A Siri-ously Great Sex Toy!

I’ve been intrigued by the company ‘ohmibod’ for a while due to their unique vibrators that translate music into vibrations (which I though was an amazing unique idea) but when I saw one of my favourite sex toy company LELO, come out with a sex toy boasting this same feature I knew I had end up doing a review on it sooner or later.  Lelo has made a sex toy called Siri 2 which is a Siri-ously big deal, more so than a lot of people it give credit for. At first I saw the Siri as just a unique little device that some people can have some fun with if they are into its main boasting feature but after doing a bit of research and going hands on with the toy I can safely say that The Siri 2 is definitely a potential vibrator replacement all together and in my opinion a great alternative to the LELO’s other palm clitoral massagers.

Music is a wonderful thing, it can be relaxing or it could pump your heart rate up for a workout, it can convey messages of meaning or help you express your own feelings. Music is all around us and can usually be apart of everything we do even behind closed doors. Typically music is used to create mood and romance in the bedroom but weirdly enough there are sex toys that take advantage of the power of music and turn them into rhythmic sensations.

The LELO Siri 2 guarantees intense sound-controlled vibrations and 8 preset vibration modes. It has a smooth, straightforward outline made of astounding, body-safe silicone and is USB rechargeable. It even accompanies a 1-year guarantee with 10 year warranty, sachet of lubricant, tasteful glossy silk storage pocket and a smooth box! With all the makings of an unfathomably top of the line sex toy, the LELO Siri 2 doubtlessly doesn’t baffle. The whole outline is waterproof and submersible. It can go as far as one meter under water which is perfect for bathtub fun.

The Lelo Siri 2 has an amazing design, its shape is sexy and sleek and comes to round point which makes it great for clitoral stimulation but because it fits great in your palm it makes a great area massage as well. The device itself is rigid and doesn’t have much flexibility which is a positive or a negative depending on preference. Though, It is exceptionally ergonomic, it’s simple to hold and store in your end table or while going on vacations. It has a long, round, dainty shape that is 4 inches in length, 2 inches wide, and 4.5 inches around at its biggest point. It’s somewhat more slender at the part which holds the controls, and feels altogether smooth, easy to hold and control. One end of the sex toy is plastic. The top half is covered in silky smooth and soft high grade silicone which feels amazing on the skin and even better when combined with good quality lubricant. Water-based lubricant is the best type to use as it help the sex toy last longer. The whole look and feel is exquisite, smooth, and tasteful.

Regardless of its small outline, the LELO Siri 2 has some shockingly capable vibrations. It holds an astonishing measure of force that are rumbly and of a high caliber that thoroughly wow any demanding clitoris. The vibrations are packed in the silicone bit of the toy, precisely where you need them to be, permitting you to get pin-point delight or a more wide sensation. The Siri 2 also contains a rechargeable lithium ion battery which means it won’t get weaker when you are running out of charge. It only takes about an hour to fully charge the Siri 2 and you get double that in usage which is fantastic.

When you have the Lelo Siri 2 charged, the controls are anything but difficult to utilize. The majority of the buttons are somewhat recessed, extravagant, and oblige a somewhat of a more extended touch to initiate them. Thus, you won’t unintentionally change the setting or turn it off mid-session. The Siri 2 is very simplistic to use, it has a total of 4 buttons where 2 of them control the modes and the other 2 control the different intensities, so that means you can have different levels of power for each mode you are on.

Small, discreet and powerful - Lelo Siri a body massager
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You press the plus to button to turn it on and elevate the power of the vibrations. You press the minus button to bring down the force of the vibrations or turn it off. The sex toy can even be locked so you can travel safe and it won’t incidentally turn on while in your pack. It feels like there are 9 particular intensities of vibrations from a light thunder to an extreme thunder at its most elevated that is more capable and rumblier than the LELO Mia 2. The force is about pace with the most reduced setting of the We-Vibe Tango, with the same rumbly-ness, and just marginally less power, yet quicker. This vibration would be ideal for almost anybody, in light of the fact that it has a ton of force without being overpowering.

Lelo Siri 2 vibration intensities can be utilized over 8 modes that are musically themed, in addition to a surrounding sound controlled setting. The preset modes should copy distinctive sorts of musical tunes, however feel basically the same as the regular vibration designs you may be used to. Shockingly, the vibrations are amazingly rumbly and effective for it’s little size, and the mixture of velocities and modes is really energizing. Iin fact it’s twice as powerful as its predecessor. What’s incredible is that it holds so much rumbly power but it whisper quiet, the Siri 2 is super discreet which is amazing if you live with others. Another advantage of being whisper quiet is that you won’t have an annoying buzzing while trying to lose yourself to the music.

The Lelo Siri 2 is usually defined by its ability to play back the music you have on in vibrations which means you have countless vibration patterns as long as you have stocked up playlist of music. For me, it didn’t work as I thought it would as the vibrations do hop around, however it feels more arbitrary than to the beat of what I’m listening to. The plastic elixir of the toy has a little gap in the back, which I accept received the sound. So when I grasp thesex  toy, it beats each maybe a couple seconds, which appears like it compares more with my heartbeat than the sounds around me. When I hold it up to music, its unquestionably vibrating to something, however doesn’t generally compare to the beat of the tune. Subsequent to attempting it with a couple of distinctive sorts of melodies and beats, it simply felt really irregular.

The LELO Siri 2 is totally heavenly, and significantly more capable than I was anticipating. Overall the Siri 2 is a great vibrator packed with awesome features into a small device. The Siri 2 is a unique powerful and discreet vibrator that will keep you entertained.  This vibrator is truly the complete bundle, and genuinely the characteristic of extravagance! It’s beautiful and immaculate in all ways. This great little toy definitely deserves a place in your drawer whether or not you are a beginner or an experienced user. To clean Siri after use, it’s as simple as washing the personal massager in some warm antibacterial soapy water.




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