Male Sexual Stamina Training Unit By Fleshlight!

Long gone are the days where sex toys were exclusively made for women! Now we have a whole new range of sex technology. Devices that penetrate and vibrate used to dominate the shelves of adult shops and men all over Australia and the world were left to masturbate with their hands and lubricant. Yes, we had blowup dolls and they are still somewhat popular but nowhere near as popular as the new range of male masturbators which have hit the market in the last decade. Undoubtedly, many men are asking themselves ‘How could a sex toy bring me to orgasm better than my own hands?’ And here is the answer: Once you’ve tried the Fleshlight you’ll never look at masturbation the same way again! Fleshlight is one of the most popular male masturbators on the planet and by clicking the jump below you’ll find out just how interesting the fleshlight story is.

The Fleshlight Story

You prepare for a profession and for donning occasions, so why not consider sexual stamina preparing? Perseverance in the sack can prompt extraordinary lovemaking and an upbeat accomplice. Similarly as with any preparation, you require an arrangement and a promise to your objective. Figure out how to build your sexual stamina and turn into a dynamo in bed.

The Fleshlight and the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit has grown to become the world’s best selling men’s sex toy and this didn’t happen by chance. The feeling they produce will literally

‘blow you away’

and if you masturbate more than once a week they’re well worth the investment. The sleeve feels amazing on your penis and it’s undoubtedly the closest sensation you’ll get to real intercourse, actually the male masturbator is more intense than sex (but don’t tell your girlfriend). They are very gentle, they are so soft and stimulate a similar feeling to that of a real vagina. Use them with your favourite lubricant and your ready to go. They are easy to clean too, just remove the sleeve and run it under warm water with soap and it’s ready for the next round.

Last Longer with Fleshlights
Sex Toy: Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit


The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is unique in that the sleeve is designed to provide intense stimulation so men can train themselves to last longer in bed. There are numerous pills, potions and lotions on the market which claim to do the same thing but I’m here to tell you that the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is the REAL DEAL! At first it made me ejaculate after just 10 strokes. The feeling is so intense that you can’t help but ‘pop’ early but like all things ‘practice makes perfect’ and after a month I can last for at least 70 full strokes. Now you’re thinking

“How does the Fleshlight improve my performance in bed?”.

The answer is rather obvious. Once your penis is familiar with the intensity of the sleeve then being inside your misses makes you more immune to the friction. This isn’t to say that I’ve lost interest in sex, quite the opposite actually – I find myself more and more aroused and I’m definitely not the only one. All this may sound like another bullshit testimonial but I need to thank the geniuses out there who created this beautiful sex toy. My relationship has never been better and practicing with the Fleshlight is more fun than you could ever imagine.

Sexual stamina can only be achieved if you are reasonably physically fit. To prepare for better performances in bed, you have to do some basic exercises, for example, crunches, push-ups and weightlifting. Men can also do kegel exercises (without inserting the balls)  simply when you are peeing, stop for about 5 seconds and then release and repeat this 5-10 times whilst urinating.  This will increase your ‘sex muscles’ and improve sexual stamina.

Mental preparation is vital in making you sex a performance and not just an act.  You have to keep up an inspirational viewpoint and trust you can improve for you lover. The primary point to remember amid intercourse is to relax your brain and permit it to fixate on the physical feeling you are encountering. Don’t over-think how you are doing it or worry about climaxing too early; rather, permit your body to react normally. In the event that you feel yourself nearing climax sooner than you might want, slow down your breathing and move your mind to another place than concentrating on your penis. Think of other places on the body and what they are feeling.

Try it for yourself and you’ll know what I mean; it certainly does have the ability to transform your sex-life!


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  1. Feels as real as you can get. Product really does increase your stamina. My wife has noticed a difference and because of this, I feel more confident in the bedroom Suction-end is kind of gimmicky, but not enough to ding a star.

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