Sex In Public!

Sex Can Become A Chore

When we put a location to the word sex, automatically our minds gravitate towards a mental image of a bed. Single, double, queen or king sized, could even be a bunk bed. What happens when you’ve been in a relationship for a few years, and you’re sick of the same missionary position, the same routine when he begins to kiss you then moves to your neck and then all of a sudden, 5 minutes later he’s finished while you guys were in the same old missionary position.

Sex can become a chore and this will defiantly lead to a decline in a lot of areas In you’re life. When your bedroom life starts to get stale, you need to think of ways to spice things up. Your house is where you spend the majority of your life and it needs constant work. There’s always bathrooms to clean, washing to do, beds to make, dishes to clean and then, once you have done all of that – you might get to enjoy some solid sex in your bed with the same position, the same surroundings, wearing the same clothes that your normally do.

Toilet Sex
Sex In Public

Although it has not been scientifically proven I believe you’re sex life directly affects every other aspect in you’re life on either a positive or negative level. It sets the tone for you’re mood and you’re though process. If you’re having a great sex you will notice that everything else around you will be positively uplifted from these experiences, especially you’re relationship with you’re partner. So how do you change you’re boring routine of pretty much going from missionary to doggy style without any ques from you’re partner because you’ve become so used to his/her sexual patterns?

1 word. Spontaneity which is:

“Happening or done in a natural, often sudden way, without any planning or without being forced”

So that’s what spontaneous means but how can we apply this to our sex life? Well its not that hard. It’s all about switching up the location. Location is the key to spontaneous sex! This is because most couples are used to having sex on a mattress so the thrill of having sex in different places not only heightens the orgasm but increases the sensation for both partners because it takes them both to a new place in their sexual mind. Their sexual mind expands. Changing the place of where you have sex with your partner can change things for the better and make you more adventurous.

With most couples having kids generally a few years into there relationship, this can fizzle out their sex life. There are a lot of places in the house that you can use to have fun and mix up you’re sex life. For example the kitchen sink, dinner table, lounge, the shower (where you can utilize some Bathmate products, for example the handles and foot rest), the backyard, veranda (if you’re home has one). Why  not add a decent vibrator? These are some of the places that you can use it in the house without leaving for example if you have kids. Although some of these places are hard to do various positions, some universal positions that could be used are doggy style, legs wrapped around the waist (if leaning on bench or table) and lifting and raising up against a wall (requires a lot of upper body strength).

Now of course if you are a young couple, sometimes home is unavailable to be used as a sexual hub, however there are a lot of places you can go and things you can do that will not only heighten you’re adrenaline but also you’re pleasure with spontaneity. For example; having sex in a new venue can bring a whole new world of experience. Take for example having sex with your partner in an elevator. This is perhaps the most adventurous place where you can do it provided you don’t get caught. Public restrooms are great places to start off with foreplay and possibly get into action once you find a rest room that is unoccupied.  What about in the office? After your boss and colleagues have called it a day and gone home, the sexual is the most exciting place to fulfill your sexual fantasies provided you are careful not to be locked in the office or get caught.

Have Sex Under The Harbour Bridge

Especially if you’re younger and still living at home, you may need to consider being adventurous in order to keep things going and more so if you can’t afford to get a cheap hotel room for the night. Whilst it’s perfectly fun to have some adventurous fun, you do need to be respectful and mindful of your surroundings. Having sex in a park surrounded by children is not ideal, and it’s really not okay to do things like that. So long as you’re aware and mindful of your surroundings, as well as the time frame there is nothing wrong with some harmless outdoor fun. There’s some amazing stories out there from sex underneath the Harbour Bridge, to Blow Jobs on mountain trails with beautiful panoramic views – the world is your oyster and it’s certainly an awesome way to get some nature back into your lives. You could even consider going camping, and having a playful romp in the middle of nowhere underneath the stars. Or, a quickie in a deserted underground car park late at night (watch out for the cameras!) Secluded rooftops are also an amazing place of having sex as well as on the road or in the swimming pool. The common thing about all these venues is that they are able to spice and liven up your dying and dull sex life.

Can you instantly recall a few places outside the bedroom where you’ve had sex? Late night industrial area carpark, play equipment at the local park, on the train, the end of the pier in Darling Harbour overlooking the city, a flight to Brisbane, on the highway coming back from Newcastle, in the car on the way to Canberra, the change room at Ralph Lauren in Myer or just parking at the end of a dirt road. I can recall all these places instantly off the top of my head. Why? Because they were wild, and exciting, the sex might not actually have been that phenonomal but they were certainly memorable just for the fact it was sex outside the bedroom. The thrill of being caught, the delight of being wickedly naughty, the open breeze against your skin, the giggles as you struggle to maintain a position in a tight spot both passionately and discreetly. Can you instantly recall the times you’ve had sex in the bedroom? Probably not, aside from a few sensational moments. Public Sex is fun. If you’re stuck for ideas, try it for yourself.
Couple Having Sex in Car
Photo: Public Sex in Car

Here we have listed some of our favourite public locations to have sex:


About the Author:  AJ is a sales consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Caringbah.



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