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Romant has a series of especially cute and extremely reasonably priced personal mini massagers in a range of shapes. The cutest of which is the bunny shaped “Kaywayi 3”. I was lucky enough to take one home to review and I will now tell you what I think. When I review sex toys I like to I take note of the shape, texture, how easy it is to use and most importantly the quality of the vibrations. I am also judging it on so very much more like the packaging, colours, materials and extra features. Sometimes it can just be a case of liking it or not liking it for reasons even I can’t explain. Within my review, I like to keep in mind that 70% of females orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

The Romant Kawayi 3 comes packaged in a white cardboard box with a rather deceiving picture of two of the products on the front. I say deceiving because anyone would think the box contained two bunnies, a hot pink and a purple one. If you take a closer look though there is a small circle underneath which gets coloured in to tell you which two is inside. They have obviously done this to cut costs and to be fair at this reasonable price you would be foolish to think the box contained two massagers.

The box is the quality you would expect and you will have to find a better long-term home for this little one. What I do like about the box is the description of the product on the back. It has clearly been translated from another language and it takes me a few reads to conclude that the intriguing “powerful shake sense” spoken of, is simply a fancy way of saying ‘vibration’. Though that didn’t stop me from shaking it a bit once I got it started, just in case the sex toy did, in fact, have some magical new feature I hadn’t come across before… it didn’t.

Inside the box, the toy is in a plastic tray along with instructions, a USB charge cord and a port. The description in the booklet is similar to what is on the box. Read it if you like a bit of a laugh as it’s actually quite charming. The description itself reads “You’d even don’t need read the user manual, this is totally different like traditional way, people love easy thing” To put the description in plain English, you barely need a manual as it is that simple to use. The Romant Kaywayi 3 is charged on a small base via magnets which means the toy is fully waterproof and can be used in the bath. I tested it and can vouch that it does indeed work just fine underwater.

Romant Kawayi 3 Sex Toy Photo
Sex Toy: Romant Kawayi 3 – Review


The Kaywayi 3 is more of a neon pink than the box shows but I actually think it is a cooler colour and it is bigger than the picture too. It is ergonomically shaped like a Japanese cartoon bunny character which is made to look even more friendly with a smile on its face and a light on its tummy. The light flashes when it’s charging and just makes you want to give the thing a cuddle. It is 4.5 inches from top to bottom. It has two separate, fully flexible, slightly squidgy and lovely feeling ears that are 1.5 inches long. The small charge point on the bottom is plastic but the rest is covered in a seamless silky smooth silicone that is as luxurious as any deluxe range vibrator. It is all 100% body safe, as are all Romant adult lifestyle products. Since it is waterproof it is really easy to clean.

So down to the nitty gritty what is hot and what is not about this adult toy. Well, I am pleased to say there is a lot to love about Kaywayi 3. As I previously mentioned, it’s easy to use with the press and hold button on the tummy to turn on. I found I sometimes had to press it again to get it started but that could just be me. In the dark, the whole toy lights up like a night light which I appreciated. When it slipped out of my hands once I had covered it in lubricant I was easily able to find it.  There are seven vibration patterns, one is continuous and the rest are various combinations of lengths of pulses. There is, unfortunately, no variation in intensity. This was the toys only real downfall. I really love gentle and slow pulses though there was no option for that.

The saving grace is that the motor is at the opposite end from the ears. The lovely, squidgy and flexible ears provide a less intense experience than the body of the toy which makes them perfect for nestling around the clitoris. The lack of intensity settings isn’t going to bother most people. In my experience, more people appreciate the power and if this is the case for you, you are not going to be disappointed. This sex toy is almost as powerful as the similarly priced NU Sensuelle bullet, it arguably provides better quality rumblier vibrations. It isn’t the quietest toy but it is not so noisy that it will distract.

I would have no problem at all in recommending this toy to anyone. I had fun with my partner, he wanted to stick it up his bum which is not advisable as it has no flared base or retrieval string. I trustfully used it in conjunction with a handjob with some success and placed it under my chin to give a blow job that was greatly appreciated.

The downsides are the lack of intensity options and the on button is not easy to find in the dark. The upsides are absolutely everything else, especially at this price. Romant Kaywayi 3 is a great little addition to a toy box. It is a very friendly looking, unintimidating and impressive first sex toy.


About the Author: Emily is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres


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