Promote Your Adult Event Or Activity Free To The Adultsmart Community!

Are you a promoter, event organizer or manager, expert, teacher or workshop that holds adult events? If you are then you should take note because this is one of the go to places you will want to advertise and promote your event for FREE!  We have thousands of visits daily of targeted adult traffic that could catapult your event or activity to success.

With a quick and easy Add Event form available to fill online simply fill out the details and within 2 business days your activity or event will be verified and if it checks out will be published on our extremely popular adultsmart community blog.  Take advantage now of this FREE advertising for ADULTS ONLY events and activities.

So what are the requirements?

Your event, workshop or activity has to be adult in nature.  This means it is suitable for those that are over the age of 18 years and live an adult lifestyle.  Your event could be a tantric workshop, or shibari show or a bdsm club meeting.  The only events or activities that we will not promote are those that promote or incorporate illegal paraphernalia or are non-consensual.

So whether you are hosting an event or activity in Sydney Australia or Las Vegas Nevada your event will gain some traction by incorporating this FREE ADVERTISING TOOL to promote it.  Don’t think small, think global and these days with social media.  Write your own advertising content that will skyrocket it on our blogging platform.

Did I mention that you can add a FREE link to the event or activity?  This option will not be FREE for too long but whilst this idea and category is still young you can place a link direct to your event website.  WOW you do not see that too often.

So, here are some tips to get the most out of your free event or activity advert –

ONE – Create an Event Page or Website

This should be specific to the event or activity that you are advertising and contain all the relevant details that those going will need.  Date, times, dress code, entry charge, what they have to bring with.  Let your attendees know exactly what is required so that they can have an enjoyable and stress-free time once they arrive.

TWO – Write A Informative and Compelling Description

When writing about the event on the adultsmart blog try to give some original and compelling information.  If you have third party vip guests or endorsement add that to your description.  Let the readers know how long the event has been held and if you have a strong social following or membership quote some numbers.

THREE – Add a Picture

Our quick new event form allows you to add a featured image.  Add an image of a previous event or activity or of a guest speaker or instructor.  A picture says a thousand words and will allow possible attendee’s to determine whether your event or activity is a great fit for them.

FOUR – Add a Contact

Promoting an event or activity is one thing but many people have questions.  Allow a method for people to contact you – it will add legitimacy to you and your event.

FIVE – List Your Affiliate Partners

Your sponsors, advertisers and affiliates want to get recognized for the work or assistance they have given you to hold your event and activity.  Not only will it add legitimacy to your activity it will make them want to continue to support you and encourage fresh support.

SIX – Target a Keyword

In your description you should combine keywords to get the most out of the organic searches. For example combine your event with the venue, location and date as most search engines will put most value from the first word attributing the least value to the last.  So the first line of your add could read ‘BDSM Alive Party’ (Event) ‘at the Hustle Club’ (Venue) ‘in St Leonards, Sydney’ (Location) “January 2018’ (date).

SEVEN – Give Testimonials

if the event has been running a few years you should have collected a number of positive testimonials.  Share some of them.

EIGHT – List Promotions

Are there any giveaways, is there a happy hour, is there a contest.  Let your audience know as this may just entice someone to come who was previously unsure.

NINE – Summarize the Activities

Are there a number of speakers, are there certain times for certain activities.

Follow these steps and you will be sure to promote your event or activity in the best possible manner not only on our adultsmart community blog site but anywhere that you choose to advertise or promote.