How Safe are Penis Pumps?

Man has for years been finding ways to elongate their penis, increase the girth of the penis or help solve erectile dysfunction problems to improve their sexual lifestyle. There have been numerous innovations, ranging from pills to enlargement exercises. Penis pumps are considered the very first real penis enlargement devices. It’s invention was driven by the realization that hanging weights on the penis has no impact at all on its length. The question that everyone asks thought is do penis pumps really work and what are the benefits?

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Benefits of using penis pumps

The use of penis pumps has multiple benefits including:

  • Penis pumps are less invasive and pose less of a risk as opposed to invasive surgery of pharmaceuticals
  • The general expense of a penis pump is lower in the log run. After the initial but there is no further expences
  • Penis pumps are noninvasive as they don’t require surgery and the addition of penile implants
  • Penis pumps can be used in blended treatments easily
  • Enables the user to obtain an erection after prostate surgery, radiation treatment or penile dysfunction
  • A penis pump will straighten out as well as enlarge so is a great treatment for  Peyronie’s disease (twisted erections)

Though many people have blindly purchased most of the advertised vacuum enlargement system, there are some that may end up being hazardous, especially if not used accurately. In desperation for a bigger penis, some men are willing to sacrifice their common sense for the flashiest device on any web store or adult shop. Most of these devices promise heaven with the ability to fix the problem within the first few days of use. It is a lie and one thing that you must never forget is that penis pumps are not quick fixes to your size problems. The easiest way to have a bigger and longer penis is by birth, and if you are not that lucky, you have to work for it. Consistency is key, but you must never overdo it.

A vacuum enlargement system operates by removing air around the penis and ensuring that no air enters in cylinder. The resultant pressure from the vacuum system forces the tissues around the penis to stretch, filling them with excess blood and results in an erection. This results in growth in length in girth, some that might be permanent. Note that there is a possibility that you will realize some penis growth eventually but you must also understand that there are some risks involved. One of the most common dangers is the risk of rupturing the blood vessels as a result of too much vacuum pressure from the pumps. This can be long term damages that may haunt you for a very long term.

To ensure that you safeguard yourself from such dangers, you are encouraged to go for LA penis pumps that come with a pressure gauge and a valve. You can monitor the pressure levels so that it doesn’t exceed the recommended levels with the gauge and remove any excess pressure using the valve. You must also ensure that you stay alert on the discomfort levels lest they turn into a rare painful feeling. It is also recommended that you read through the product specifications and master the user manual to avoid exposing your body to any dangers. Even though some people argue that the growth realizes after using penis pumps is only temporary and fools the mind to believe that it is permanent, scientists have proven that these devices can indeed lead to permanent penis growth. It must however be the right device and used as instructed. Don’t share the device with any other person or risk infections.

As long as you follow the provided instructions and use the penis pump correctly giving yourself some break in between if your very new to the system. You will be able to find out what works best for you and have an improved sex life.


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