Practicing Safe Sex During The Coronavirus Outbreak

There is no need to introduce COVID-19, the virus declared a pandemic and which forces all people to be at home.  With coronavirus cases are on the rise, many people are concerned about the spread of the virus.  The virus has been shown to spread through fluids or mucus from the nose and mouth that contain the virus.

Because of this, concern about the safety of having sex during the outbreak increases.  It is necessary to avoid physical contact due to the possibility of contagion, so they recommend postponing sexual intercourse for greater safety.  Coughing with your elbow, washing your hands often, avoiding proximity to people with symptoms, and even greeting each other with your elbows or feet are some of the measures people are taking to avoid getting coronavirus.

The problem is that sometimes avoiding gestures of affection can be very difficult, and if we talk about avoiding sex, things get tense.  But there is no need to worry, sexual relations are not in danger, although we do have to take some precaution or measure, for example, using sex toys.

Not contagious with sex

COVID-19 is only spread through the respiratory tract. “The disease can spread from person to person through droplets from the nose or mouth that are thrown out when an infected person coughs or exhales,” explains the World Health Organization (WHO).

These droplets can fall on objects and surfaces and, if we touch them and then touch our mouth, nose or eyes, we can contract the disease, as well as if we inhale the droplets expelled by a person with coronavirus, adds the WHO.

This, therefore, does not affect sexual relations, at least not directly, since the coronavirus cannot be transmitted through genital fluids.

However, maintaining a sexual relationship indeed requires proximity to the other person, so although the virus is not spread by sex itself, it can be contracted by inhaling the particles expelled by the other person if they are infected.

Avoid sexual activity if you are experiencing signs or symptoms of this infection. However, be aware that this virus can spread even when people do not experience symptoms.

The solution: sex toys

Sex toys, sexting, cybersex, and phone sex are considered “alternative forms” of sexual expression that you can perform during the pandemic; they are ways of having sexual relations with a partner without presenting any risk of infection with coronavirus (or STDs, obviously).

Focusing on sex toys, they are the ones that will give you the most pleasure to please your partner and you, and in times of coronavirus, it is more beneficial since you do not need to have direct contact with your partner.

Buying sex toys could be the safest practice in this pandemic, since, in addition to pleasure and you do not risk contagion, you will experience something new and fun so that sexual practice is not something monotonous or boring.

Don’t know what toys to buy? Here we name one for women and another for men.

Vibrators and dildos

Vibrators are manual electrical devices that produce different types of stimuli to increase arousal and prolonging the duration of orgasm in women and men.

There is a wide variety of these sex toys, some are usually made of very soft materials, and the vast majority faithfully imitate a real penis, and they have all kinds of silhouettes and colors. They are ideal for massaging the erogenous zones until reaching orgasm or to stimulate the vagina.

For their part, dildos are generally made of silicone or latex and are shaped like penises of different sizes, shades, and even flavors, and some even have a special texture to generate greater pleasure.

Before using them, make sure they are free of superficial imperfections that could be bothersome. If you are allergic to latex, choose carefully the material from which it is made. Don’t forget always to use a condom to cover the toy during penetration!

At the end, remove the batteries from the interior and wash it perfectly; dry it and store it in a cool, dark place to prevent sunlight from damaging it.

Penis ring

The penis ring is a small sexual ally, which is placed around the member, either at the tip, base or scrotum.

One or more can be used at the same time to increase blood flow in the penis and prolong the erection time and, at the same time, delay ejaculation, perfect for long masturbation.

There are presentations in leather, rubber, silicone, and metal, and it is recommended not to use it for more than half an hour or fall asleep with it since it could be difficult to remove it (in fact, the best rings are elastic).


All sex toys should be used in combination with lubricants, so each experience is as pleasant as possible, free from possible irritations.

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