Becoming Sexually Aware In Singapore

I was just 13 when I gave my first head job. It was to be on my future brother in law although at the time he was still only my step-sister’s boyfriend. I was the child of my father’s second wife. He was just in his mid-thirties and the eldest child in his family. He was a corporate agent and the family was well off. So actually his mom influenced him to re-marry. I was the eldest of 2 daughters and about the time my mother gave birth to my brother and my dad passed away. We were staying with my grandma, my dad’s mom. She was the sovereign matron of the family unit and she didn’t really care for my mother, brother or I. She often accused my mother and I of being the cause of her son’s death.

My mom originated from Indonesia where my father had met and then moved her to Singapore and without work or any family in the Country was absolutely reliant on her mother by marriage to look after us. My grandma’s most loved was my stepsister. Despite the fact that she didn’t generally abuse us I couldn’t help harboring a feeling of desire over step-sis who really did not seem to like us or want us around either. We stayed in a solitary story cabin in Katong, Katong Convent was where I went to grade school. My school uniform was kind of cute. In the fifties and sixties KC was popular for famous school young ladies, you know the Eurasians and babas… Indeed, even in essential 5 and 6, I recollected having school mates that used to discuss sex most of the information gleamed from glossy porn magazines that were somewhat ‘illegal’ to possess.

I had effectively begun investigating my body at the young age of 10 when my pussy was still bare and my breasts level. It felt incredible when I rubbed my vagina and connected weight on my clit. One day after a session in the restroom I felt my body shivered and I had my first orgasm. I did not realize this at first but having discovered this masturbated daily. I loved looking at older girls including my step-sister and could not wait until I too had breasts and a woman’s curved body! After school she would frequently strip off her uniform and strolled around the house in her bra and undies. We were all female aside from my little brother and as an infant it was impossible for him to know anything.

I recollected begrudging her in light of the fact that she had bosoms and she had pubic hair between her legs. She had begun shaving her armpits. I used to check my pubic zone for the first development and would regularly when she was not around try on her bra that she had left in the wicker bin in the washroom. I recollected sniffing at them excessively to take in her fragrance.

Before long she started dating and bragging to me about the young men who were after her. She used to come home with them home under the premise to do homework. However, I knew they sneaked into her room when grandma and mother were resting. Obviously she influenced me not to tell by giving me her fragrances and lipstick to try! Our rooms were side by side with a shared washroom between them and I used to peep at them through the keyhole. Well I would see them kissing and petting one another and hands would be everywhere on her and his body. Doubtlessly it got me horny and I would go back to my bedroom and masturbate.

She started dating my future brother in law who was much older than her, he a was Senior Car Salesman and was driving a 7 series BMW even despite the fact that it was a second hand one yet at the same time a major deal to grandma and me. In all honesty I thought he was preferably charming and was more than simply glad that he was pleasant to me. He went to the house regularly staying for supper and TV whilst my step-sister did her study. Obviously he vanished to her room sometimes when grandmother and mother had gone to bed. Grandmother was more than pleased that her darling granddaughter was going out with such a decent catch.

I would frequently stay up late with a book close by yet eyes more on the TV than on my book. I would frequently take looks at him, my step-sisters sweetheart and he talk to me. I was getting beguiled by him and would regularly draw him into a discussion. I excessively saw that he would look toward me. For a 13 year old I am pleased to say my bosoms were growing pleasantly and were now recognizable buds under my T-shirt. I had not yet started to wear a bra.


Sexual Awareness Singapore
Sexual Awakening Singapore


I had also seen by brother in laws eyes wandering over my legs. My miniskirt had gotten much smaller as I became taller and it was not as though grandmother would spoil me with new garments at regular intervals. I admit that I had purposefully given Steve more than liberal chances to peep up my skirt. To come clean I had regularly fantasized Steve doing to me what he was doing to my step sister.

We were staying in a ‘ang moh choo’ which is a single story with one room being the living cum lounge area and kitchen areas. On either side are 2 connecting rooms connected by the restroom with entryways opening out. So when you enter the restroom you must lock from inside or when you require security in your room you must lock from your side. The old style locks are those with huge keyholes sufficiently enormous to peep through allowing a decent perspective of my step sister’s bed.

One night I saw them kissing and soon they were everywhere on one another. He removed her pullover and bra and he was sucking at her tits like a child. She had her eyes shut and mouth opened wide as though to shout and she was embracing his head firmly to her tits. I saw him licking at her vagina as she laid on the edge of the bed. Soon she was sucking on his dick like one would suck a candy. I wouldn’t watch for long as I was scared that one of them would notice but long enough to get horny and I would go back to my bed and masturbate.

On the night I saw my first head job I had really gone into the lavatory to pee and I thought I heard my sister-in-law groaning. I looked through the keyhole and what I saw got me so horny… Steve was on the highest point, his head between her thighs, giving her oral sex, and his butt was on top of her face. I could see his ass humping climbing up and down. It got me so horny I couldn’t wait to go back to my room so sat on the wc and began to finger myself my eyes shut tight as I felt the rising surge of my climax coursing through my body when all of a sudden the washroom door opened! I had forgotten to lock the door.

I was stunned astounded and I could feel my face flushed red! There was my B.I.L. absolutely stripped naked, with his prick limp and covered in my sisters pussy juices – obviously spent from his love making to her. I probably looked silly bare from waist down with my underwear around my lower legs and my hands intuitively attempting to cover my pussy. Steve although stunned put his finger to his lips in a shushing gesture and pointed for me to leave the restroom through the other entryway which I did closing it rapidly. I jumped into my bed pulling my cover over my head covering up in disgrace. I felt regretful for being discovered masturbating on the toilet. It never struck my young 13 year old brain that he ought to be also be to blame for entering my sisters and I shared bathroom naked!

I couldn’t rest that night racked with disgrace and apprehension whether he would tell sis or my mama or grand mama what I was doing! It never occurred to me that I could tell them what they were doing stripped in my step sisters room late during the evening! For the following couple of days I evaded Steve and resigning to my space to study, helping mama clear and wash the dishes after supper. He kept staying for supper as though nothing on the planet had happened. He didn’t converse with me and went about as though nothing had happened. I didn’t set out to peep at them through the key-hole and neither did I set out to masturbate in front of him!

It was about a week later when I slipped out of my bedroom to go to the kitchen. My brother in law was as normal sitting in front of the TV his back towards my room. In any case, as I was getting a drink in the kitchen he sneaked up behind me and tapped me on my shoulder. I spilled my water. He apologized for startling me and said he was also embarrassed about what had occurred the week before. I was excessively humiliated and words would not come to me so I ran back to my bedroom. I did feel better that the event had been raised as though a burden had been lifted.Over the coming weeks things began to get easier and I could go to the living room and watch TV in his company. I no longer peeped through the bathroom door to my sisters bedroom even though I knew that around 10pm nightly their love making sessions began.

I did well for my PSLE and qualified to move to CHIJ in the local area. My mother felt I was mature enough to go by transport all alone and that the town religious community was a vastly improved school with better notoriety! It was in the year and I was 13 going on 14 and I was absolutely enthusiastic for young men although none had drawn near me yet. There were the Rafflesians and Josephians from the all-young men schools adjacent. Our own was obviously all-young ladies. I could see the more seasoned young ladies “dating” at the Red House bistro over the street from our community or the Magnolia lunch room at the Capitol corner.


A year ago I had officially begun having my period and was glad when mama taught me how to wear my first Kortex by then hair had effectively begun developing on my pubic area and just before school began mama had conveyed me to the business centre to shop for my first bras. By then had a respectable pair of boobs, probably acquired from mama’s qualities… hers were gigantic. Returning home one evening I felt somebody tapping my shoulder and a natural voice calling “Min… Min”. I saw my future brother in law and promptly reddened and was tongue-tied. He cut truly a dashing figure in long sleeves and tie and looking so masculine. “I thought I’d give you a lift home” he said.


Blushing Girl
Shy Girl Hiding Behind Sun Hat



Before I could react he led me by the arm to his Mercedes Benz. He was extremely rich, he looked like a sugar daddy and liked to show people. Some way or another I felt complimented and was hoping some of my fellow students would see me! I was a bit over awed and when I entered the car let out a girlie giggle.

“Surprised? Once again sorry for that evening but the bathroom wasn’t locked!” I said nothing so he said, “don’t stress I won’t tell anybody. It will be our little secret. There is nothing to worry about. Your sister let me know she was doing that to herself when she was 12 as well! She is one horny young lady you know… consistently I need to fulfill her… .” He then said, “You have been peeping at us right?” I frowned and blushed. He snickered. “You know it’s cannot just be a coincidence that every time I have intercourse to your sister you needed to go to the toiler.” I dawned on me that on each of my peeping session I flushed the toilet afterwards. I stayed silent. Steve was in full control after all he was so much more experienced. “What did you see?”

I remained silent!

“What would you be able to see through the key gap? I’ll tell you what – next time I will leave the window wide open that leads onto the balcony. That way you can have an uninterrupted view. What do you think?” He said, “Really you are an exceptionally sexy lady. I like you. You’re exceptionally developed for your age.” I took a glanced up at him. “I mean you’ve got a nice rack and set of pins!” he kept buttering me up.

I was indeed complimented by what he said. I did actually wander off in a fantasy land of him being my beau and more than once fantasized him having intercourse with me. How I needed to experience his mouth on my tits or giving me oral with his diverse tongue replacing my own particular fingers! Very soon we drove into St. Patrick’s Road, Singapore and he ceased his auto a distance from our home. I figure he didn’t want mama or ah mama to see him getting me home.

As I got off his auto he said “see you” and turned around the car around.

Throughout the evening my psyche was pondering my brother in law and what he said. The hugeness this did not occur to on me. Maybe I was still excessively youthful and gullible, making it impossible to know I was being controlled by lies! Indeed I was feeling glad and discombobulated and as I washed up I was fingering myself envisioning that he was putting his cock in me.

He and my step-sister were late. She gave some reason about having to stay back in class. We had already eaten. Ok, mama saved the best for her and as they ate I went to my bedroom to sulk. It wasn’t fair that she was the favored one with my Gran Mama and she had him too.

About 9.30 I went to the lounge and sat to watch TV – he was there too. There was music on and I watched in silence not talking or looking at him. Not long after, he got up… walked in front of me catching my eyes and winked. He winked at me! He went into sisters room and I heard the lock clicked. I kept staring at the TV without by myself as Ok mama and mama had officially gone to bed. My brother was laying down with mama it appeared all sleeping soundly. The entire house was calm aside from the intermittent snicker or squeak originating from my step-sisters room. After about 15 minutes I slipped to the balcony – my interest to see if he had done what he said in the car was too much as I walked to the balcony window of my sis’s bedroom.

Yes, the windows were opened and a faint table-light was on. I crawled up to her window I was apprehensive, energized and my heart appeared to thump so boisterously I was sure that they could hear me. The window was secured by a half-length shade simply coming to the ledge and as the periodic breeze blew the hole extended and I could look uninterrupted into the room. Her bed was by the window with her head just underneath. There she was not completely nude but rather her T-shirt was pulled up uncovering her bra-less boobs and her smaller than expected skirt was trekked up at her waist. Steve was between her legs eating her pussy and his 2 hands were kneading her bosoms. Sis was having a good time being eaten by her stud, groaning delicately and contorting her body as the delight consumed her. The window shade fluttered somewhat higher in the breeze and I am certain Steve saw me! In his position he was directly in front of the window. After that he was by all accounts working much harder and seemingly enjoying his performance – for my purpose? Sis was kicking her pelvis now as though fucking his face she was orgasming and I could hear her screaming to him for more.


People Kissing on Bed
Couple kissing on bed


My future brother in law stood up in front of her removing his jeans and briefs. His prick sprung out like a spring unleashed. It was hard, the foreskin pulled back uncovering a shimmering head. It looked immense so close upwards of 5 – 6 inches in length – it was the first mans erect penis I had seen so close up? He climbed on top of her and thrust his cock into to her mouth and began to throat fuck her. He held the back of her head as she gagged on it spittle coming out the sides and bottom of her mouth. He was only a few feet from me and he looked directly at me and I saw him gave me the saucy wink once more! I was so embarrassed and felt my face flush but I could not leave this erotic scene now and my pussy was on fire.

I put my hand under my undies and felt how wet I had become and I was longing to finger myself. He made her suck him harder and push his dick even deeper into her throat…urging her “cum-on baby … you better not stop… make me cum”… verging on choking her as she gagged and at long last he came and shot his spunk down her throat and the sides of her mouth. I immediately snuck away and went into my room before my sis or he got up. I heard him leave as I was masturbating under my bed covers.

This continued for the following 2 weeks. Each and every other day he would urge me to go to the window to watch him perform on my skank of a sis. It was like watching a home pornography. A few times he fucked her pulling out just before he came and then blowing his load over her bosoms and stomach. She would permit him to lick and suck her clean. On a few occasions he tit fucked her and as he spurted his load she would try and catch it in her mouth sperm covering and dripping from her face. As I watched them pleasuring one another I started to feel desirous and envious of my sis…how I needed him to be sucking and licking me instead. It would be a vast improvement to me whacking myself off each evening. The more I saw his hard cock the more I thought of it in my mouth and entering my pussy.

Once again I was at the window, being quiet as a mouse with one hand lifting the shade to get the best view whilst the other entering my undies fingering my clit. However, this time he was doing it another way. She was completely stripped and exposed as was he. He began by kissing her on her lips, her face, her ears and he continued down to her neck as she groaned. He was using his tongue showering her bosoms and sucking her tits and each time she moaned he would move to another piece of her body. He licked the distance down to her pussy giving her long teasing strokes. He spread her cunt lips and was focusing on her clit head as she begged him to make her cum. Each time she was about to orgasm he would move away and she was getting frustrated. Her legs were bolted around his head and her hands were pushing his head down on her pussy.

He got off her and stood and went to his pants and pulled out a satchel, from it he removed a rubber thing that turned out to be a condom that he put on his erect dick. My sis said, ‘Please don’t fuck me. However he didn’t appear to listen and went down on her moving his body upwards between her legs securing her hands in his. She was defenseless in this position and although begging him to stop yet she did not battle to free herself. His dick was nudging her pussy opening as she continued to tell him to stop.

He thrust his dick in her and began to fuck her. His butt was moving up and down and she started to feel the joy, her legs raised up into the air around his waist as though to keep him from denying her of the prize. He began to accelerate his thrusts and she was meeting them in midair. Her moans and wheezes were getting loud and her fingers were bolted behind his neck guaranteeing that he couldn’t pull away and prematurely end her enjoyment. Her mouth opened wide in a noiseless shout as Steven conveyed his last push and raised his head as he blasted into her. I came too from my own particular fingering and withdrew with my juice splashed across my fingers and disappeared into the house and to the isolation of my bed.

The next day I was shocked and thought twice when I saw his Mercedes stopped close to my school entryway. Since that day 2 weeks back I never neglected to glance around hoping he would be there to pick me up from school. I know it wasn’t right to desire him, he was taboo however was being dangled before me an object of interminable sexual pleasure. The nuns used to lecture us about forbidden desires and this was one. I wanted to run across the road to avoid him but my darkest lusts and desires held me steadfast as I walked towards his auto.

“Min! Min!” I heard him call and I was astonished to see him approach to where I was standing. “Come…I’ll give you a ride home” and he pulled me along by my arms. He opened the auto for me. I felt complimented by his gallantry. He didn’t open his mouth as he drove off heading towards Nicoll Highway. I watched out the window and was appreciative for the cooling breeze against my hot flushed cheeks. Just when we were traversing the Merdeka Bridge did he opened his mouth to talk.

“Did you appreciate the show the previous evening? I couldn’t take it any longer and needed to fuck that sister of yours with my cock. Did you appreciate the peep?” he asked as his hand arrived on my lap. I was astounded at his boldness and was dumbfounded!

Abruptly he made a right turn towards one of those paths off Mountbatten Road. On both sides of the street were huge homes. The street was shaded by casuarina trees and nobody was about. He stopped his auto on the grass nature strip and killed the motor. He turned towards me and pulled me to him, I was excessively feeble, making it impossible to pull away from him. I looked towards him with pleading innocent eyes of a 14 year old.

I felt his arms around my shoulders, his lips went to mine, he was entering my mouth with his wet foul tongue that was crawling into my mouth. I felt my nerves tingling, an electric current appeared to shoot through my body directly down to my clit-head. My entire body went limp surrendering to him like putty in his grasp. I felt his hand moving down to my breasts, squeezing one than the other. He couldn’t touch my naked breast as they were covered by three layers of my uniform and bra. Yet, I could feel the joy of his touch. At that point I felt him grabbing my crotch, his hand went under my skirt attempting to get into my underwear. I attempted to move away and oppose him yet was just a weak girl. I was encountering the rush of my first sexual attack by a man! Up till now it had just been a dream to have a man but this was the genuine article!

His mouth never left mine, drawing my tongue into his, vacuuming up my salivation and slowly the resistance gave away as I surrendered myself to the moment. He guided my hand to his groin and I simply pressed his huge hard dick. He slowly removed my pinafore belt and his hand went directly under my uniform up to my boobs, squeezing, kneading, pinching my tits causing first pain, then pleasure all rolled into one. I started to rub my pussy instinctively like I had done several time before, in the shower, sitting on the wc, under the cover in bed, whilst peeping at them by the window. His hand went to mine and then pushed away mine. Strong hands, huge hands, and rougher than mine however it felt better, the feeling was stronger, more sexual and my body was stiffening, beginning to tremble, I was cumming. The sensations was more intense than anything I had felt in my solo masturbation. I didn’t need it to stop, it mustn’t stop now. It was the greatest climax I’ve encountered, coming in waves. His fingers were massaging my clit going up and down, it was getting insanely sensitive and I needed to stop him.

“That was pretty good right” I heard him say, “but now it’s my turn.” He started to unfasten his fly, released his belt and drawing down his briefs. His prick sprung out, hard and frightfully enormous. The foreskin pulled back and the head was had pre cum glistening on it. He started to stroke off himself. “Come on kid, you can do it, suck my cock like your sister did. I am sure you can do better!’ I was entranced by that cock but also perplexed as to what to do never before having personally been presented with a hard erection. I did not know what to do so put my hand out and squeezed his cock hard. His eyes closed in delight as I slowly started to stroke his cock with my hand encasing it.


Woman Lips Mens Lips Kissing
Man & Woman Kissing


“Ahh that feels great Min, now suck it. Come on you have seen your sister do it to me many times – you know what to do.” With that he put his arm around my neck and tenderly yet strongly drew my head towards his prick. “Suck me child” he cooed. My mouth encompassed his penis head and I was verging on choked as I felt colossal filling my mouth. “Suck it child” he said again and again. I yielded and began giving him my first slippery caress doing precisely what my sis had done many times before. Rubbing his prick with my hand and sucking the head with my mouth. He began pushing my head further down on his shaft and then yanking it upwards, fucking my mouth. I could feel his dick hardening and his balls tensing and all of a sudden the throbbing shaft of his cock was trailed by the spouting of his cum that flew in my mouth and down my throat. It surprised me and I gagged hacking out his cum everywhere on his jeans and over me.

“Fuck that bitch” he yelled and he got a cloth to clean up the cum on his pants.

“Sorry” I apologized, “you didn’t tell me!” for some reason I felt guilty for spilling his semen.

“It alright, next time swallow”. He kissed me and we drove off.

That was the beginning our after school jaunts in the numerous side streets off Mountbatten Road. I turned into an Ace cock sucker never spilling a drop of his cum. I was on a mission to demonstrate to him that I was superior to anything step sister could do. I needed him to adore me more than her, to need me more than her. I adored sucking his prrick and eating his cum.

At the point when the chime rang for schools out each day would rush to the toilet to take off my bra and panty and then go the where my brother in law would be waiting for me.  Three to four times each week he would be there and I would joyfully jump into his auto and as he drove off my hand would zoom to his groin feeling and rubbing his masculinity, stirring his craving for me. I could feel his prick broadening and would begin to unfasten him and haul out his dick for my eager mouth. I would begin to give him a blow job as he drove. As he traveled along Nicoll Highway his hand would go after my butt and snake into my undies crushing my butt cheeks and fingering  my pussy and ass, just another Singapore Erotic Story!

When he stopped his auto at another street, we were both so horny and could hardly wait to get at one another. He would jump under my pinafore to assault my bra less tits, sucking one and afterward the other like a starving child. He would pull aside my underwear and endeavor to oral my pussy, extending his tongue to lick my clit maneuvering on the front seat of his auto. He would need to complete me with his fingers giving me 3 to 4 climaxes at a time. I would then keep on blowing him until he came into my mouth. I was turning out to be truly an apt little 14 year old slut, always effectively getting him to blast in my eager mouth and after that sucking him dry, not spilling a solitary drop. I would feel happy when he told me how good I was.

On those days when we couldn’t have our sexual melee after school, we would get together in the washroom at home. Whenever there was a safe time we would flag one another and meet in the restroom for our ‘quick ones’. I would lean against the wall whilst my future brother in law bowed before me to give me head. I adored his tongue licking and his mouth sucking on my clit, when his mouth overwhelmed my entire pussy with his tongue attempting to enter my virgin opening. I would then respond by sitting him on the toilet and taking his cock right down my throat without choking me anymore and I must say I turned out to be great at taking him fully down my throat without gagging anymore. I was positive that I gave a better head job than my sister ever could.

In those days, for a 14 year old all I knew or felt was that I could win against my sister for his affection. It was bitter sweet vengeance for being made to feel like a worthless individual from my step-sister and gran mamma but also having my innocence taken. He started to want me more and more I guess hoping to penetrate my virginity, this lecherous man.

This went on for quite some time and eventually he married my sister and they moved out together. By that time I had finished off my junior school and was 16 years of age. The door between the bedrooms and the toilet had been removed taking away our opportunity to use the restroom for our erotic adventures. I no longer anticipated him picking me up from school and I found a new beau. We dated for some time and eventually were to be married. Prior to our wedding my husband to be requested that we lay everything on the table – anything from our sordid pasts that could come back to haunt us or may interfere in our future happiness.

I recounted and came clean with all the lurid details, of my past lust and feelings for my brother in law, the man who we had broken bread together with and had married my step-sister.  Duan was shocked! Speechless! And after some time just walked away. I felt by opening my heart and being honest with him I had lost him forever and I sat crying alone in his parents’ loungeroom apartment for many hours. Eventually he returned, pale and I feared what was to come.

He said, ‘Min, we have to make this right. We cannot allow him to get away with this. If he did this to you he may do this to others. How on Gods earth can we even be civil or in the same room with this horrible man.  He is a pedophile”   His words resonated with me and my resentment, anger and fury came to the fore and I saw my brother in law as the sexual predator he was. Fondling, touching, licking an innocent 13 year old virgin making her do erotic acts that should be solely for her future husband and certainly not from a minor. Exposing himself and performing sexual acts in front me with my sister. I said, ‘ How do we make this right? I cannot go to the authorities’.

He was gracious, chivalrous and constantly supportive and understood those were the days when minis were in design and we young ladies would wear our hemlines most of the way up our thighs. Exposing innocently our undies not realizing what we were doing to the desires of evil men like him. It was not my fault that my brother in law did this to me at 13 years of age, I was a still innocent and did not understand my desires – but now would be the time for accountability, for reckoning, for getting even and my future husband and I forged a plan. A plan of revenge. A plan of sexual humiliation that would ensure that he never seduced or abused another young woman again, if in fact he would ever want another woman again.

We planned and plotted for weeks with fine detail of when and where this was to occur. Ensuring that no witnesses or others would be able to help him. It became an obsession and mission for us to right the wrongs of my past and tomorrow was the day that our plan would be made to action. Tomorrow my brother in law would pay for the sins of his past.


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