What an Escort Can Teach You About Sex Toys!

Why the best accessory for your latest AdultSmart purchase might be a professional to teach you how to use it!

It’s so unbelievably commonplace these days to hire a professional for any number of things. You hire an uber driver, a chef at a restaurant, and a cleaner without a second thought to the idea. Professionals are there to handle the jobs you don’t want or don’t have the time to handle. In the case of a personal fitness trainer or a life coach, those professionals are there to help you get the most out of your investments in other things.

Why should sex toys be any different?

While it might seem silly – “what’s there to learn? You take it out of the box, place it on your parts, lather, rinse, repeat!” I hear you saying – exploring with a new toy can be a great way, not only to learn about the mechanics of the toy itself, but also a pretense or setup for an exciting evening in with a new friend. And lots of professional escorts will be able to offer you reliable advice about cleaning and storing your expensive new toys, and what sorts of lubricants work best with what sorts of materials.

While many adult toys are designed to be used solo, there’s no rule that says they have to be!  And if you live in a major Australian city like Sydney or Melbourne, you’ll have no trouble finding a verified and authentic companion or escort who would love nothing more than to show you everything that new toy can do. Here’s just a few ideas to test or put your own spin on: Buying your first Fleshlight? Set up an afternoon to get to know it with a buddy! One of the
best off-label uses for Fleshlights (or any male masturbator) is partnered cum denial or milking.

Have your partner restrict your movement (handcuffs or any restraints made for such a purpose work great here), with access to your penis totally unrestricted. Then let them test out different speeds, lubes, and pressure while you squirm and moan your way right up to the edge! Carry all that pent up energy into your post-toy play together and experience a finale like none you’ve ever had before!

BONUS: Blindfolds amp up the surrender factor. If you feel safe with your pro partner, let them call all the shots.

Buying your first vibrator or clit massager (or finally taking the plunge to an expensive upgrade)? While you definitely already know your body best, exploring with a trusted partner can be a great way to take that masters in masturbation right on up to a PhD. The most important thing is working with someone you can really feel comfortable with, and who will encourage you to open up and experiment in ways or with toys you might not consider

That’s where a professional comes in – many women report hiring providers (whether male or female) in an effort to pair up with someone who will respect their boundaries and focus energy and attention on them. Rather than working to please a partner or doing things because they feel as though they ‘have to,’ become afterthoughts, and the safe space created with a professional escort allows for a deeper and more comfortable exploration and expression of pleasure.

BONUS: Spend some time with your partner simply acting as your audience.  Talk, show, teach how you play with yourself and what you like. Active pleasure display like this can heighten your arousal (and likely that of your partner), until it’s time for them to take over.

Curious about butt stuff?

It’s not gay, bro. Pegging is hot like fire right now, but lots of men still deal with stigma and feelings of shame around anything to do with their butts. One way to overcome this is by involving a partner of the opposite sex who has penetrative sex skills. There are tons of strap ons available, in a variety of sizes, and a partner who knows what they’re doing will be able to guide you through pre-play hygiene practices, introductory stimulation, and full
throttle pounding (if that’s what you’re after). Many men report they feel safer exploring this type of play with someone they can trust to keep their secrets – Slixa Australia escort par example.

Whatever your reasons, consider testing your limits in a safe space, rather than after a few too many drinks on a first date.  It’s worth noting too, that sexual sense memory can be strong. If your first time using a particular
style of toy is an extremely positive one, it’s likely you’ll bring back those same pleasurable memories each time you pull it out of the cupboard. You might even find it becomes a regular part of your partner play going forward – whether with professionals or not.

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