The Shy Gay Guide To Pick Up Guys!

Are you sitting in the dark corner feeling lonely and looking around? Do you see those sexy gay guys passing in front of you? Do you want to pick up gay guys? Maybe your wondering what is keeping you back from approaching people? Despite of what straight men believe, not all gay men have the confidence and the self esteem to meet other gay men in person. In fact, a lot of them are very shy gay men and introverted. Most gay men, spend most time of their lives hiding who they really are causing them to become shy. At first, there’s the fear of completely exiting the closet and telling the world they are gay, or the fear of being rejected by family and friends once they all find out. Some gay men who had very religious or prudish parents have been brought up to believe that dating is somehow shameful or dirty. Others may have been punished if caught playing with their penis as a child or masturbating when a teenager, leaving them with the belief that sex is wrong. This causes shyness to become debilitating causing them to even not try to meet other gay men for the possibility of a relationship or something serious.

Dating shy gays
Shy gay guide

Many shy gay men can be antisocial from either that fear or as a reaction to any negativity that they experienced in the past.  According to several magazine surveys, almost fifty percent of gay men are dissatisfied with their sex life and eighty percent believe there is room for improvement. Since dating is important for gay men, so is sexual health as well as overall well being, it is important we find ways of improving our experiences with knowledge, better dating techniques, and will help us build higher levels of confidence between the sheets in our bed.

With such shyness, how will shy guys like you ever meet the man they’re supposed to be with? There are several different ways to enjoy satisfying and fulfilling sexual lifestyle but for most of us picking up men still remains an unusual experience as we have never truly explored all the aspects of our personalities. The easiest solution is the Internet. This can be done simply through gay dating sites, chat rooms, and on gay community forums. Online chatting is a great way for shy people to meet other gay men before having to meet someone in person. Communication takes places from the comfort of your place without the feel of being threatened in any way. When you and the gay man you have chosen to meet get to know one another better then you may feel comfortable enough to chat in person.

The best way to introduce yourself online is by writing a delicious profile telling the world of eligible single gay men all about you, your likes and what sort of man you’re looking for. Make it clear what kind of relationship you want to find and don’t leave anything out. Your goal is to get a number of appropriate gay men close to you. Add some recent great and sexy photos of yourself to go along with your information in your profile. This is the best way to let other gay men know that you are here and available. The best thing by using the internet is that shy men will do all this without having to interact with anyone in person.

Once you get into the site, like you will get a large number of emails from gay men that have seen your profile and your photos. Remember, you can read anyone’s messages and you are not obliged to interact with anyone you don’t like to. Only if you receive a message from an interesting shy gay man that seems interesting to you while feeling your preferences you will want to do something about it. When that message arrives, you simply reply to him and start a message communication. You may need to explain to him at some point that you are a very shy person and that you will need some time to feel comfortable before speaking to him in person. Please remember making connections with other gay people is not about what number of companions you host on Facebook or what number of gatherings you get welcomed to. Fellowships are not about being companions for a long period of time, and it’s not always about attempting to awe the majority of the folks at the club with your well defined abs. You will need to define whether you would like a long term relationship or a shot term relationship when you are learning how to pick up gays.

Gay Date
Photo: Gay Date

Being a shy loner it is almost inconceivable to you how you can break out into the dating scene and try to pick up.  You will often listen to others talking about the fun they had on their dates, contributing little or nothing.  Although you wish you were just like Joe who fits in anywhere and with anyone, this approach just does not work for you.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and learn to appreciate you and all the good things you do and are.  This is the key to success, believe in yourself and soon others will too.  This honesty will lead to more open relationships and bonds will soon form.  Your new enthusiasm will become infectious and people will soon want to be around you, because of you rather than you tagging in the background.  Your new friends will start inviting you out and soon that sexual conquest that you have been dreaming about will come to fruition.  Flirting as a gay man has more to do with attitude and the more confident your demeanor is the more intriguing others will find you.

Now that  you are opening up to new connections in your social circles eventually you will get invited to a party and you may find yourself becoming nervous.   Don’t let nerves or apprehension get in your way now – you have come so far.  After all, what is the worst that can happen? You’re at a gay party, it’s safe to assume that the majority of men here will like other men, is there really anything wrong with being told, No?

The process of picking up is not that difficult and nerve wrecking, as it is perceived to be. You may not be used to picking up guys but this will not prevent you from learning. Suppose, you like a charming guy whom you have just came across in the bar or club. Your heart has already started beating for him. One of the most important advantages of actively approaching guys is that it keeps you mentally prepared to approach the men you are truly attracted to. Heart rates of men will usually rise rapidly and high during meeting new people or attempting to pick up someone. The heart rates men experience when approaching people can be similar in intensity to those generated by vigorous aerobic exercises such as fast jogging or swimming. But what are you going to do now? To improve yourself, the more you approach and meet different types of guys, the more you become an expert in the game.

The aspect of the physical appearance can never be ignored but whether you are a model or not, you can still dress up nicely and make some good impressions. Besides working on your appearance, you have to improve your social skills as well. How you walk and how you talk does matter and a lot. Making eye contact is really important. If, in any case, he doesn’t notice you, do something that will catch his attention instantaneously. You are in a party, so start to dance. But, beware; don’t create a scene as this might lead to negative consequences. Giving him a fleeting look over and again is welcome, but stalking at him can be irritating. An interested person will surely return your glances. Give him time to develop attraction for you. Never force each other with sexual comments. A slight shy smile of yours can follow these fleeting glimpses. All these make the process of picking up more exciting.

Once you become sure that the person is interested, you can go straight to him and talk. In case that the guy is partying with his friends, you can use the phrase ‘Excuse me’ before talking. You can also pass by him, in case, you are feeling too shy to talk to him in front of others and while going by him, give him a signal that will gets him lured to talk to you at a corner place of the room. Once he comes closer to you, you should introduce yourself. Never use a cheesy and horny pick up line. Always be yourself and start a conversation like a gentleman. You may ask him his name, where he lives, his occupation and other details. Give him compliments, but don’t overdo it. You may sound like a fake. Next, you can invite him to the dance floor or buy him a drink. Say that you had a great time talking to him and suggest exchanging mobile numbers or emailing IDs. Once he gives you a call, you can be sure that you are succeeded in picking up that sexy gay guy of your fantasies

Finally there are some well informative websites in internet are providing advanced techniques masturbation and penis enlargement techniques to their customers. It is important to realise that attempting to mimic your dating game play or sexual lifestyle  to what you see at the cinema, on a xvideo, or in magazines will most likely guarantee that you will have a bad sexual lifestyle. For a start, relationships in movies is a fantasy: if we try to recreate this kind of relationship in our personal relationships, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure for gay men as they are unrealistic expectations.


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