10 Important Tips Before You Go Swinging!

Swinging is not for everbody but what should you consider before you attempt to swing with your lover?   Listed are the ten of the most important things to consider before you decide to go swinging.  They are things that you should know to ensure that you approach the swinging lifestyle with the right mind-set, etiquette and preparation and that when swapping with other couples, you each will have an enjoyable time.


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Swinging has its advantages and disadvantages. A couple of fundamental standards can make swinging fun, without jealousy or intimidation are as follows –

  • One goes, both go:

Come as a couple and leave as one, the way you have loved each other still remains even after you’ve had sex with other people. It is not best if one goes while your partner stays behind because that is no longer swinging but cheating. Go as an inseparable couple never leaving your lover behind. Swinging is more safer and easier if both of you are open to enjoying it. It is having fun together.

  • Reliability:

Always arrive on time to a swing party or engagement.  It is impolite to turn up late and may cause tension with the other parties.  Turn up on time and get the swinging party started in the right mood.  If there are multiple couples and you turn up late it will be difficult to introduce yourself if the party is already in full force and there is always the possibility that you will not be let in at all.

  • Kindness:

Swingers are couples in a relationship and all relationships are not without problems.  Your partner may feel insecure or that the relationship is unstable so reassure them often.  Be kind to them and the couples you intend on swapping with.  Be sensible, attentive and understanding.

  • RSVP to Invitations:

Regardless of the possibility that you don’t wish to go to, reply to all welcomes. It is exceptionally irritating for a host of an event that they don’t know how many people are going to turn up. Answer by telephone or mail and express your appreciation for the invitiation.

  • Gift for the Host:

You do not visit someone’s house without bringing something and the same applied to a swinging party.  Ask what they would like you to bring and bring a small gift for the host.  This small act will not go unnoticed or appreciated.

  • The Right Attire:

Find out if the night has a theme or if there is to be fancy dress.  Generally smart casual attire is perfect for turning up to a swingers party as ultimately the aim is to get your kit off in the end.  It might be handy to bring along a negligee or dressing gown for the ‘tween’ times.  Do not bring along valuable jewelry or items, keep them to an absolute minimum as keeping them in a safe place may be difficult and nothing would spoil the night more than having them stolen or lost.


  • Well-being and Hygiene:

Make sure you shower before you arrive.  Brush your teeth – do not eat things like garlic that are going to remain on your breath.  Bad breath and body odor are a huge turn-off for potential swingers.  Apply some perfume, use under arm deodorant, use a scented douche or enema to ensure you are squeaky clean and smell great.

  • Have fun:

The whole reason you are attending a swingers party is to let go and have fun so appreciate this and take party in things that interest you and make your feel great.  However do not let yourself be pressured by anybody to do anything that you do not want to do.  Approach everything with interest and curiosity but participate only in things that you are comfortable with.  Live it up!


  • The Right to say “NO”:

When swinging always remember you have the right to say no.  Swinging is consensual and you are not obliged to do what someone else may want you to do.  Often it is good to clarify what you are happy to participate in so that embarrassing or humiliating situations do not occur.  Never do something that does not feel right to you.

  • Be Nice:

Be friendly to all, regardless whether you are going to swing with them or no.  You may attend a party and not feel physically attracted to anyone but that does not mean you cannot be friendly to all.  Be pleasant and have a positive vibe about you and you will find regardless whether you swing at a particular party the participants will invite you to the next because of your friendly attitude where you may meet your perfect swinging partners.


Swinging can be stimulating, energizing and satisfying as it opens a window to realize your fantasies in safe arena.  You can love your partner and appreciate them, however escape your sexual boundaries at a swinging party or orgy.  Understanding swingers etiquette is important to ensure this experience is a positive one.


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