To Spray Or Not To Spray!!

Procomil Spray which is also known as a herbal delay spray is a very common sexual aid that helps prevent premature ejaculation or to just last longer.  Procomil Spray is manufactured in Germany and imported into Australia. This sex health product definitely works based off the main ingredient which is “Lidocaine” which is used for multiple medical reasons. The medical reasons may include it being used as a local Anesthetic, it can be used as a cough suppressor on people who are incubated so they don’t cough or used to relieve painful jellyfish stings! Lidocaine was founded in 1943 by a Swedish chemist and marketed to the rest of the world in 1949 and now in 2016, we use it for our penises because it is known to work time and time again. Another little known fact of Lidocaine is it used to dilute cocaine and heroin which is probably a useless fact but hey it’s a good fact. Procomil Spray is not suggested for oral sex as it apparently tastes terrible and considering the fact you’d be numb there wouldn’t be much point.


Sex Health Product: Procomil Spray


To use Procomil Spray you must spray the tip of an erect penis. Your penis will start to become topically numb wherever the spray has touched and will help to stop electrical impulses sent through to the brain saying “Hey.. this is really fun, you need to cum now!”. It will make your penis numb, so you can prevent feeling the sexual stimulation which will help you to longer lasting and give you more time to be intimate with your partner. A lot of people suggest not using this product alongside condoms but that could be due to latex not working well with the base ingredient but there is no definitive evidence to suggest it works or does not work so I can’t make a true statement on that. With the use of numbing spray for personal safety reasons, you have to be aware of how much pressure you put on your penis because you may use a lot more strength than usual and not be aware of it. Be sure to ask your lover, how they are going to make sure you are not using to much power.

With many people using Procomil Spray we find that customer think that there is a similar reaction to using the delay spray named “Spanish Fly”. Spanish fly is a very popular product that is sold through Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres. Half of the people who use it say it’s fantastic whilst the other half don’t swear by it as they report that a lot of men lose their erection completely or lose most of their erection due to the fact they can’t feel any sexual stimulation at all. Complete loss of sexual stimulation leads me to believe that people must be careful how much spray they use and should try not to overspray. Like any product, you will learn what work’s best for your body. It is also recommended that you wash your hands directly after use especially if your hands have come into contact with the Procomil Spray as you don’t want your fingers to go numb and place the cap on the product to avoid cross-contamination.

The only time I have used Procomil Spray this is when I got sprayed on the lip when I was in the tattoo shop as a joke. The Procomil Spray made my lip go completely numb, a part of my lip stopped working and I dribbled all over myself. This happened over a 30 minute period, so I can say comfortably that it definitely works on the face. So I’m assuming that it will no doubt work on the genitals just as good. If you have problems with premature ejaculation issues, delay sprays are often recommended to help solve this issue. Delay sprays are commonly used alongside cock rings to help the blood flow remain inside the penis whilst erect. What I love most about delay sprays is that you can try using them in different quantities to see what will work best for you.


About the author:  Nick is a sales consultant at the Oh Zone Store, Penrith.

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