Stepping Into Stilettos Part Two!

Everyone has that moment in life where it all becomes so much clearer. For most of us, we have more than one. I myself, have had plenty of eye-opening experiences, but the one that sticks out the most is when I discovered there was more to the adult entertainment industry than just dancing on stage.

If you’ve read the first part of this story, you know that stripping is where I broke my adult industry cherry over seventeen years ago. It’s where I fell in love with the industry as a whole and it’s where I blossomed into a brand new, more exciting version of myself.

I went from being a shy, jeans and t-shirt wearing goody two shoes to a sexy, seductive woman who proudly showed off her body and more importantly knew how to work what she had. The best part is I was having a blast doing it!

However, as much as I loved stripping; it drove me crazy that most of the lust-driven eyes I was dancing for seemed to just be enjoying the free show. Needless to say; I preferred doing the private shows for that reason.

Fast forward a few years…..

A friend of mine and I were riding through a neighboring city and we came across a brightly lit sign with huge arrows pointing towards the door of what appeared to be a house. The sign said: All Nude Private Dancers. No Cover Charge. Also Hiring For Dancers. Inquire Inside.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what happened next, but I will just in case you’re still in the dark.

Looking back on it now; I don’t even think the fact that I would be completely naked should I get hired even crossed my mind. I was excited to see they only did private dances.

When I opened the door and walked in, the first thing I noticed was the building was indeed once a home. You could tell it had been gutted and completely redone to fit the strip club vibe. There were two rooms that held pornographic DVDs. One for straight and the other for gay and lesbian. Sex toys of all sorts donned the walls. At the front, an older man sat at the counter.

The counter was glass and filled with various lubes, edibles, and other sex session accessories. I was in awe at it all. I mean sure I knew about dildos and vibrators, but the other stuff was completely new to me. I made a silent promise to myself to look into it all later.

I won’t bore you with the details of the application and such. It went pretty much like every other dancing gig I applied to. I introduced myself, gave a brief rundown of my experience, and danced for the owner. Luck was still on my side and I was hired on the spot. I returned later that night for my first shift. And boy, was it a shift to remember!

See, during my time doing private dances at the regular strip clubs, I learned folks are a lot more open about their sexuality when it’s just you and them. This club taught me that the more private the setting; the more open a person becomes.

My first private performance that night was one I will never forget. It is one that resulted in my eyes becoming wide open to the world of adult entertainment and human sexuality in general.

I was sitting on the couch, waiting for a customer to come in when the bell above the door rattled. A signal to the girls that a customer had entered the building. I was the only one working that shift so if this one wanted a dance, it would end up being mine for sure. And as luck would have it; he did want one. A long one. Thirty minutes to be exact.

The owner motioned for me to come over to the counter. I stood up, straightened the short tight dress I was wearing, tussled my hair a bit, reapplied some lipstick and sauntered over to him; making sure to sway my hips a little bit as I did.

I introduced myself to the customer and he did the same. He looked me up and down as if I were some sort of prize he was admiring. I’ll admit; it felt good. Really good. He nodded his head as if giving himself the go-ahead to get a dance, gave the manager the house fee, and motioned for me to lead the way.

I took my time walking towards the back and chose the farthest room. I opened the curtain, told him to have a seat in the chair and that I would return after setting the music for his dance. I chose the playlist cd a DJ friend of the owner had made for the girls and walked back into the room.

The client was sitting in the chair, hands down his pants, which was nothing new to me at this point in my career. Plus it was perfectly legal in my state as long as there was no sexual contact from either party. I went to go remove my heels and he stopped me. He asked me if I had ever done a fetish show before. I, of course, had no clue what he was even talking about. I was honest with him about my lack of knowledge of fetish shows and to my surprise, he was very understanding.

He offered to explain to me exactly what he was wanting and if I chose to not go along with it, he would still pay me for a full dance as well as tip me extra just for the hassle. The guy was pretty decent so I decided to see what he had in mind. For all, I knew I could end up liking it.

As the slow, seductive, music played in the background, he explained to me that he was into something called Femdom; or female domination to be precise. His particular kink was to have the Domme belittle, berate, emasculate, and humiliate him while he pleasured himself. I was completely shocked at this information, but it sounded awesome so I told the guy I’d be happy to try it. I felt I needed to tell him that in reality, I was actually a sweetheart who wouldn’t say a bad word to anyone unless they absolutely deserved it, but I would try my best.

The dance went as expected. He pleasured himself while I told him how horrible of a person he was, how much he sucked as a man in general, and all sorts of other mean things. I did everything in my power to make this man who seemed to be such a nice guy, feel like the lowest thing on earth at that moment. And just as he said he would; he loved it!

Angel McDaniel

I was happy he enjoyed himself but more so I was caught up in the fact that I did as well. Don’t get me wrong I hated being mean to him when he hadn’t really done anything to deserve it, but once I got over it and told myself it was just a fantasy and what he wanted, I was able to get into it pretty quickly. I’m sure you’ve already figured out that he left that club a very happy man and I ended my shift that night as a very curious woman. I just didn’t have a clue of how curious I would become.

I finished the rest of my shift, paid my fees to the bouncer and went home with the intentions of keeping the promise I made to myself to look into things. Only now; I was going to look specifically into Femdom and all that it entailed. I learned quite a bit about Femdom that night as well as accidentally introduced myself into the world of fetishes and kinks. That in turn, resulted in my becoming a fetish fanatic and like with all things, there was a choice few that stood out from the crowd and became my ultimate favorites.

Stay tuned for part three where I dish out all the dirty details

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