Sex during COVID-19. How to avoid getting coronavirus while making love

According to research, covid is not sexually transmitted so having Sex during COVID-19 can still be done with some precautions.   However, experts warn, it is easy to get infected during sex – especially if the partners do not live together. The authorities of some countries have even developed special recommendations in this regard. The advice may seem out of the ordinary, but it has a scientific basis.

It is connected with having no sex and watching porn if needed. You can follow this advice by watching videos from the best site with such content.

Protect yourself to the maximum

One of the first to take care of the sex life of citizens during the pandemic was the Canadian authorities. So, back in the late spring of last year, a set of rules appeared on the official website of the Toronto City Hall – how to make love in order to minimize the risk.

Partners who live together need not be particularly afraid. For polyamor, the safest thing is contactless sex, the authors of the recommendations emphasized. The fact is that coronavirus is transmitted by airborne droplets, that is, through close contact, talking, sneezing and coughing.

  • No contact – no infection.
  • Fans of one-time meetings with regulars of dating sites should temporarily go online.
  • In a pandemic, it is better for them to practice video dating, virtual sex and chatting.

If life is not at all sweet without sexual intercourse, you need to protect yourself to the maximum. Namely – to use condoms, be sure to wash your hands before and after sex (it does not matter, alone or with a partner), put on masks during the act and refuse to kiss. In addition, it is better to choose positions that exclude face-to-face contact.

The British Columbia authorities have a similar opinion regarding postures. And they also remind: it is important to wash sex toys with soap and not use them with a large number of partners.

Vaccination for sex

The World Health Organization also paid attention to the issue of intimacy. Its experts warn: any sexual act implies close contact, which means it increases the risk of contracting coronavirus.

An exception is partners who live under the same roof and observe infection control measures. Masturbation also does not compromise the health of the other person.

The New York City Department of Health has issued its own “sex rules”, and the main thing is – get vaccinated. This is the easiest way to protect yourself and your beloved from covid. Already two weeks after the second vaccination, you can safely go on dates and not wear a mask during the act, the authors of the recommendations note. And it works even when it comes to meeting strangers or group sex.

A person who is not fully vaccinated will have to do sex in a mask, avoid kissing, exclude oral and anal sex.

Expert from one of the largest medical research centers “Mayo Clinics” (USA) advises unvaccinated people to reduce the number of sexual partners and refuse sexual intercourse with those who have ARVI symptoms.

  • “Coronavirus, of course, is not sexually transmitted, but kissing, hugging and close communication with a partner are dangerous, especially if you don’t know his status or he doesn’t know whether he’s sick or not. Therefore, it is much wiser to get vaccinated and be sure that the risk of infection is minimized, ”the expert emphasized.

All in science

According to scientists from Harvard University (USA), sexual activity significantly increases the risk of contracting covid, even though SARS-CoV-2 is not sexually transmitted. No traces of the virus have yet been found in the vaginal secretions. Fragments of his RNA were found in semen, but whether it was infectious, the researchers never figured out.

The coronavirus is insidious in that it has a long incubation period and is asymptomatic. Therefore, the authors of the article believe, physicians should inform patients about sex recommendations during a pandemic.

  • Sexual intercourse is safe between people who are quarantined together or live in the same apartment. Naturally, masturbation and abstinence do not carry any risks.
  • In addition, phone sex and video calls are acceptable.
  • If the infection with covid could not be avoided, then sex can be engaged immediately, as soon as the state of health allows.
  • However, experts recommend carefully protecting yourself for some time after recovery.

It must be understood that any infection – and COVID-19 is no exception – affects a man’s fertility. There is nothing new here. For healthy offspring after acute illnesses – be it food poisoning, ARVI, influenza, pneumonia, COVID-19 – neither men nor women are recommended to immediately plan children. For a child to be born healthy, the body needs to recover.

According to the researchers’ calculations, this usually lasts from three to six months. Then you can return to normal life, especially if you revaccinate on time.


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