Sex Doll Relationships

It’s an interesting world where there is a relationship for everyone, including Sex Doll Relationships. We live in a world where it’s difficult to throw out our reproductive urges and for those that refuse to reproduce – they’re often looked at from afar. This mentality is far more common with women where women who are quite happy being childless often receive some form of criticism or receive a barrage of social and opinionated commentary. Dr Marquard Smith in his book The Erotic Doll comments that any form of non-reproductive sexual behaviour has been seen as a form of perverted behaviour. Indeed, for a long time the sex toy industry has been seen as perverse. But with the role of women standing up and designing toys, with Adult Stores becoming more sex positive, gender and sexuality friendly the stigma of being perverse is slowly being pushed back to the depths.

Enter the world of Sex Doll Relationships. You’ve seen the videos, you’ve seen the shows, you’ve seen them on instagram – where a guy takes his doll out to real life and treats her like a real person. Idollators are a real thing, and there’s a huge industry out there for them. An Idollator is someone who prefers a relationship of some form with a synthetic doll over a living person even someone you can easily find on Tinder. The prices are eye popping ranging from a few thousand up to sixty thousand plus. They’re so realistic that it’s not hard to see why people get so attached to them. The history Sex Doll Relationships is an interesting one, first being developed and created for sailors on long voyages to satisfy their needs and they’ve simply grown from there.

Sex Dolls Realistic Feeling
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Rumour even has it that Adolf Hitler ordered the creation of Sex Doll Relationships for the SS troops to prevent them from falling in love and developing sexual relations with people not deemed to qualify for the Ayran super race. Regardless of whether or not that is true, their popularity has exploded since the end of world war 2, increasingly sophisticated and life-like they’re designed for people with a sexual interest in dolls as well as for many people in the world with social interaction issues, or photographers, or simply your average joe that has created a doll in memory of a lost loved one. There are many reasons why people have switched to synthetic love and companionship. Indeed, not everyone that has a synthetic love doll has sex with them – there are options to make them sexless, that being without a penis or vagina, and these dolls merely serve as companion pieces or even ornaments to their owners/partners. There has been much discussion in recent years In regards to the prominence of Sex Doll Relationships within Asian Countries and there has been much distortion of fact as well. In Japan there has been a rise in intimacy centres/stores which do little more than provide intimacy for an individual with the absence of sex. Sometimes, these dolls serve the same purpose.

It is interesting to note, based on research by Cynthia Ann Moya who completed her PhD on artificial sex dolls and vaginas, that Sex Doll Relationships are practically used exclusively by men. There were comments as to why this has occurred from thoughts about the weight of dolls, to the way that men masturbate and mentally pleasure themselves, to the notion that only a fourth of women can orgasm through penetrative sex alone. That’s not to say that women do not buy dolls, but just that they’re not having sex with them.

Contrary to popular belief, the individuals that own sex dolls, are pretty much the average person and the possession of a sex doll does not mean that they have some form of disorder. Indeed, like any other sexual practice that does not harm other people, there is no fundamental disorder unless that sexual practice consumes the individual’s life and becomes a diagnosed obsession. Rather, the men that own sex dolls simply do not want or need the hassle of having a human partner, in the words of davecat one of the more notable idollators:

‘Dolls don’t possess any of the unpleasant qualities that organic, flesh and blood humans have. A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable’

For individuals with social disorders, for those that lost the love of their life and for those that simply do not like human company, these Sex Doll Relationships provide an outlet that would otherwise replace human interaction. Further, when it comes to power relationships it is a relationship for which the individual is still very much in control. I understand that that topic is a touchy area when you bring a feminist mentality into the equation, but for these individuals the doll merely serves as a social and sexual outlet.


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