10 things to put on your sex bucket list

This may not have been an unforgettable year for sex either due to the continued restrictions we continue to maintain with the advent of the coronavirus.

However, thanks to vaccinations, face masks and new ways to connect with others, there’s always something new to try in the sexual arena, whether alone, in person with Dublin escort or virtually through our mobile devices.

That’s the great thing about sex: there are almost a billion things you can do to turn up the heat. And whether you’re single or have a partner, one of the first sex-related tasks you need to tackle is creating your own sex bucket list.

And that’s because, just like a normal bucket list, a sex bucket list is filled with all the fantasies or “spicy” things you want to try in your life. Fill your list with whatever you want and tailor it to your own tastes. Add new ideas as they occur to you and keep an open mind as you discover new pleasures, whether you do it with your regular partner or with Melbourne escorts.

But if you need a starting point, here are some ideas for you to consider adding to your own sexual bucket list.


Go to a nude beach

Whether you get naked and get frisky or just enjoy the scenery, going to a nude beach is an experience you have to have at least once in your life (or more, if you’re into it).

Record yourself having sex

Ready to make a sex tape? Make sure you do this practice with a completely trustworthy partner and, most importantly, make it clear what you will do with the tape afterwards.

Have sex on a pool table

It’s pretty much the most cliché thing you can do, but you have to have sex on a pool table at least once and then never do it again.

Go to a virtual sex party

Virtual sex parties are a great way to get initiated into the idea of swinging and/or doing it in public, and the best part is that you don’t even have to get off the couch or put on pants to attend.

Having sex on a boat

Whether it’s on a cruise ship, yacht, sailboat or canoe, hook up on a boat to experience the motion of the ocean. Just be careful if you’re prone to seasickness.

Masturbate using only Netflix shows

If porn isn’t your thing or you’re too lazy to go looking for what you like, challenge yourself to get turned on using only Netflix shows. You’ll be surprised what a few select scenes from Game of Thrones can do for your arousal.

Experiment with BDSM

Try bondage. There’s nothing like being tied up and immobilized to experience a good orgasm. Obviously, talk it over with your partner first, but if you both agree, go ahead and enjoy,

Find your favorite aphrodisiacs

Turns out there are more aphrodisiacs than oysters. Feast on them to discover which foods get you going.

Add a sex toy to your relationships

If you’re encouraged to buy a sex toy it’s best to do it online the first few times. If it’s your first time buying such an accessory you’re likely to feel self-conscious about your tastes if you go to a physical store. That said, it can be a fun and spontaneous activity to do with your partner and experience new sensations. From vibrators, clitoral arousing gels, handcuffs….

Watch porn with your partner

Take some time to explore and discover what kind of porn movies you both might enjoy. Then choose a time when you are relaxed and have peace of mind to let your passion take over.

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