Sexy Santa’s Gifts Just For Her – Stocking Stuffers

So you’ve got her the big gift, it’s wrapped and under the tree, you‘re happy with what you got her; good for you. But wait, where do all these other gifts keep coming from? Why do so many have your name on them? Uh-oh, you thought she meant it when she said she didn’t want to go overboard this year didn’t you? You thought one present would cut it? Pfft… Rookie. And to make matters worse Christmas is like HERE! But don’t worry Sexy Santa is here to help, saving inept gift buying men from themselves one week at a time. This week we will be looking at stocking stuffers

What Is A Stocking Stuffer?

No, this isn’t a sex thing. A stocking stuffer is smaller gifts given around Christmas, a stocking is not necessarily required, but it’s nice. We have a heap of amazing stocking stuffers at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and below are some of my favourites.


Ok so lingerie may not seem like the most original gift idea but it’s a classic for a reason. We carry an incredible range of lingerie but my favourite is the Fantasy lingerie range. Their range is a great mix of different styles of lingerie (sets, teddies and nighties), some costumes and they are plus size inclusive so there really is something for everyone.

Lingerie by Fantasy
Image: Fantasy Lingerie Range

Massage And Body Oil

Massage oil is never not useful! One of the best massage and body oil brands I’ve come across is by Earthly Body which is made out of hemp seed. They come in a range of amazing organic scents and are so nourishing for your skin, I’ve actually let mine replace my usual body moisturiser.

Massage and body oil
Image: Earthly Body Hemp Seed Massage And Body Oil

Massage Candles

If the normal oil isn’t your style or you’re just looking for something a little more fun, Earthly Body Edible Massage Candles are for you. The way these work is; you light the natural soy candle, it will melt and once melted the soy candle will turn into an incredible soy massage oil and body moisturizer which is also edible. They come in a range of flavours including strawberry, watermelon and ice-cream and they make any room (or store) they are in smell incredible.

Massage candles
Image: Earthly Body Edible Massage Candles

Something A Little Funny Or Cheeky

Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a reason to laugh, so don’t forget about all the hilarious novelty products we carry at Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. A bell that says “Ring for Sex”? Check! A pair of love dice that will randomly choose your sex positions? Check! Or even just a mini shot glass that says “I ♥ Peckers”, we got it all and more.

Novelty adult bell and mug
Image: Ring For Sex Bell And I Love Peckers Mug

Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are used to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, this can help with vaginal tightness especially after having a baby. A funny little side effect of these balls however is that they also tend to put women in the mood. Whether it is having something inside them, the moving weights or maybe just the idea of having a strong pelvic floor, many women report that these little balls do more for them than just provide a work out.  We carry a range but my favourite is the Je Joue Ami training set. It comes with three balls of different weights and shapes so when she is too buff for the intro weight she can move up.

Kegel exerciser set
Image: Je Joue AMI Progressive Kegel Set

Hand Cuffs Or Restraints

Tis the season to try new things! Maybe this year for Christmas give her a gift that comes with a promise, namely I want to tie you up! We carry a huge (seriously huge) range of fetish gear at Oh! Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres but if you are just starting out I recommend buying her a set of hand or wrist cuffs. My favourite hand cuffs at the moment are the Fetish Fantasy Series Fancy Cuffs. These are a heavy duty cuff with a little sparkle, great for those who want a little glamour with their submission. If wrists cuffs seem more your speed I’m very into the Bare Bondage Series currently. They replace the heavy leathers and fabrics with clear vinyl restraints making sure you don’t miss a thing.

Handcuffs and wrist restraints
Image: Fetish Fantasy Series Fancy Cuffs.And Bare Bondage Series Cuffs

A Whip Or Paddle

While we are talking BDSM I will take this time to recommend a whip or a paddle. They can be lots of fun and aren’t about pain but are more about finding different definitions of pleasure. My favourite paddle is the Bad Romance Pink Paddle, it is cute, really nice to use and gives a very satisfying sound when swung. If Whips and Paddles aren’t for you, maybe try a feather tickler for a different sensation. My favourite is the LELO Feather Tickler because it is just pure luxury, and let’s be honest sometimes we all just need that.

BDSM paddle and a feather tickler for sensory play
Image: Bad Romance Pink Paddle and LELO Feather Tickler

That’s all from me for this year, I hope I’ve helped your Christmas shopping be a lot less painful and way more pleasurable. Have a Merry Christmas!


Sexy Santa

Author: Jamie is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres

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