Sex Education Nurse Squirts for the Principal

As a result of various inappropriate behaviors at Marrickville High School, Sydney the principal Jay White concluded that he would need a sex education nurse to direct some sex education classes.

The young woman employed by the school board to conduct these classes radiated sexuality herself. She was slim, petite, had blazing red hair and trance-like green eyes.

When she called into his office for an introduction, he got to be so inebriated by her scent and sexy voice he neglected to get her all the information for her subject or when she expected to begin.

Indeed her name, Felice Doubwair had a sensual ring to it.

After she’d gone, he couldn’t stop himself rehashing her name, again and again in his mind.

She went to his office on the first day of school, wearing an pristine white nurses uniform with an especially short skirt.

As she laid out her program, every so often touching her body to outline some point she was attempting to make, he got to be truly distracted and turned on by her.

After she’d completed her little presentation, he started to chatter on about other things.

“I don’t have a heap of sexual experience myself,” he told her.

“I’m somewhat modest with ladies.”

“That is too terrible – you’re an attractive man – I’d even dare to say very hot,” she replied.

Jay went a bit red in the face and hesitantly clarified that he’d never possessed the capacity to fulfill a lady.   “I have no game,” he said, “particularly regarding the matter of foreplay.”

“Have you ever asked a lady what she needs?”

“How would you do that?”

Sex Education Nurse Teaches the Principal

“Well – where she gets a kick out of being touched and whether she enjoys it delicate or a smidgen harsh.”

“Goodness,” he muttered, “I could never do that.”

“Why don’t we do a little pretending?” she proposed. “You let me know where you like to be touched.”

The man, who had been the keynote speaker at various instructive gatherings, was dumbstruck.  He shrugged and feigned exasperation.  In the end figuring out how to squeak out, “only here,” as he indicated his groin.

Felice moved around the work area, hung over and rubbed the lump that was squeezing against his zipper, “Here?” she delicately asked.

sex education nurse

Jay didn’t say anything, as the lump in his pants grew.

He simply gestured the affirmative with his head.

“Here is the thing that I need you to do,” she said, solidly.  “I would like you to take off your pants and sit on your boardroom table.  I’ll make sure your office is locked.”

His heart was thumping at an impressive rate as he began to take them off. Also viewing her tight bum sashay over the room, he lost all his feelings of respectability. 

His mind declined to consider what would happen if this was found out by the school board.

Jay sat on the boardroom table as requested yet he didn’t take off his spotted boxer shorts. With his prick standing to attention it seemed as though he was holding a tent pole in his lap.

“Don’t be modest – slip off your boxers,” she snickered.

Reluctantly, he shed his unmentionables to uncover a vast erect dick that no man would be embarrassed about.

“I’m going to touch you where you said you got off being touched.  Do you need me to be harsh or tender?”

“Delicate please,” he croaked, as though his mouth was becoming scarce. Felice ventured into the pocket of her nurse outfit and slipped out a bottle of lubricant.

sex education
Sexy Nurse in See Through Plastic Coat

“This is an awesome lubricant and it smells great,” she said.

Taking off the top and breathing in with a smile on her face.  “I’m going to rub some on your penis and it’s going to feel wonderful.”

Jay shut his eyes and gulped hard as her long thin fingers started to apply the cream.  All over she ran it with one hand, while touching his balls with the other.

At first she went gradually.  But as she sensed he was getting more turned on she increased the pace, contorting her hand skilfully to issue him the most pleasurably experience conceivable.

Before long he was taking in short sharp breaths and making groaning sounds. At that point he began to mutter incongruously followed after by the boisterous cry.


His cum shot uncertain like a noteworthy volcanic ejection.  She ventured back a bit, to avoid it sprinkling on her uniform.  But then tenderly worked his spunk out until there was only one singular drop sobbing out of Jay’s penile eye.

Felice wiped it off with her finger and licked it.

“I adore the taste of cum,” she grinned.  “I’d give you a head job but I have a somewhat of a sore throat today.  Perhaps some other time.”

Simply contemplating those ruby red lips sliding all over his dick.  She broke the fantasy and brought him back to reality when she asked for him to ask her where she enjoyed being touched.

“All over the place,” she answered taking off her uniform.

“At the same time you ought to begin by sucking my tits and my pussy and afterward I need you to cum once more within me this time.”  She said as she lay down on the Marrickville High Boardroom Table.

Felice had the loveliest body he’d ever seen as he watched her naked on the boardroom table of Marrickville High.  She moved towards him until her areolas were in in line with his mouth.

Snatching her by the waist, he pulled her closer and sucked on her areolas as if he was trying to get her to lactate.

The sultry Sex Ed. instructor pulled off him and glared.

“You didn’t inquire as to whether I needed you to be tender or rough,” she chided.

“I’m sorry – how would you need me to continue?”

“Simply flick your tongue delicately everywhere on my tits and afterward suck my areolas tenderly, cupping my tits with your hands under them.”

Despite being a school principal, he wasn’t the brightest of individuals.  In spite of the fact that he attempted to control his energy, he was still a touch on the kinky sex side.

Fortunately, Felice was starting to appreciate his mouth biting and sucking against her more she started to groan a bit.

“Presently you ought to go down towards my cunt,” she taught.

“Simply use your finger inside it to check and make sure it’s wet.”

It was wet!  Jay’s fervor level hit the top.  Jumping off from the board room table he brought her down onto the mat, opened up her legs and stuck his face between her thighs.

“Now you can do it rougher,” she cried, “suck it, suck it as hard as you like!”  He didn’t require any more suggestions right now.

sex education with pussy pumps
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His lips and tongue were working like maniacs and his arms were extended so he could massage her aureola in the meantime.

Felice very nearly lost control of her bladder as she neared her climax.

When she did at last achieve peak, she contorted and bobbed around so viciously.  His face was battered from one side to the next between her thighs as she suddenly squirted and it all gushed in his face.

Jay chose to take control right now and furrowed his throbbing cock straight into her dripping wet cunt.  He held his swollen penis so far deeply inside her before pushing it through her tight wet twat like somebody gone wild.

Felice reacted in kind.  She dug her fingers into his shoulder and shouted as his hot velvety nut juice filled her now wide open pussy.

In spite of having blown a gigantic orgasm

He continued driving his dick into her sweet pussy as though he was planning to cum a second time.

“That was not awful,” she grinned, getting up and beginning to put on her uniform.  “Not terrible whatsoever and a couple of more sessions and I think I could class you as a stud.”

“I need to thank you for that unbelievable experience,” he answered.

“But we must be cautious.  I’d detest those hopeless old cronies that serve on the Board to get wind of what we’ve been doing.”

“That is the thing that they said in regards to you,” she chuckled, squirming into her undies.

“You mean you fucked them as well? Every one of them?”

“Obviously – how would you think I landed the position? I have no qualification’s.  You never did a background check. And now you cannot do anything right?”

As her gorgeous little ass slipped out of the entryway he moaned, thinking how gullible they had been.

But thinking more how wonderful it was to be the principal at Marrickville High.

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