Rabbit Vibrators – The Best Review For Happy G-Spot Orgasms For Women

If you have ever seen those vibrators that have an addition to them which looks like a pair of ears, then you, my friend, know what a rabbit vibrator is. That doesn’t mean, however, that you know how they work and why they are necessary in the first place. Let me teach you a few things, so the next time you start playing with yourself, you’ll be surprised with the pleasure you can get.

To All Of You Ladies Who Don’t Know What A G-Spot Orgasm Is

According to some scientists, orgasms should not even be classified into vaginal, clitoral, and G-spot. In my opinion, if you can learn of a way to achieve different types of orgasms, or multiple ones if you are lucky, then they should very well be classified. Their unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of G-spot orgasms probably comes from the fact that they doubt the existence of the G-spot as well.

The truth is, various types of orgasms do exist and you can learn about them here: https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/types-of-orgasms#types-of-orgasms

This got me wondering. The scientists in question had to have been men. On top of that, they had to have been men who could never find the G-spot in a woman. That’s okay, we ladies have a hard time finding it ourselves sometimes, but when we do, let’s just say it’s show time. By show time, I mean time to get one of the best orgasms.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, a G-spot orgasm is the one you achieve by stimulating your G-spot, once you have found it. No matter what you might believe, this magical place is real and you can find it with just a little bit of effort. Don’t ask me how I know this. Okay, I’ll tell you. I have found it, and a few simple strokes are sometimes enough to get me off.

How To Find Your G-Spot

The first thing you need to understand is that this isn’t something you can see in the mirror. It isn’t defined in shape and structure and you cannot notice it by looking at yourself. This is a group of nerves that causes marvelous sensations when touched with your fingers, or stimulated in any other way. Whether you are masturbating, or having sex with your partner, hitting this spot will definitely get you horny. You just need to learn how to find it, and here are a few tips.

The second thing you need to know is that not all women get this magnificent sensation I am talking about. In other words, the G-spot doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe this is the reason why so many people doubt the existence of this “pleasure button”. The truth is, all women do have it, but not every women gets pleasure from its stimulation.

If you are still looking for your G-spot, I must warn you that finding it on your own can be a bit tricky. Since you usually lie on your back while masturbating, the whole angle is a bit “backwards”, so it is nearly impossible to find it with your own fingers. If you want to give it a go, you should know that is located around 2-3 inches into your vagina, below the urethra.

What Rabbit Vibrators Are And How They Are Used

The reason I have been talking so much about the G-spot and the mission of finding it is because there is an amazing product I want to introduce you to. Remember how I said that finding the G-spot with your fingers is next to impossible? The rabbit vibrator makes finding it very, very possible. Since that is not the only thing this little toy does, it deserves a bit more of our attention.

Finding the best rabbit vibrator on the market will help you achieve internal and external stimulation at the same time. Picture yourself trying to use both of your hands at the same time, one for your clitoris, and the other one for your vagina. You would probably be so focused on trying to make this work that you would forget to enjoy it and all your excitement would quickly die down.

Trying this with a partner for the first time can also get a bit hectic. You want to stimulate the clitoris while he’s penetrating your vagina (probably never finding the G-spot in the process) and it might take some time for you two to get the hang of acting in unison in order for you to achieve your orgasm. Once you have mastered this, you and your partner will definitely both enjoy it.

A rabbit vibrator can help you kill two birds with one stone. It can help you practice clitoral stimulation and it will definitely hit the G-spot. With just a little bit of practice, its two motors designed with several different vibration modes will have you squeezing the sheets and subduing a scream while achieving powerful and hot orgasms. You’ll probably be begging for more afterwards, and the best thing is, it won’t get tired, so you can go as many times as you wish.

I mentioned that you will need a little bit of practice on how to use this vibrator. I am not saying that it is too complicated or anything and you will definitely quickly get the hang of it. Still, it’s not like you can just stick it in and wait for a miracle to happen. If pleasure is what you want, you’ll have to work for it a little bit or maybe take some lessons from educators like school of squirt.

Once you have got acquainted with the controls of the rabbit vibrator (learn more about it), there are only a couple of things left to do. First of all, make sure to lube it, since lube makes everything better. After that, insert the shaft deep enough into the vagina, so that the clitoral stimulator reaches the clitoris. When you and your little toy are in position, turn it on and let it turn you on.

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