Pure Aluminium Gets Me There

The Pure Aluminium Range of straight vibrating sex toys has been made by adult company Pipedream. The Pipedream Pure Aluminium Range comes in 4 colours including pink, purple, silver, blue, black and gold. The colours look cool and shine brightly as they are metallic based. I personally really enjoy metal sex toys. I like how they feel against my skin. They start out being icy cool to the touch and as I use them, they begin to warm up to my body temperature and the motor of the sex toy. It’s quite an exciting experience to have a sex toy adapt to your sexual experience. Surprisngly, I also like the weight of the Pipedream Pure Aluminium Range. It feels solid and strong in my hand. Aluminum sex toys exhibit all of these qualities and more

Metal sex toys are also super hygienic so imagine my excitement when my favourite Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre located in Kogarah sent me a toy to review for them!

Aluminium Sex Toys Exhibit All Of These Qualities & More!

The sex toy I was sent was the Pipedream Pure Aluminium in Blue. It arrived in super cute and classy packaging. The box itself is small, discreet and to the point so it looks like a high technology advanced product. There is no excess packaging like a lot of other products these days, so you are not buying into anything else but the sex toy itself. The back of the box talks about elegance, luxury and the smooth aluminum coating. When I read it, I felt a tingling with excitement. As the box states, the metal is great for temperature play. You can warm metal up by holding it in your hand, or you can dunk the tip into ice for a truly icy feeling. I even like to sometimes add a warming or cooling lubricant to the tip for that extra bit of stimulation and sensation.

Pure Aluminium Gold
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My Only Criticism

even before opening the box, is the fact that on the bottom I can see that it takes little lr44 batteries.Those things are a pain in the ass to replace, and I know these guys have brought out some larger ones which will take the bigger batteries so hopefully they’ll be better in this regard. I just feel that sometimes the LR44 batteries die pretty quickly, and it can be a nuisance to find them in the shops. Normally, if one of the batteries stops working, it’s hard to work out which one I need to replace. I kind of wish it used some good ole Duracell Batteries. Though, in the sex toys defence, bullets are made top be quick, to the point and discreet. You shouldn’t necessarily need to use a bullet for that long when it’s in direct contact with your clit.

Now, To Open The Packaging

And just wow. I opened the package, pulled out the toy and boy the weight on it, makes sure you know that it’s a solid piece. I was a little surprised at the metal ridges on the side, and i was wondering what they could be used for, though when i held it i discovered why. You could use those ridges against the clit, instead of directly putting the end of the bullet on it. What an interesting idea! What i love about this idea is that they’ve even made the base bigger to compensate for this – so you can easily and lightly hold onto the base of the bullet for easy use. It’s also got a slightly extended button that’s large as well, so even with my nails it was easy to turn it on without digging my nails into it.

The four little batteries it has, ensure that it has good power, so when i eagerly turned it on to use, i was content with the vibrations. They’re not buzzing like a We-Vibe Tango, but they’re still pretty good. I started off by teasing my thigh with the coolness of it, slowly working my way up as i let my skin warm the tip of the aluminum.The rest of this review is just way to naughty as I experienced my Pure Delight. But lets just say I enjoyed flicking my way up the three speeds to the highest setting and letting the now warm aluminium light me up. Be sure to read up on more information about vibrating sex toys for women.



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