In Her Jeans At Shillin Night Markets, Taipei!

A former traveler to Taipei recounts his experiences of the beautiful city and its people.  But one story is the fondest of all and that was when he visited the Shillin Night Markets. He had never met her or anyone else like her before or after. She was stunningly beautiful and luckily spoke perfect English having been a student at the famed Ming Chuan University.

It did not take long before they knew where this encounter was leading so she took him to her place off campus.  When she took her clothes off he realised just how tiny she was – he was almost too scared to touch her in case he hurt of broke her.  But her persistent advances soon put an end to that and he soon learned how experienced she was and how little he knew in the sexual prowess games.

Read about his erotic night at the Shilling Night Markets, Taipei.

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