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It’s easy to forget sometimes the reason we actually have sex. Nature wants us to procreate and have babies. Unlike most living things on the planet though, nature made it fun for us too and extremely pleasurable. Nowadays thankfully we can make the most of our liberal societies and science and have as much of it as we like without necessarily ending up with a baby at the end of it. Most of us though at one point in our lives will follow the action through to its natural consequence and decide to actually have one. What happens then?

When you are pregnant, is it OK to carry on having sex? I thought the answer to that would definitely be yes, but I found out occasionally that isn’t true.

In general though it can be a great time to have sexual intercourse. The pressure is off for one thing, no more need for contraception, and it maybe the case that sex has been all about having babies and not so much about the fun part, so it can be better because of that too. Men can feel a bit left out at this time when it is all about the pregnancy and the woman, so it is good to make a bit of extra effort to keep that side of things alive.

Sex & Pregnancy is a bit different for lots of reasons, a pregnant woman’s blood volume increases and engorges the sexual organs increasing sensitivity and improving orgasms. And obviously breasts can grow to gargantuan sizes. Libido is something that will definitely have an impact, your man might be constantly horny because of your huge breasts and a lot of men find pregnant women very attractive. Pregnant women can positively bloom, with brighter eyes better skin and thicker hair. The fluctuating hormones can make a woman’s sex drive go through the roof once the first months are over. Couples report having more sex in the last 6 months of pregnancy than they ever had before. Lots of women experience very vivid erotic dreams too.


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It isn’t his way for all couples though. 58% of women suffer with decreased sex drive and are nauseous and tired for the first months. Often men either find the pregnant body non-sexual or many even feel strange going near the baby with a penis in any way or else feel the baby is somehow watching.

Worries about somehow hurting the baby are common. It is impossible, the baby is not in the vagina and there is a cervix and an amniotic sac of fluid between everything. No matter how well-endowed a man is, he is never going to bump the baby. They do say that although oral sex is fine you shouldn’t blow air into the vagina as it may cause an air embolism in rare cases. Sex toys and lubricant’s are all fine just be extra careful when it comes to hygiene as any kind of infection can be bad news for a developing baby. Oral sex with someone who has had a cold sore is out in the last three months as if the mother is infected she will need a C-section.

There are as I mentioned a couple of situations that may mean laying off sex altogether. If there is a risk of miscarriage or preterm birth or a doctor puts the mother on bed rest, then the contractions and hormones produced while actually orgasming can bring on labour. They use the same chemicals to induce labours in hospital as the body naturally produces during sex. If the baby isn’t ready to come though, you can go at it like rabbits and not worry.

The sex positions will change too because of the shape of the woman and the weight of the stomach. Doggy style, side by side and woman on top are probably most commonly used. As well as the exterior shape the cervix maybe lower down and deep penetration might be uncomfortable. Doctors don’t usually advise a woman to lay for long on her back in the later stages as the uterus can press against the heart veins and restrict blood flow to the baby.

Once the baby arrives you will be able to resume your usual habits after the 6 week check-up. Some women feel like it will hurt their traumatised vagina which is completely understandable and the extra oestrogen produced for breast-feeding can dry out the vagina, (although you can buy creams to help that.)  On top of all this there is the stress and inevitable fatigue that go hand in hand with any new baby. Post-natal depression is also a reality for some women.

All a couple can do is wait until everything feels OK again. There is no normal time for that to happen. Nothing good will ever come from putting pressure on each other and it will eventually all be back to normal, it has to be, otherwise we would all stop having babies and nature doesn’t want that to happen.

About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and sextoy shop

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