has a support webpage, a downloadable manual webpage and a commonly asked questions webpage.
  3. Clean your sex toy thoroughly: If the toy is not water proof don’t soak the sex toy in water. Assuming you have a silicone sex toy then you need to pay special attention to the groove between the silicone portion and the plastic portion and around the buttons. Really examine the design. Fluids can get trapped, then bacteria can grow on the surface. Ensure your sex toy is clean and hygienic. Simply wash the used areas in soapy water then use the anti-bacterial spray. Leave the sex toy to sit for a couple of minutes. Clean the sex toy down with a soft towel.
  4. If your sex toys are shared: If you share your toys, then you’ll want to consider the cleaning options that sanitize, like boiling for dildos and plugs or 10% bleach solution rinse or alcohol wipe down unless the manufacturer prohibits it. Even a day-long soak in the rubbing alcohol didn’t do a thing to the material. However I have seen other manufacturers specifically warn against it.
  5. Take out any removable batteries: Remove the batteries  so they cannot leak, run down, or otherwise corrode the toy – this will not only protect the toy but also help the batteries last longer! Make certain your toys are fully dry before you put them into storage to discourage mould and mildew. It is also advised not to use high powered lithium batteries as sometimes these batteries are too powerful for your toys and will burn out the circuitry. Where possible, try and use cheap batteries such as heavy duties or similar.
  6. Store sex toy in a soft pouch: Keep your sex toys in a clean and dry place – there are specific adult toy storage boxes but even any plastic storage box with vents is ideal for the job. Make sure you keep the charges with the appropriate toy so they do not get lost.  A clean silk pouch is perfect to keep them together Some materials aren’t compatible with one another and might cause melting or discoloration – even if stored safely in a dark drawer. If vibrating bullets and eggs are removable, store them individually.
  7. Keep sex toy out of direct heat or light: Direct daylight and excess heat might cause toys and condoms to soften, discolor, or dry out, therefore store these things in a cool, dark place like a dresser drawer or trunk. Extreme cold also can do harm to toys which are not made from acrylic, glass, or silicone polymer. Unless it is a glass, stone or metal toy never refrigerate or freeze your toys and under no circumstances should you freeze soft materials or condoms.

Remember, if you take care of your sex toy, the sex toy will always take care of you!





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