Surrender totally to your keyholders with The Penned In Male Chastity Device!!

Chastity to a man seems next to impossible, that is until I tried out the BDStyle Penned In Male Chastity Device. Let me tell you about my experience with this chastity device. The device is custom made with a special key that is best kept by one’s partner. Having ceded control of how and when to have a pleasurable sexual experience with my girl, I am more aware of my impulses for sex more than ever. I guess many toys out there are designed for women but this is a wonderful exception. My sexual drive is especially strong after long periods of waiting to get to my girl with the hope that she’ll be in the mood for some action. This used to be direct and forthcoming but over time it evolved to an intense level of teasing that I cannot put in words. There are times a tinge of jealousy and anticipation especially after donning the cage at the insistence of my mistress. She especially likes the fact that all my sexual privileges can be contained at an instant. Letting her be boss for a change is a completely new experience that I would recommend for any man that wants to have some real fun.

At first impression, the Penned In Male Chastity Device looks like exciting baggage that contains your entire manhood. Once you try it on, the ample space is comfortable with ample circulation to get things going.   Men are easily enticed into sex which makes us want to jump into any opportunity that presents itself. Feeling supercharged and horny all the time is OK. This is where this device comes in handy. It lets you be you as nature requires, but takes away that choice. With time, one learns how incredulous and easy it is to tame sexual appetite. A trusted companion makes all the difference especially when she decides when and where to free you from temporary bondage. Sex after that is explosive with some of that reserved stamina coming into play at the crucial moment.   Our relationship has definitely moved a few notches up especially in the fun department. My needs are always kept at bay and this makes me focus on that special time when the shiny device will come off for some unlimited pleasure. I am so used to the cage that it feels like a long-lost sexual booster pack that was created for the likes of pleasure-seeking men.

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Many of my erections are at the most unlikely places. As soon as my mind starts drifting towards pleasure world there is no holding back the intense throbbing concealed underneath clothing. To avoid such embarrassing moments that ensue once you are seen, the cage offers a homely retreat where the beast is kept in its best behavior. The key holder is definitely somewhere doing her thing and cannot wait for us to hook up. The toy has now become part of my daily routine such that I am the one now who insists on putting it on and gracefully handing over control to my girl. This act always bewilders her as she cannot believe how much of a true addict I am to this toy. We always share secret jokes about our new found habit.

The width and other dimensions are favorable and also inconspicuous enough to put on. If I unexpectedly meet my girl, I give her this longing stare that lets her know exactly what I have in mind. Couples should seriously consider getting this cage. $70 is a small sacrifice for a modern treat that is in line with having a good time. Being at the mercy of someone who understands your desires and wild wishes is something else. The secret is in getting the correct fit and accepting the fact that any pleasurable act is locked down for certain and will remain that way for a time period you do not have any say over. This may be a strange experience for guys but very worth the experience. Our bodies are sensitive to touch and it is this very aspect that the creators have found a way around. I love the idea that all manhood can be contained in a fancy design that carries both a sinister and playful motive at the same time.  Chastity can actually be achieved for men with their partner contributing a major role when it comes to making this decision. The rush that comes with each potential steamy moment that can also be denied completely is a roller coaster ride every man should at some point try out.

Instructions are easy to follow and once you get the hang of it, it will take a few seconds to put it on or be free of it. Total surrender to the joys once enjoyed before is not that bad at all. As with many sensational toys, this one actually helps me explore an entirely new and exciting phase. To begin with, there is always something devious to make our sex lives more fulfilling and this may at time revolve around enticing merchandise that is hot in the market. Narrowing down options made especially for men leaves a few decent picks. After a long search for just the right sex toy to be used as a treat, the cock cage made the top of the list. It is the craze right now and missing out is not an option. I can attest to the many inherent benefits that can be enjoyed by both partners. Be among the first to get the real deal.  Orders from a trusted store like are a sure bargain that is safe to use. After making my order, I was concerned about the delivery. To my satisfaction, the package was on time and came in unlabeled packaging such that there was no way of knowing its contents. Any search for an impressive chastity device best ends with this fair priced creation. My Penned In Male Chastity Device is by far the best sex toy that I have ever had. The experience is simply so mind-boggling that you have to try it to get fantastic liberties. This chastity device can be used for long-term orgasm denial.


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